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  1. Isaiah Washington talking trash about Grey's Anatomy
  2. Roger Moore dislikes the more violent James Bond
  3. Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears take the kids to Alligator Alley
  4. Why is Stephen Baldwin still here?
  5. Mel Gibson possibly busted with Russian mistress
  6. Madonna's gaunt appearance reveals true toll of imminent divorce battle
  7. Crazy Madonna fan tried to attack Guy Ritchie
  8. Madonna bombards Guy Ritchie with weird texts and says 'You're going down'
  9. Madonna's dinner party to introduce Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez to her friends
  10. Madonna, woman scorned, will try to compete with Guy Ritchie as a film director
  11. Brad Pitt roughed up by security guard
  12. Jennifer Aniston: "What Angelina Jolie did was very uncool"
  13. John Mayer: "I am not darker" these days
  14. Malia and Sasha Obama to visit Hannah Montana?
  15. Amy Winehouse offers cheese to paparazzi
  16. Madonna's crazy-arsed rules concerning visitation
  17. Twilight signing gets nasty
  18. Mickey Rourke is really charming
  19. Celine Dion insists 7 year old son has just never wanted a hair cut
  20. The other side of Angelina Jolie... let the games begin
  21. William Balfour: I had nothing to do with the Hudson family killings
  22. Guy Ritchie: Reunited with his boys
  23. John Travolta finally gives in to the bald
  24. Miley Cyrus: 'I won't get married'
  25. Madonna and Alex Rodriguez plan Malawi retreat
  26. Evan Rachel Wood: I'm not dating Mickey Rourke
  27. Denise Richards: Madonna makes me feel "lazy"
  28. Lindsay Lohan: I'm not a lesbian, maybe bi-sexual
  29. Britney Spears rushes Jayden James to hospital after 'seizure'
  30. Angelina Jolie: The twins "are starting to get very smiley"
  31. 'I am an alcoholic': Kerry Katona confesses to her secret battle with the bottle
  32. NY neighbours complain about Madonna noise
  33. Enrique Iglesias laughs off affair claims
  34. Nicole Kidman is a Danish transsexual
  35. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon waited for their wedding night
  36. Adrienne Bailon: Another Disney ho with a photo scandal
  37. Kate Hudson can’t have a conversation without swearing
  38. The father of Minnie Driver's baby left her when she told him she was pregnant?
  39. Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi's nasty split
  40. Kim Cattrall will film a pilot for female midlife crisis drama series ‘Sensitive Skin
  41. Amy Winehouse refuses to pay for her husband’s £30,000 rehab stay.
  42. Simon Cowell says he's "off women"
  43. Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt "destined to have children"
  44. Peaches Geldof 'to divorce husband' after just three months of marriage
  45. Paris Hilton has crush on Prince Harry and Prince William
  46. Paris Hilton still a bad actress?
  47. Heath Ledger is not dead - according to this website
  48. Kanye West pees wherever he wants
  49. Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty split
  50. Beyonce shows lack of support to Jennifer Hudson's loss
  51. Laugh of the day: Angelina Jolie secretly apologizes to Jennifer Aniston
  52. Words of wisdom from Papa Joe Simpson
  53. Angelina Jolie pregnant again?
  54. Cameron Diaz is still a bitch
  55. Colin Farrell: 'I had to change'
  56. Lucy Lawless desperately wanting to play Xena again
  57. Jean-Claude Van Damme scraps work to be with ill dog
  58. Sean Penn: Guy Ritchie will shine, post-Madonna
  59. Suri Cruise has moves
  60. Nothing new: Courtney Love is confused
  61. Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake one night stand?
  62. Family Hudson murder suspect could walk Monday
  63. Britney Spears returns to Louisiana, y'all!
  64. Phoney Jennifer Aniston hungry for attention
  65. Beyoncé: I want to play Wonder Woman
  66. Suri Cruise's first words
  67. Russell Brand "in talks to play Johnny Depp's brother" in the next Pirates movie
  68. Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston... America's favorite stars
  69. Prince William suggests, 'think of me naked'
  70. Val Kilmer seriously considering run for governor of New Mexico
  71. Guy Ritchie hires top custody lawyer
  72. Madonna barred from adopting another Malawi baby
  73. Madonna BEGS Gwyneth Paltrow to move to New York
  74. Will Smith raised a good egg
  75. Hefner Hugh will walk Kendra Wilkinson down the aisle
  76. HBO buys rights to Barack Obama election history documentary
  77. Rihanna faints, rushed to paramedics
  78. Oprah Winfrey forced to use a port-a-potty!
  79. Jennie Garth: Divorce is not an option
  80. Pamela Anderson: 'My kids get teased about my past'
  81. Guy Ritchie loves single life
  82. Jennifer Aniston has two guys to choose from
  83. Sorry MrsV, David Cook & Kimberly Caldwell: Still going strong
  84. 'I wish Britney Spears all the best' says Christina Aguilera
  85. 'It was my job to be seen and not heard,' Nicole Kidman on Tom Cruise marriage
