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  1. Does Chris Brown really deserve a break?
  2. Jennifer Aniston's $56,000 hairdo
  3. Lindsay Lohan's secret Scientology past
  4. Katie Price 'reduced to tears' in LA row
  5. Racist skank Danielle Lloyd was beaten by an ex-boyfriend
  6. Lynda Carter loses the hero suit, picks up a mic
  7. Belly-dancing, sequinned bras and circus ringmasters: Britney Spears' new tour
  8. Madonna's toyboy Jesus Luz is 'a wonderful person' says model he dumped
  9. Tina Turner brings her tour to London
  10. Elizabeth Hurley donates photo of her son for domestic violence charity stamp
  11. A purr-fect wedding for Nicole Scherzinger's sister
  12. Katy Perry reminisces about her pageant past
  13. Sharon Osbourne sued for beating a skank
  14. Amy Winehouse goes batshit on plane, tries to clamp her crack-clam on lesbo couple...
  15. Katherine Heigl manages to become a cunt big enough to swallow THE EARTH
  16. Jennifer Aniston had no idea she would be upstaged by hotter dogs in crap movie
  17. "Britney Spears is under too much pressure", says family shoving her fat ass onstage
  18. Kanye West's greatest pain: he can't watch himself on stage. Beat that, dead mom.
  19. Oprah Winfrey adopts a new puppy
  20. First photos released of Angelina Jolie in Salt
  21. Snoop Dogg joins Nation of Islam
  22. Usher to Chris Brown: "Have a little remorse"
  23. Lindsay Lohan duets with Samantha Ronson
  24. Keira Knightley soothes heartbroken Colin Farrell
  25. Amy Winehouse no longer The Crackie of Camden
  26. Victoria Beckham totters around theme park on sky-high heels
  27. Solange Knowles hits audience member with mic stand
  28. Sean Connery continues in his efforts to prove he's an ass before he dies
  29. Sienna Miller's giant vag attacks strange man in men's restroom
  30. Miley Cyrus says cleavage baring pic is no "big whoop"
  31. Jose Canseco slams Madonna for dating younger model
  32. Jessica Simpson to fans: "Hopefully you follow whatever career I have"
  33. Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor
  34. Michael Jackson wants nine doctors at comeback gig
  35. Chris Brown and Rihanna come back to LA together
  36. Sarah Jessica Parker regrets her black wedding dress
  37. Angelina Jolie freaks out over lookalike Octopussy Nadya Suleman
  38. Britney Spears' 'Circus' tour not a big seller
  39. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson have some dog biscuits
