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  1. Doug Reinhardt ready for kids with Paris Herpes, er Hilton
  2. Elvis Crespo accused of masturbating on plane
  3. Kanye West takes to his blog to defend his "manhood" and true love with Amber Rose
  4. Famewhore John Mayer writes song about "shotgun wedding"
  5. Jordan, aka Katie Price, wants Julia Roberts to play her in a movie
  6. Freida Pinto to turn down Bond girl role
  7. 'Appalling parenting': Emma Thompson on sending kids to boarding school
  8. Aucklanders want Lucy Lawless to be their mayor
  9. Let them eat (organic) cake! The weird world of Trudie Styler
  10. Uma Thurman: 'I don't feel famous'
  11. Harlow Madden makes her Twitter debut
  12. What trouble? Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson make out on stage
  13. Amy Winehouse and her crackhive hit the clinic
  14. Britney Spears' father forces leading fan site to shut down
  15. Lindsay Lohan’s dad wants to take control of her life like Britney Spears' dad did
  16. Kelly Clarkson had to apologize to Simon Cowell
  17. Former teen star Willie Aames has a garage sale
  18. Clash of ill-tempered British chefs: advantage, Gordon Ramsay
  19. Angelina Jolie might donate thousands of dollars to Nadya Suleman
  20. Method Man says he forgot to pay his taxes because he was too high
  21. Perez Hilton pulls a Milli Vanilli
  22. Candy Spelling says she's never met granddaughter Stella
  23. Cloris Leachman writes of "epic" tryst with Gene Hackman
  24. P. Diddy's new ad: only light, fair-skinned African Americans may apply
  25. Mel Gibson’s wife gets revenge with $50 million spending spree
  26. Britney Spears: 'I never met those roadies before in my life'
  27. Jenny McCarthy’s ex-husband says she liked threesomes
  28. Rihanna ignores Jessica Simpson’s letter offering of support
  29. Justin Timberlake wants Jessica Biel to move out of his New York apartment
  30. Is John Mayer giving up Twitter?
  31. Courtney Love facing lawsuit
  32. Kate Moss's night out interrupted when crazed fan tries to hitch a ride home
  33. Kim Kardashian: "So what: I have a little cellulite"
  34. Gwyneth Paltrow to design '70s-inspired clothing line
  35. Kelly Osbourne: I'm waiting five years to wed
  36. Jada Pinkett Smith unfazed by 'marriage sham' rumors
  37. Madonna Twitters: "glad" to be single again
  38. Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently found out he has a 4 year old son
  39. John Mayer ready to cruise again in his 'mankini'
  40. Mariah Carey 'wants a daughter'
  41. Jennifer Hudson sets wedding date
  42. Madonna files adoption papers for second Malawian child
  43. Jamie Kennedy loves Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Taco Bell curves
  44. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz' marriage is on the emo rocks
