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  1. Kimora Lee Simmons, Djimon Hounsou expecting a baby
  2. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t let John Mayer stay overnight, has him go to hotel
  3. Boy George gets 15 months behind bars for imprisoning male escort
  4. Cindy McCain's dancing dreams are crushed
  5. Beyonce to sing for the Obamas' first dance on Inauguration Night
  6. Madonna's staff launch PR offensive
  7. Nicollette Sheridan thinks dating Ryan Seacrest would be gross
  8. Jenny McCarthy: My heart goes out to the Travolta family
  9. Bear Grylls named his son Huckleberry
  10. Amy Winehouse crawling on all fours looking for drink
  11. Johnny Knoxville detained for inert grenade at airport
  12. Jeremy Piven fishing for sympathy?? - "I'll explain this for the stupids"
  13. Ex-boyfriend: Oprah Winfrey smoked crack with me
  14. Madonna prepares for horse riding festival
  15. Will Ferrell can't say "douche" in the morning
  16. Mickey Rourke and Bai Ling make out
  17. Raven-Symoné is combatting body critics
  18. Hugh Hefner's Playboy lifestyle isn't what it seems, says Kendra Wilkinson
  19. Naomi Campbell goes scot-free again
  20. The new Lourdes (Ciccone) miracle
  21. Lily Allen's shocking suicide attempt
  22. Britney Spears to star in next Sex & The City movie?
  23. Jennifer Lopez: "Divorce is not an option"
  24. Jennifer Aniston holds burglar at gunpoint
  25. Label forced to look after Beyoncé Knowles' dog
  26. 'Prisoner' star Patrick McGoohan, 80, has passed away
  27. RIP Ricardo Montalban
  28. Paris Hilton gets booted from Golden Globes party!
  29. Tom Cruise chatting with Joss Whedon about Cabin in the Woods
  30. Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'neediness drove fiance away'
  31. Gwyneth Paltrow 'plans girlie weekend for Madonna'
  32. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz: besties fighting?
  33. Drew Barrymore: 'I don't believe in long term commitment'
  34. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson and Josh Duhamel reveal official wedding photos
  35. Lisa Marie Presley's twin baby girls
  36. Which 'Bluth' family member hasn't signed on for Arrested Development movie yet......
  37. New Kids on the Block announce cruise ship concert
  38. Victoria Beckham strips for Armani underwear shoot
  39. Oprah Winfrey to Kate Winslet: "God bless your real breasts"
  40. Underage Hayden Panettiere 'kicked out of nightclub'
  41. Expectant mom Carnie Wilson reveals baby's name
  42. Josh Holloway: break-in still gives me nightmares
  43. Josh Duhamel & Stacy Ferguson's caricature wedding invitation
  44. One to avoid: Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus to perform at Inaugural Concert for Kids
  45. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: physical fights?
  46. Ryan Seacrest high fives blind guy
  47. Alison Sweeney welcomes daughter Megan
  48. David Cook is single again - you see Mrs V?
  49. Jessica Simpson playing second fiddle to chili
  50. Bono's rambling New York Times column
  51. Kate Winslet explains forgetting Angelina Jolie
  52. Paris Hilton ruined Jared Leto and Adrian Grenier
  53. Miley Cyrus wants Leonardo DiCaprio
  54. Kate Hudson's new piece
  55. Heath Ledger, River Phoenix deaths warned Leonardo DiCaprio off drugs
  56. Anne Hathaway shares a passionate kiss with her new man
  57. Britney Spears leaves 'jinxed' home behind and moves into $9m mansion
  58. David Hasselhoff can't keep his hands off young clubbers in Las Vegas
  59. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: together again
  60. Golden Globes partygoer attacks Brad Pitt for looking 'ugly as a dog' with his 'tach
  61. Elle Macpherson steps out looking very orange
  62. Katie Holmes was counting on Tom Cruise to get her a decent role
  63. Megan Fox complains about her absent boyfriend
  64. Jessica Simpson only washes her hair two to three times a month
  65. Roseanne Barr slams "Nazi" Israel
  66. Oprah and her disappearing thyroid 'problem'
  67. Prosecutors: Body of John Gotti neighbor dropped in acid
  68. Kate Beckinsale's fans upset she appeared ugly on film; she says prepare for worse
  69. Amy Winehouse has been issued with divorce papers
  70. Madonna targeted by extremists - who have threatened to cut her head off!
  71. Howie Mandel hospitalized
  72. Mariska Hargitay suffers a collapsed lung
  73. Ali Lohan is so "no comment"
  74. Kanye West wants to destroy society by posing naked
  75. Mark Ronson doesn’t like Lindsay Lohan schtupping his sister
  76. Jamie Lynn Spears moving forward with wedding to Casey Aldridge
  77. Sarah Jessica Parker could get $30 - $50 million for SATC sequel
  78. Gerard Butler claims he’s not a womanizer
  79. Ryan Seacrest snubbed at Golden Globes
  80. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady engaged: for real this time...
