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  1. Cate Blanchett keeps busy in Sydney
  2. Steve Irwin's son bitten by snake - Terri is thrilled
  3. Beth Ditto wants to meet David Tennant
  4. Heather Mills makes her check-list for a new man: Gold-diggers need not apply
  5. Is Terrence Howard a Jehovah's Witness?
  6. Paris Hilton, racist skank and dog murderer, "performs" at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge
  7. Girls Aloud: Tangoed Kimberley Walsh and milk bottle Nicola Roberts go shopping
  8. Spencer Pratt says a bunch of stupid things
  9. Adnan Ghalib is comped by Ed Hardy to wear his clothes everywhere
  10. Naomi Watts’ family photo album moment
  11. George Clooney's $40,000 Valentine's Day date
  12. Paris Hilton is too stupid to realize her movie bombed
  13. Lindsay Lohan blames "this industry" for Heath Ledger's untimely death
  14. Today's Amy Winehouse news
  15. Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia's hot date
  16. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s Mexican getaway
  17. Pamela Anderson gets back to mommy mode
  18. Paris Hilton goes for seconds from Travis Barker
  19. Princess Diana murdered, Mohamed Al Fayed claims in court
  20. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills - off to the High Court
  21. Maybe *NSFW* Lindsay Lohan tries to recreate Marilyn Monroe photoshoot
  22. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony twins' pictures to bring huge newsstand sales
  23. Denise Richards reveals more about her reality show
  24. Nancy Reagan hospitalized after fall
  25. Kate Hudson likes single life
  26. PETA calls out Aretha Franklin
  27. Save the Carpenters' home!
  28. Charlize Theron informs us ahead of time she wont be at the Oscars
  29. Heidi Klum: Britney Spears can come live in our house
  30. Charlize Theron and Colin Farrell do Dublin
  31. Katie "Jordan" Price reveals drug shame
  32. Rachel Bilson is hangin’ with Hayden Christensen
  33. The Chin Coast is clear: David Arquette and Courtney Cox have a night out
  34. Celine Dion tours South Africa
  35. Paris Hilton's burlesque birthday bash
  36. Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump is clear as day
  37. Kate Moss is a crime stopper
  38. Danny Bonaduce's "Little Guy" in hiding. More than likely NSFW.
  39. Brody Jenner laughs off Lindsay "Lacoca" Lohan
  40. Johnny Knoxville almost loses the family jewels in Jackass stunt
  41. Amy Winehouse's husband cheats death, OD's in prison
  42. Mark Wahlberg's father passed away
  43. Victoria Beckham smiles...kind of
  44. Orlando Bloom and Model Miranda Kerr get close
  45. Who will colour-coordinate my bras? The bizarre world of Heather Mills
  46. Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck buy $22.5M Holmby Hills house
  47. Beyoncé has her face in the trough, won't come up for air except for awards
  48. The real Dakota Fanning bald head story
  49. Vince Vaughn's eyebags want another shot at Jennifer Anistons chin
  50. Kirsten Dunst's split with Jake Gyllenhaal caused her to party more
  51. Paris Hilton is a copy cat
  52. Natalie Portman vows to never get married
  53. Charles Barkley: 'Conservatives are fake Christians'
  54. Christopher Walken chosen as Harvard's Hasty Pudding Man of the Year
  55. Sarah Jessica Parker keeps her little man protected
  56. CoCo gives us TMI
  57. Vanessa Paradis takes the kids to Disneyland
  58. Milla Jovovich proudly shows off her bundle of joy
  59. Keira Knightley looking glum on Valentine's Day
  60. Oh dear...Paul McCartney AGREES to pay Heather Mills £55m
  61. Critics rubbish Marilyn Manson's absinthe
  62. Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo's Texan Valentine's Day
  63. Criss Angel actually has a fan
  64. Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman still joined at the hip
  65. Lindsay Lohan ruined Clint Eastwood's meal
  66. Jenny Craig finally realized Kirstie Alley is an alien lover
  67. Supposedly, George Micheal is still a big pop star
  68. Rachael Ray "too tired" to have kids
  69. Lily Allen likes to party all the time, party all the time...
  70. Christina Aguilera likes her vajayjay pain free
  71. Oh dear god...Jessica Alba wants to immediately carry on acting after she gives birth
  72. Vanessa Minnillo suffers from delusions of being an actress
  73. Brad Pitt protects his young
  74. Lindsay Lohan's vajayjay on the hunt
  75. Continuing to buck the notion that she's pathetic, Jennifer Aniston becomes a shut in
  76. Oasis singer Liam Gallagher marries longtime girlfriend
  77. Reese Witherspoon directs her attention to directing
  78. Ewan Mcgregor 'sickened' by Britney Spears' plight
  79. Britney Spears wants to talk with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  80. Natalie Portman late for Te Casan shoe launch
  81. Amy Fisher takes another shot at Mary Jo Buttafuoco
  82. 'I'm John F Kennedy's love child' claims Canadian businessman
  83. Lindsay Lohan glams it up
  84. "Rhoda" actor David Groh dies at 68
  85. Katie Price dresses as a superhero, but her titty tries to escape
  86. Amy Winehouse on night out with "good friend" Blake Wood
  87. Peaches Geldof falls backwards out of a hedge
  88. Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, calls Aretha Franklin's criticisms "ridiculous"
