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  1. Natasha McElhone: I gave birth alone, I had to get used to being my boy's only parent
  2. Kate Winslet goes up in the world - literally - in New York rooftop photoshoot
  3. Artist recreates Jade Goody's final moments in controversial live art exhibition
  4. Mischa Barton is full of herself; promoting her spring headband line
  5. News and pictures from the Met yearly fundraising gala: Madonna looking 'special'
  6. Lindsay Lohan’s ex is ashamed to have dated her
  7. Katy Perry gets a Swine Flu ring
  8. Beyonce Knowles in talks to play Eartha Kitt
  9. Megan Fox wants to be recognised as a good actress
  10. Hugh Jackman has a nickname for his willy
  11. Madonna loves Lady GaGa
  12. Miley Cyrus wants to dump her boyfriend
  13. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: not paying attention to pregnancy
  14. Jessica Simpson sings her own praises
  15. Nicolas Cage movie stunt goes awry; injures two
  16. Octomom Nadya Suleman sued for the good of the children
  17. Trent Reznor gets engaged
  18. Eminem's pill addiction, rap gets him high
  19. Tension shows as Madonna faces up to defeat in her bid to adopt Mercy
  20. The ex factor: Rihanna 'rekindles romance with her teenage Love God sweetheart'
  21. Gerard Butler treats Slumdog Millionaire's Rubina & Azhar to a 5 star day in Mumbai
  22. Embarrassed Lindsay Lohan literally falls out of club after long night partying
  23. Lindsay Lohan is hooker chic in Montreal
  24. Britney Spears fan arrested for jumping on stage
  25. Sting's daughter breaks her skull in fall at LA restaurant
  26. Britney Spears fan busted for making a move onstage
  27. A.I. David Cook's brother died
  28. Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard wed in Italy
  29. David Hasselhoff alcohol poisoning; rushed to hospital (again...)
  30. Amy Winehouse hospitalized yet again after fainting
  31. Reese Witherspoon found motherhood lonely
  32. Scarlett Johansson’s directing dream dashed
  33. Britney Spears takes parenting tips from Tori Spelling
  34. Hugh Jackman spends $4300 on breakfast for 'Wolverine' fans
  35. Shia Lebeouf: The sexiest woman I know is my mother
  36. Nicole Kidman hopes Katie Holmes has another baby
  37. Nick Cannon dedicates his life to Mariah Carey on a daily basis
  38. Gwen Stefani nervous about taking two sons on tour
  39. Lily Allen will star in Chanel's next campaign
  40. Miley Cyrus's brain hurts from thinking, ya'll. Tee hee.
  41. Lily Allen tried to kiss Joan Collins
  42. Tom Cruise opens his home to Katie Holmes’ sister
  43. Jennifer Aniston “bitter” about John Mayer
  44. Denise Richards sings... badly
  45. Susan Boyle as you have never seen her before
  46. Madonna's equestrian demands
  47. Jerry Seinfeld thinks Madonna is ‘corrupting’ his wife
  48. Charlie Sheen’s wife says he got hookers out of his system
  49. Miley Cyrus advises teen friends to find a man & have sex
  50. Brad Pitt wants the kids when he leaves Angelina Jolie
  51. Sherri Shepherd's appearance on 'WWE's Friday Night SmackDown'
  52. Goldie Hawn convinced Kate Hudson to break up with Owen Wilson
  53. Lisa Rinna claims her whole family had swine flu
  54. Cindy Crawford's husband sued for sexual harrassment
  55. Octo-Grandma confronts daughter about Child Services visit
  56. Fierce Kate Moss leads revival of the supermodels back into the spotlight
  57. 'Loved Paris Hilton, she's so smart,' says Sarah Brown after LA meeting
  58. Lindsay Lohan 'back on drugs, binge-drinking and self-harming'
  59. Joan Collins' makeover advice to Camilla Parker Bowles
