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  1. Jason Lee a dad again
  2. Nicole Kidman's baby a "distraction" on set
  3. Mother of Gary Glitter's young son insists the paedophile is "a lovely man"
  4. Four members of Helena Bonham Carter's family die in safari bus smash
  5. Rapper Da Brat sentenced to three years in prison
  6. Katie Holmes' broadway show already a flop
  7. Johnny Depp to perform in small venue in South Florida with his band
  8. Woody Allen calls Scarlett Johansson ďone of the great American actressesĒ
  9. Katherine Heigl should be in prison
  10. Rhys Ifans is clearly out of control - ruins Kimberly Stewart's birthday
  11. Teri Hatcher's abusive uncle dies
  12. Jon Voight blasts Roseanne
  13. Jerry O'Connell thought about naming twins Mary-Kate & Ashley
  14. Disneyland to close for Miley Cyrus' birthday
  15. David Beckham: Hottest abs in Hollywood
  16. Kids on the way for Ellen Degeneres?
  17. Oprah Winfrey has cover fatigue
  18. Madonna reveals tour secrets
  19. Katie Holmes's Broadway play poster
  20. Amy Winehouse self-harming joke is voted funniest of Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  21. Potato head Rumer Willis and her family go to premiere of The House Bunny
  22. Spice Girl Mel Chisholm is pregnant
  23. Winona Ryder and Tom Green? WTF?
  24. Britney Spears to terrorize VMA's
  25. Baby day for Gwen Stefani!
  26. Help Wanted: Jennifer Anistons' chin needs a date
  27. Miley Cyrus selling $250 tickets to her Sweet 16
  28. John Mayer dumped Jennifer Aniston by text after heated phone call
  29. Sienna Miller gets a message
  30. Leon actor Jean Reno rushed to hospital after suffering a 'massive heart attack'
  31. Kerry Katona declared bankrupt after failing to pay £82,000 tax bill
  32. Jodie Foster keeps the double ended dildo, but ex partner gets 26 million smackers
  33. Angelina Jolie and live-in eunuch to throw swanky soiree for french neighbors
  34. Hoffspace.com, the drunken pizza eating social networking site for failed tv stars
  35. Jessica Simpson: Carrie Underwood is a lying skank
  36. Denise Richards blocks Martin Sheen's access to grandchildren
  37. Miley Cyrus encourages fans to go green
  38. Spencer Pratt: "Jesus and I are making the connection"
  39. Courtenay Semel, Lindsay Lohan's ex, gets slap happy in Vegas
  40. Shocking pictures and video reveal the sordid secret world of tragic Heath Ledger
  41. Lily Allen : "I'm not a good person on drugs"
  42. Matt Damon welcomes another baby girl, Gia Zavala
  43. Jennifer Lopez 'confused by Michael Phelps attention'
  44. Britt Ekland: 'Nicole Kidman uses too much Botox'
  45. Paris Hilton looks for a best friend in U.K.
  46. Charlotte Church ‘waits on boyfriend hand and foot’
  47. Michael Vick going broke in prison awwwww!
  48. Sharon Stone is on the cougar wagon - boy toy is half her age
  49. Vin Diesel wants more babies
  50. Amy Winehouse headed to rehab...again
  51. Jennifer Garner 'so excited' about second baby
  52. Uh, WTF? Ricky Martin is new father to twin boys! Via surrogate of course.
  53. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams back together
  54. Amanda Beard: Ewww.. Michael Phelps
  55. Is Rihanna going broke?
  56. Jessica Simpson becomes beer spokeswoman
  57. Makeup artist to Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner found dead
  58. Toby Keith praises Barack Obama, first sign of redneck apocalypse
  59. LeRoi Moore, Dave Matthews Band sax player, dead
  60. Sanjaya Malakar is serious about his music
  61. Brian McFadden: Straight men don't wear pink
  62. Christina Aguilera's new perfume ad
  63. Keith Urban has Nicole Kidman's name inked on his arm
  64. Women can't have love AND a Hollywood career says Meg Ryan
  65. Jennie Garth: Working with Shannen Doherty not "as bad as I thought"
  66. Jennifer Love Hewitt: I wish I'd spent more time naked
  67. Chris Kattan, wife split after eight weeks
  68. Britney Spears ends up paying close to $900,000 in legal fees for custody battle
  69. Christina Applegate undergoes double mastectomy!
  70. Patrick Swayze's healthy birthday
  71. Brigitte Nielsen wants to try IVF to get pregnant
  72. Lily Allen's late night scuffle
  73. Jade Goody has cancer
  74. Tom Cruise to play comic book hero, as career and sanity slip away
  75. Gary Glitter freed from prison before deportation
  76. Avril Lavigne 'too sexy' for Malaysia
  77. Suri Cruise meets her match
  78. Ava Jackman turns 3 years old
  79. Kate Beckinsale talks about her vagina. Again
  80. Jessica Simpson 'makes pregnancy mistake'
  81. Does Rumer Willis have a new boyfriend?
  82. Rafael Nadal is shirtless
  83. Christina Applegate '100 percent clear' of cancer
  84. Andy Dick's message to fans: I'm feeling 'bummed'
  85. Annie Lennox undergoes spinal surgery, postpones album
  86. Kanye West: Scarlett Johansson is my "favorite white girl"
  87. Charlie Sheen calls newlywed life 'fabulous'
  88. Donnie Wahlberg and his wife file for divorce
  89. Beth Stolarczyk from Real World LA gets married & pregnant
  90. Out with the old, in with the new... Alison Carrol is the new Lara Croft
  91. Kate Hudson's vagina needs to take a breather
  92. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie engaged ?!!?
  93. Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, quality time
  94. Lady Crackrock Amy Winehouse denies drug use
  95. Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud told she is not qualified for talent show