  86. David Beckham and Marc Anthony do "boys night" with the Lakers
  87. Sandra Bullock's hubby facing legal issues
  88. David Archuleta caught in crossfire between Mormon Church and 98% of his fanbase
  89. Rebecca Romijn: "I'm a beached whale!"
  90. Christina Applegate undergoing reconstructive surgery around 37th birthday
  91. Kendra Wilkinson engaged
  92. Mariah Carey brought 20 suitcases for a 3-day trip to the UK
  93. Angelina Jolie's secret Billy Bob Thornton tattoo
  94. Pete Wentz: 'If it weren't for Joe Biden, I would not exist as a human being'
  95. Suri Cruise and her adorable umbrella!
  96. Beyonce Knowles offers to sing for Barack Obama on Inauguration Day
  97. Taylor Swift confirms Joe Jonas dumped her over the phone
  98. Ali Lohan, 14, wants a BMW truck
  99. Lisa Rinna states the obvious
  100. Kenyan woman gives birth to twins on election day..Welcome Obama and Michelle
  101. Anne Hathaway: 'People ask for pictures of my feet'
  102. Jaime Pressly and her fiancé separate
  103. Kim Cattrall confirms Sex and the City sequel
  104. Nick Hogan goes to Vegas, needs to celebrate
  105. Brad Pitt is ‘happiest he’s ever been’
  106. Nick Hogan: I'm banned from seeing my crash victim
  107. Daniel Craig: The next Bond should be black
  108. Miley Cyrus: My first job was cleaning toilet bowls
  109. Suri Cruise shows off her red nails on a pizza night with Katie Holmes
  110. Amy Winehouse goes mental
  111. Madonna thinks she's cool by reuniting Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
  112. Not again! Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams off again
  113. Blake Fielder-Civil released from jail, enters rehab-Amy Winehouse busy flipping out
  114. Hulk Hogan takes son to Las Vegas to celebrate his release from jail
  115. Australian Cosmopolitan uses 5 year old photo of Britney Spears on cover
  116. Kate Winslet 'furious' over body air-brush claims
  117. Danny Bonaduce to pay $16,000 monthly in divorce agreement
  118. Steve Guttenberg running without pants
  119. Larry King catches wife Shawn King cheating
  120. Evan Rachel Wood kicks out Marilyn Manson
  121. Charlie Sheen storms out on pregnant wife
  122. Its a miracle Suri Cruise smile!!!
  123. Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn head to reality TV
  124. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might have another baby
  125. Paris Hilton vows never to have plastic surgery
  126. Jennifer Aniston pregnant with twins, claims Star Magazine
  127. Carnie Wilson pregnant
  128. Perez Hilton gets served
  129. Pamela Anderson: 'I love living in a mobile home'
  130. National Enquirer taking drastic measures to prove John Edwards fathered love child
  131. Agent for Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston states the obvious
  132. 'I want another baby,' says Rachel Hunter
  133. Boris Becker calls off his engagement
  134. Ricky Gervais presents Top 10 list of Stupid Things Americans Say To Brits
  135. Anne Hathaway has new boyfriend
  136. Jade Goody given 50/50 chance of surviving cervical cancer
  137. David Duchovny and Tea Leoni: Not quite split
  138. Jessica Simpson: Nick Lachey wasn't "the right one"
  139. Eww.. Justin Long and Tila Tequila?
  140. Carrie Underwood apologizes for upsetting Jessica Simpson
  141. What is up Paula Abdul's nose?
  142. Victoria Beckham snubs Melanie Brown
  143. Britney Spears posts picture of herself and sons dressed to trick or treat
  144. Nicole Kidman: "I had a very easy labor"
  145. Jennifer Aniston calls Owen Wilson 'brave'
  146. Kate Winslet: I still feel like the 'fat kid'
  147. Carrie Underwood: 'I haven't talked' to Tony Romo since May
  148. Amy Winehouse checks into hospital for chest infection
  149. Heather Mills fights to save £1m swimming pool by saying fire brigade can use it
  150. 'I'm so happy,' says Bo Derek as she opens up about romance with John Corbett
