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  1. Civil trial of Keanu Reeves begins in LA
  2. Jessica Biels publicist confirms that her self worth is tied up in Justin Timberlake
  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt, fiance to dress up as "Brangelina" for Halloween
  4. Hulk Hogan claims his son learned responsibility in prison
  5. Madonna’s friends are worried she’s having a major meltdown
  6. Jennifer Aniston has "affectionate" dinner with Gerard Butler
  7. Celeb trash a target in Greenwich Village
  8. Samantha Ronson is the only woman for Lindsay Lohan-literally
  9. It just got nastier: Madonna and Guy Ritchie to have staff testify in divorce
  10. Peter Andre is INFURIATED that people are being cruel about Princess Tiaamii
  11. Hayden Panettiere saves the whales (yes, again)
  12. Elle Macpherson's new lover is a convicted drug trafficker
  13. Cindy Crawford shows up at Halloween party as Amy Winehouse
  14. Dave Grohl and wife expecting baby No. 2
  15. Amy Winehouse laughs her way to the clinic
  16. Lisa Kudrow: My French in-laws tolerate me
  17. Mandy Moore hates her lesbian mother
  18. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have baby boy!
  19. English beauty dies in roof plunge after her marriage split from John Huston's son
  20. Bono parties with teenage girls in in St Tropez
  21. Zara Phillips breaks her collarbone as horror fall kills favourite horse
  22. Bono has the write stuff for the New York Times
  23. Star Jones spends $17,861 a month on rent
  24. Brad Pitt protests firefighters' tattoo ban
  25. Benji Madden: 'Paris Hilton and I are very happy'
  26. P. Diddy's weird photoshoot with his kids
  27. Madonna scheduled sex with Guy Ritchie around her gym time
  28. Jessica Simpson: F*** Off
  29. Angelina Jolie takes Mother Teresa act to Afghanistan
  30. Jerry Lewis makes another anti-gay slur
  31. Michael Gambon to be a father again at 68
  32. Jennifer Hudson's mom murdered
  33. Florence Henderson and Cloris Leachman have a memaw fight
  34. Guy Ritchie parties his troubles away
  35. Tom Cruise "roasts" Matt Lauer at the NY Friars Club
  36. Madonna in Montreal
  37. Britney Spears takes the boys to the pumpkin patch
  38. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: Central Park playdate
  39. Michael Jackson steps out for skincare
  40. Dean McDermott reads laineygossip!
  41. Madonna takes anger management course to deal with anger over split
  42. Brad Pitt's new soap
  43. Janet Jackson tells fans she's 'a lot better now'
  44. Redmond O'Neal 'doing a lot better' after detox
  45. Heather Mills is a dumb gold digger
  46. Princess Eugenie's first 'official' Royal engagement
  47. Angelina Jolie: 'I may stop making movies and marry Brad Pitt'
  48. Jury selected for Phil Spector murder retrial
  49. Anne Hathaway's ex Raffaello Follieri sentenced to 4½ years in prison
  50. DJ A.M. and Mandy Moore: Back on!
  51. Carol Alt claims her husband dumped her because she was infertile
  52. Isaac Hayes doesn’t leave Church of Scientology anything in his will
  53. Tom Cruise is slowly taking over the East Village
  54. Caroline Rhea has a baby girl
  55. Reese Witherspoon surprises Jake Gyllenhaal with presents in dildo shaped boxes
  56. Man harpoons Oprah Winfrey in lawsuit over his extortion arrest
  57. Lindsay Lohan was not liked on "Ugly Betty" set
  58. Avoid the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel
  59. Mary-Kate Olsen says she doesn’t want marriage or kids
  60. David Duchovny suing the Daily Mail
  61. The View: more bitch fights on and backstage
  62. Beyonce would like to be known as "Sasha Fierce"
  63. Madonna offers Guy Ritchie 5 mil extra if she can control access to kids
  64. Jodie Marsh advertises for a sperm donor. Yuk
  65. Peaches Geldof is convinced she's the new Yoko Ono
  66. George Clooney and Krista Allen are back together
  67. Harrods boss Al Fayed questioned by police about 'sexual assault' of 15-year-old girl
  68. Rumer Willis escapes the clutches of a serial killer...on CSI