  89. Paris Hilton finally being investigated by Animal Services
  90. Cheryl Cole 'refusing to eat and down to six stone' after husband cheats on her
  91. Lily Allen goes for the Vamp look
  92. Kerry Katona: "I'm the British Britney Spears"
  93. Jamie Lynn Spears wants sex: "It's cool, I'm pregnant. I can't get pregnant again!"
  94. Slash's (Saul Hudson) Mini Me chip off the old block
  95. Jessica Simpson in "talks" to star in CMT Special; no reality show
  96. O.J. Simpson's girlfriend hospitalized due to "fall"
  97. Nelly Furtado is pregnant again
  98. Hogan family scums' Valentines visit to injured friend
  99. David Bowie sings on Scarlett Johansson's album
  100. PETA convinced that dairy products are responsible for Britney Spears' disorder
  101. Martin Short - Leave us alooooooone
  102. Bai Ling arrested at LAX-for shoplifting, not for dressing badly
  103. Jane Fonda drops the C-word on Today show
  104. Madonna the director as bad as Madonna the actress
  105. Henry Winkler testifies in John Ritter lawsuit
  106. Ryan Reynolds disappointed he wont be getting steamy with Julia Roberts
  107. Michael Jackson thanks his fans
  108. Mel Gibson being sued for fraud and breach of contract
  109. Jack Nicholson bewildered by sex symbol status
  110. Hillary Clinton says NO to Vogue, YES to US Weekly
  111. Paula Abdul caught fan trying to photograph her on the toilet
  112. Pamela Anderson's Valentine's Day press ban
  113. Tom Cruise is Russell Crowe’s new landlord
  114. Jennifer Aniston's secret Valentine
  115. Mary-Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan engaged
  116. Madonna lets the grey grow out
  117. Catherine Zeta-Jones brings the kids for a day on the golf course
  118. Hollywood dream is over for ex-EastEnder Michelle Ryan
  119. Lily Allen's party trick fails to thrill audience
  120. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills 'back at odds' over private school
  121. Victoria Beckham's Valentine surprise for husband
  122. Eric Dane mortified over cancer story
  123. Paris Hilton: The worst day of my life was..
  124. Britney Spears secretly married Adnan Ghalib
  125. Katie Holmes soon to move to new cell
  126. Jennifer Lopez hospital on alert for babynapping
  127. Heidi Montag: "I cried myself to sleep" when my video came out
  128. In dream on news, Eva Longoria wants onscreen romance with Johnny Depp
  129. Robbie Williams doesn't want Paris Hilton's herpz near his home
  130. Christina Aguilera shows off Max Bratman
  131. Inside Jennifer Aniston's birthday chin bash
  132. Richie Sambora felt dragged through 'Hell'
  133. Idiot moms race to Britney Spears dancing lessons
  134. Janet Jackson's allergic to marriage
  135. Dakota Fanning won't shave her head
  136. Paris Hilton loses her pussy
  137. Eva Longoria is feeling old
  138. Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis's daughter dating
  139. Harry Potter's Emma Watson (Hermione) hooks up with Kirsten Dunst's EX
  140. The good news: Heather Mills might leave England. The bad news: She may move to US
  141. David Beckham and his boys go for a bike ride
  142. John Mayer is actively searching for his future wife
  143. Naomi Watts gets glamourous to talk boys and babies
  144. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban start buying for baby
