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  1. Michael Phelps uses his $1m bonus to start foundation
  2. Tiger Woods expecting baby no. 2
  3. Lindsay Lohan blogs about the Sarah Palin pregnancy
  4. Jessica Simpson says her gas smells like "roses"
  5. R.I.P. Don LaFontaine
  6. Amy Winehouse seeks solace in Buddhism
  7. The glam factor: Christina Aguilera steps out for dinner with baby Max
  8. Noseless pedo Micheal Jackson totally f*cking washed up fake tits Pamela Anderson!?
  9. Director of Vin Diesel's new movie Babylon A.D. calls film 'stupid'
  10. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves show off baby Levi
  11. Tacky: Kate Middleton to feature on thimble set
  12. Alanis Morissette: I was banned from making eye contact with Vanilla Ice
  13. Joan Rivers: 'Angelina Jolie is stupid'
  14. Madonna's tour crew 'close to a walkout'
  15. Melanie Brown admits she's hardly in touch with any of the Spice Girls
  16. A romantic beach stroll for newlyweds Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
  17. Madonna's show of unity for husband Guy Ritchie at "RocknRolla" premiere
  18. Grace Jones takes to the stage with bizarre new show
  19. 'She's just a colleague'... Mel Gibson hits back at rumours over Russian musician
  20. Helen Mirren talks about date rape
  21. LeAnn Rimes: 'We're ready' for a baby
  22. Amy Winehouse may have brain damage
  23. Josh Hartnett caught on CCTV playing at hiding the salami
  24. Helen Mirren: why I stopped taking cocaine
  25. Eva Mendes interview
  26. Kiefer Sutherland on the beach in Malibu
  27. James Gandolfini marries his former model fiancée in Hawaii
  28. Mark-Paul Gosselaar: "can't wait" for Saved by the Bell tell-all
  29. Kevin Spacey’s butt break
  30. Diddy to John McCain: There aren’t even any black people in Alaska!
  31. Kirsten Dunst kissed a girl!
  32. Halle Berry finally reveals her daughter Nahla Aubry
  33. Hot and sweaty Johnny Depp jamming like a kid in Florida
  34. Lindsay Lohan's grandpa died
  35. Brad Pitt, ever the copy-cat, fires publicist Cindy Guagenti
  36. Brad Pitt - Hero in real life, saves boy from almost drowning
  37. Friends remember Dr. Dre's son
  38. Amy Winehouse cancels Paris performance
  39. Kim Kardashian: "My toe is killing me!"
  40. Michael 'Wacko Jacko' Jackson: "My best is yet to come"
  41. Jennifer Aniston to guest star on 30 Rock
  42. Oh, young love: Miley Cyrus' '7 Things' song is about Nick Jonas
  43. Michael Phelps-Holy Moly 29/08/08
  44. DNA breakthrough in the slaying of Ashton Kutcher's ex!
  45. Gordon Ramsay: 'Food at Buckingham Palace is prehistoric shit'
  46. Victoria Beckham cooked husband the only recipe she knew for four years...minced meat
  47. Oprah Winfrey on Barack Obama: 'I cried my eyelashes off'
  48. Michael Jackson: I feel 'wise' and 'very young' at age 50
  49. Axl Rose fancies Kelly Osbourne
  50. Madonna goes through airport security in a robe
  51. Jennifer Aniston drags her chin back to NBC
  52. Tim Gunn says Jennifer Aniston is desperate
  53. Michael Lohan says daughter Lindsay’s girlfriend is controlling and manipulative
  54. New couple alert: Michael Phelps and Carrie Underwood
  55. Jennifer Aniston says she's happy to have John Mayer out of her life
  56. Britney Spears wants Jamie-Lynn Spears and baby to move in with her
  57. Michael Lohan says Lindsay isn't gay, just "hurt by so many guys"
  58. Jessica Simpson changed her phone number so exes can't call her
  59. Sarah Larson cheated on The George Clooney?! Impossible!
  60. Christopher Ciccone claims Demi Moore squirted breast milk at his friends
  61. Lindsay Lohan slams her father on MySpace
  62. Angelina Jolie's health suffering due to exhaustion
  63. Ashlee Simpson buys 6 pairs of size 0 jeans she still can’t wear
