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  1. Rumer Willis: 'Ashton Kutcher is a mentor'
  2. Courteney Cox wants another child
  3. Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty and Princes William and Harry get a CGI makeover
  4. Paris Hilton reveals an icky bunion on her skanky feet
  5. Lauren Bacall shows some cleavage
  6. Sienna Miller hitches a ride from strangers to escape the paparazzi
  7. Corinne Bailey Rae prays for dead husband at giant cross
  8. Kelly Osbourne and Jack Osbourne talk addiction
  9. Sean Penn is desperate to get back with Robin Wright
  10. Kate Beckinsale will keep her best feature under wraps, literally
  11. Mr. T once brought a child out of a coma
  12. Madonna says the media should leave Britney Spears alone
  13. Joe Simpson shows off his new 'talent discovery' at the Ivy
  14. Maddox Jolie Pitt is making care packages for soldiers & it was his idea
  15. Jamie Lynn Spears' baby registry: from teething rings to car seats
  16. Kirsten Dunst apologizes to Tobey Maguire for being a big beeyotch
  17. Counting Crows singer admits to mental illness
  18. John Mayer resigns himself to the fact that his music really sucks
  19. Baptist writer warns Christians that Oprah Winfrey is sending them to hell
  20. Sasha Baron Cohen’s character Bruno causes security scare at Wichita Airport
  21. Hulk Hogan goes public with his mistress (looks like a older version of his daughter)
  22. Madonna attacks London Mayor Ken Livingstone
  23. Britney Spears likes colonics
  24. Katie Holmes to whir and click on Broadway stage; Tom Cruise to squeal over costumes
  25. Angelina Jolie's exoskeleton can't handle her twin spawn
  26. Leonard Nimoy run! Tom Cruise is looking for you!
  27. Dina Lohan begins pimping out her 14 year old daughter in New York City
  28. Tom Cruise and Sumner Redstone: All is forgiven?
  29. Audrina Partridge gets a tattoo?
  30. Ivana Trump and fiance row draws cops
  31. George Clooney's girlfriend Sarah Larson caught skanking it up in Las Vegas
  32. Celine Dion postpones Australian concerts
  33. Paris Hilton: I'm an inspiration
  34. Rikki Rockett arrested on rape warrant
  35. Kylie Minoque 'to wed' Olivier Martinez
  36. Did Jessica Simpson remarry?
  37. Leona Lewis becomes the first British woman to top US charts for more than 20 years
  38. Zac Efron: 'Clubbing is not my scene'
  39. Pete Doherty the Scientologist?
  40. Jennifer Aniston teams up with Oprah
  41. Paula Abdul will perform live
  42. Is Kate Moss engaged?
  43. Joss Stone reveals her inner self
  44. Rapper T.I. (Clifford Harris) going to prison
  45. Ricky Martin in Indian bath house - a fan's account
  46. Ryan Reynolds rapidly losing masculine points
  47. Pamela Anderson scarred for life by leeches
  48. Simon Le Bon's lyrics blunder disappoints Duran Duran fans
  49. Madonna will sing 'Like a Virgin' – for $30 million
  50. Paris Hilton attempts to belly dance - Video [POLL]
  51. Lindsay Lohan to star in Charlie Manson flick
  52. Ashlee Simpson to design a T-shirt collection for Wet Seal
  53. Bonnie Fuller: Lynne & Jamie Spears - stop 'pimping out' your daughters now!
  54. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want you to call them...?