  96. Kristin Bell & Dax Shepard heat up the beach in Malibu
  97. UK comic Russell Brand cast in Rocky Horror Picture Show remake?
  98. Lindsay Lohanís first girlfriend devastated she didnít come out for her
  99. Jennifer Lopez talks triathlon
  100. Angelina Jolie's and Katie Holmes' former publicist to write tell all!
  101. Phil Collins divorce settlement a record breaker
  102. Tyra Banks disses her fans
  103. Roseanne blasts Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt as "evil, vacuous"
  104. Taylor Hanson expecting baby No. 4!
  105. John Mayer still peeing on what's left of Jennifer Aniston's reputation
  106. Madonna's spriritual "birthday" buddies
  107. Sienna Miller plans to escape to Ibiza
  108. Dita Von Teese signs a deal with Wonderbra
  109. Daniel Radcliffe reveals he suffers from dyspraxia
  110. Harvey Keitel takes lead role in U.S. version of Life On Mars
  111. Christina Applegate wants a baby before Chemo
  112. Barack Obama body surfs in Hawaii
  113. Golden Girl Madonna may be unlikely poster child for 50-plus set
  114. After 27 years Robert Wagner finally discusses Natalie Wood's death
  115. Reports: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi wed in California
  116. Zac Efron screeches about his flat hair, cries, and probably pees himself
  117. Amy Wine(Crack)house takes 12-year-old goddaughter to nightclub
  118. Gordon Ramsey's donkey salute
  119. Little Lost Crackhead Amy Winehouse gets booed onstage
  120. The Cruise and Stiller families go on a double date
  121. Kim Kardashian performs as Pussycat Doll
  122. Olive Garden uncomfortable with Kendra Wilkinsonís endorsement
  123. Jessica Alba considers adoption
  124. Amy Winehouse 'gives people nightmares'
  125. Ronnie Wood's wife decides to move on
  126. Daniel Radcliffe gets naked for ‘Vogue’ magazine
  127. Rachel McAdams NY Times interview
  128. Madonna and Michael Jackson hit 50: A tale of two freaks
  129. Craig Phillip Robinson from The Office arrested
  130. Madonna is really 36 - bans birthday gifts - isn’t really 50
  131. Jennifer Aniston looks 'incredible' after breakup
  132. With movie career thankfully over Sylvester Stallone to pimp vodka in Russia
  133. Denise Richards denies wanting to join Dancing with the Stars
  134. Denise Richards - stalking Richie Sambora?
  135. Felicity Huffman tried on Madonna's thong
  136. John Mayer is shy
  137. Actor/radio host Jay Thomas discovers he fathered a son almost 30 years ago
  138. Wino smackdown! Amy Winehouse slaps concerned fan
  139. Jimmy Kimmel drunk dialing Sarah Silverman to take him back
  140. Dog The Bounty Hunterís wife calls Linda Hogan a slut and a drunk
  141. Tom Cruise escorts his robot to rehearsal
  142. Rumer Willis: I got screwed in the looks, I mean, name dept.
  143. Jennifer Aniston denied: Model says he is NOT dating her
  144. Donald Trump saves Ed McMahon's house
  145. Nick Jonas who? Miley Cyrus has got a new boyfriend
  146. Puxsatony Amy Winehouse sees her shadow, six more months of crack
  147. Bret Michaels still loves Ambre Lake!?
