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  1. Paris Hilton selling some fake crap
  2. Amy Winehouse is afraid of losing her gorgeous looks
  3. J.K. Rowling to testify in Harry Potter Suit
  4. Tom Cruise book ditched by UK publishers
  5. Jessica Alba and her voodoo bracelets
  6. Kate Moss the Greek goddess at a photoshoot
  7. Topless Tamara Mellon has fun in the sun with boyfriend Christian Slater
  8. Paris Hilton & Mischa Barton at war during Good Charlotte UK tour
  9. Madonna and her bulging head vein
  10. 'The Last Movie Star' George Clooney considers dying the grey out of his hair
  11. CNN's Anderson Cooper ready to take over CBS Evening News from Katie Couric?
  12. Gerard Butler furious at media, compares Cameron Diaz romance to schlepping a dog
  13. Hayden Panettiere's life is so hard
  14. Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux step up to the streets (less annoying musical M&M video)
  15. Lindsay Lohan laughs at Jessica Simpson's Esquire magazine cover
  16. Marilyn Monroe sex tape
  17. Cate Blanchett welcomes another son
  18. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s kids all hate each other
  19. Adnan Ghalib stabbed
  20. Dr. Phil's screwed again, producer really isn't a producer
  21. Heather Mills booed and heckled as she appears as judge at Miss USA Pageant
  22. Sting spends $26m on new luxury home
  23. Duchess of York gets woken up by the paps
  24. George Clooney earns $20 million per movie, average actor $12 per hour
  25. Tom Cruise is the main alien in Katie Holmes' life and that's that!
  26. Britney Spears in car accident... again
  27. Elizabeth Taylor drug O.D.
  28. Doctor Phil bails out teen
  29. Hayden Panettiere talks sexual harassment
  30. Matt Damon stands up (and breaks toys) for Darfur
  31. 'Over the top' doesn't come close as Ivana Trump gets hitched to husband No 4
  32. Britney Spears cheers herself up with a set of highlights and a makeover
  33. Jessica Alba treats sick fan
  34. Does Jennifer "The Chin" Aniston want boobs and a baby for birthday?
  35. 50 Cent defends decision to evict ex, son
  36. Kerry Katona gives birth to fourth child
  37. What your favorite stars were doing... before they made it big
  38. Tilda Swinton refuses to wear makeup (even for the Oscars)
  39. Tabloid blackout on exclusive Beyonce Knowles wedding pictures
  40. Model Gisele Bundchen gets the script for Austin Powers 4?
  41. Hot tranny looking mess Miss Texas, Crystle Stewart, wins Miss USA 2008
  42. Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears hurt during drunken fight at a party
