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  1. Paris Hilton banned from a Russian hotel
  2. Kelly Brook & Billy Zane split
  3. Tom Cruise pukes about Suri's birthday; words 'amazing and 'blessing' sue for overuse
  4. Star Jones files for divorce from the very straight Al Reynolds
  5. Amy Winehouse: up to her old tricks again
  6. Ewan McGregor reveals how he had a cancerous mole removed from his face
  7. Sharon Stone reveals her startling red face
  8. Whitney Houston fuels Ray J romance reports
  9. Anna Nicole Smith's mother sues websites
  10. Victoria Beckham to perform with Pussycat Dolls
  11. Heather Mills was a high class prostitute
  12. Richie Sambora cops DUI plea
  13. Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore creating a new sci-fi trilogy
  14. Actor Jeff Goldblum canoodles with singer Imogen Heap
  15. Foxy Brown prays
  16. Kelly Ripa to Priscilla Presley - Oh no you di'nt!
  17. Naomi Campbell: 'I've had temper therapy'
  18. Edward Norton wants Hollywood to be more green
  19. Lindsay Lohan denies not taking her sobriety seriously on her lesbian Facebook page
  20. People are still paying Mischa Barton to rep their clothes in Japan
  21. Gwyneth Paltrow needs help walking to her car in London
  22. Miley Cyrus signs seven-figure book deal
  23. A dog pisses on Natalie Portman
  24. Miley Cyrus picks a winner for her new boyfriend (Thomas Sturges)
  25. Andrew Lloyd Webber 'weary' after working with American Idol finalists on their songs
  26. Christina Aguilera brings out the new chi-chi's for People Espanol 50 Most Beautiful
  27. Carlos Leon & Lourdes Ciccone looking fierce in New York City
  28. Enrique Iglesias: 'I don't have small genitals'
  29. Robert Downey Jr. slams fame-hungry stars
  30. Paul McCartney wants the world to go vegetarian
  31. Cameron Diaz 'hospitalized' after father's death
  32. Barbra Streisand pulls out of Israel's 60th anniversary bash
  33. Julia Roberts goes green with compost tips
  34. Elisha Cuthbert tired of bad dates
  35. Ali Lohan to make feature film debut
  36. Ashlee Simpson shows off her big rock
  37. Jesse Metcalfe trying to be sexy
  38. Madonna defends 'marginalised' Tom Cruise
  39. 'My violent father beat us so viciously it broke bones,' reveals Jerry Hall
  40. I don't want kids, they would make me feel violated, says Mariah Carey
  41. Geri Halliwell takes new man on double-date with George Michael and his boyfriend
  42. Lindsay Lohan is Sam Ronson's jealous lover
  43. Gail O'Grady owes a lot of money
  44. Scary Spice (Melanie Brown) becomes lingerie model
  45. Insectoid Angelina Jolie plans to marry emasculated dimwit Brad Pitt in June
  46. Kanye West's fiancee sad over breakup
  47. Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo's cake-licking birthday celebration
  48. Cougar Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie caught kissing 22 year old dance partner!
  49. Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie planning a double wedding?
