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  1. Evan Rachel Wood finds a new love – a cat
  2. Jennifer Aniston on marriage, bad habits and turning 40
  3. Khloe Kardashian explains her con-fur-sion
  4. Mindy McCready hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt
  5. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie: We don't have a $200 million pre-nup
  6. Guy Ritchie forces Madonna to retract huge divorce payout claims
  7. Pregnant Kelly Rutherford still breastfeeding her 2-year-old son
  8. Kevin Federline has a new girlfriend
  9. Lindsay Lohan’s stalker arrested after lunging at her
  10. Tiffani Thiessen is pregnant
  11. Jodie Sweetin's ex accuses her of driving while intoxicated, with their baby
  12. Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony's marriage in trouble?
  13. Tom Cruise plans to pamper Katie Holmes on 30th birthday tomorrow
  14. Hugh Hefner "impressed" by Jennifer Aniston's naked GQ cover
  15. Is Anthony Kiedis being treated for kidney disease?
  16. Ryan Phillippe flips out on paparazzi; remains a douche
  17. Tom Cruise stalker on psych hold
  18. Britney Spears performs in a bra and hotpants on Japanese TV
  19. 'The Jolie-Pitts give each other homemade presents for Christmas,' says Brad Pitt
  20. Kate Hudson trying to stay single as long as possible
  21. Scarlett Johansson hopes to do a second album
  22. RuPaul as Michelle and Barack Obama
  23. Britney Spears goes carol singing with Ellen Degeneres
  24. Todd Homme from "Blush" dead at 23
  25. R & B singer Brandy (Norwood) sued again for smashup
  26. Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets apology from the White House