  81. Kate Hudson's hot date with Alex Rodriguez
  82. Rihanna to Alexandra Burke: “Keep your hands off my man”
  83. Tina Fey lets loose on bloggers! Be warned GR!
  84. Sascha Baron Cohen at his funniest
  85. Singer Charlotte Church has second child
  86. Computers come from outer space says Coolio
  87. Alec Baldwin was a drunk, 'Galaga' playing fool. *WAS*
  88. 'My part in Hitler's downfall' by Tom Cruise
  89. Tana Ramsay puts husband Gordon on a tight LA leash
  90. Paris Hilton records song about jail stay
  91. Amy Winehouse: Love is the only drug for me
  92. Miley Cyrus: I cut my uvula on a piece of chicken
  93. Lindsay Lohan bemoans media 'head games'
  94. Angelina Jolie thinking about brief return to film
  95. Prince Harry apologizes over offensive language
  96. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson and Josh Duhamel are married
  97. Britney Spears has spies on Kevin Federline
  98. Rihanna lays down the law on Chris Brown
  99. Sienna Miller quits 'Nottingham' because of Russell Crowe
  100. Lindsay Lohan's bottomless vag in denial about Sam Ronson's tongue departure
  101. Amy Winehouse, epitome of class, flings water on some bitch at a restaurant
  102. Renee Zellweger: "I'm not single, I'm busy"
  103. Paul Rudd: 'I get into rows at coffee shops'
  104. Kate Winslet shows off her numerous cooking injuries on The Late Show
  105. Pixie Geldof poses in lingerie for Agent Provacateur
  106. Kanye West: I want fewer fans
  107. Drew Barrymore says she still believes in love
  108. Jill Scott is pregnant
  109. Gael Garcia Bernal welcomes a son
  110. Aaron Eckhart: Heath Ledger will get Oscar nod
  111. Heather Mills unveils short new bottle-blonde hairstyle and declares "life is good"
  112. Michael Jackson buys his own music
  113. Tom Cruise's Golden Globe date? His father-in-law
  114. Rocco DeSpirito has a dick like David
  115. Patrick Swayze hospitalized
  116. 'Dexter' sibs Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter marry
  117. Ryan O'Neal pleads guilty to drug charge
  118. Ne-Yo goes off on the "haters" about light-skinned babies comment and gay rumors
  119. Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz is pregnant
  120. Madonna 'hopes to look 12 years younger'
  121. Nicole Kidman admits embarrassment over Australia role
  122. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pack on the PDA at Awards
  123. Anne Hathaway wins Golden Globe a little early?
  124. Pink and Wilmer Valderrama?
  125. Angelina Jolie: Nice legs, shame about the face
  126. Princess Beatrice's BMW stolen after she left keys in ignition while out shopping
  127. The secret sex lives of Ken and Barbie
  128. Willie Aames suicide attempt
  129. R Kelly divorced
  130. Things that should be illegal: a nude painting of Rachael Ray
  131. Fantasia Barrino about to lose her house
  132. Kevin Costner briefly hospitalized
  133. What if Jett Travolta died differently?
  134. Angelina Jolie's Ethiopian adoption
  135. Lindsay Lohan wants to be an actress not a celebrity
  136. Lisa Bonet names her new baby
  137. La Toya Jackson opens up about suffering domestic abuse
  138. I've only slept with a couple of men, claims Paris Hilton
  139. Amy Winehouse named on Islamic terror list
  140. Tori Spelling to return to 90210
  141. Britney Spears' New Year's Eve with her boys
  142. Dakota Fanning reaches out to grieving singer Jennifer Hudson
  143. Clay Aiken grabs a tit
  144. Pete Wentz frustrated at being a douchebag
  145. Cindy Crawford issues Miley Cyrus ban on daughter
  146. John Mayer turns Jennifer Aniston’s poem into love song
  147. Ione Skye and Ben Lee get married
  148. Coke isn't evil, says Lily Allen
  149. Jamie Spears is officially Britney Spears' master for evah
  150. Drew Barrymore striking out with Kevin Connolly?
  151. Carmen Electra uses wire hangers as sex toys
  152. Brad Pitt denies "dastardly affair" with Angelina Jolie
  153. Sarah Jessica Parker moving out?
  154. Solange Knowles adds her two cents to Janet Jackson/Beyonce controversy
  155. 'Little' Grey, Chyler Leigh, expecting baby number 3
  156. Jennifer Garner gives birth to baby girl
  157. Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff from DWTS are engaged