  50. Friendly lesbians grab Chelsea Clinton's ass at gay bars in Philadelphia
  51. Geri Halliwell: Motherhood healed rift with Victoria Beckham
  52. Owen Wilson's & Kate Hudson's romantic birthday date in Miami
  53. George Clooney: 'Don't boycott Olympics'
  54. Ryan Phillippe fears paparazzi gives his daughter anxiety
  55. Sean "Diddy" Combs back with Kim Porter?
  56. Somebody still wants Jenna Jameson's vagina!
  57. Catherine Zeta Jones joins A-list heavyweights in crowd for Joe Calzaghe fight
  58. Unique photos of the Beatles in the summer of 1963 before worldwide fame
  59. Jennifer Aniston soaks up the Miami sun alone
  60. Emma Watson celebrates her 18th birthday
  61. Shouldn't sick baby Princess TiŠamii be tucked up in bed, Katie Price?
  62. Shia LaBeouf can't get laid
  63. Leonardo DiCaprio drunk dials/booty calls Gisele Bundchen, and is denied
  64. Patrick Dempsey looks like a tard in spandex
  65. Preggo sadball Jessica Alba tries to drink terminally ill fan under the table
  66. Who cares news: Drew Barrymore's dog is f#%king fat
  67. Victoria Beckham denies rift with Katie Holmes-Cruise
  68. Cameron Diaz gets support from Justin Timberlake at father's memorial service
  69. Paris 'racist skank' Hilton to host tv show about pet abuse.. er, grooming.
  70. David Hasselhoff drunkenly scrawls his digits for some chick, then fingerguns at her
  71. Daniel Radcliffe hires big muscly men to guard his dong
  72. Elizabeth Hurley tries to photoshop herself into relevance
  73. Jessica Simpsons 'obscene' amount of drinking with Tony Romo sent her to the hospital
  74. Tony Romo doesn't want Jessica Simpson looking like a tranny
  75. Lindsay Lohan publicly falls off the wagon at Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square
  76. Pete Doherty loses home after spraying blood over walls
  77. CNN reporter/buffoon Richard Quest in sex, rope & drug bust
  78. Miley Ray Cyrus in new provocative photo 'scandal'
  79. Antonio Banderas talks about parenthood
  80. Suri Cruise has her birthday party, Tom Cruise and the Robot kiss: Yuk
  81. Jenna Jameson looks like a lizard whore
  82. Halle Berry makes movie-after-baby plans
  83. Jennifer Aniston becomes one of Oprah Winfrey's Big Givers
  84. Amy Winehouse goes out, clinging to a photo of her jailed husband
  85. Brian McFadden says ex-wife Kerry Katona is 'disgusting' and 'an embarrassment'
  86. Christening at the castle for Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex's baby James
  87. Princess Beatrice, the horsey mouth breather, looks around a £4.25million house
  88. Prince William lands his RAF Chinook helicopter in Kate Middleton's backyard
  89. Hayden Panettiere says Paris Hilton "is a genius"
  90. Family members urge Lily Allen to check into rehab
  91. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are no longer homo sapiens
  92. Nicole Kidman may soon be placed on "suicide" watch
  93. John Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck wants new trial
  94. Hayden Panettiere was 'tortured' by bullies
  95. Cate Blanchett shows off her newborn son
  96. Hitmaker Ne-Yo "bored" by urban music, would like to do Beatles-influenced tunes
  97. 45 year old Julianne Moore spreads it for Vogue Paris magazine
  98. Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James hit by drunk driver
  99. Britney Spears returning to How I Met Your Mother
  100. The least talented celebrities in the UK revealed
  101. Lance Bass speaks out over gay student death
  102. Hollywood dirt exposed at Pellicano trial
  103. Evan Rachel Wood scolds dyslexic fans
  104. Suri Cruise apparently turns 2 years old
  105. Hilary Swank has no eyebrows
  106. Madonna and baby David Banda dine at ritzy San Lorenzo
  107. Cruz Beckham gives the finger, Beckham family eat at Pink Taco
  108. Madonna set to receive $25 million for TWO concerts in Dubai
  109. John Waters has a sexual obsession for 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'
  110. 50 Cent: "I don't like Alicia Keys"
  111. Miley Cyrus is so over Hannah Montana and wants more 'mature roles'--at age 15!
  112. Tom & Katie Cruise denounce tabloid talk of trouble
  113. Lily Allen leaks new singles from her sophomore record on the internet
  114. Always classy Tori Spelling vows to continue cursing in front of her children
  115. Anne Hathaway & Kate Hudson hate each others' guts?
  116. Miley Cyrus gives to her church at the rate of $1,000.00 per week
  117. Alicia Keys to marry this summer *cough, cough*
  118. Spencer Pratt wants Lauren Conrad out of his MTV wedding reality show w/Heidi Montag
  119. Hilary Duff's War Inc scorpion scene: sexy or gross? [video]
  120. [Video]: You made Paris Hilton cry!
