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  1. No action being taken over John Leslie rape allegation
  2. Did Matthew Broderick cheat on Sarah Jessica Parker...w/another woman?
  3. Lindsay Lohan's leggings line a success
  4. Nicole Kidman's children unite
  5. Brendan Fraser missed Rachel Weisz
  6. Matthew McConaughey sees pecker, confirming he's a psychic
  7. LA Times calls out Balthazar Getty
  8. Amy Winehouse gets a wax statue
  9. Michael Savage's poet-loving past
  10. Naomi Campbell gushes about old rival Victoria Beckham
  11. A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) wants to extend his brand
  12. Sienna Miller solo and hiding behind her hair in London
  13. Christian Bale went ballistic on movie set
  14. Madonna is crabby
  15. Ali Lohan: my sister 'loves' my new single
  16. Britney Spears' former manager hopes to rekindle friendship
  17. Amy Winehouse blasts cheating rumours
  18. Nick Hogan transferred to an adult jail
  19. Janice Dickinson is still worth arresting in Hollywood
  20. Miley Cyrus, 15, is reportedly set to bare all in a new movie
  21. Alanis Morrisette: I had “an experimental stage where I was loving women up”
  22. Frances Cobain is a Rolling Stone intern; may also be a brat
  23. Sherri Shepard: I've had more abortions than I'd like to count
  24. Estelle Getty, "Sophia" from Golden Girls passed away
  25. Wendy Williams vs. Omarosa, round one
  26. Miley Cyrus wishes she had, "like, a normal life"
  27. Beauty Tori Spelling will pen another tell-all book
  28. Peaches Geldof needs treatment after suspected overdose
  29. Christian Bale accused of family assault
  30. Sean Preston Federline: Mommy, may I have a cigarette, please?
  31. Balthazar Getty wants you to know he's separated
  32. Bill Murray plans to take a dive
  33. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt heading to Iraq
  34. Pete Doherty robbed
  35. Britney Spears is not an ATM, y'all!
  36. Brooke Hogan doesn’t think women should be president because they have PMS
  37. Khloe Kardashian talks about her life on the inside
  38. Michael Savage calls autistic children brats, morons and liars
  39. Victoria Beckham's bad skin laid bare as she goes au naturel
  40. Blake Fielder-Civil jailed for 27 months for GBH, will serve another 4 1/2 months
  41. John Cleese, 68, in new relationship with Radar Magazine VP, 34
  42. Sean Connery doesn’t want his son to inherit his fortune
  43. Patrick Swayze: I'm a miracle, dude!
  44. Tom Cruise stinks of desperation to revive his career by considering top gun sequel
  45. Nicole Kidman is pasty and scary thin again
  46. Did Justin Long dump Drew Barrymore because of her partying?
  47. Carey Hart on Pink: 'I miss everything about her'
  48. Minnie Driver vows to be a chubby new mum
  49. Sanjaya Malakar doesn't return phone calls
  50. Chris Eubank's ex-wife brings back the two boys they gave up for adoption
  51. Jodie Marsh looks as hideous as ever
  52. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes go to the races
  53. Jessica Simpson greeted with boos at first "country" appearance
  54. Hollywood baby mania continues: the first pic of Halle Berry's little one
  55. Justin Timberlake peed pants upon meeting idol
  56. Britney Spears makes carpet appearance for Generation Rescue
  57. Jerry O'Connell & Rebecca Romijn are "trying to get pregnant"
  58. Katie Holmes: Bring back Joey Potter
  59. Blake Fielder Civil released from prison tomorrow
  60. Eva Longoria: "Tony Parker cut my hair!"
  61. Selma Blair: "shocked" by friends' crushes
  62. Chris Martin: "Nobody wants a fat pop star"
  63. Rapper DMX arrested (AGAIN) this time at Phoenix mall
  64. Christopher Ciccone: Warren Beatty, Sean Penn and my sister Madonna
  65. Madonna/Alex Rodriguez sex tape?
  66. Dyan Cannon: GILF?
  67. Angelina Jolie and twins go home
  68. Angelina Jolie's doctor says the twins are "so cute"
  69. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: Read all about it
  70. Tom Cruise denied leading role in film
  71. Eminem making new album after 4 years
  72. Ed McMahon is suing hospital and a billionaire for his broken neck
  73. Tracey Emin reveals she is frightened of dying alone and childless
  74. Chris Evert shows off her big wedding ring
  75. Joan Rivers: 'Think I'm nuts? Meet my mutts'
  76. Katherine Heigl: 'I love being a sinner'
  77. Leslie Ash (British TV Actress) looks worse than ever
  78. Former Guns n Roses drummer Steven Adler busted for drugs again
  79. Orlando Bloom splits up with model, resumes love affair with mirror
  80. Gwen Stefani to puke up her own trannywhore Wizard of Oz ruby slippers
  81. Ashton Kutcher can't remember when he started porking his grandmas dried up stankhole
  82. Mariah Carey to take over screeching on stage in Vegas from Celine Dion