  45. FLOP: Lindsay Lohan goes straight-to-cable
  46. Jamie Lynn Spears calls off the wedding y'all
  47. Someone is dumb enough to marry Danny Bonaduce
  48. Liquored up Lance Armstrong loses it on a plane
  49. Jennifer Aniston beats Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Gisele in Sexiest Woman poll
  50. Britney Spears 'sends texts to Adnan Ghalib'
  51. Shawn Johnson stalker arrested with guns, duct tape
  52. Padma Lakshmi is a burger whore
  53. Mischa Barton on Twitter
  54. David Cook: Kissing is uncomfortable
  55. Rihanna: New gun tattoos
  56. Simon Cowell "too busy" for Barack Obama
  57. Jennifer Aniston: single mother?
  58. Barbara Walters to quit TV?
  59. Pharrell Williams dances for a Big Mac and fails
  60. 'Three Stooges' coming together at MGM
  61. Britney Spears: "Merry Christmas" on 24 March
  62. Gloria Allred defends nurses from Angels in Waiting reporting Nadya Suleman to CPS
  63. Joe Simpson: "I'm tired of people saying I don't like Tony" Romo
  64. Camilla Belle stepping out on Joe Jonas?
  65. Natasha Richardson's organs were donated after her death
  66. Actor Isaiah Washington and family facing eviction
  67. Digging up Anna Nicole Smith
  68. Bruce Willis met his new wife on the casting couch
  69. Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy are back together after two-month split
  70. Sean Penn and Natalie Portman?
  71. OK mag bullshit story of the week lol: Jennifer Aniston swears off marriage
  72. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are sleeping apart
  73. Kobe Bryant and wife sued by maid for abuse
  74. Denise Richards crashes and burns on DWTS
  75. George Lopez gets his own talk show, for some reason
  76. Simon Cowell: 'Bobby Brown is the rudest person I've met'
  77. Britney Spears 'devastated' by fat comments
  78. Kevin Spacey new face of American Airlines
  79. Dolly Parton: "I will never be over"
  80. Miley Cyrus: "I can't be Hannah Montana forever"
  81. Rihanna "in a great mood" while checking out $6.25 million home
  82. Pete Doherty misses Kate Moss
  83. Hero bloggers thwart 50 Cent’s casting in movie
  84. Britney Spears paid $2.7 million in legal fees in 11 months
  85. Angelina Jolie’s dead mother still owes back taxes
  86. Kim Kardashian gets laughed at
  87. Martin Sheen can’t remember how he knows Paula Abdul
  88. Wilmer Valderrama makes the moves on Rihanna
  89. Robert Pattinson's a dirty boy
  90. PA prangs Lindsay Lohan's brand new $100,000 Maserati
  91. Is Avril Lavigne an alcoholic? Is her marriage falling apart?
  92. Madonna's fling with Jesus Luz & her rumored hookup with A-Rod may foil adoption plan
  93. Lindsay Lohan: 'I don't drink, do drugs or lie'
  94. Italian WAGs run £20,000 bet to see who can seduce David Beckham first
  95. Space Station Colbert! (unless NASA gets douchy)
  96. Madonna dumps Jesus Luz?
  97. Sinead O'Connor: 'I told Prince to fuck himself'
  98. Amy Winehouse clambers over the garden fence
  99. David Cook tells overly aggressive fans to back off
  100. Nicole Scherzinger's illness forces Pussycat Dolls to pull from support act
  101. David Letterman apparently got married....
  102. Lance Armstrong breaks collar bone
  103. Katy Perry rumored to be dating Josh Groban
  104. Jennifer Aniston ended relationship with John Mayer because of his Twitter 'obsession
  105. Lindsay Lohan - bankrupt?
  106. Lauren Conrad: Losing clothing line?
  107. Jade Goody tributes from the UK
  108. Kerry Katona has 'life-threatening cocaine habit'
  109. Jesus Luz: 'Madonna has the mind and body of a 30-year-old'
  110. Britney Spears to visit sick children at Great Ormond Street Hospital
  111. Mischa Barton: Marriage is bad for relationships
  112. Michael Jackson planning to adopt?
  113. Jennifer Aniston 'at war with Oprah Winfrey'
  114. Heather Mills 'signs £3m Burger King deal'
  115. Kate Moss doesn't want skanky toilet rolls
  116. Alex Rodriguez reportedly hired Eliot Spitzer’s call-girl agency
  117. Jade Goody dies
  118. Art Garfunkel 'stops concert to insult disabled fan'
  119. 'James Bond would make a terrible boyfriend': Olga Kurylenko on her ideal man
  120. Anne Hathaway in talks to play Judy Garland
  121. Jade Jagger's "shocking" new advert, starring her 13-year-old daughter
  122. Another family rift rocks Victoria Beckham as she rows with David Beckham's mother
  123. Simon Cowell's new home has its own tan salon, butler's quarters & a suite for his ex
  124. Madonna's nanny quits... then is told to leave immediately
  125. Natasha Bedingfield is married
  126. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are engaged
  127. Ellan Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey join forces?
  128. *YAWN* Former 'Bachelor' Andrew Firestone and wife have a baby.....
