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  1. Lily Allen enjoys lunch with ex, goes food shopping with Mark Ronson
  2. Kirk Douglas, 91, unleashes his inner child with a ride on a playground slide
  3. Inside Madonna's luxurious hotel suite
  4. Win a whale-watching date with Hayden Panettiere
  5. Jay-Z and Usher sing about joys of marriage
  6. Bo Bice reveals baby name
  7. Madonna: Adoption controversy 'made me stronger'
  8. Sheryl Crow: Baby Wyatt is the real 'rock star'
  9. Cameron Diaz's bald look
  10. American Idol’s Luke Menard diagnosed with cancer
  11. Denise Richards did reality show for the cash
  12. Beyonce Knowles recording Bond theme
  13. Whiny Tom Cruise tries to control baby stores now
  14. George Clooney shows off his pack to his "boy friends"
  15. Ellen Degeneres and John McCain discuss gay marriage
  16. Adam Sandler and wife expecting another baby
  17. Sanctimonious cow Oprah Winfrey turns vegan
  18. Paris Hilton says she'll be a mother next year
  19. Britney Spears planning Vegas comeback
  20. Nick Hogan calls mummy from prison
  21. Michael Jackson to debauch Las Vegas even further with his travelling Pedo show
  22. MTV breaks animal control rules, has Sarah Jessica Parker present, will pay in hay
  23. Vince Vaughn's eyebags disapprove of Jennifer Anistons' fake-ass John Mayer f#ckfest
  24. Robert Redford digs a wedding ring out of a skin fold for a special lady
  25. Scarlett Johansson chases birds for her album of suck, thinks her voice is great
  26. Shia LeBeouf's not just a celebrity.. he's an ACTOR, bitches!
  27. Daughter of Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman killed
  28. *NSFW* Sharon Stone flashes the goods on boat
  29. Jodie Foster has a new girlfriend, cheated on her previous long-term partner
  30. Rumer Willis on the set of "Wild Cherry"
  31. Jennifer Aniston 'prefers John Mayer to Brad Pitt in bed' Ewwww
  32. Lou Pearlman sentenced to 25 years
  33. Who punched Kirsten Dunst?
  34. Steven Tyler is in rehab
  35. Fans mistake Lindsay Lohan for Courtney Love
  36. Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder a couple?
  37. Tori Spelling scoops out ice cream for expectant mothers
  38. Spike Lee: Clint Eastwood omitted black troops in WWII films
  39. "Californication" actress Natasha McHelhone's husband found dead
  40. Today's Denise Richards drama
  41. Starbucks barista once tried to fatten up Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
  42. Dave Letterman calls Ali Lohan by sister's name
  43. Billy Bob Thornton accused of harrassing former sister-in-law
  44. John Mayer charges $10 bucks..for a photo
  45. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz wedding photo
  46. Janet Jackson to pen book about being a big fatty and carving up her face
  47. Mariah Carey to spend 4 mil to smother, er marry hubby AGAIN
  48. Boozehound Joaquin Phoenix in hospital for "dehydration" which is totally plausible
  49. Britney Spears tells Kevin Federline: 'I'm pregnant ... and it's yours!'
  50. Beyonce Knowles' famous faith
  51. Nicollette Sheridan’s Desperate Housewives departure confirmed
  52. Sean Diddy Combs' clothing line is "fashion Viagra"
  53. Matthew McConaughey wants big bucks for his baby pics
  54. The Osmonds have a family get-together in Britain
  55. Minnie Driver takes her big bump to the Big Apple
  56. Sarah Jessica Parker and her bulging biceps at her Paris perfume launch
  57. With no friends, I really am a Solitary Man says Neil Diamond
  58. Stacey Ferguson performs on the "Today" Show
  59. Liv Tyler arrives at "The Late Show"
  60. Heather Mills' new book: Get Healthy With Heather
  61. Victoria Beckham says she likes to have a laugh
  62. Gwyneth Paltrow: Being a mom may hurt a career
  63. Cameron Diaz: 'Sex is the best!'
  64. Dad working for Britney Spears full time
  65. Kristin Davis would 'love to have children'
  66. Rihanna on the verge of becoming Victoria's Secret model
  67. Angelina Jolie wants more babies...Zzzzz
  68. Hayden Panettiere slams 'inaccurate' media
  69. Nicole Kidman to pose for nude photos
  70. "Real World" couple Sean and Rachel Duffy have baby #5
  71. Katie Holmes: Bitch to staff?
  72. Jessica Alba gets married to Cash Warren
  73. Is Katie Holmes copying Nicole Kidman's career steps?
  74. Owen Wilson parties with Kate Hudson lookalike stripper
  75. Harrison Ford sports physique of man half his age
  76. George Takei to wed following gay marriage ruling
  77. Pete Doherty 'urinated in football trophy'
  78. Janice Dickinson: 'Kevin Federline is a pig'
  79. Jude Law and Kimberly Stewart... Ewwwwww
  80. Ashton Kutcher drones on about marrying his grandma for the billionth time
  81. Will Smith establishes own school for his kids
  82. Spencer Pratt and Bruce Jenner engage in world's most boring feud
  83. Lindsay Lohan sued over missing mink coat
  84. KatE Holmes heading to Broadway
  85. Brooke Hogan suffering a breakdown?
  86. Pete Doherty brings his son to a charity football match
  87. Avril Lavigne too sick to perform, well enough to party
  88. Jessica Alba on the type of Mum she wants to be
  89. Linda Hogan looking classy during jail visit
  90. Angelina Jolie admits abusing pets
  91. Sarah Ferguson defends UK size 10 Princess Beatrice
  92. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer getting frisky...