  69. Matt Lucas becomes first celebrity gay divorcee
  70. Kerry Katona's TV meltdown
  71. Jennifer Lopez: I overcame 'challenging' relationships
  72. Taylor Momsen hospitalized with a "potentially life-threatening throat infection"
  73. Guy Ritchie in tears over photo of son in Yankees shirt
  74. Aviation experts say the plane that Travis Barker/DJ AM were on should've taken off
  75. Bad luck Aishwarya Rai blows ritual - Amtibha Bachchan blames paparazzi
  76. What's up with Katie Holmes' teeth?
  77. Brooke and Charlie Sheen are expecting, you guessed it... twins!
  78. Michael Madsen taken away on a 5150
  79. Angelina Jolie scared her kids will find out she's a brother-f*cking homewrecker
  80. Christina Aguilera has no plans to stop raping our eyes
  81. Britney Spears court case ends in mistrial
  82. Lindsay Lohan being sued over 'scary' car chase
  83. OMG is this Lindsay Lohan's new album cover?
  84. Dumbass Paris Hilton thinks she's a royal family member, now
  85. Natasha McElhone gives birth
  86. US Weekly: Madonna's marriage full of physical and emotional abuse
  87. William Shatner upset with George Takei over wedding snub
  88. Britney Spears to perform on GMA on her birthday
  89. Guy Ritchie's new girlfriend?
  90. Alyson Hannigan is pregnant
  91. Tom Cruise acts marginally normal at Tina Turner show
  92. Kerry Katona poses nude after £15,000 of surgery
  93. Terence Howard says being replaced for Iron Man 2 was 'surprise of a lifetime'
  94. Country singer Brad Paisley "arrested"
  95. Jamie Lynn Spears' friend speaks
  96. Lindsay Lohan flirts with Chace Crawford via text message
  97. Ali Lohan skipped grandfather's funeral because of hair extensions
  98. Miley Cyrus’s hacker gets raided by FBI
  99. Former Power Ranger actor convicted of triple murder
  100. Katie Holmes's reviews are in! It's a resounding 'meh' :D
  101. Kat Von D is 'on the wagon' because of Nikki Sixx
  102. Pink urges Paris Hilton to 'quit bugging'
  103. Billie Piper has baby boy
  104. Anne Hathaway says she's met a "sexy" new man
  105. Madonna hurls salvo at Guy Richie via Perez Hilton
  106. Russell Crowe to donate hair to charity
  107. Nice t-shirt, Rocco Ritchie..
  108. Evangeline Lilly regrets stripping off for men's magazines
  109. Eminem feels stupid for fighting with a hand puppet
  110. Why is Britney Spears crying, y'all?
  111. Nick Hogan released from jail
  112. Guns and Roses finally to release 'Chinese Democracy'
  113. Carrie Fisher still batshit insane and funnier than ever
  114. Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora celebrate daughter's b-day together
  115. Britney Spears updates her website with rehearsal pics
  116. Gwyneth Paltrow: I'm supporting Madonna "in all the ways that I can"
  117. Pink thought she had a booze problem
  118. Raven Symone is sick of dumb skanks making fun of her busted eyebrows
  119. 'My bones are like glass': Ursula Andress blames herself for having osteoporosis
  120. Beyonce Knowles goes blonde for Etta James tribute
  121. Sting and David Walliams have a snog
  122. Madonna: 'There are lots of things about England I love,my husband isn't one of them'
  123. 'I'm having an amazing time in London and I love Topshop,' says Paris Hilton
  124. 'Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie don't want me to marry again' reveals Sarah Ferguson
  125. Gillian Anderson gives birth. Name is....well you'll see
  126. Guy Ritchie: Madonna is spying on me
  127. Prosecuters ask for max for Anne Hathaway's ex
  128. Brooke Hogan is a delusional man
  129. Brad Pitt gets in gear for Quentin Tarantino war movie
  130. Sarah Silverman bombs in London
  131. Ronnie Wood's manager reveals affairs
  132. Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly romance heats up in Texas
  133. 'I DID rush into marriage and never said it would last forever,' says Peaches Geldof
  134. Jennifer Aniston is pregnant
  135. David Duchovny's tennis instructor: We have a special relationship
  136. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady to marry?