  27. Ashley Jensen from 'Ugly Betty' in legal battle with Jeff Lewis of 'Flipping Out'
  28. John Mayer’s private part: the side of him you’d never suspect
  29. Jim Carrey: longtime Prozac users "never get to the problem"
  30. Pete Wentz: Ashlee Simpson and I have "an amazing sex life"
  31. Katie Price thinks Dita Von Teese is rank
  32. Lindsay Lohan’s MySpace dedication
  33. Hugh Hefner premieres a new girlfriend, Playmate Dasha Astafieva
  34. Sherri Shepherd complains about the lack of black talent on SNL
  35. Jennifer Aniston says her 30s sucked
  36. Tom Cruise would love for Suri to act; gushes over her vocabulary
  37. Kevin Federline partying with weed and hookers
  38. Dennis Quaid receives $750,000 settlement with Cedars-Sinai
  39. Peter Falk (Columbo) has Alzheimer's and needs a conservator
  40. Miley Cyrus' boyfriend Justin Gaston might be using her for fame
  41. Gerard Butler has shitty taste in women; now cosying up with Paris Hilton
  42. Jack Black strips down to his Y-fronts at Video Game Awards
  43. Kate Winslet regrets abandoning dying ex-boyfriend
  44. Eva Mendes wants to get naked with Morrissey
  45. Britney Spears plans Indian peace trip
  46. Nicole Kidman plays the didgeridoo, offends Aborigines
  47. Britney Spears: Lost in translation
  48. Madonna settles with Guy Ritchie for 50 million pounds ($76million US Dollars)
  49. Tom Cruise's Today Show interview 12/15/08
  50. Cosmopolitan Magazine fabricates Scarlett Johansson interview
  51. Jennifer Aniston took a page from the Tom Cruise school of dating
  52. Merry XMas, GR! Madonna falls on her ass again
  53. Sharon Osbourne vs. skank
  54. A bearded Prince William and Kate Middleton go pheasant shooting
  55. Julie who? Gordon Ramsay asks as another blonde claims to have had an affair with him
  56. Tom Cruise: Suri Cruise's getting dolls, stuffed animals for Christmas
  57. John Mayer blasts gossip bloggers
  58. Skin care company apologizes to Teri Hatcher
  59. Bono named Nobel 'Man Of Peace'
  60. Celebrity auction raises £1.2m for AIDS
  61. Denise Richards goes to church, doesn't get struck by lightning this time...
  62. Katie Holmes: Out with Suri, Mom and Dad
  63. Hugh Hefner’s teenage sons talk multiple girlfriends, taking over mag
  64. Jennifer Aniston: dogs are good training for children, won’t do Friends movie
  65. Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber have a baby boy
  66. Amy Winehouse becomes 'Nurse Florence NightenCrack' at clinic
  67. Madonna and Guy Ritchie settle dispute, will spend Christmas together in UK
  68. Eva Longoria Parker doesn't look pregnant
  69. Charlie Sheen's daughters unharmed in car wreck
  70. Paula Abdul debuting her 'Forever Your Girl' accessories collection on HSN today
  71. Actor Van Johnson dies at age 92
  72. Michael Phelps denies he is dating Vegas cocktail waitress
  73. Stars give their thoughts on who should sing at Barack Obama's inauguration
  74. Britney Spears wants another baby from Kevin Federline
  75. Michael Jackson is gravely ill and needs a lung transplant?
  76. Tara Reid checks into rehab
  77. Tom Cruise does Elvis
  78. Denise Richards is worried about money
  79. Anna Nicole Smith's grave
  80. Paul Anka's wife split his head open
  81. David Hasselhoff: Back Hoff!
  82. Hugh Jackman to host The Academy Awards
  83. More proof Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey are preggers?
  84. Paris Hilton the Rocket Scientist "Blondes are clever too"...
  85. Jennifer Aniston: I "wasn't trying to make any statement" with naked GQ pic
  86. I think Ted just outed Hugh Jackman
  87. Oh snap! Terrell Owens and Tony Romo are feuding!
  88. Avril Lavigne fires manager
  89. Demi Lovato’s rep is lying
  90. Oprah Winfrey on the verge of making a play for Barack Obama's old Senate seat?
  91. Mariah Carey cancels tour
  92. R.I.P. Bettie Page
  93. Kardashian family holiday card revealed
  94. Madonna and Guy Ritchie fighting over access to kids at Christmas
  95. Jennifer Aniston's 10000 sq.ft Beverly Hills home with custom waterfall, bronze doors
  96. Bea Arthur inducted into TV Art Hall of Fame
  97. Gwyneth Paltrow hoping to save marriage to Chris Martin
  98. Rep: Usher welcomes second son, names baby "Naviyd Ely"