  40. Siegfried & Roy take stage with attack tiger
  41. Katie Holmes on attacks on daughter Suri: "Enough is enough"
  42. Jennifer Aniston has 'no regrets' about life
  43. Jennifer Aniston caught snickering at Brad Pitt's Oscar loss
  44. Nicole Kidman denies pregnancy rumours (again)
  45. 'We can't make It angry': Guy Ritchie refuses to say ex wife Madonna's name
  46. Bono not a fan of Chris Martin
  47. Slumdog child star slapped for refusing interview: report
  48. Rupert Friend stops sucking cock for a sec to lisp that papparazzi are just "bestial"
  49. Lindsay Lohan's crackfamily try to take her blow away and strap a feedbag on her face
  50. Russell Crowe's huge ego shits out his mouth again
  51. Paris Hilton's herp ridden vag doesn't have many friends, leaves stains, smells, etc.
  52. Jennifer Lopez: 'Mamma needs to work'
  53. Farrah Fawcett 'prepares to die'
  54. Angelina Jolie "really depressed", needs some time alone
  55. Yuk: Paris Hilton goes pole-dancing in her own private nightclub
  56. 'I'm convinced someone is going to murder me,' reveals Pete Wentz
  57. Katie Price says she was sexually assaulted in park as a child
  58. Amy Winehouse jets back to London after two month holiday
  59. Lindsay Lohan to convert to Judaism
  60. Cyndi Lauper to Madonna: Go on with your cougar self
  61. Michael Jackson and Christian Audigier: shopping pals
  62. Paris Hilton wants a role in Twilight films? WTF?
  63. Madonna and Jesus Luz take the kiddies to Kabbalah
  64. Katie Holmes detoxing in prep for pregnancy no 2?
  65. Octo Mom Nadya Suleman offered year's free clothes for 14 kids
  66. Rihanna's father says he'll support her choice to reconcile with Chris Brown
  67. Britney Spears heads to New Orleans for high-stakes comeback
  68. Kanye West: "Give Chris Brown a break; Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson are amazing!"
  69. David Arquette has surgery to remove tumor
  70. Octopussy (Nadya Suleman) passes on free 24 hour nursing care. WTF!
  71. Octopussy's (Nadya Suleman) neighbor goes ballistic, calls police
  72. Did Jennifer Aniston cry sandy tears of angst before the Oscars?
  73. Stalk talk: Did Paris Hilton tail Robert Pattinson to Japan?
  74. Sam Lutfi allegedly terrorized a man from Auckland
  75. Terry Wogan wants Amy Winehouse on Eurovision
  76. Jodie Foster busted for speeding in Prius
  77. Joaquin Phoenix's rep pissed that her crazy client is being called 'crazy'
  78. Rihanna and Chris Brown back together
  79. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson trying for a baby
  80. Jennifer Love Hewitt's birthday bailout
  81. Jessica Simpson says she's "lucky in love"
  82. Katie Holmes: even robots can cry
  83. Rachael Ray knows she's annoying
  84. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s cheesy sex shop encounter
  85. Ed McMahon in 'extremely serious' condition in ICU...
  86. Kimora Lee Simmons gets $40,000/month in child support
  87. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sue baby carriage maker for $30 million
  88. Natalie Portman & Rodrigo Santoro: new couple?
  89. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady got married
  90. Jonathan Rhys Meyers goes back to rehab
  91. 'I'm old and matronly', says Jane Fonda
  92. Morgan Freeman car crash victim sues him for negligence, insists:I'm not his mistress
  93. Lindsay Lohan to live with Warren Beatty?
  94. I'd have never married my wife without Stevie Wonder's help, jokes Barack Obama
  95. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take the kids to see the Little Mermaid
  96. Gwyneth Paltrow defends her web site
  97. Jennifer Aniston pissed at Anne Hathaway
  98. Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson's French adventure
  99. Wendy Richard (Eastenders) dies of cancer
  100. Blake Lively gets sanctimonious
  101. Nick Hogan's crash victim's dad is arrested
  102. Kate Walsh credits pals, family for helping her through divorce
  103. John Mayer pokes fun at Britney Spears' songwriting skills
  104. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson loved up in Paris
  105. Jennifer Aniston 'skipped charity event because of Gwyneth Paltrow'
  106. Britney Spears "obsessed" with finding a boyfriend
  107. David Beckham used to sell anti-impotence drugs in China
  108. Jade Goody planning sons' christening
  109. Is Ellen Page Drew Barrymore's new BFF?
  110. Drew Barrymore tells Jennifer Aniston to dump John Mayer
  111. Surprise! Holly Madison and Criss Angel are over..
  112. Britney Spears to be sawed in half
  113. People should be able to laugh at jokes about different races, says Clint Eastwood
  114. John Mayer thinks Angelina Jolie is every man's fantasy
  115. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie America's Top Smug Couple
  116. Kanye West's new girlfriend loves the ladies (and apparently, the gentlemen also ...)
  117. My James Franco lust just went to a higher level (interview on red carpet)
  118. Madonna's charitable contributions: used clothes and copies of her book
  119. Eartha Kitt left out of Oscar honors; her PR folks are fighting back
  120. Rapper Fabolous busted with 500 lbs of pot
  121. Kate Beckinsale is going to have a noodle named after her
  122. Adnan Ghalib busted
  123. Rosie O'Donnell: Madonna is helping me deal with menopause
  124. Jennifer Aniston "very happy" with John Mayer
  125. Robert Pattinson infected with Paris Hilton's Herpz
  126. Beyonce Knowles' nip says hello at Oscars NSFW
  127. Sean Penn makes a funny about Madonna and Jesus Luz
  128. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens rumored to be engaged, LOL!