  64. Hugh Hefner to marry his alpha bunny???
  65. Solange Knowles snaps on live TV: Don't you dare call her Beyonce's sister
  66. Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse 'worst hotel guests'
  67. Kid Rock says celebrities should keep quiet about their political beliefs
  68. David Duchovny likes sexy time too much
  69. Critic: Jessica Simpson "can't deliver a concert"
  70. Jessica Simpson: Tony Romo is the love of my Life
  71. Jessica Simpson blows...hot air about Tony Romo and John Mayer
  72. Jennifer Aniston wipes the pee from her chin, goes out to party, scares world
  73. Hollywood stars, and Jennifer Lopez's butt, show up at Democratic Convention
  74. Hilary Duff's dad jailed, ordered to pay $12,500 for her 21st B-day party
  75. Dina, Ali and Cody Lohan in Montauk, NY
  76. Marion 'Suge' Knight is off the streets
  77. Nicole Kidman and a small glimpse of Sunday Rose
  78. '90210''s Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth: The EW reunion
  79. Matthew McConaughey’s mom: Dad died having sex
  80. Before she was famous: Eva Longoria as a lingerie model
  81. Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox on the set of the Transformers sequel
  82. Kate Moss gets steamy in Turkish baths for W Magazine shoot
  83. Katie Holmes reveals black-and-blue bruises on her knees
  84. Top Chef Marcel Vigneron busted for DUI
  85. As he turns 50, is this what Michael Jackson should really look like?
  86. Eww, Jodie Marsh commits fashion crime no.252
  87. David Thewlis: 'Sharon Stone was a nightmare'
  88. Mackenzie Phillips busted with drugs at airport!
  89. O.J. Simpson assaulted by daughter
  90. Dwarfism enthusiast Tom Cruise sued by injured extras from his sure-to-bomb WW2 movie
  91. The Original Crackhead, Pete Doherty, premieres his movie in Austria
  92. Brad Pitt and George Clooney quips
  93. Lindsay Lohan's father thinks she's drinking again
  94. Anastacia, 40, confesses to having always lied about her age
  95. Barbie to Bratz: Pay me, bitch!
  96. Men who tried to assassinate Barack Obama will get jail time, but not for their plot
  97. NFL star Sharri Henry accused of brutally beating pregnant girlfriend
  98. Jennifer Aniston wearing a wedding ring?
  99. Surprise! Scarlett Johansson likes to hear she's sexy
  100. 'All men are bastards,' says Kate Moss
  101. Kelly Osbourne has a black eye and a bandaged temple
  102. Sienna Miller wishes the media would stop portraying her as a...
  103. Catholic church slams Ricky Martin for having twins with surrogate
  104. Michael Bolton and Nicolette Sheridan call off engagement
  105. Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton split
  106. Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan, engaged to 24 year old
  107. Kirsten Dunst off the wagon and picking up Drew Barrymore's leftovers
  108. Dr. Dre's 20 year old son found dead
  109. Kate Hudson sued for allegedly stealing hair care idea
  110. It's official! Britney Spears won't perform at MTV VMAs
  111. Superhero smackdown: Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. rips The Dark Knight
  112. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to whore out their kids once again
  113. Reggaeton King Daddy Yankee endorses John McCain
  114. Queen wants Kate Middleton to get charity job to counter claims she is workshy
  115. Tacky: Kerry Katona's breast reduction to be filmed for new reality show
  116. Minnie Driver enjoys her last few days before birth with a dip in Pacific
  117. Jodie Marsh goes clubbing looking as shit as ever
  118. Cameron Diaz rescues injured pup
  119. Annie Lennox 'needs six months of physio'
  120. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Eligible for child support?