  43. Heather Mills says she “cleansed and baptised” Paul McCartney’s lawyer
  44. Perez Hilton hates me for this - man pregnant with Perez Hilton’s love child
  45. You decide – what's reflected in Dick Cheney's glasses?
  46. Phoebe Price's brush with death!!!
  47. Lance Bass' new man
  48. Alicia Keys loses her damn mind with 'gangsta rap' conspiracy theories
  49. Parade Magazine's annual "What People Earn" list for 2007
  50. After four months, Foxy Brown gets out of jail next week
  51. Coroner: Pneumonia killed Christian Brando
  52. Katie Couric will leave CBS after the election
  53. Lawsuit claims Heath Ledger done in by coke predators
  54. Kylie Minogue's bid to crack States fails as album bombs
  55. Victoria Beckham looks bored stiff as David Beckham drags her to the basketball
  56. JK Rowling and the tits that nearly got away
  57. Why is Britney Spears' ex-lover hanging out with the TV star she hates so much?
  58. Paris Hilton in London: Harrods, Hamleys and she is staying at the Hilton this time
  59. Sarah Larson: How I met George Clooney
  60. Miley Cyrus gets her first cameltoe at the Kids Choice Awards, mama must be so proud
  61. Natalie Portman bests Keira Knightley & Lindsay Lohan for Wuthering Heights role
  62. Dina Lohan denies that Lindsay Lohan will do full frontal movie nudity for 80k
  63. Whitney Houston pens X rated song with her boytoy, takes dump on Bobbie Brown's head
  64. Jennifer Aniston STILL can't get vag-pounded by gay elves or penis-noses
  65. Worldy Matthew McConaughey will explore the world with new baby
  66. Heather Mills bashes Paul McCartney's girlfriends?
  67. 42 year old Stacey Dash begins comeback on the cover of King Magazine
  68. Even Kathy Hilton doesn't believe that Paris Hilton/Benji Madden romance is real
  69. Moby wants to marry Britney Spears
  70. Beyonce pregnant!
  71. School hit list targets... Chuck Norris?
  72. Vanilla Ice arrested for domestic violence
  73. Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw divorce rumors
  74. Surprise, surprise, Barron Hilton receives no jail time for DUI
  75. Rumer Willis convinces celebspawn to take her out in public
  76. Courtney Love shows off a bag of drugs
  77. Kate Hudson has a wardrobe malfunction
  78. Nicole Richie: Motherhood 'beyond amazing'
  79. Amy Winehouse and her freaky looking thigh
  80. Only 40 people show up to be Paris Hilton's best friend in all of New York City
  81. Ryan Reynolds back on the market soon?
  82. Model Eva Herzigova continues trend of celebrites posing nude while heavily pregnant
  83. Britney Spears uses her black AMEX to donate 25k to cure malaria (Idol Gives Back)
  84. Cynthia Nixon's girlfriend cleans up well for public appearances
  85. Artie Lange walks off the Howard Stern show!
  86. Ashlee Simpson’s "people" purposely leaking Mariah Carey's songs on the internet?
  87. Poor Amanda Bynes says no one thought she was good looking while growing up
  88. Lauren Conrad & Heidi Montag score a cover on Rolling Stone Magazine
  89. Mischa Barton reaches deal on DUI plea, goes camera whoring at the beach to celebrate
  90. US tabloid cover roundup for April 15, 2008 issues
  91. Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's son lands movie role
  92. Britney Spears talking to herself and ripping out hair?
  93. Cameron Diaz and Gerard Butler's double dinner date
  94. Ashlee Simpson is engaged!
  95. Perez Hilton, Queen of All Defamation, sues 26 blogs for defamation!
  96. Solange Knowles is not talking... [cue music: Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith]
  97. Perez Hilton sues Jonathan Jaxson
  98. Sean Penn/Robin Wright divorce called off?
  99. Actor Stanley Kamel dead at 65
  100. 50 Cent and Universal sued for pushing "gangsta" life
  101. Angelina Jolie baby photos coming soon: finally confirms pregnancy with kick
  102. Gwyneth Paltrow: break-up rumors are 'ridiculous'
  103. Angelina Jolie talks about pregnancy for the first time
  104. Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale keeping baby's gender a surprise
  105. Ellen Page & her lover buy some hot young lesbian groceries (not my title)
  106. Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Paparazzi drove Britney Spears insane'
  107. Damian Lewis: 'Hugh Laurie is not the first to crack the US'
  108. George Clooney visits Downing Street
  109. Paris "The skank" Hilton: 'I have never been so in love'
  110. Heather Mills 'pesters' hotel with diet list
  111. David Beckham is booked again... but this time by the traffic cops
  112. Bluebell Halliwell embarrasses mother Geri Halliwell with airport tantrum
  113. Danny Noriega gets a key -- to nowhere
  114. Renée Zellweger enjoys George Clooney's post-premiere party v. v. much
  115. Prince Von Ahalt in court - TMZ live stream on website
  116. Is Sarah Brightman looking better than she did 25 years ago?
  117. Mark E Smith faces RSPCA probe for chopping up rare red squirrels with hedge-clippers
  118. Sean Combs is the "king of design"
  119. Toni Braxton hospitalized
  120. Jenna Bush to move to Baltimore, MD
  121. Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie" movie delayed again, to 2009