  83. Victor Garber confirms: Jennifer Garner is preggers
  84. Kloe Kardashian starts jail time
  85. Salma Hayek calls off engagement to French billionaire
  86. Katie Holmes's hands
  87. Kevin Federline gets sole legal custody of sons
  88. John Mayer wants to cheat on Jennifer Aniston already?
  89. Barenaked Ladies cancel NYC portion of tour because of drug bust
  90. Penelope Cruz goes black and white for W Magazine
  91. Mischa Barton: DUI was my 'low point'
  92. From scrawny schoolboy to beefcake: Zac Efron bulks up
  93. Katherine Heigl isn't leaving Grey's Anatomy
  94. Kate Moss ditches the scruffy look for elegant Vogue shoot
  95. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - alien wear
  96. Sharon Osbourne's rage at TV comic's 'fat and ugly' attack on daughter Kelly
  97. Angelina Jolie's brother, James Haven, visits his niece and nephew...
  98. Denise Richards never gives up - back in court
  99. Maxim changes Sarah Jessica Parker from 'unsexy' to 'unexpected crush'
  100. Terrence Howard says Bill Cosby blacklisted him in the 80s
  101. Katie Holmes reveals Suri Cruise loves Annie
  102. Jennifer Aniston hopes the Twin Messiahs are beautiful
  103. David Beckham is an irresponsible Dad
  104. Elizabeth Hasselback cries after sparring over N-Word with Whoopi Goldberg
  105. Madonna wants to reunite Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
  106. Jennifer Aniston spends a lot of money to look this boring
  107. Jay-Z wants Beyonce's bust
  108. Ron Wood enters rehab
  109. Barry Manilow: Skinny, yes... dying, no
  110. Katie Price "Jordan" looking stupid at her book signing
  111. Britney Spears spending summer in the studio
  112. Justin Timberlake impersonates Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo at ESPY Awards
  113. Reggie Bush wants a little less junk in Kim Kardashian’s trunk
  114. Stop press! Heath Ledger's uncle charged with stealing mechanical diggers
  115. Has Miranda Kerr dumped Orlando Bloom for Brandon Davis?
  116. Vanessa Hudgens straddles Zac Efron on the beach
  117. Ben & Jerry's make Elton John ice cream
  118. William Petersen is leaving CSI
  119. Mena Suvari to wed music producer beau
  120. Claire Danes is looooooong
  121. S&M Barbie doll causing waves
  122. Heidi Montag lunches with John McCain's daughter
  123. Hayden Panetierre kills music
  124. Jimmy Kimmel may have a new girlfriend already
  125. Billy Joel on his suicide attempt, seeing ghosts, and why The Olive Garden sucks
  126. Barenaked Ladies singer busted for cocaine possession
  127. Bret Michaels is back for more
  128. Justin Long now dating Kirsten Dunst?
  129. Rumer Willis shames herself and her family at a charity event in New York
  130. Katherine Heigl's "Grey's" character may get fatal brain tumor
  131. Kitson ditches Lauren Conrad's fashion line
  132. Andy Dick arrested *Mugshot added*
  133. Sarah Jessica Parker: Case of the missing mole
  134. Mariah Carey is a Disney lovebird
  135. Cristiano Ronaldo snubs piece of shit Paris Hilton
  136. Victoria Beckham's fashion line shunned
  137. Tax records show increase in Madonna's Kabbalah donations
  138. Tom Cruise and family visit “Eli Stone” Set
  139. Eva Longoria explains why she's fat now (insert eye roll here)
  140. Al Reynolds: I still love Star Jones 'very much'
  141. Natalie Cole diagnosed with Hepatitis C
  142. Jessica Alba shows off Honor Marie
  143. Avril Lavigne's clothing line is about as "punk rock" as she is...
  144. Corey Feldman thinks he's John Lennon
  145. Katy Perry: I want to kiss Miley Cyrus
  146. Brooke Hogan and her Dad's girlfriend look like twins
  147. Soap actor (and Chris Martin fan?) Ingo Rademacher names kid Peanut
  148. Eva Mendes carried knives during “Angelina Jolie phase”
  149. Alicia Douvall, "glamour" model, won't stop messing with her titties
  150. Pete Doherty performs at wake of 16-year-old cancer victim
  151. Bjorn Ulvaeus: 'I'm battling long term memory loss'
  152. Helen Mirren in a bikini in Italy (looks amazing)
  153. Pat O'Brien is getting married
  154. Gwyneth Paltrow goes to event with no makeup
  155. Miley Cyrus wants to do a "younger, cleaner" Sex and the City show
  156. Which one is the real David Lee Roth?
  157. Kate Hudson's son wants a new look
  158. WTF?! Joey Lawrence edition
  159. Britney Spears has 'secret breakdown'
  160. Whitney Houston's 'drug-damaged' vocal chords delayed comeback album
  161. James McAvoy: 'I was constantly breaking wind starring alongside Angelina Jolie'
  162. Jake Gyllenhaal lives by Reese Witherspoon's rules
  163. Sharon Stone has a spider amputated
  164. Jessica Simpson should “work hard and be authentic” says country singer Jewel
  165. Lauren Conrad: I Google "all" my dates
  166. Christina Aguilera sings America The Beautiful
  167. Britney Spears cameos in Madonna concert video