  151. Jennifer Hudson kisses her mother goodbye at funeral
  152. Paris Hilton feels used and abused by men; its not her fault she's a ho
  153. Keanu Reeves not guilty
  154. Angelina Jolie: Still a punk kid with tats
  155. Jude Law puts out Robert Downey Jr. firecrotch. Bow chicka bow.
  156. Kurt Russell complains about moaning actors
  157. Janice Dickinson still a bitch
  158. Michael Jackson turns down Vegas payday
  159. Lindsay Lohan replaced by Denise Richards as World Music Awards host
  160. MTV censors file sharing site names in Weird Al Yankovic song
  161. Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) crashes Prop 8 rally
  162. Anne Hathaway: "There are more important things in life than the size of your hips"
  163. Mickey Rourke 'considered murder, suicide'
  164. John Cleese sells £6m beachfront home as he struggles to pay divorce settlement
  165. Earl Spencer and his new Lady
  166. Katie Price and Peter Andre: It's all wonderful
  167. Ashley Olsen is getting married
  168. L.A. near-miss for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
  169. Ryan Reynolds completes NYC Marathon
  170. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie go trick-or-treating
  171. Enraged Madonna fan causes ruckus in pub
  172. Angelina Jolie's breast feeding pictures upset Brad Pitt's parents
  173. Being around Jessica Simpson is bad for your head
  174. New York "apologizes" to Jennifer Hudson trying to shove her mug in the media frenzy
  175. Johnny Carson was a sad asshole...
  176. Tom Jones reveals how his lust for life (& the opposite sex) is as insatiable as ever
  177. Has Sienna Miller kissed Balthazar Getty goodbye?
  178. Sarah Ferguson bluffs her way into orphanages in Turkey
  179. Alanis Morissette reveals she was raped and abused as a teenager
  180. The Holy family (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and kids) denies having six nannies
  181. Amy Winehouse's dealer charged
  182. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's night of music
  183. Simon Cowell splits with girlfriend
  184. Criss Angel and Holly Madison. Vomit.
  185. Suri Cruise looked deeply upset by the paparazzi last night
  186. Heidi Klum and Seal mix Halloween and politics
  187. David Cook on life after American Idol
  188. Céline Dion dreams of having another baby
  189. Amy Winehouse, The Crackie of Camden, is back on the streets
  190. Seriously, take Miley Cyrus' camera away already
  191. MacKenzie Philips ordered to drug program
  192. Famewhore Shanna Moakler: "We're investing in a tour bus"
  193. Coco-T will get "freaky" for Halloween
  194. Wynonna Judd's estranged husband jailed for sex crimes
  195. Madonna and Alex Rodriguez: Quickie at Jerry Seinfeld's place
  196. Jennifer Lopez signs deal to produce television shows for Universal Media Studios
  197. Cher denies cancer speculation
  198. The stress of being a pop star gave her breast cancer, says Anastacia
  199. Oh joy, Gwyneth Paltrow shares her rules for healthy living
  200. Suri Cruise is not amused
  201. John Cleese: Don't mention the divorce...
  202. Seal: Heidi Klum delivered a bombshell a month into our relationship
  203. Gwen Stefani shows off baby Zuma in first official photograph
  204. Tommy Lee says no to buying a ring for Pamela Anderson
  205. Model Niki Taylor pregnant with 3rd child
  206. Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin in hot watah
  207. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood aren't exclusive
  208. Bruce Springsteen cancels Halloween display
  209. Lisa Marie Presley uses medium to contact father
  210. Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban's alcoholism was "terrifying"
  211. Larry Birkhead and little Dannielynn move out of Anna Nicole Smith's house
  212. Mark Ronson accidentally got high off P. Diddy’s brownies
  213. Katie Holmes has the audacity to go out in public without makeup
  214. Jenna Elfman compares Scientology criticism to torture of Christians
  215. Someone is actually marrying Corey Haim
  216. Have John & Elizabeth Edwards called it quits?
  217. Michael Jackson, the only person who doesn't have to wear a mask to Halloween party
  218. Deep Throat director dies of a stroke. True story.
  219. Bill Pullman's son arrested
  220. David Tennant explains why he's crushing your doctor who dreams
  221. Denise Richards, it's cheap programming....
  222. Zuma Rossdale goes to the library
  223. John Mayer says if you sleep with him then you must be stupid
  224. Victoria Beckham to become an underwear model for Emporio Armani
  225. Melissa Etheridge couldn’t adopt her own kids because she is gay
  226. Is Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina Jolie?
  227. Elisabeth Hasselbeck receives a lot of death threats
  228. Patrick Swayze’s best act: being able to show up
  229. Pete Wentz's clothing takes its revenge
  230. Penelope Cruz gets the shivers as she films in Britain
  231. Peaches Geldof's first magazine column sparks a hail of abuse
  232. Julia Roberts celebrates 41st birthday, passes on Pretty Woman sequel
  233. Tara Reid: 'I'm not perfect'
  234. Britney Spears is now under permanent conservatorship
  235. The CW announces a 'Melrose Place' redux; what's next, 'Models Inc' or 'The Heights'?
  236. Michael Phelps parties for money
  237. Joaquin Phoenix retiring from acting
  238. Guy Ritchie turns down 20 million pound offer from Madonna to settle
  239. Jessica Simpson’s “Major Movie Star” is the number one movie - in Russia
  240. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen promote amid protests
  241. Jennifer Aniston hires guards to keep men OUT of her house. Easiest job EVAR.
  242. Zac Efron left speechless after Michael Jackson call
  243. Jonas Brothers to star in Farting Dog movie
  244. Angelina Jolie's "surprise" tribute to Clint Eastwood
  245. Russell Brand in trouble over lewd phone calls to pensioner-Manuel from Fawlty Towers
  246. LL Cool J quits Janet Jackson tour
  247. Just when you thought Michael Lohan couldn't get any douchier
  248. Kabbalah leaders turn on Madonna over bitter divorce battle
  249. Sharon Osbourne rants about girls she's teaching "how to be proper ladies"
  250. Swimsuit-clad Renee Zellweger gets a lift from Forest Whitaker