  129. Joaquin Phoenix wanted to be mocked at the Oscars
  130. Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson back together?
  131. Musicians want Congress to make radio stations pay them royalties for playing songs
  132. Kate Winslet's daughter dislikes her oscar gown
  133. Michelle Williams on picking up the pieces
  134. Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green call off engagement
  135. Britney Spears betrays her daddy
  136. Melanie Chisholm gives birth to a girl
  137. Mickey Rourke still getting an Oscar
  138. Adriana Lima elopes with NBA atar Marko Jarić
  139. John Mayer snaps hotties, Jennifer Aniston hisses
  140. Charles Barkley going to jail for DUI
  141. Katie Holmes begins work on “The Extra Man”
  142. Kim Kardashian adopts chimpanzee after high profile mauling incident
  143. Kate Winslet is sad that America is happier for her than Britain
  144. Kiefer Sutherland hitting the bottle again
  145. "Bank of Britney Spears" maintains the Spears family’s lifestyle
  146. Angelina Jolie disses Ryan Seacrest again
  147. Nicky Hilton vs. homeless man (citizen's arrest)
  148. Video of Lindsay Lohan twitching and itching
  149. Sean Penn explains leaving wife out of Oscar victory speech
  150. Joaquin Phoenix Newsweek interview
  151. Android fuckbot Victoria Beckham to renew vows with femvoiced ballsmacker hubby
  152. Madonna demonstrates how far she can shove Jesus up her vag at various Oscar parties
  153. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt risked the wrath of the Chin to flee food flinging spawn
  154. Steve Martin & Tina Fey take swipe at CO$
  155. Madonna & Guy Ritchie's divorce details - about to go public in NYC?
  156. Mel Gibson talks about counseling Britney Spears
  157. A great Oscar live blog
  158. Vietnam vets protest Jane Fonda's Broadway showing
  159. David Caruso stalker (and GR member!) arrested again. Yeeeeaaaaahhh!!!
  160. Lainey from Lainey's Entertainment twittering live from the Oscars
  161. Jennifer Love Hewitt has lost her shit
  162. David Hasselhoff blasts US firearms laws
  163. Lady GaGa: 'I want to make music & fuck random people'
  164. Jo Wood models for Vivienne Westwood at London Fashion week
  165. Guy Ritchie turns to his 'rock' to help him adjust to life without Madonna
  166. Catherine Zeta-Jones brought my father back to me, says Cameron Douglas
  167. Robert Wagner on his Hollywood conquests
  168. Chef Mario Batali is profane at dinner with Spain's royalty
  169. Paris Hilton dominates the Razzies. Ties the record set last year by Eddie Murphy.
  170. Nicole Richie & Joel Madden: Expecting baby number 2
  171. Madonna's pre-Oscar red-faced German look
  172. Is this the list of tomorrow's Oscar winners?
  173. Hugh Jackman ready to be 'drunk and nude' at the Oscars
  174. Miley 'Bucky Beaver' Cyrus wants people to know she's not sexing up her father
  175. Chris Martin 'doesn't want Gwyneth Paltrow to look like Madonna'
  176. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi to 'undergo fertility treatment'
  177. Naomi Watts: 'Hollywood shouldn't take a pay cut'
  178. Jessica Alba: 'The media ruined my wedding'
  179. Vin Diesel: 'Fatherhood has changed me'
  180. John Travolta announces foundation in honor of late son Jett
  181. Material world of Material Girl Madonna goes on display in London
  182. Victoria Beckham's denim range dropped by American department store after poor sales
  183. Michael Jackson chooses London's O2 arena for the 'greatest comeback in history'
  184. Child stars of "Slumdog Millionaire" head to Hollywood for the Oscars
  185. Marcia Cross and husband mark twin daughters' first birthday
  186. NSFW: A coked up Taylor Hanson giving a dude blowjob
  187. Billy Bob Thornton to Angelina Jolie: Come back, baby come back
  188. Tori Spelling has diva meltdown
  189. Susan Lucci: Spry n’ sexy at 62
  190. Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's wife taken to hospital
  191. Alex Rodriguez so over Madonna
  192. Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia break up over pregnancy scare... snicker