  137. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have lovers spat on train
  138. Halle Berry: 'Sex has got better as I've got older'
  139. Pregnant with twins Jenna Jameson looks human again
  140. Jennifer Aniston is driving her friends crazy with OCD cleanliness
  141. Balthazar Getty disappoints Sienna Miller with gift of 7k bicycle
  142. Mr Blackwell dies
  143. Amy Winehouse and David Beckham have UK's most hated accents
  144. Man claiming to be lovechild of Marilyn Monroe and JFK goes after Kennedy money
  145. Madonna's next accusation: Guy Ritchie, gold-digger
  146. Does Will Smith hire male hookers?
  147. 'Lady-like' Natalie Portman avoids arguments
  148. Suri Cruise tries to make a break for it
  149. Unseen photos of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's wedding
  150. Madonna 'wants another child with baseball star' Alex Rodriguez
  151. More interesting tidbits from the Madonna/Guy Ritchie marriage: no sex for 18 months
  152. Denis Leary responds to critics of his Autism writings
  153. Camilla Parker-Bowles' 60 birthday presents for Prince Charles
  154. Daniel Craig reveals how he celebrated becoming the new James Bond
  155. Sting’s daughter can be a star...once she’s finished her homework
  156. Pete Burns to get £1m after surgeon admits to botched cosmetic surgery
  157. 'Madonna's adopted son would be better off in Malawi' says his biological father