  55. Christina Ricci breast obituary of the day: where have all the funbags gone?
  56. Doctor who injected Priscilla Presley with "motor oil" held by immigration officials
  57. JC Chasez and Chace Crawford say they are straight
  58. Justin Chambers drunk or just sleep deprived?
  59. E! Networks Ted Casablanca says Heath Ledger estate drama may rival Anna Nicole Smith
  60. Angelina Jolie may cash 10 million dollars for pictures of her new blobs
  61. Chace Crawford: straight & splitsville with Carrie Underwood
  62. Christina Aguilera's skinny-dipping sessions annoy neighbors
  63. Amy Winehouse's face is covered in scabs and spots
  64. Jack Nicholson still has women flocking to his side
  65. TMI: Madonna's erotic sex life
  66. Amy Winehouse steps out for kebabs, sparks rumors of a return to rehab
  67. Sara Evans "has found an amazing person"
  68. My, how they've grown! Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise
  69. Katharine McPhee is the new face of Neutrogena
  70. Tabloid Covers: April 1, 2008 (Audrina Patridge leaked her nudie pics?)
  71. Renee Zellweger is living the life of a homeless woman by choice
  72. Gene Wilder curses cursing
  73. Tina Fey wants Britney Spears for '30 Rock'
  74. Peaches Geldof branded a flop star after disastrous gig
  75. Paparazzi: Miley Cyrus in, Britney Spears out
  76. Richard Widmark dies at age 93
  77. Laila Ali is pregnant
  78. Heather Mills did 'throat-slash signal' in court
  79. Robin Williams' wife files for divorce
  80. Katie Holmes: even robots get tired
  81. Richie Sambora and a DUI
  82. Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin dating Marla Maples?
  83. Britney Spears lands bad skin 'Award'
  84. Spice Girl Geri Halliwell nude shots to be published in Hustler
  85. Steve McQueen's heirs ask district court to block apparel sales
  86. Salma Hayek won't Christen her baby daughter
  87. Tyra Banks drama
  88. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz make out on holiday in Nice, France