  93. Heidi Klum and Seal renew their wedding vows
  94. Harrison Ford doesn't read movie reviews
  95. Shiloh & Brad Pitt spotted out and about in Cannes
  96. Heath Ledger's daughter entitled to 'entire' fortune, legal experts say
  97. Samuel L. Jackson is given a mothaf@#!ing Humanitarian Award
  98. Jessica Simpson in Mexico without Tony Romo
  99. Dina Lohan left her younger kids home alone & a fire broke out at the house
  100. Ubergods Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fight over the names of their angelic spawn
  101. Sarah Jessica Parker neighs about letting Matthew Broderick get on the saddle
  102. Rodent impersonator Justin Timberlake to propose to Jessica Biel
  103. Victoria Beckham blathers on about swimming lessons and not eating cupcakes
  104. Cynthia Nixon hates shopping.. YES, even for powertools
  105. Lindsay Lohan looks to a higher flower power
  106. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Annoying, AND cheap. Who knew?
  107. As if y'all cared, Audrina Patridge had a birfday
  108. John Mayer's ex: "His body actually is a wonderland." Ewww
  109. Christina Ricci cradles her coned French Bulldog, Ramon
  110. Gwyneth Paltrow rules out trust fund for kids
  111. Brooke Smith adopts baby girl
  112. Kelly Rowland's new destiny: writing a children's book
  113. Sean Diddy Combs: Kanye West concert changed my life
  114. Amy Winehouse gets flowers on her first wedding anniversary
  115. Scarlett Johansson misses shining moment at Cannes because she is a demanding bitch
  116. New couple? Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong getting chummy
  117. Sex and the City London premiere 'a farce'
  118. Ashlee Simpson gets married
  119. Loni Anderson marries folk singer Bob Flick
  120. Phoebe Price frightens Cannes paparazzi!
  121. Scott Weiland is bat-shit crazy
  122. Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and a cute Labrador film "Marley and Me"
  123. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green still make time for tacos
  124. Wonder what Boy George is up to?
  125. Angelina Jolie flashes some nipple at French villa *NSFW*
  126. Lily Allen flashes the goods
  127. The Royal Wedding: Peter Phillips marries Autumn Kelly
  128. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban buy some baby books
  129. Kate Moss steps out for lunch in a see-through dress and no underwear
  130. Lily Cole puts movie career on hold and heads for Cambridge University
  131. Madonna's party sends Gwyneth Paltrow and Trudie Styler staggering home
  132. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty film bizarre video with baby mice
  133. Lindsay Lohan whores her birthday
  134. Megan Fox disses Angelina Jolie with sex survey
  135. Ashton Kutcher discusses thongs and being really really ridiculously good looking
  136. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are all touchy-feely in public
  137. Viggo Mortensen director's choice for Dances with Wolves the sequel
  138. Desperate: Joe Simpson begs Tony Romo to attend his daughter's weekend wedding
  139. Britney Spears in Costa Rica y'all
  140. Fox News tracking Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's every move...
  141. Celebrity peen and scandals exposed
  142. Anthony Pellicano innocent on one count
  143. Paris Hilton dreams of a white wedding
  144. OJ Simpson's girlfriend Christie Prody has two broken legs
  145. Brigitte Nielsen wants to pose for Playboy… again
  146. Emma Thompson vs. Miramax
  147. The Amazing Suri Cruise puts on her tap dancing shoes
  148. Ashlee Simpson's "friend" tells media "intimate" wedding details
  149. Ali Lohan says Lindsay Lohan is "just friends" with DJ pal
  150. Sheryl Crow's got a new man
  151. Heidi Fleiss is broke and living in a trailer with parrots
  152. Star Jones can kill with her fists
  153. Taylor Hicks is going to Broadway
  154. Ali Lohan:Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are just friends
  155. Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib (greasy) sex tape???