  129. Joe Jonas pulls a Miley Cyrus
  130. Vanessa Redgrave sang to Natasha Richardson as she died...
  131. Christopher Ciccone still talking about Madonna, but she's not talking to him
  132. MTV Brazil is using Madonna's sex life as a tool for AIDS prevention with new PSA
  133. No room in cemetery for dying Jade Goody
  134. Demi Moore pleads with terminal ill fan not to have plastic surgery to look like her
  135. Beyonce Knowles spends $11k on lingerie
  136. Pierce Brosnan voted 'sexiest Irish celebrity'
  137. Suri Cruise wants a sister
  138. Lindsay Lohan -- catwalk queen? snort
  139. Victoria Beckham bends over backwards to look sexy in another Armani ad
  140. Prince Charles' love letters sold on Ebay
  141. Lindsay Lohan's unemployment frightens her
  142. Whoopi Goldberg calls TV Guide writer a bitch and tells her to kiss her ass
  143. Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan's brother arrested for murder
  144. The View co-hosts demand a raise from Barbara Walters
  145. Courtney Love's latest looney Myspace rant
  146. Fred Durst crawls out of douche obscurity to talk again about Britney Spears
  147. Kelly Osbourne needed help, or 'I would die'
  148. Stephen and Danny Baldwin try to save Lindsay Lohan
  149. Angelina Jolie is the number one ‘yummy mummy’
  150. Amber Le Bon keeps it in the family
  151. Amy Winehouse, The Crackie, returns to Camden!
  152. Russell Brand seduces Aussie girl
  153. How Katie Holmes recaptured her youthful look with a £30,000 makeover
  154. Madonna and Jesus Luz 'row over her hang-up with his mobile phone'
  155. T.R. Knight in car crash
  156. Miley Cyrus: 'I won't be a young mom'
  157. Watchdog group: New Angelina Jolie Wanted ads "condone violence"
  158. WTF-EVER ALERT: Jennifer Aniston axed John Mayer cuz he didnt wanna spawn with her
  159. Hot piece of jizzass James Franco needs protection for hisself
  160. Kanye West's ego to get a buttfuckin' in JAIL, bitches. Manifesto watch in effect!
  161. Rihanna's big-ass IMAX fivehead needs some space, aight? Back the fuck up!
  162. Mark Wahlberg and his babymama challenging for 'too many babies' award
  163. Tom Sizemore investigated for phone, highlighter heist
  164. Prince William and Kate Middleton: an old-fashioned wedding?
  165. Sarah Jessica Parker seeks psychic advice
  166. Rihanna 'worried about sex tape leak'
  167. Jessica Simpson 'told to dump Tony Romo'
  168. Nicolas Cage avoids career traps
  169. Stephen Colbert has twatted
  170. Marc Jacobs is engaged
  171. Lisa Rinna is desperate
  172. Vin Diesel, the Diva!
  173. Bob Barker; TV host or porn star?? Tough one..
  174. Madonna's toy Jesus Luz canoodling with a younger woman at a party
  175. Gisele Bundchen to wed again
  176. Natasha Richardson dies after fall on ski slope
  177. Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow catch up over dinner with Valentino