  89. Hacker views Paris Hilton Facebook snaps
  90. Heather Mills claims she was offered to be a Baroness
  91. Kelly Osbourne attacks Spice Girls over parenting
  92. Janet Jackson says that watching gay porn movies excite her
  93. Avenue Q writer tells Jay Leno to go F himself
  94. Oprah buys her girlfriend a penthouse worth $7.1 million
  95. Katie Joel, 27, says her husband Billy Joel, 58, is immature
  96. Spencer Pratt's “Yo Spencer!” advice column launches
  97. Bruce Willis takes young lover to ex-wife's film premiere
  98. Priscilla Presley wins praise from dance judges for her feline floor show
  99. Simon Cowell roars up in his $1million supercar to view his $8million mansion
  100. Gwen Stefani has her baby shower
  101. Renee Zellweger shines on the red carpet (literally)
  102. Ryan Phillippe braved a grilling from Howard Stern
  103. Mark Ronson snubs Charlize Theron
  104. Denise Richards spends Easter getting rid of Charlie Sheen
  105. Barack Obama related to Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton a cousin of Angelina Jolie
  106. Lindsay Lohan lets Calum Best have it over fake sex tape (GR rules the world!)
  107. Fan pays $52,000 to attend Sex and the City premiere
  108. Wendy Williams to employee -- Better F*** my hubby!
  109. Kelly Osbourne has pneumonia
  110. Jamie Lynn Spears shows off new engagement ring to friends
  111. Nicole Richie turns jewelry designer
  112. Selena Gomez turns down High School Musical 3 for more serious dramatic roles
  113. Demi Moore says she does “leech detoxification therapy”
  114. Sean 'Diddy' Combs tries to create a fabulous new catchprhase
  115. Producers want Jennie Garth over Tori Spelling for 90210 spinoff role
  116. Gayle King's "DogHouse"
  117. Rumer Willis not a hit at club show
  118. Woody Harrelson backs new sewage invention
  119. Mick Jagger: 'Performing is like sex'
  120. Hulk Hogan is sued over his son's car crash
  121. The secret to Ice T's and CoCo's marriage
  122. Lindsay Lohan's ex-bodyguard wants cut of Dina Lohan's E! coin
  123. Prince William to propose to Kate Middleton at Christmas 2008 (Summer 2009 wedding)
  124. Rocker Henry Rollins says Britney Spears doesn't exactly sing on her own records
  125. Jessica Alba stars in fiance’s music video
  126. Tonya Harding's neighbors complain about gunfire
  127. Bruce Jenner takes Reggie Bush to church on Easter Sunday
  128. Oprah Winfrey's Cocker Spaniel dies
  129. Johnny Knoxville finalizes divorce
  130. Justin Timberlake donates $200,000 to his hometown
  131. NY Times calls Heidi Montag a "Feminist Hero"
  132. Johnny Depp attempting to help coma patient
  133. Ryan Seacrest dodges gay rumours in interviews again
  134. Miley Cyrus gives to the poor on Easter
  135. Johnny Depp seen robbing banks in Wisconsin
  136. American Television turned Kate Beckinsale into a hypochondriac
  137. What is the Jackson family up to?
  138. Perez Hilton surprised by the Pussycat Dolls at his 30th birthday party
  139. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee spend Easter together
  140. Beth Ditto's Paris plans
  141. Katie "Jordan" Price enjoyed anonymity in Australia
  142. Sarah Jessica Parker will never move to LA
  143. Lindsay Lohan's grandmother hospitalized after car crash
  144. 50 Cent films Fat Joe's 'funeral'
  145. Amy Winehouse's mother: 'Amy is making me ill'
  146. Eva Longoria Parker blames Victoria Beckham for pregnancy rumors
  147. Tyra Banks' alleged stalker freed
  148. Paris Hilton thinks West Africa is a country
  149. X17 paparazzi beat rival photographer unconscious on Britney Spears watch
  150. Denise Richards holds spa-themed birthday party for four year old
  151. Heather Mills accused Paul McCartney of flying daughter coach, but she did that
  152. Reese Witherspoon gets a new piglet
  153. The £3.4m Hollywood home that mesmerised Paul McKenna
  154. Wheelclamper puts dampener on Katie Price and Peter Andre's night out
  155. Jessica Alba's face of thunder shows the strain of pregnancy
  156. Madonna and Guy Richie go to a Kabbalah fancy dress party
  157. Britney Spears to open dance studio?
  158. Mariah Carey tells Parade magazine: 'I didn't know I could be happy'
  159. Rhys Ifans and Sienna Miller engaged
  160. Leslie Mann says her daughter licked her face to taste Zac Efron's spit
  161. Kevin Federline celebrates his birthday in Las Vegas
  162. Rumer Willis: sex symbol?
  163. Amy Winehouse poses nude to raise awareness for Breast Cancer research
  164. Joss Stone says she would trade fame for a good relationship
  165. Robot Uterus Katie Holmes aspires to be a scary chinned oscar winner
  166. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt spend Easter scaring random children in the Park