  145. Lil Wayne indicted on drug charges
  146. Get your own personal paparrazi
  147. David Willliams towers over Kylie Minogue at Style Awards
  148. Catherine Zeta-Jones as a belly dancer in new Harry Houdini film
  149. Paul McCartney's handshake with Heather Mills' personal trainer breaks ice
  150. Mel Brown admits: 'Geri Halliwell and I were bitter rivals during our heyday'
  151. Isla Fisher returns to work with daughter in tow
  152. Sylvester Stallone rolls back the years at Rambo premiere
  153. Benji Madden and Sophie Monk officially split
  154. Jessica Sierra no longer pregnant
  155. Josh Kelley: Marriage to Katherine Heigl is 'unbelievable'
  156. Aretha Franklin not feeling the R-E-S-P-E-C-T at Grammys
  157. PETA sends Britney Spears' parents a letter
  158. No-marks Michelle Heaton does Britney Spears in badly advised photoshoot
  159. Gary Coleman says he's secretly married
  160. Twin troll trouble: Ashley Olsen can't stand her own twin Mary-Kate
  161. Axl Rose acts like Howard Hughes
  162. Michael Jackson's comeback look
  163. Miley Cyrus: Jamie Lynn Spears is "really excited" for baby
  164. John Mayer has jock itch
  165. Barron Hilton arrested for DUI...that makes sense
  166. Scarlett Johansson: "You'll never find me at the Ivy"
  167. Natalie Portman: "I come off as boring sometimes"
  168. Denise Richards announces E! reality show
  169. Fergie goes from humps to baby bump
  170. Love and lust at the Grammys
  171. Zac Efron hates kissing girls
  172. Miley Cyrus is a terrible role model
  173. Bobby Brown pees on people
  174. Lenny Kravitz hospitalized in Miami
  175. Is Scarlett Johansson getting ready to be Ryan Reynolds' bride?
  176. Charlotte Church donates money to "Star Wars" church
  177. Nicholas Cage sues Kathleen Turner over book
  178. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck visit a pet store
  179. Gwyneth Paltrow wants a brand-new Brooklyn baby
  180. Gwen Stefani takes her boys and bump out to play
  181. Dr. Drew: "You're as sick as your secrets"
  182. Joel Madden: Baby Harlow is 'definitely a Mama's girl'
  183. Natalie Cole: Amy Winehouse's Grammy wins send a 'bad message'
  184. Ryan Phillippe talks about divorce, paparazzi and Abbie Cornish
  185. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Lindsay Lohan likes shopping & whoring
  186. Kate Walsh: Pet dog led to marriage
  187. Rihanna's Grammy faux pas?
  188. Salma Hayek protects baby from paps
  189. Reese Witherspoon: I want my kids teased and bullied
  190. Travis Barker on Shanna Moakler: 'we divorced'
  191. Miley Cyrus, 18 going on 24 at the Grammys
  192. Amy Winehouse: 'I'm so proud and happy'
  193. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan fight for a turn sucking Timbaland's musical dong
  194. Prince Frederic Von Anhalt attacks TMZ and underwear models, world barely cares
  195. 'Jaws' actor Roy Scheider dies at 75
  196. Marcia Cross and the twins tour the town
  197. Kate Hudson wants more kids
  198. Madonna doesn't want your sweaty ass near her
  199. Dolly Parton: My boobs belong to all mankind
  200. Nicole Richie: "Harlow is doing really great"
  201. Heartbreak for Keira Knightley and Julie Christie at the BAFTAs
  202. Keith Richards gives Amy Winehouse advice
  203. The "Anonymous" protests several Scientology centers
  204. Whitney Houston makes an appearance at pre-Grammy party
  205. A kiss from David Beckham makes fan faint
  206. Tom Cruise: Valentine's Day will be romantic
  207. Heather Mills' lover speaks: She cheated on Paul with me!
  208. Jessica Alba will only speak Spanish to her baby
  209. Spokesman quit Team Kevin Federline over Britney Spears Attacks
  210. Marc Anthony 'excited' to be a daddy and Jennifer Lopez the only woman to give birth
  211. Victoria Beckham enjoys NYC with son Cruz
  212. Paris Hilton's box office bomber
  213. Chin news: Jennifer Aniston on the set of her new movie
  214. Naomi Watts wants more babies
  215. Carly Massy-Birch...the girl who dated Prince William before Kate Middleton
  216. Victoria Beckham and her botched fake tan
  217. Daniel Craig swaps speedos for woolly jumpers in new film
  218. Heather Mills: I know Paul McCartney has more money than he says
  219. Bored audience walk out of Lily Allen's chat show debut
  220. Rachel Zoe throws a tantrum at Marc Jacobs show
  221. Amy Winehouse sees a dentist
  222. Jamie Lynn Spears: baby bump where?
  223. Geri Halliwell has a wardrobe malfunction
  224. Hayden Panettiere "waiting to hear from Hillary Clinton" about saving the whales
  225. Amy Winehouse moves in with Ozzy Osbourne
  226. Britney Spears' kids to have drug test too
  227. Want to get under Rihanna's umbrella ella ella? Now you can
  228. Avril Lavigne was almost boycotted (so close!)
  229. David Boreanaz poses for PETA
  230. Tom Cruise wants to save Britney Spears
  231. Wilmer Valderrama wants to stop being such a player
  232. Chris Crocker says "Fuck you!" to gay bashers
  233. John Mayer’s videotaped murder confession
  234. Airline sued for cancelling Sienna Miller's flight
  235. Britney Spears gets a much-needed makeover
  236. Heath Ledger's father reveals funeral plans
  237. Science proves Victoria Beckham's breasts the worst ever
  238. Pete Doherty will play at your birthday party
  239. David Beckham gives rise to underwear sales
  240. Kanye West plans to salute Mom at Grammys
  241. Eva Longoria still going on about being married Zzzzzz
  242. Jack "Quincy" Klugman gets married – at 85
  243. More cute pics of Ryan Phillippe and his son...this time playing football
  244. Nicole Kidman: "I feel really blessed to be pregnant"
  245. Stacey Ferguson apologises for comparing herself to Princess Diana
  246. Heather Mills' £55m deal: Paul McCartney ready to buy the gold digger's silence
  247. Is Michael Jackson planning to make a comeback at the Grammys?
  248. Pat O'Brien enters rehab
  249. Minnie Driver pregnant
  250. My life as the mother of Michael Jackson's children, by Debbie Rowe