  168. Victoria Beckham: "I’m incredibly ordinary"
  169. Christopher Ciccone talks about Madonna on "Good Morning America"
  170. Miss USA Crystle Stewart falls over at tacky Miss Universe pageant
  171. Uma Thurman reveals a protruding belly on a romantic cruise with fiancé
  172. Gwen Stefani looks ready to pop
  173. Katie Price and Peter Andre: 'We're ready to adopt from a Third World country'
  174. Suzanne Somers flashes the goods
  175. Khloe Kardashian to report to jail
  176. Courtney Love slams Billy Corgan over daughter's party
  177. Jennifer Lopez's twins never wear the same outfit twice
  178. Brooke Hogan is one sexy dude
  179. Rage Against the Machine wants George Bush for war crime trial
  180. Nicole Kidman says no to baby picture deal
  181. Bummer: Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel split
  182. Katie Holmes can't wait to wear depends and use a walker
  183. Tree planting Naomi Campbell says she’s not a bad person
  184. First photos of Angelina Jolie's twins expected to net a fortune
  185. Needing IVF made me feel a failure, says Gordon Ramsay's wife
  186. Amy Winehouse fails at DJ booth
  187. Kiss rocker Gene Simmons finds Condoleeza Rice sexy
  188. Simon Cowell wants Brad Pitt to play him on the big screen
  189. Here comes Paris Hilton, there goes the neighborhood
  190. Report: Josh Brolin arrested in bar brawl
  191. Pete Wentz, the mature expecting father, compares his unborn child to a DJ set
  192. Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish laughing together
  193. Mischa Barton: Fall of the untalented
  194. Miley Cyrus sends photos of herself to Nick Jonas (picture is hilarious)
  195. Usher AND his baby in Essence Magazine
  196. Brother: Madonna doubted Carlos Leon's "intelligence" before having Lourdes
  197. Dad: Amy Winehouse could die "slow and painful death"
  198. Brian Austin Green says he and Megan Fox are still together
  199. Jaime Pressly's workout plan: chasing after her child
  200. Angelina Jolie has given birth to the twins
  201. Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty vacation in Italy
  202. Michael Jackson is peeling (in a wheelchair)
  203. Christina Applegate has a new gap-toothed boyfriend
  204. Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony can't find a nanny willing to work for $9K a month
  205. Jake Gyllenhaal teased sister Maggie about posing in her undies
  206. Jamie Lynn Spears has started heading down the Britney road
  207. New couple alert: Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift
  208. Grey's Anatomy killing off Katherine Heigl?
  209. Anthony Kiedis, girlfriend split
  210. Miley Cyrus gets a smile makeover
  211. Ronnie Wood, 'runs away with 18-year-old Russian cocktail waitress'
  212. First supermodel Dorian Leigh dead at 91
  213. Nicole Richie's book to be made into a TV show
  214. Michael Caine: Heath Ledger will get an Oscar nomination
  215. Got $132? Buy Lindsay Lohan leggings
  216. Cameron Diaz breaks the law
  217. Meet Rooster McConaughey's son Miller Lyte
  218. James Franco's graduation ceremony
  219. Sasha Cohen sparked outrage in Arkansas over gay kiss
  220. Angelina Jolie to deliver babies on Tuesday
  221. Milo Ventimiglia to propose to Hayden Panettiere?
  222. Emily Blunt and Michael Bublé split
  223. Amy Winehouse: What's that in your nose?
  224. “Will Smith practically admits that he and Jada Pinkett-Smith are swingers”
  225. Katie Holmes sanitizes playground before Suri Cruise can play
  226. Jessica "Miser" Alba gets 1.5Mil for baby pix
  227. Greg Norman's ex gets $100 million divorce settlement
  228. Bondage mummies: Britney Spears & Madonna
  229. Amy Winehouse attacks her body guard
  230. Amanda Peet: Pro vaccines for children
  231. Jose Canseco: Singer Madonna begged me to impregnate her
  232. Brad Pitt: Hanging out with Bono and Robert DeNiro
  233. Tom Cruise sent Nicole Kidman flowers after giving birth
  234. Hidden Hills, hoping to bid farewell to Denise Richards, her dogs & her camera crew
  235. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher's wedding on hold
  236. Ethan Hawke gets married
  237. Jessica Alba on pregnancy: 'I never felt less sexy'
  238. Jennifer Lopez closes her restaurant
  239. Tobey Maguire blows his top
  240. Michael Jackson rolls around Las Vegas
  241. Guy Ritchie to direct Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes
  242. Christina Aguilera's lip gloss addiction
  243. Pamela Anderson's KFC protest
  244. Olivia Newton John gets married
  245. Settlement reached in Christie Brinkley divorce
  246. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner expecting second child?
  247. Colin Farrel hits it from behind
  248. Jane Seymour gives advice to Angelina Jolie
  249. Pamela Anderson enters Big Brother Australia
  250. Kelsey Grammer stiffs kitchen help