  148. Brooke Hogan blows off some more
  149. Ellen DeGeneres and fiancee Portia De Rossi to wed this weekend
  150. Catherine Zeta-Jones heartbroken after namesake grandmother dies at 91
  151. Magaret Cho wants to be in a Samantha Ronson & Lindsay Lohan sandwich
  152. Mariah Carey to staff: Dry me, bitches!
  153. Brad Pitt splits his pants
  154. Mary Kate Olsen going broke?
  155. Nikki Sixx's ex cleans house – on eBay
  156. Hate-monger Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church to picket Bernie Mac's memorial
  157. Christian Bale won't face assault charges
  158. Leah Remini gets own talk show?
  159. Tommy Lee dating Daisy De La Hoya (Rock of Love)
  160. Rihanna vacations with boyfriend, parties, watches movies on her IMAX forehead etc
  161. Sienna Miller's hagmom defends her daughter's global married man cockfest
  162. Ernest Borgnine jerks off to stay alive
  163. Vietnam deports Garry Glitter
  164. Dave Coulier on 'You Oughta Know', being about him
  165. Howard Stern gets inked
  166. Paula Wagner blamed for Tom Cruise's screw ups
  167. Terry Gilliam says Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell donated salaries
  168. Mark Consuelos to be minister at Howard Stern's wedding
  169. Lindsay Lohan blogs on sister's boobs and Samantha Ronson
  170. Pamela Anderson dating Dhabi Royal
  171. Madonna's Old & Sour Tour still on; not buying 2nd kid
  172. John Edwards is the daddy, Rielle Hunter pal sez
  173. An Olsen twin hangs with a Madden twin
  174. Casey Aldridge's "other woman"? Oh Noes!
  175. Paris Hilton and Benji Madden split
  176. Jennie Garth says Tori Spelling deserves the same money
  177. Sean Combs toots his own horn, again
  178. Jennifer Lopez producing TV version of "Maid in Manhattan"
  179. Billy Bob Thornton may play 'Freddy Krueger' in new Elm Street film
  180. After dumping kids, Britney Spears says new album will be out next year
  181. John Mayer's dungeon of pee evicts Jennifer Aniston's giant chin of woe
  182. Diego Luna becomes a father
  183. Rachel Hunter betrothed to hockey player
  184. Blake Lively says she's only kissed three guys
  185. Paris Hilton sued over 'lack of publicity' for flop movie she starred in
  186. Julianne Moore defends onscreen nudity
  187. Scarlett Johansson attacks 'ageist' Hollywood
  188. Lindsay Lohan gives 'coked out Jew' a try for squishmitten scissor-pal Sam Ronson
  189. Britney Spears wants her flipperkids to have a normal life till she needs money
  190. Tom Cruise stuffs his robowhore into one of his movies cuz nobody will hire her
  191. Barack Obama's daughters hate Britney Spears and Paris Hilton
  192. Jessica Alba: 'Keep your man on his toes!'
  193. Jennifer Aniston "I'm having a baby!"
  194. Adrian Grenier dumps girlfriend after accident with Shia LaBeouf
  195. In other shocking news, Dane Cook is a douche
  196. Jennifer Aniston "in love" and its not for publicity
  197. Desperate Sienna Miller begs Balthazar Getty's wife to save her career
  198. Brooke Shields offended by celebrity death jokes