  158. Lisa Marie Presley: Stop slamming Scientology!
  159. Alyssa Milano is engaged
  160. Richard Simmons sprinkles faerie dust all over morning news shows
  161. Josh Brolin talks smack about Russell Crowe, interviewers, everyone..
  162. Actor/playwright Sam Shepard arrested for DUI
  163. Hugh Hefner's back to a 3 whore harem
  164. Rip Torn does it again
  165. Donna Karan has the hots for Alex Rodriguez
  166. John Mayer and Pete Wentz bromance
  167. Sanjaya Malakar returns with new album for stalker girls
  168. Joan Rivers: Barack Obama should have pinned back his ears
  169. Craig Ferguson gets married, a million GR members cry
  170. Ashton Kutcher: Demi Moore’s compassion is breathtaking
  171. Michelle Rodriguez has trash time
  172. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson kaput
  173. Gary Oldman weds for fourth time
  174. Britney Spears' Twitter is hacked
  175. Elloitt Spitzer Madam puts a price on Hollywood punani
  176. Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane split
  177. Tim Allen & wife Jane expecting first child
  178. Jennifer Love Hewitt and fiancé split
  179. Diddy (Sean Combs) blows $750 000 on 'Bond audition' tape
  180. Courteney Cox has a thing for Samantha Ronson lol
  181. Want to party with Tommy Lee? Remove your clothes
  182. Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell welcome twin girls
  183. Katie Holmes has splashed out $14m since moving to New York six months ago
  184. Cheryl Cole: 'I DO struggle to control my weight and Ashley's affair was horrendous'
  185. Is Kate Moss pregnant?
  186. Amy Winehouse cuddles up to mystery man
  187. The moment Sharon Osbourne lashed out at reality show contestant
  188. George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Aniston and the rest of their gang party
  189. Surprise!! Tom Cruise positive Scientology spin
  190. Jennifer Aniston: 'Dogs are better than men'
  191. Pete Wentz loves (and hates) Brad Pitt
  192. The memoirs of Hollywood actor Robert Vaughn
  193. Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia enjoy a romantic break
  194. Angelica Huston's husband dies at 70
  195. Claudia Schiffer to launch her own range of beauty products
  196. Lourdes Leon's acting ambition takes her to New York drama school
  197. Kate Hudson reveals her adventurous side
  198. Simon Cowell spends $4,400 to help an animal charity
  199. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony kiss and wear their rings
  200. Lily Allen's new boyfriend
  201. Patrick Swayze to open up in Barbara Walters special
  202. After the row over those pictures, enter Prince Edward, the dog lover...
  203. Ashlee Simpson: Bronx Mowgli "laughed for the first time"
  204. Richard Attenborough 'is making progress' after a fall
  205. Eva Mendes: 'Being beautiful in Hollywood is easy'
  206. Cynthia Nixon and family visit Disneyland
  207. Amy Winehouse enjoys herself on the beach
  208. Michael Flatley: I thought I'd never dance again
  209. Verne Troyer favourite to win this year's UK Celebrity Big Brother
  210. Michael Jackson goes shopping in pyjamas & surgical mask, hiding under an umbrella
  211. She's blown £10m of her divorce payout but Heather Mills still says she's a victim
  212. Paris Hilton infects George Clooney
  213. Pregnant Kelly Rutherford files for divorce
  214. Bristol Palin thinks teens should just say no to pregnancy. (hold laughter)
  215. Katy Perry and Travis McCoy call it quits
  216. Dr. Dre's son died of a heroin and morphine OD, coroner reveals
  217. Eddie Izzard is a cool guy
  218. John Travolta's son dead...
  219. Lindsay Lohan's airplane misery
  220. Jim Carrey gives Jenny McCarthy a $50 million trust
  221. Heather Locklear's DUI case dismissed
  222. Jeremy Piven texts all his skanks at once, whoever blows him first wins. Blech.
  223. Zac Effron makes a gay face and keeps up with the "I love vag" crap
  224. Angelina Jolie sheds her Mantis exoskeleton and becomes a tiger. Rar.
  225. Verne Troyer’s New Years Eve pursuit of Kelly Osbourne
  226. Kathy Griffin's New Year crack on CNN
  227. Another Mandy Moore and DJ AM breakup
  228. Usher and Tameka still together
  229. Eva Longoria Parker's advice on finding Mr. Right
  230. Holly Madison and Criss Angel check out rings
  231. Rapper DMX pleads guilty to animal abuse
  232. Queen Latifah robbed of $10,000 worth of jewelry
  233. Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller meet up in Mexico
  234. Kathy Griffin confused by the Jennifer Aniston hate
  235. Porn star Janine Lindemulder sentenced to prison for tax evasion
  236. Britney Spears' brother Bryan Spears to wed
  237. Angelina Jolie, Mia Farrow are ‘top celebrity humanitarians’ in poll
  238. Mariah Carey puts pregnancy rumors to rest in St. Barts
  239. John Mayer left a party early because he was afraid Jessica Simpson would show up
  240. Trading Spaces star Doug Wilson nailed for DUI
  241. Matt Dillon arrested
  242. Madonna donated £2million to Kabbalah groups in one year alone
  243. Dane Cook's brother arrested for robbing him blind
  244. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick among Hollywood victims of Bernard Madoff
  245. Eddie Murphy serenades ladies on his yacht *snort*
  246. Brad Pitt struggles to learn French
  247. Mia Farrow's 35-year-old adopted daughter dies
  248. Robert Pattinson defends Heath Ledger
  249. Bristol Palin's kid sold to People for $300K
  250. Jennifer Aniston arrives in Mexico for New Year's