  122. Mary-Louise Parker breaks off engagement
  123. Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan reunited
  124. Paris Hilton tried to buy a ... cheetah !
  125. 'Mark Croft's only with Kerry Katona for her money,' claims his own mother
  126. Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct returns - as she finds a bulky new bloke
  127. Melanie Brown unveils her range of animal print clothing
  128. Gwyneth Paltrow steps out in kinky stilettos to a New York charity event
  129. Daredevil Daniel Craig performs 007 bus-chase stunt
  130. Lisa Marie Presley (and her big baby bump) has left the building
  131. Peter Andre: 'Katie Price is a moody bitch'
  132. Ringo Starr statue beheaded after Liverpool slur
  133. Nicole Richie 'furious' at Paris Hilton's baby plans
  134. Is George Clooney scared of us?
  135. Pete Doherty in jail for 14 weeks. Guess the bribe money ran out then!
  136. Kylie Minogue: Doctor misdiagnosed my cancer
  137. Pamela Anderson dating Criss Angel
  138. Spike Lee supports Barack Obama
  139. Pamela Anderson gets E! reality show
  140. Tiffani Thiessen: yes to babies, no to 90210 spinoff
  141. Source: Mischa Barton to accept plea deal in DUI case
  142. Steve Irwin had 'a lot of pain and suffering'
  143. Teri Hatcher: 'My second book is about women'
  144. Rob Lowe accuses babysitter of extortion attempt
  145. In who cares news: Carrie Underwood & Chace Crawford split via text
  146. Casey Aldridge is packing heat
  147. Ryan Seacrest goes public with his latest beard Sophie Monk
  148. David Beckham buys his in-laws a mansion
  149. Jury: Driver, paparazzi to blame for Princess Diana's death
  150. George Clooney broke up w/gf Sarah Larson after engagement rumours surfaced
  151. Rocker: 'George Clooney's lover is wild in bed'
  152. Natural born stripper: Woody Harrelson skinny dips with Hollywood pal Owen Wilson
  153. Joan Rivers insults Victoria Beckham for being arrogant
  154. Madonna 'wants to adopt' Indian baby?
  155. Victoria Beckham has 'fallen out with old friends'
  156. Attention Warrant fans: Warrant reunite for tour & possible album
  157. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban buy $7m home in Los Angeles
  158. Kate Moss spends $180k on wedding ring
  159. Jennifer Lopez wants Tom Cruise to be her twins’ godfather
  160. Anderson Cooper's stalker shows up at his apartment with 6 bags of luggage to move in
  161. James Brown's stuff to go to auction
  162. Patricia Heaton is still a horrible person
  163. Brad Pitt gets a hands-on welcome at American Idol
  164. Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo headed towards splitsville?
  165. Tony Parker receives cheat apology from X-17
  166. Bobby Brown dated Madonna?
  167. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wear masks to stylist's wedding
  168. Paul McCartney remembers Linda McCartney on 10th anniversary of her death
  169. Dane Cook's poop problem
  170. Hugh Hefner celebrates his 82nd birthday
  171. Friends tell George Clooney to dump his bitch
  172. Your kid will never be as cute as Kingston Rossdale
  173. Oh yes! David Tennant splits from latest lover
  174. Thandie Newton to play Condi Rice in George Bush bio pic
  175. Heather Mills becomes a redhead
  176. Aaron Neville plans return to New Orleans area
  177. Jay-Z and Beyonce wed?
  178. Gwen Stefani leaks some Harajuku Lovers Doll fragrance designs
  179. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt casting new 'friends' for The Hills!! (they have none)