  121. Andy Dick charged with assault, drug possession
  122. Ashlee Simpson: Getting ready for baby
  123. P-Diddy forced to fly coach on AA. Makes ridiculous video
  124. Guy Richie on Kaballah, adoptions & RocknRolla
  125. Jenna Jameson is pregnant. Ew.
  126. Barenaked Ladies survive plane crash in Canada, still have their feet
  127. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller pregnant
  128. Hayden Panetierre blames police for dad's domestic violence
  129. Harry Potter sues Hari Puttar
  130. Kim Kardashian cuts herself
  131. John Mayer and the paparazzi: Honeymoon is over
  132. New judge for American Idol
  133. Madonna compares John McCain to Adolf Hitler?
  134. Mary-Kate Olsen's flannel shirt dates Nate Lowman's flannel shirt
  135. Baby bump watch: Is Michelle Obama pregnant?
  136. Aussie 007 George Lazenby and Pam Shriver divorce gets nasty
  137. Dr. Drew Pinsky celebrity hospital under investigation
  138. Bug-eyed, fish-lipped Tori Spelling poses with her daughter Stella
  139. Tranny blow up doll or Christina Aguilera?
  140. Heidi Montag: Let's get physical.....ly ill
  141. Ummm... Cher to play Catwoman?!!
  142. Shar Jackson gets a birthday hug from Kevin Federline
  143. Faith Evans will beat a bitch's ass (including Lil' Kim)
  144. K-Ci and Jo Jo: JoJo collapses onstage,the show goes on
  145. Denise Richards as inspiration?
  146. Dumbass David Beckham slams his car into a wall
  147. Lance Bass: Christina Applegate 'fully recovering'
  148. Wallace and Gromit in advertising campaign for Harvey Nichols
  149. Madonna kicks off the first leg of her world tour
  150. Britney Spears resumes drive-bys
  151. Paris Hilton promotes hair extension headbands, remains skanky
  152. Michael Lohan wants a boxing match with Kevin Federline
  153. Pamela Anderson wants to date Michael Phelps
  154. John Mayer hooks up with "cute blond thing"
  155. Samantha Ronson "wasn't thrilled" when Lindsay Lohan chatted to her exes
  156. Hayden Panettiere "annoyed" by stalkers
  157. Jennifer Love Hewitt postpones wedding?
  158. Pete Wentz eats pavement
  159. Donald Trump's combover didn't bail out Ed McMahon
  160. Jennifer Aniston turns to Brad Pitt for comfort after split with John Mayer
  161. Jason Lee a dad again
  162. Nicole Kidman's baby a "distraction" on set
  163. Mother of Gary Glitter's young son insists the paedophile is "a lovely man"
  164. Four members of Helena Bonham Carter's family die in safari bus smash
  165. Rapper Da Brat sentenced to three years in prison
  166. Katie Holmes' broadway show already a flop
  167. Johnny Depp to perform in small venue in South Florida with his band
  168. Woody Allen calls Scarlett Johansson “one of the great American actresses”
  169. Katherine Heigl should be in prison
  170. Rhys Ifans is clearly out of control - ruins Kimberly Stewart's birthday
  171. Teri Hatcher's abusive uncle dies
  172. Jon Voight blasts Roseanne
  173. Jerry O'Connell thought about naming twins Mary-Kate & Ashley
  174. Disneyland to close for Miley Cyrus' birthday
  175. David Beckham: Hottest abs in Hollywood
  176. Kids on the way for Ellen Degeneres?
  177. Oprah Winfrey has cover fatigue
  178. Madonna reveals tour secrets
  179. Katie Holmes's Broadway play poster
  180. Amy Winehouse self-harming joke is voted funniest of Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  181. Potato head Rumer Willis and her family go to premiere of The House Bunny