  99. Private Practice star Kate Walsh to divorce
  100. Aubrey O'Day is still a nasty skank
  101. Miley Cyrus with her permit and new ride
  102. Dakota Culkin dies at 29
  103. Heath Ledger, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie nominated for Golden Globes
  104. No one cares about Ashlee Simpson baby pics
  105. Britney Spears' son interrupts her season's greetings
  106. Tom Cruise heading back to the Today Show
  107. Marc Anthony was acting very single last weekend!
  108. Britney Spears breaks record with new album sales
  109. Kanye West: I’m making history
  110. Rachel Weisz as Catwoman in the next Batman movie?
  111. Chilean cardinal: Madonna rouses 'impure thoughts'
  112. Ex Prison Break actor Lane Garrison sued by victim's parents
  113. Brandy opens up about tragic car accident
  114. Jennifer Aniston poses naked in GQ, talks Angelina Jolie again
  115. Is Elizabeth Taylor turning into Michael Jackson?
  116. Taylor Hanson and his wife welcome baby no. 4
  117. Beyonce Knowles to remake “A Star is Born”
  118. Carrie Fisher highly recommends electroconvulsive therapy
  119. Brad Pitt: I'm "scared to death" of dying
  120. P Diddy: 'I'm being less flashy during financial crisis'
  121. Tom Cruise loses his Blackberry
  122. Jessica Simpson convinced that Tony Romo is going to propose
  123. Clay Aiken's new man
  124. Jim Carrey: 'It's wonderful to have money'
  125. Madonna's $1 million hotel bill
  126. First photo of Ricky Martin's twins
  127. Nicole Kidman - Why the Hollywood ice queen is going cheap
  128. Jessica Biel considers Justin Timberlake her private present... tacky
  129. Gossip Girl drama: are Blake Lively and Penn Badgley still dating? hmmm
  130. Paula Abdul bites the hand that feeds
  131. Kiefer Sutherland gets a Hollywood star
  132. Cheryl Cole clashes with stylist on Vogue shoot
  133. Victoria Beckham: I cringe at pictures of myself where my boobs are up round my neck
  134. Jessica Biel as a stripper in "Powder Blue"
  135. Britney Spears finally drives again; is ticketed immediately
  136. NEW DNA evidence Elvis is alive?
  137. Samantha Ronson moves on to AnnaLynn McCord
  138. Yet another 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' homeowner facing foreclosure
  139. Tom Cruise to Spencer Pratt: eloping was a mistake
  140. Tom Cruise met by underwear clad men; attempts to dance but fails
  141. Britney Spears’ backup dancers require drug tests to tour with her
  142. Jennifer Aniston: John Mayer is extraordinary
  143. Dita Von Teese shoots down Russell Brand’s fantasy
  144. Kid Rock declares war on PETA
  145. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie argue over how to treat household staff
  146. More Mariah Carey is knocked up with a magical butterfly baby rumors
  147. No wedding for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
  148. Blake Fielder-Civil wants 1 million divorce payout from Amy Winehouse
  149. Not that anyone cares, but...is Avril Lavigne pregnant? Or just bloated ;)
  150. Lindsay Lohan “nuzzles” Sean Penn at party
  151. Idol winner Fantasia Barrino's home in foreclosure
  152. 8 Mile actor De'Angelo Wilson commits suicide
  153. Date with Anne Hathaway goes for $12,000
  154. Britney Spears goes Christmas caroling with Ellen DeGeneres
  155. Lost's Josh Holloway to be a dad
  156. Beyonce Knowles speaks about the Jackson family comparisons
  157. Jennifer Aniston says it is ridiculous that people are fascinated with her
  158. Kate Hudson's frugal Christmas
  159. Twilight's Kristen Stewart - home is where the bong is
  160. Suri Cruise’s FAO shopping spree
  161. Jamie Spears allegedly pulled a knife an reporter in 2002
  162. Jermaine Dupri: Janet Jackson isn't pregnant
  163. British actor Vinnie Jones arrested in Sout Dakota bar fight
  164. Jamie Foxx: Obamas need a pit bull
  165. Madonna 'gives £32million' to Guy Ritchie after he agrees to cheap and easy divorce
  166. Cliff Richard on his sexuality: 'I'm an enigma and I love it'
  167. The day David Beckham tackled bungee-jumping
  168. Cheryl Cole: I'm having thoughts of a baby
  169. 'My mum thinks I've over-bonded with my baby, but I don't care,' says Nicole Kidman