  156. Ellen DeGeneres: I'm getting married now
  157. Scarlett Johansson laughs off lift sex rumours
  158. Nicole Richie hates Lindsay Lohan
  159. Girls claim Vince Vaughn turned down a threesome
  160. 'I can't concentrate in flat shoes,' explains high-heel addict Victoria Beckham
  161. Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz share a kiss in upcoming movie
  162. Kelly Osbourne snogging her new BMX beau
  163. Gwyneth Paltrow comes clean for V Magazine
  164. Megan Fox was too poor to shave her legs
  165. Wedding bells for Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal
  166. Charlize Theron: No to marriage, yes to children
  167. Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson: Over (again)
  168. Mischa Barton moves to Paris!
  169. Shania Twain and husband Robert "Mutt" Lange split
  170. Britney Spears and Mel Gibson go on vacation together
  171. New Tiny Tom Cruise movie in the works?
  172. Angelina Jolie discusses the chosen ones
  173. Mariah Carey needs security people around her to take a glittering dump
  174. Nicole Ritchie wants to squeeze out 4 more kids to ignore from her brittle sniz
  175. PETA to pimp Ashton Kutcher's webbed freak-feet for ad campaign
  176. Jesse Metcalfe wants Perez Hilton dead. DEAD I TELL YOU.
  177. Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson cuddling
  178. Unemployed Anne Heche can't afford to pay child support
  179. Don't mess with Dolly Parton
  180. Marisa Miller dubbed Maxim's 'Hottest' in 2008
  181. Miley Cyrus in milk ad — GOT MILK?
  182. Miu Miu says goodbye to Kirsten Dunst, bonjour Vanessa Paradis
  183. John Mayer 'wants summer fling' with Jennifer Aniston
  184. Joshua Jackson: 'I haven't made it big'
  185. Madonna to build girls' school in Malawi
  186. Chris Brown turns 19 with Rihanna by his side
  187. Hornet fan tries to taunt Tony Parker with cardboard cutout of Eva Longoria
  188. Victoria Beckham’s next target: Julia Roberts
  189. Naomi Watts flashes her headlights
  190. Christina Aguilera and the girls out for a stroll
  191. Angelina Jolie confirms she's having twins
  192. Evangeline Lilly is a cheap-ass, non-tipping, mould infested homeless person
  193. Celine Dion owns 3000 pairs of shoes, none of which make her any more appealing
  194. Halle Berry engaged and, surprisingly, not whining about it
  195. Mariah Carey plans to re-weld the ball and chain to Nick Cannon ANUALLY
  196. Jodie Foster 'calls off her 14-year lesbian relationship'
  197. Tranny Brooke Hogan to open for Girls Aloud
  198. Victoria Beckham loves the men...
  199. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty showing the love
  200. Nick Cannon shopping for his wife
  201. Amy Winehouse to model during London Fashion Week
  202. David Archuleta's dad gives producer cold shoulder
  203. Hindu groups seek ban on new Mike Myers film
  204. Megan Mullally coming back to TV
  205. The Amy Winehouse Effect
  206. Al Reynold's Big Gay Al Manifesto
  207. Tony Romo grew a pair and dumped Jessica Simpson
  208. Britney Spears... red means stop
  209. Hugh Hefner refuses to marry Holly Madison but says he will be with her for life
  210. Oprah Winfrey given the heave ho
  211. Brooke Hogan is a bitch
  212. Cameron Diaz: "Better with age"
  213. Katie Holmes "tremendous actor" may make Broadway debut
  214. Rumer Willis in talks for music deal
  215. Scott Weiland serves 10 hours in jail
  216. Miley Cyrus to duet with "Grease" star?
  217. Sue Simmons, NBC anchor, drops the F-bomb on air
  218. Keira Knightly clues into the fact that her screeching scares everybody, not just her
  219. Sarah Jessica Parker hopes to clipety-clop her horsey self into a London play
  220. Tom Cruise, midget douche, tries to buy his father in law's love with golf
  221. Jessica Alba poses as Charlie Chaplin
  222. Toothpick impersonator Angelina Jolie has been pigging out. No really. Pinkyswear.
  223. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer - a con job?
  224. Halle Berry is a woman and a mom, hear her roar
  225. Hilary Duff on dropping scorpions down her pants
  226. Lindsay Lohan crying in a bar over Samantha Ronson
  227. Kelly Preston reveals her marriage secret
  228. Ben Affleck regrets 'Jenny from the Block' video
  229. Megan Fox goes topless for her art
  230. Sarah Ferguson makes herself at home in a council estate on ITV reality show
  231. Another day, another bunch of photos of Amy Winehouse looking apalling
  232. Princess Beatrice has a day out at the polo
  233. Cate Blanchett touches down in London with newborn son Ignatius
  234. What's up with Britney Spears's belly?
  235. Bill O'Reilly a F**king A**hole psycho: lost Inside Edition footage resurfaces
  236. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline: Phone sex?
  237. Suge Knight gets punched
  238. Angelina Jolie's Monaco Monday
  239. Michael Jackson stops Neverland sale
  240. Brad Pitt has the New Orleans levee system tattooed on his back
  241. Pete Wentz opens his mouth and a giant douchebag falls out
  242. Jennifer Aniston's barnacle vag still can't let go of Brad Pitt
  243. Alec Baldwin vents on 60 Minutes
  244. Is Sarah Michelle Gellar having an affair?
  245. Aussie billionaire James Packer quits Scientology
  246. Dennis Farina arrested at LA Airport
  247. Usher makes gaffe at BBC Radio 1 gig
  248. Heather Mills 'broke promise to disabled mother'
  249. Sarah Jessica Parker puts family first
  250. Heath Ledger portrait wins Australian art prize