  178. 'My dad is very cheap,' claims son of multimillionaire rocker Rod Stewart
  179. Gwen Stefani: 'Being parted from son will be hard'
  180. Angelina Jolie "worn out and exhausted"
  181. Jennifer Aniston has a pet name for John Mayer during sex
  182. Pete Burns 'critically ill' in hospital
  183. Denise Richards, so kindly goes to visit Charlie Sheen's new twins. Hmmmm
  184. Bob Dylan’s port-a-potty stank upsets his neighbors
  185. Kevin Spacey stops for big penis
  186. Project Runway's Kenley Collins arrested for assault
  187. Is Bruce Willis getting married?
  188. Tyson Beckford wants celebs to stop modelling
  189. Jessica Lange takes a tumble....
  190. Two of Octopussy Nadya Suleman's children go 'home'
  191. Nick Cannon threatens to beat up a woman who was talking slick about Mariah Carey!!
  192. Usher's woMAN Tameka Foster is an idiot
  193. Kanye West's arm candy Amber Rose being strange
  194. Natalie Portman joining cast of Thor?
  195. P. Diddy's top 10 favorites for the definition of BITCHASSNESS
  196. Oprah's new puppy, Ivan dies
  197. Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal are engaged
  198. Married LeAnn Rimes having steamy affair with costar
  199. What happened to jive talkin' Barry Gibb?
  200. £1.6m for one hour's work? I'm your man, says George Michael
  201. Darth Vader actor David Prowse treated for prostate cancer
  202. Amy Winehouse gets badly burned after falling asleep on sunbed
  203. Gwyneth Paltrow: 'I'm not interesting'. No shit Sherlock
  204. Julia Roberts is still a bitch
  205. Miley Cyrus loves the paparazzi
  206. Iron Chef Cat Cora and partner both pregnant
  207. Rihanna just wants her fans to forget she's an abused retard
  208. Renée Zellweger is apparently always late cuz she takes time to squint at .. fans
  209. Michael Jackson doesn't scare enough orphans, wants more surgery
  210. Christina Ricci engaged
  211. Clive Owen's daughters give him fashion advice
  212. Kristen Stewart hits up "Adventureland" premiere
  213. Shocking twist! American Idol is fixed.
  214. Oprah wants her best friend Gayle King to replace her in 2011
  215. Boo hoo John Mayer being melancholic on twitter lol
  216. Alex Rodriguez ducking Madonna's calls: Totally over her
  217. What Kanye West's arm candy Amber Rose likes more than anything
  218. Ellen DeGeneres talks marriage with her wife Portia de Rossi
  219. Salma Hayek says daughter Valentina is ‘a little dictator’
  220. Pete Wentz drinks his own urine, makes a video of it to share
  221. Kim Kardashian: "Leave Lindsay Lohan alone!"
  222. Natasha Richardson critically injured in ski accident
  223. Gianni Versace's villa's contents go on preview
  224. Jennifer Aniston: 'I dumped John Mayer'
  225. Jesus Luz's ex on Madonna: "She is a ridiculous old bag"
  226. Kylie and Dannii Minogue return home for bushfire charity concert
  227. Gisele Bundchen takes her dog and husband on honeymoon
  228. Robert Pattinson can't get laid in NYC
  229. Rihanna wants to get her life 'in order'
  230. Paris Hilton feels violated
  231. Madonna to perform with Britney Spears in New York
  232. Jennifer Lopez: 'I want more kids'
  233. David Spade donates $100,000 to help troops
  234. Gwyneth Paltrow knows hip-hop
  235. Manorexic Carson Daly is a dad. Big whoop.
  236. Madonna confirms she’s considering another Malawian adoption
  237. Britney Spear's pussay IS hanging out. Again. Bit NSFW
  238. Jenna Jameson has her twins
  239. Lindsay Lohan's off the hook--for now
  240. Denise Richards struggles to find a date
  241. Denise Richards - dancing diva
  242. Nobody wants to pay zillions to work out at Gwyneth Paltrow's stupid gym for bitches
  243. Jennifer Aniston says public relation stunt relationships are real complicated
  244. Britney Spears is a big fat cow and is forced to read the bible daily. MOO.
  245. Don Imus has cancer. Good thing he has that cancer ranch.
  246. Cops called to Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson fight
  247. Actor Ron Silver dies of cancer
  248. Mel Gibson doing what he does best: being bad
  249. Heather Mills buys Fish Cafe and takes fish off the menu
  250. Angelina Jolie 'sick of Jennifer Aniston talking about Brad Pitt