  170. Lynne Spears: I'm to blame for Britney Spears' meltdown
  171. Sunny Von Bulow dies after being in a coma for 28 years
  172. Chin of the month club: A Jennifer Aniston calendar for 2009
  173. Shut up Jennifer Aniston! Bonnie Fuller calls Aniston a "whiner"
  174. Shania Twain shopping in NYC w/ex-husband of her former best friend
  175. Jessica Simpson nicknames Tony Romo at Texas concert
  176. Nicole Kidman rides with her baby in her lap like Britney Spears
  177. Felicity's Amy Jo Johnson welcomes a baby girl
  178. Pin-up queen Bettie Page in hospital after heart attack
  179. Oprah Winfrey: I'm not seeking job with Barack Obama
  180. New details of Jodie Sweetin split revealed in court papers
  181. Angelina Jolie is the highest paid actress
  182. Eli Stone's Jonny Lee Miller is a new dad
  183. John Stamos wants a Full House remake
  184. Victoria Beckham: Katie Holmes is just a bit bloated, not pregnant
  185. Amy Winehouse takes a break from hospital-to drink
  186. Boy George found guilty of false imprisonment
  187. Alex Rodriguez: Madonna and I are 'friends – that's it'
  188. Will PETA go after Britney Spears’ new Circus video?
  189. Beyonce's performance in Cadillac Records is generating Oscar buzz!
  190. John Mayer talks about Jennifer Aniston again! Mayer calls Maniston a liar
  191. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise inside New York Times Magazine
  192. Shakira to shake for Barack Obama's inauguration
  193. Heidi Montag's mother: "It wouldn’t surprise me if [Spencer Pratt] had her drugged"
  194. Paris Hilton to play Tinkerbell?
  195. Oprah Winfrey: Sarah Palin snubbed me!
  196. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie donate $100,000 to children's charity
  197. R.I.P Paul Benedict
  198. Marilyn Manson unveils another Dita Von Teese wannabe
  199. Heather Locklear: "I learned some hard lessons" this year
  200. Britney Spears' first husband in jail
  201. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin to get reality show
  202. Katie Holmes: I’m strong, I really am
  203. Balthazar Getty still talking about Sienna Miller
  204. Céline Dion candid about having more kids
  205. Amy Winehouse and husband have hospital goodbye f***
  206. Chelsea Handler slams Tori Spelling about her “gay following”
  207. Lawyer: William Balfour angry over wife's dating, kills Hudson family
  208. Angelina Jolie's anger classes
  209. Morgan Freeman's wife to recieve $170 million in divorce!!!
  210. Good dad Kevin Federline is on the cover of People
  211. Anne Heche is pregnant
  212. Christmas comes early for Britney Spears' boys
  213. Jennifer Aniston on "uncool" quote: I was bummed
  214. Jamie Lynn Spears had liposuction while pregnant
  215. Tom Cruise is subtle
  216. Kelly Rowland ditching manager Mathew Knowles for Simon Fuller
  217. Ryan Adams blogs about still loving Jennifer Aniston and hating John Mayer more
  218. Brother of actor Mark Ruffalo shot in the head
  219. Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes gets evicted
  220. Britney Spears had ulterior motive for tv special?
  221. Jessica Simpson wants to study theology
  222. Twilight's Kristin Stewart to play Joan Jett
  223. Axl Rose MIA for “Chinese Democracy” release
  224. Stephen Colbert launches ‘Operation Humble Kanye West’
  225. Sean Avery suspended for calling Elisha Cuthbert "sloppy seconds"
  226. Blaaaake Fielder Civil back in prison
  227. Madonna and Alex Rodriguez house hunting in NY together?
  228. Elizabeth Hasselbeck insults Deepak Chopra - "Go light a bowl of incense!"
  229. Kevin Federline tells his side of the story
  230. Julia Roberts doesn’t like to shower much
  231. Miley Cyrus in talks to become emancipated
  232. Britney Spears' double proposal
  233. Janet Jackson is pregnant
  234. Evan Rachel Wood talks crap
  235. Roman Polanski seeks to have child molestation charges dropped
  236. Daryl Hannah joins hardline anti-whalers on Southern Ocean mission
  237. 'I don't court fame,' says Victoria Beckham
  238. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban take their baby girl to Paris
  239. Britney Spears: She can't choose what she eats, drive her car or leave home alone
  240. Tina Turner shows how it's done
  241. Madonna 'removes traces of Guy Ritchie from her home'
  242. Simon Cowell warns the media: 'don't harass me'
  243. Kirsten Dunst has a stalker
  244. Brad Pitt feels bad when he talks about his kids, but they drive him crazy
  245. Demi Moore sort-of denies she’s had plastic surgery
  246. Singer Bryan Adams has a mother-son team of stalkers
  247. Britney Spears performs on her birthday
  248. Lindsay Lohan blasts Facebook for deleting secret account - they thought it was fake
  249. Nicole Kidman bullied on Facebook
  250. Jennifer Aniston loves stripping