  158. Madonna and Guy Ritchie settle divorce: he gets 10 million to keep quiet
  159. Delete post, similar thread in progress!
  160. Drew Barrymore and Liv Tyler are Pumas, not cougars
  161. Justin Timberlake retires Sexyback
  162. Lance Bass wants Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel to wed
  163. Soul Train's Don Cornelius arrested
  164. Jessica Simpson gushes over Tony Romo at concert
  165. Chris Martin hits journalist for mentioning Brad Pitt
  166. Lindsay Lohan blasts the paparazzi
  167. George Clooney swears off drugs
  168. Christina Aguilera urged to lay off the fake tan
  169. Angelina Jolie announces KIND: legal defense for children
  170. Miley Cyrus "has not had underage sex"
  171. Andy Dick accepts plea deal in drug case
  172. Jennifer Aniston shares water wisdom with kids *Yawn*
  173. 'I'd never cheat on my wife' says Jamie Oliver
  174. Pictures of Princess Beatrice partying in Thailand on her gap year
  175. Katy Perry takes a tumble after jumping into an MTV Awards cake
  176. Carla Bruni joins mourners at funeral of Gerard Depardieu's son
  177. Jennifer Aniston the Mum....in "Marley and me"
  178. This just in: Madonna was a tad tough to live with
  179. The mad world of Madonna
  180. Madonna's 'secret love shack' with Alex Rodriguez
  181. Guy told Madonna she looked like a granny...and other interesting stories
  182. Howard Stern’s wife rescues drowning dog
  183. Nelly Furtado: I'm married!
  184. Royalty inbreeding spreads further when Prince William gets Paris Hilton's number
  185. 31 years of damnnation; John Mayer spends birthday with Jennifer Aniston
  186. Miley Cyrus finally learned to write, apparently finishes autobiography
  187. Satan still an easy scapegoat, blamed for Amy Winehouse's problems
  188. George Hamilton had affair with stepmother when he was 12
  189. Shanna Moakler, famewhore, had plane crash premonition
  190. Katherine Heigl is going to adopt a baby from Korea
  191. Rihanna Dating Kanye West?
  192. Angelina Jolie wants her kids to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  193. From porn star to movie star: Sasha Grey
  194. Guy Ritchie's mother Lady Amber Leighton, comes out fighting
  195. Madonna 'banned Guy Ritchie from watching television'
  196. Jennifer Aniston’s elementary school stop
  197. Katie Holmes has broadway premiere
  198. Madonna continues being emotionally retarded: tells friends to choose
  199. The moment Maddona fell off that horse, her marriage was doomed
  200. Former American Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin blames Simon Cowell for her problems
  201. DJ AM: How plane crash may have saved my life
  202. Tea Leoni: Billy Bob Thorton is “my new favorite person in the world”
  203. Colin Farrell: I was high on sex tape
  204. Two jurors dismissed from Britney Spears' driving trial
  205. Leona Lewis jeered by MOBO audience after failing to attend ceremony
  206. Emma Watson rekindles her romance with financier Jay Barrymore
  207. Tom Cruise is not dead yet
  208. Jenny McCarthy says her son is no longer autistic
  209. Jessica Simpson: I want six kids!
  210. Kellie Pickler tells girls to keep their ‘innocence’
  211. Jury seated in Britney Spears traffic trial
  212. Michelle Williams and Spike Jonez still dating
  213. Jennifer Lopez wants Sex and the City role
  214. Paris Hilton grinds up on Prince William and Prince Harry
  215. Kevin Costner and wife expecting second child
  216. Angelina Jolie already thinking of another adoption
  217. Peter Cook sex tape
  218. Jay Leno sued by Macy’s heir over million dollar car
  219. Victoria Beckham to team up with Gordon Ramsay for cooking show
  220. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer go for second date
  221. Bachlorette Trista Sutter expecting second baby. ugh.
  222. Maddona and Guy Ritchie were on the rocks for years and he wants NOTHING from her
  223. Lisa Bonet expecting third child
  224. Anderson Cooper has the ‘best life’
  225. David Cook laces up with Sketchers
  226. Rebecca Loos rates David Beckham an eight in bed
  227. Demi Moore directs daughter Rumer Willis
  228. Richard Carpenter announces singing comeback
  229. Ronnie Wood and new girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova take their puppy for a walk
  230. Gwyneth Paltrow spent months begging Madonna to try and save her marriage
  231. David Duchovny splits from Tea Leoni
  232. Britney Spears and her hairy pits...again!
  233. Hell freezes over: Whoopi Goldberg decries anti-Palin vitriol
  234. Skank Aubrey O'Day kicked out of Danity Kane
  235. Gale Harold in accident
  236. Confirmed: Madonna and Guy Ritchie to divorce
  237. Tim McGraw apologizes for Greatest Hits album
  238. Denis Leary blames "inattentive mothers" on Autism crisis
  239. Janet Jackson's mystery illness revealed
  240. DJ AM’s welcome home party
  241. Amy Winehouse to be exposed in new book, but what else is there to be said??
  242. World: Collective sigh--no Lethal Weapon 5 for Mel Gibson
  243. Fresh reports of imminent Guy Ritchie/Madonna divorce
  244. Attention whore Jodie Marsh: I'm dating a woman
  245. Hayden Panettiere's dad ordered to leave wife alone
  246. Reese Witherspoon: I'm 'lucky' in love with Jake Gyllenhaal
  247. Jessica Alba plans to bring baby to movie set
  248. Christina Aguilera: 'We'll definitely have more kids'
  249. Bleary-eyed Kirsten Dunst parties in Hollywood
  250. Lauren Conrad threatens to quit 'The Hills' -- There IS a God!