  193. Rihanna album sales soaring following assault
  194. Madonna will show off Jesus at Oscar parties
  195. Octopussy Nadya Suleman buying $1.24 million home?
  196. Paul Walker denies engagement to barely legal girlfriend
  197. Jessica Biel next Vogue cover girl?
  198. Hannah Montana film says ‘no thanks’ to Dolly Parton
  199. Jessica Simpson: In Richard Simmons’ prayers
  200. Angelina Jolie's quest to be the best at the Oscars
  201. Danica Patrick: Jennifer Aniston too old to play movie version of me
  202. Lily Allen copies Rihanna’s Shhh tattoo
  203. Kate Moss is infuriated by Tom Cruise
  204. Guy Ritchie ordered to refilm 5 weeks worth of Sherlock Holmes scenes
  205. Alex Rodriguez tries to win Madonna back with red strings & 22-year-olds
  206. Lindsay Lohan has no job, spends $800 on hair weekly
  207. Oprah Winfrey Show will interview Octopussy's father
  208. Zac Efron and his "girlfriend" to sing at Oscars
  209. Kate Walsh may return to doomed Grey's Anatomy
  210. Manorexic Nick Carter talks about getting sober
  211. Prince to host Purple Party on Oscar night
  212. Hugh Jackman's kiss made a fan faint
  213. Lily Allen: ‘I google myself ten times a day’
  214. Awww, Tiger Woods shows off his new cub
  215. God not another one: singer Nelly now has a variety show as well
  216. The Office's Angela Kinsey separates from husband
  217. Brad Pitt caught with a stripper 3:30am
  218. In other woman beating news, Marion 'Suge' Knight pleads guilty to Vegas misdemeanor
  219. Gerard Butler dating Bollywood actress?
  220. Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt: “I’m bored as a horse that doesn’t know it’s dead”
  221. John Mayer: I'll be invisible-after the Oscars
  222. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are engaged
  223. Angelina Jolie, Zahara & Shiloh go shopping in NYC
  224. Mickey Rourke's beloved Loki dies
  225. Annie Lennox talks about, life, cannibalistic celebrity, her career. She's awesome.
  226. Kanye West is the icon of this generation
  227. Tom Cruise and Robot Wife Katie Holmes won't attend Oscars
  228. Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie showdown at Oscar party?
  229. Mickey Rourke crashes Paris Ebola Hilton's birthday party
  230. Nadya Suleman has no interest in Angelina Jolie
  231. Jade Goody sells wedding pics for US$992K
  232. Terrence Howard was once nabbed for beating his wife
  233. Amy Fisher to become stripper
  234. Mischa Barton is a 'pain in the ass' at Miss Sixty
  235. Suri Cruise is a Disney Princess
  236. Britney Spears twitters on "sexy" new video
  237. Angelina Jolie goes apartment shopping in New York City
  238. Is Samantha Ronson planning a tell-all book?
  239. Edward Cullen, oops, Robert Pattinson will present at Oscars
  240. Even Chace Crawford doesn't want to be associated with Lindsay Lohan
  241. Justin Timberlake and his beard move to NYC
  242. Joe Jonas is supposedly the Jonas' ladies' man
  243. Julia Roberts calls her children "time thieves"
  244. Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer kissing after their trip in Bahamas
  245. Benji Madden and Katy Perry dating?
  246. Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia split over "lifestyle conflict"
  247. Chris Brown "sorry" about incident
  248. Madonna asks the Queen's permission to play Wallis Simpson
  249. Jared Leto goes for Kurt Cobain look
  250. Colin Farrell is a single man again