  167. Corrine Bailey Rae's husband found dead
  168. Is the business of Britney Spears in a recession?
  169. Slay it isn't so: Buffy cast reunion (plus, possible preggers news)!
  170. Britney Spears' dad wants K-Fed to reunite with Britney, become conservator
  171. Sarah Jessica Parker demands only she be featured in Sex and the City promotions
  172. Audrina Patridge: 18 year old nude photos were meant to be artistic
  173. Angela Bassett gets Hollywood star
  174. Is Pimp Daddy Joe Simpson single?
  175. Want a piece of Britney Spears? Her 'How I Met Your Mother' wardrobe to be auctioned
  176. Victoria Beckham bangs in a new Marc Jacobs ad
  177. Jessica Alba has a little practice mommy time
  178. Gwyneth Paltrow is back to family mode
  179. Madonna divorce rumors might be publicity stunt
  180. Nicole Kidman's fluctuating baby bump
  181. Amy Winehouse visits hubby in prison, shows off skin mutilation
  182. Is Kat Von D pregnant?
  183. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson papped holding hands
  184. Amy Winehouse should do an anti-drug PSA
  185. Enjoying the show? Pregnant Nicole Kidman catches forty winks at HUSBAND'S concert
  186. Gossip Rocks credited for breaking news of Lindsay Lohan sex tape
  187. Ryan Phillippe: 'Jake Gyllenhaal is a good dude'
  188. In 'who cares' news, A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys "can finally speak his mind"
  189. Rick Salomon now claims 'fraud' in marriage to Pamela Anderson
  190. Britney Spears "vehicular crime" trial set for June
  191. Jennifer Lopez claims to NOT have had IVF
  192. Bobby Brown needs a loan -- for $20 bucks
  193. Angelina Jolie says she has self esteem issues
  194. Candy Spelling: My daughter makes my purse shake (beeyotch alert)
  195. Coco, Ice T's wife celebrates 29th(?) birthday
  196. Brooke Shields to have foot surgery
  197. Jennifer Lopez to compete in a triathalon 'for her children'
  198. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt confirm they are having fraternal twins (fertility meds)
  199. Ryan Phillippe says he stopped Googling himself because it’s depressing
  200. Steve-O says his mom gave him alcohol as a baby
  201. Jim Carrey: 'Jenny McCarthy's son kept us together'
  202. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave $8 mil to charity
  203. Mickey Rourke to officer: You're too fat to be a cop!
  204. Rapper Paperboy in jail
  205. Elizabeth Taylor still smiling as she's seen on a rare public outing
  206. Ethan Hawke calls former wife Uma Thurman 'a big fat beast' in public
  207. Chace Crawford goes 'Brokeback Mountain' on Carrie Underwood w/JC Chasez?
  208. Tori Spelling: I'd love to be in 90210 remake
  209. Jennifer Aniston to help Courteney Cox raise $1 million for charity
  210. Injured audience member sues 'Oprah Winfrey Show'
  211. Hospital fined for Dennis Quaid's babies' drug mix-up
  212. Jamie Lee Curtis drops her top to make a point
  213. Paris Hilton: A whore in Africa
  214. Johnny Depp waves to his fantards
  215. Kate Beckinsale gets a taste of the UK
  216. Renée Zellweger is happy and she knows it
  217. OK! Exclusive: Shar Jackson works it out
  218. Kurt Cobain fans furious over "tribute"
  219. Tom Cruise 'refuses to consider IVF treatments'
  220. Javier Bardem is a hypochondriac
  221. Kimora Lee Simmons wants diamond made from late dog's ashes
  222. 27 year old virgin Adriana Lima poses nude for GQ Magazine
  223. Jonathan Rhys Meyers wears mystery ring
  224. Joe Francis will sell Ashley Dupre's videos whether or not she was underage
  225. Pete Wentz likes to dance around the house in Jessica Simpson's shoes
  226. Kate Moss in trouble with French police for dancing on Jim Morrison’s grave
  227. Tom Cruise once hired accused P.I
  228. Jennifer Aniston to write tell all book about Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
  229. Why Nicole Kidman wants a house near pal Naomi Watts
  230. Reports: Miley Cyrus is hazardous to your health
  231. Playwright David Mamet denounces Liberalism
  232. Howard Stern appeals for the return of his friend’s British bulldog
  233. Mandy Moore dating Ryan Adams
  234. Sleep-deprived Pamela Anderson determined to be a great mom
  235. Tara Reid's shock and awe at LAX
  236. Jessica Alba gets manicured
  237. Kerry Katona checks into the Priory
  238. Sophie Monk tops most beautiful list
  239. Anderson Cooper has skin cancer
  240. Barack Obama set to appear on The View
  241. Mariah Carey says she never feels famous
  242. Construction worker hangs himself at Mel Gibson's house
  243. L. Ron Hubbard's divorce document-he had an affair!
  244. 'Sticky fingers' Winona Ryder in new shoplifting scandal claims magazine
  245. Tori Spelling expecting a baby girl
  246. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson, preggers or bloated?
  247. Jealous Kate Hudson rushes to Miami as Owen Wilson falls for Jennifer Aniston
  248. Kristin Cavallari started giving head at age 13?
  249. Kirstie Alley inks TV pact with Oprah Winfrey's company
  250. World exclusive: see Jennifer Lopez's twins, Thursday, 7 a.m.