  182. Spice Girl Mel Chisholm is pregnant
  183. Winona Ryder and Tom Green? WTF?
  184. Britney Spears to terrorize VMA's
  185. Baby day for Gwen Stefani!
  186. Help Wanted: Jennifer Anistons' chin needs a date
  187. Miley Cyrus selling $250 tickets to her Sweet 16
  188. John Mayer dumped Jennifer Aniston by text after heated phone call
  189. Sienna Miller gets a message
  190. Leon actor Jean Reno rushed to hospital after suffering a 'massive heart attack'
  191. Kerry Katona declared bankrupt after failing to pay £82,000 tax bill
  192. Jodie Foster keeps the double ended dildo, but ex partner gets 26 million smackers
  193. Angelina Jolie and live-in eunuch to throw swanky soiree for french neighbors
  194. Hoffspace.com, the drunken pizza eating social networking site for failed tv stars
  195. Jessica Simpson: Carrie Underwood is a lying skank
  196. Denise Richards blocks Martin Sheen's access to grandchildren
  197. Miley Cyrus encourages fans to go green
  198. Spencer Pratt: "Jesus and I are making the connection"
  199. Courtenay Semel, Lindsay Lohan's ex, gets slap happy in Vegas
  200. Shocking pictures and video reveal the sordid secret world of tragic Heath Ledger
  201. Lily Allen : "I'm not a good person on drugs"
  202. Matt Damon welcomes another baby girl, Gia Zavala
  203. Jennifer Lopez 'confused by Michael Phelps attention'
  204. Britt Ekland: 'Nicole Kidman uses too much Botox'
  205. Paris Hilton looks for a best friend in U.K.
  206. Charlotte Church ‘waits on boyfriend hand and foot’
  207. Michael Vick going broke in prison awwwww!
  208. Sharon Stone is on the cougar wagon - boy toy is half her age
  209. Vin Diesel wants more babies
  210. Amy Winehouse headed to rehab...again
  211. Jennifer Garner 'so excited' about second baby
  212. Uh, WTF? Ricky Martin is new father to twin boys! Via surrogate of course.
  213. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams back together
  214. Amanda Beard: Ewww.. Michael Phelps
  215. Is Rihanna going broke?
  216. Jessica Simpson becomes beer spokeswoman
  217. Makeup artist to Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner found dead
  218. Toby Keith praises Barack Obama, first sign of redneck apocalypse
  219. LeRoi Moore, Dave Matthews Band sax player, dead
  220. Sanjaya Malakar is serious about his music
  221. Brian McFadden: Straight men don't wear pink
  222. Christina Aguilera's new perfume ad
  223. Keith Urban has Nicole Kidman's name inked on his arm
  224. Women can't have love AND a Hollywood career says Meg Ryan
  225. Jennie Garth: Working with Shannen Doherty not "as bad as I thought"
  226. Jennifer Love Hewitt: I wish I'd spent more time naked
  227. Chris Kattan, wife split after eight weeks
  228. Britney Spears ends up paying close to $900,000 in legal fees for custody battle
  229. Christina Applegate undergoes double mastectomy!
  230. Patrick Swayze's healthy birthday
  231. Brigitte Nielsen wants to try IVF to get pregnant
  232. Lily Allen's late night scuffle
  233. Jade Goody has cancer
  234. Tom Cruise to play comic book hero, as career and sanity slip away
  235. Gary Glitter freed from prison before deportation
  236. Avril Lavigne 'too sexy' for Malaysia
  237. Suri Cruise meets her match
  238. Ava Jackman turns 3 years old
  239. Kate Beckinsale talks about her vagina. Again
  240. Jessica Simpson 'makes pregnancy mistake'
  241. Does Rumer Willis have a new boyfriend?
  242. Rafael Nadal is shirtless
  243. Christina Applegate '100 percent clear' of cancer
  244. Andy Dick's message to fans: I'm feeling 'bummed'
  245. Annie Lennox undergoes spinal surgery, postpones album
  246. Kanye West: Scarlett Johansson is my "favorite white girl"
  247. Charlie Sheen calls newlywed life 'fabulous'
  248. Donnie Wahlberg and his wife file for divorce
  249. Beth Stolarczyk from Real World LA gets married & pregnant
  250. Out with the old, in with the new... Alison Carrol is the new Lara Croft