  180. The Hills' Whitney Port and Nicky Hilton, new BFF's?
  181. Jessica Simpson is Esquire's 75th Anniversary cover girl
  182. Avril Lavigne dreams of launching magazine
  183. Paul McCartney in love, Heather Mills still insane
  184. Miley Cyrus' BFF Mandy Jiroux has racy teenage photoshoot exposed
  185. Rumer Willis goes to the Playboy Mansion and shows off her tattoos
  186. Anna Nicole Smith story becomes an opera
  187. Helen Mirren: 'Women do not lose sex appeal'
  188. Sex And The City girls show they've still got pulling power 10 years on
  189. Liza Minelli hits London for first British tour in 20 years
  190. Minnie Driver reveals her baby bulge... but still no word on Daddy
  191. Prince Harry returns to active duty with royals' night out at Mahiki
  192. 'Motherhood has never been my ambition,' says Renee Zellweger
  193. Viva La Diva! Mariah Carey's outrageous demands
  194. REUNITED BFF Alert: Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan
  195. List of Mariah Carey's demands
  196. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden marrying this summer?
  197. Jennifer Lopez's twins take their first trip
  198. Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis: classy as always
  199. Prince Philip admitted to hospital
  200. Yoko Ono advises Heather Mills: 'Try to survive'
  201. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt gets beat up by the other kids
  202. FBI Agent: 'Sonny Bono was clubbed to death'
  203. Ali Lohan's schoolmates suspended over internet video
  204. 50 Cent is being sued by his son's mother
  205. Christina Ricci slams drunk stars
  206. Who wants some Tom Cruise purple?
  207. Paris Hilton launches footwear line in Montreal
  208. Mel 'Braveheart Sugartits' Gibson wants a lock on Passion profits
  209. Avril Lavigne is still STUPID!
  210. Kevin Federline spends Britney Spears' money: Vegas, strippers and booze (SURPRISE)
  211. David Beckham visits the Tonight Show
  212. Lindsay Lohan is not gay
  213. Jenny McCarthy calls Bulls***!
  214. Marc Anthony spends $2.6m on earrings for Jennifer Lopez to thank her for twins
  215. Snoop Dogg blasts Barack Obama
  216. Anne Hathaway's boyfriend bounces checks
  217. Madonna loves British chocolate
  218. Shakira threesome sex tape rumors abound
  219. Amy Winehouse invites gal pals over for sexy games
  220. Greying Ben Stiller reveals his freshly coloured locks
  221. High heel sneakers give Mick Jagger a lift on the red carpet
  222. Victoria Beckham gives her credit card a workout in LA
  223. Sorry my USA friends: Heather Mills househunts in New York
  224. Naomi Campbell arrested
  225. Heather Mills is a master of disguise!
  226. Angelina Jolie's young pics found
  227. Jay-Z may sign $150 million deal with Live Nation
  228. Tom Cruise has uncredited cameo in “Tropic Thunder,” mocks Paramount head
  229. Mariah Carey cancels radio interviews because she’s “not a morning person”
  230. UCLA staff snooped on Farrah Fawcett too
  231. Jerry Seinfeld walks away from rollover car crash
  232. Kate Hudson checks out women for Chris Robinson
  233. Jessica "Les Miseralba" Alba to name her kid Honor?
  234. 'Whitney Houston drove me to drugs'
  235. Mariah Carey dating… Nick Cannon
  236. Jamie Lynn Spears vs Mom: it's war!
  237. Britney Spears' secret weekend with Kevin Federline
  238. Backstreet Boys on top of their game
  239. Perez Hilton reveals his New Years Eve hook up with John Mayer
  240. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt seen staging 'fights' in Las Vegas, Nevada
  241. Dita Von Teese talking about her divorce to Marilyn Manson again
  242. Cameron Diaz gets cosy with Gerard Butler
  243. Cameron Diaz doesn't have the skin of a lizard in real life
  244. Tabloid cover magazine roundup: April 8, 2008 - Jennifer Aniston adopting!!!
  245. Jaime Lynn Spears forced into a prenup agreement with Casey Aldridge
  246. Mariah Carey passes Elvis Presley for most #1 singles (w/digital download help)
  247. Verne "Mini Me" Troyer rushed to the hospital
  248. Robin Williams is dating 27-year-old artist?
  249. Tracey Gold gives birth to fourth son
  250. Tom Cruise has playground date with his child alien