  121. [video]: Ashlee Simpson gives advice to Britney Spears (1/17/'08)
  122. Kate Middleton needs to get over herself - she hasn't bagged her Prince yet
  123. David Beckham possibly had tryst with famous actress?
  124. Robert Downey Jr. sucks a mean thumb
  125. Hilary Duff on her peers Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Avril Lavigne
  126. Naomi Campbell boycotts British Airways
  127. Pink is in love again
  128. Shocker of the day: Akon lied about his convict past to sell records
  129. Serena Williams is dating Common
  130. Amy Winehouse to divorce?
  131. Angelina Jolie loves political tussles with Brad Pitt
  132. Jamie Lynn Spears buying a house with Casey Aldridge
  133. Tori Spelling loves gay icon status
  134. Kanye West explains boob obsession
  135. Britney Spears on the treadmill: Is the singer shaping up for another comeback?
  136. Madonna pushes herself to the limit during another gruelling training day
  137. Victoria Beckham and new best friends Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria dine out
  138. 'I'm just an old-fashioned, shy girl,' says Dita Von Teese
  139. Minnie Driver's baby daddy revealed?
  140. Tony Curtis cuts a frail figure as he rolls into Harrods
  141. Big payday for lawyers in Britney Spears case
  142. Britney Spears getting voice lessons
  143. Best friend Sophia Bush helped Brittany Snow overcome anorexia
  144. Spencer Pratt's head emerges from Heidi Montag's ass
  145. Kendra Wilkinson from Playboys 'Girls Next Door' in charge of Olive Garden pictorial
  146. Christina Ricci complains about objectifing teens while scantily posing for Blackbook
  147. Papa Joe Simpson tries to pimp out pictures of his grandchildren for $1 million
  148. Jennie Garth drops out of CBS pilot to take 90210 spinoff role!!?
  149. 43 year old David Cross of Arrested Development seen making out with Amber Tamblyn
  150. Miley Cyrus says she is skipping her high school prom to film Hanna Montana movie
  151. Audrina Patridge boasts that she is now more famous than Lauren Conrad
  152. 'Lost' star Michelle Rodriguez dodges the lezzie question again in magazine interview
  153. 'I may never have kids,' says Kylie Minogue as she approaches her 40th birthday
  154. Evan Rachel Wood's transformation into Dita Von Teese is almost complete
  155. US tabloid cover roundup for April 22, 2208
  156. Katherine Heigl exposes herself in public
  157. DJ Samantha Ronson moves in with Lindsay Lohan to keep her clean & sober 24/7
  158. Ashton Kutcher gets called on his shit by his mom. I mean wife.
  159. Eva Longoria wants to move David Beckham's little man around her board
  160. Jessie Metcalfe gives the gift of bigger tits
  161. Nicole Kidman muses on God, babies, and puking all over the place
  162. Olivia Newton-John's daughter felt abandoned
  163. Rupert Grint about Lindsay Lohan: "You can't act"
  164. Heather Mills canít afford to move to the US - Americans breathe a sigh of relief
  165. Tom Cruise thinks Victoria Beckham is a bad influence on Katie Holmes
  166. Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes headed for a divorce?
  167. Dr. Phil may not lose his show, but his credibility is long gone
  168. Shanna Moakler is a man-stealing twat waffle
  169. Fred Durst like you've never seen him before
  170. Paris Hilton's boyfriend gets stamp of approval
  171. Kim Kardashian feels herself up in public, shops with money she didn't earn
  172. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson get serious, talk babies