  199. Maybe NSFW: Paris Hilton skanks it up at Playboy mansion
  200. Vanessa Hudgens sued for $5 million
  201. Peaches Geldof marries in Las Vegas
  202. Sienna Miller introduces her latest married bedpost notch/fuckpuppet to mom
  203. Tori Spelling packs up her huge potato-head and walks off new 90210 show
  204. Madonna's tentacles flail at more children to bandage her snatch-weary marriage
  205. Britney Spears does exclusive interview with OK!magazine..again
  206. Whoopi Goldberg tries her luck
  207. Arrogant Carrie Underwood claims Tony Romo still calls her
  208. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at Tropic Thunder premiere
  209. Katie Holmes: 'My Dad used to intimidate my boyfriends'
  210. Kelly Rowland racks up $400,000 bar bill on friends
  211. James Franco says being homeless isnít so hard
  212. "40 Year Old Virgin" actor arrested in vicious stabbing
  213. Angelina Jolie replaces Tom Cruise in a spy movie
  214. The Jonas Brothers and their fangirls
  215. Is there a Billy Bob Thornton death curse?
  216. Paparazzi has Sienna Miller on verge of tears
  217. Hugh Laurie talks about being a sex symbol
  218. Boris Becker to marry
  219. Courtney Love says she will quit music
  220. Samantha and Mark Ronson do a "Royal Tenenbaums" themed photo shoot
  221. Tommy Lee can't give up meat
  222. New "The View" cast portrait revealed
  223. Alanis Morissette is 'fascinated by aging'
  224. Keira Knightley: 'I've lost touch with Sienna Miller'
  225. Tila Tequila steps out with a new gal pal
  226. KISS frontman Paul Stanley, wife expecting second child
  227. Suzanne Somers writes open letter to Christina Applegate
  228. Sister-in-law speaks of Bernie Mac's last hours
  229. Brooke Hogan's new MySpace photo
  230. Sam Lutfi plans Britney Spears tell-all
  231. Lynne Spears makes it "through the storm"
  232. Madonna twists her ankle - 50th birthday on hold
  233. Reporter: John Edwards' mistress badmouthed Elizabeth Edwards
  234. Madonna's son David's 'Mama' dies in Malawi
  235. Actress Angelina Jolie has "not decided" on Presidential candidate
  236. Hayden Panetierre's dad arrested for spousal abuse
  237. Paul McCartney may marry LI girlfriend
  238. Hayden Panettiere is giving
  239. Gwyneth Paltrow saves the horses
  240. Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty go to the pharmacy
  241. Stella McCartney is infuriated! Her bra is used to sell £6,500 mink coat
  242. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban go to a football game in matching leather jackets
  243. Isaac Hayes dies, aged 65
  244. Matt Damon: USA's problems could be solved if "people had thick passports"
  245. OMG liek scandal!!!1 Semi-nude pictures of Christina Aguilera surface
  246. Totally virginal 'til marriage Jessica Simpson strips on webcam (safe)
  247. Carey Hart's brother dies in motocross crash
  248. The Miley Cyrus dating triangle starring Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez
  249. Keira Knightley hates bitter jellus fatties
  250. Luke Perry: No to 90210 but yes to SVU