  60. Revlon signs actress Jessica Biel as new Brand Ambassador
  61. Jessica Simpson holds small welcome home party for Lane Garrison
  62. Las Vegas Strip performer Danny Gans dead at 52
  63. Perez Hilton was right! Pageant officials paid for Miss California's implants
  64. Britney Spears requests a strippers' pole for her London hotel room
  65. Sharon Stone plays the doting mother on a trip to the park with son Laird
  66. Lindsay Lohan rides the wave on her surfboard
  67. Christian Bale: My rant went 'overboard’
  68. Guy Ritchie gets the kids for summer
  69. Sarah Jessica Parker feels very conflicted
  70. Robert Pattinson — before he was famous
  71. Miley Cyrus talks frankly about stardom, virginity and Hannah Montana
  72. Pregnant singer Kelis files from divorce from rapper husband Nas
  73. Horse-faced Leona Lewis head-butted by...a horse
  74. Elizabeth Edwards: John always lied about affair, Rielle Hunter is ‘pathetic’
  75. NBC's Nora O'Brien dies on 'Parenthood' set
  76. Jon and Kate dad Jon Gosselin: "I showed poor judgment"
  77. Amy Winehouse may not return to London, might stay in St. Lucia
  78. Steve Jobs (Apple) "too sick" to attend planning meeting for delapidated mansion
  79. Brad Pitt wears diapers.....yikes!
  80. Chris Brown’s case might get dismissed?
  81. Hugh Hefner: Holly Madison is welcome at the Playboy Mansion, but not as a girlfriend
  82. Madonna isn't fit to adopt my Mercy, claims the girl's father
  83. Is Victoria Beckham obsessed with aging?
  84. Christina Applegate tops People's 100 Most Beautiful list
  85. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's swine flu honeymoon picture
  86. Hugh Jackman on his 'Wolverine' workout & diet
  87. Did the Miss California pageant pay for Carrie Prejean's new fake breasts?
  88. Octomom Nadya Sulemen visited by detectives, Social Services today
  89. Did Beyonce send a lookalike to an event so she could go shopping?
  90. Didn't take long: Miss California whores herself to anti-gay marriage group in ad
  91. Another Mensa nugget from Paris Hilton
  92. Sean Penn files for legal separation
  93. Jon Gosselin caught with another woman at 2am
  94. Tupac Shakur found alive drinking Hand Grenades in New Orleans
  95. Life is a masquerade for Michael Jackson and his children
  96. Britney Spears forced to deny pregnancy after DJ announces she is expecting 3rd child
  97. I've dreamed a dream of playing the Hairy Angel... Catherine Zeta-Jones eyes up film
  98. Bar Refaeli wears the perfect little black bikini
  99. Mel Gibson stuns Hollywood by turning up @ premiere hand in hand with new love Oksana
  100. Daniel Day-Lewis receives Freedom honor in Ireland
  101. I was bullied for being fat, but where are my bullies now?: Kate Winslet
  102. Jade Goody's idiot mum sparks security alert at airport after joking 'I've got a gun'
  103. Prince talks about his struggle with Epilepsy
  104. Megan Fox shows off 22-inch waist
  105. Doug Reinhardt gets in club brawl after man tries to grope Paris Hilton
  106. Jennifer Lopez says staying home is sexy
  107. Lily Allen dumped her boyfriend to improve song writing skills
  108. Britney Spears invites Kevin Federline's girlfriend over for dinner
  109. Courtney Love to open lingerie store
  110. Madonna's Jesus Luz crucified by other models on NY runways
  111. Julia Roberts: Pretty woman but giant potty mouth
  112. Linda Hogan wants more money
  113. Longtime vegetarian Pamela Anderson celebrates a steakhouse
  114. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick expecting twins!!