  173. Pete Doherty is the hottest chick this side of Yellow Teeth Land
  174. Bret Michaels and his dollar store weave still looking for love
  175. Cynthia Nixon battles cancer
  176. Bridgette Bardot on trial for inciting racial hatred (against Muslims)
  177. How Harry Potter actress Emma Watson got a wizard £10.5million birthday present
  178. Britney Spears to release ‘explosive video diaries’
  179. Cameron Diaz's father dies from Pneumonia
  180. Tobey Maguire and wife reportedly expecting second child
  181. Joan Collins says that the tabloids are dumbing down America
  182. Paris Hilton says Kim Kardashian's ass is gross
  183. Avril Lavigne gets groped & fondled at a public park in front of paparazzi
  184. Ryan O'Neal rubs sun cream into some random girl on beach
  185. Britney Spears gives son a crash course in driving
  186. Too Posh to push...a trolley: Victoria Beckham visits a supermarket
  187. Kelly Osbourne ventures out without her make-up... improvement?
  188. Katie Price admits she is gross, after complaints reality show was sexually explicit
  189. Mother of the Year, Alicia Douvall
  190. Miley Cyrus wants to buy a chastity belt on E-Bay
  191. Shocker: No one wants Victoria Beckham's crappy overpriced jeans
  192. Heather Mills's delusions of grandeur and gold digging continue
  193. Beyonce Knowles ready to retire from music & become a talent scout
  194. Lindsay Lohan drapes a lesbian around her neck and gets her crunk on over the weekend
  195. Need to save your relationship? Buy a house like Keira Knightley. That'll work!
  196. George Clooney gets his hate on for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's spawn
  197. This just in: Lindsay Lohan's mom is STILL a bitch
  198. Anna Kournikova says she will never marry
  199. Heidi Montag raps on TRL
  200. Source: Cops seek child-endangerment charge for Richie Sambora
  201. Would you let Amy Winehouse hold your baby while knocking back shots?
  202. Kim Kardashan plops her fat ass on klassy monogrammed car seats
  203. Jennifer Lopez still using her kids to keep her name out there
  204. Ex-Scientologist/Hollywood actor slams Scientology
  205. Katherine Heigl's hubby lost his genitals when she carried him over the thresh-hold
  206. Katherine Heigl is the only stupid bitch who ever got married
  207. Madonna's vag gets mad when it doesn't get pounded
  208. Ashlee Simpson is pregnant (sigh)
  209. Life's a beach for Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, and son Kingston
  210. Paris Hilton selling some fake crap
  211. Amy Winehouse is afraid of losing her gorgeous looks
  212. J.K. Rowling to testify in Harry Potter Suit
  213. Tom Cruise book ditched by UK publishers
  214. Jessica Alba and her voodoo bracelets
  215. Kate Moss the Greek goddess at a photoshoot
  216. Topless Tamara Mellon has fun in the sun with boyfriend Christian Slater
  217. Paris Hilton & Mischa Barton at war during Good Charlotte UK tour
  218. Madonna and her bulging head vein
  219. 'The Last Movie Star' George Clooney considers dying the grey out of his hair
  220. CNN's Anderson Cooper ready to take over CBS Evening News from Katie Couric?
  221. Gerard Butler furious at media, compares Cameron Diaz romance to schlepping a dog
  222. Hayden Panettiere's life is so hard
  223. Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux step up to the streets (less annoying musical M&M video)
  224. Lindsay Lohan laughs at Jessica Simpson's Esquire magazine cover
  225. Marilyn Monroe sex tape
  226. Cate Blanchett welcomes another son
  227. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s kids all hate each other
  228. Adnan Ghalib stabbed
  229. Dr. Phil's screwed again, producer really isn't a producer
  230. Heather Mills booed and heckled as she appears as judge at Miss USA Pageant
  231. Sting spends $26m on new luxury home
  232. Duchess of York gets woken up by the paps
  233. George Clooney earns $20 million per movie, average actor $12 per hour
  234. Tom Cruise is the main alien in Katie Holmes' life and that's that!
  235. Britney Spears in car accident... again
  236. Elizabeth Taylor drug O.D.
  237. Doctor Phil bails out teen
  238. Hayden Panettiere talks sexual harassment
  239. Matt Damon stands up (and breaks toys) for Darfur
  240. 'Over the top' doesn't come close as Ivana Trump gets hitched to husband No 4
  241. Britney Spears cheers herself up with a set of highlights and a makeover
  242. Jessica Alba treats sick fan
  243. Does Jennifer "The Chin" Aniston want boobs and a baby for birthday?
  244. 50 Cent defends decision to evict ex, son
  245. Kerry Katona gives birth to fourth child
  246. What your favorite stars were doing... before they made it big
  247. Tilda Swinton refuses to wear makeup (even for the Oscars)
  248. Tabloid blackout on exclusive Beyonce Knowles wedding pictures
  249. Model Gisele Bundchen gets the script for Austin Powers 4?
  250. Hot tranny looking mess Miss Texas, Crystle Stewart, wins Miss USA 2008