  115. Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto and Dev Patel dating, says his mom
  116. Lindsay Lohan, and humpback Samantha Ronson sneak late-night trysts
  117. Miley Cyrus blasts 'trashy' gossip sites
  118. Brad Pitt ‘thought Jennifer Aniston was a lesbian’
  119. Prince Charles takes Camilla Parker-Bowles to see the reptilian space pope
  120. Reclusive Matrix director, Larry Wachowski, steps out in Los Angeles
  121. Katie Holmes: Suri "loves being a princess"
  122. Brad Pitt takes boys to Niagara Falls
  123. Beyonce Knowles: I'm not ready to be a mom right now
  124. Joel Madden forced to cover up tattoos on British Airways
  125. Tori Spelling: On shaving your pubes while pregnant
  126. Former Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie body guard Mickey Brett selling a tell all
  127. More brain nuggets from Miss California. Dumbass.
  128. Helen Mirren calls for brothel legalisation
  129. Michael Caine blasts UK tax rises as 'the limit'
  130. Paris Hilton plans Africa trip
  131. Burglars tie up woman, flee when they realise she's married to Dolph Lundgren
  132. Katie Price finishes London Marathon swathed in bandages
  133. A baby on the way for Monty Python star Terry Jones
  134. Casey Aldridge charged in single car crash
  135. Salma Hayek's French wedding
  136. Jennifer Aniston & J. Lo feuding as they BOTH make film about trying to get pregnant
  137. Ronnie Wood snubs party, chance of family reconciliation as girlfriend not invited
  138. Sophie Dahl on how she first ate herself fat, then thin, then happy
  139. 'I'm not a funny guy, but Ricky Gervais - now he's funny,' says Ben Stiller
  140. Benji Madden & Kat Von D a new couple?
  141. Mischa Barton wants Shakespearean role
  142. Forbes names Madonna Hollywood's hardest working mom
  143. Britney Spears struggling with dance routines
  144. Beth Ditto opens up to 'Blackbook'
  145. Lindsay Lohan gets friendly with America Ferrera
  146. Keira Knightley is a foodie
  147. Rihanna wants cops to return $1 million in jewelry
  148. Is Lost's Henry Ian Cusick a creepy lady molester?
  149. Jodie Marsh has turned back into a peen lover
  150. Michael Keaton talks about new film
  151. Bea Arthur dead at 86 (Golden Girl)
  152. Denise Richards tries to strike up a conversation with Heather Locklear
  153. Salma Hayek's email account hacked
  154. Nathan Collins major witness in Anna Nicole Smith drug trial is also an addict
  155. Mel Gibson's second family exposed! & other cheating allegations.
  156. Beyonce Knowles collecting food on tour
  157. Just in case you care, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas might be back together
  158. One of Britney Spears' extensions goes rogue
  159. Is Pamela Anderson having money problems?
  160. Gerard Butler & Jamie Foxx do not get along
  161. Val Kilmer selling 'animal haven' ranch for $33mil
  162. Nicole Scherzinger allegedly leaving Pussycat Dolls
  163. Douches and douches: Spencer Pratt meets Rod Blagojevich
  164. No one wants Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's "exclusive" wedding pics
  165. Is Tori Spelling lying about the amount she inherited? **WARNING Fugasaurus Pic **
  166. Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle gets dye job, makeover
  167. Eminem's mother, Debbie Nelson, 'calls for reconciliation from deathbed'
  168. John Travolta seeks solitude in Tahiti
  169. Kim Kardashian: Miss California is 'narrow-minded'
  170. Jennifer Lopez on kids: Emme has my attitude, Max has my mouth
  171. Gwyneth Paltrow's one fat friend is Mario Batali
  172. Jay Leno hospitalized
  173. Samantha Ronson on relationship with Lindsay Lohan: "It's complicated"
  174. Russell Crowe saved Brad Pitt's a$$
  175. Hayden Panettiere robbed
  176. In Touch Weekly claims Brad Pitt moved out
  177. Robert Pattinson may be hooking up with Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed
  178. Ellen DeGeneres tells Lindsay Lohan to consider "getting away"
  179. Tony Romo tells Jessica Simpson no marriage until she stops drinking
  180. Does Angelina Jolie want to adopt & raise a child with her brother?
  181. Katie Holmes can’t give up smoking due to stress
  182. Terrence Howard: Iron Man execs made "very, very bad choice"
  183. Russell Crowe praises Sienna Miller
  184. Rihanna and Chris Brown still together?
  185. Michelle Pfeiffer: 'Stars don't ask for paps'
  186. Director Ron Howard defends "Angels & Demons"
  187. Susan Boyle's kissing confession
  188. Hugh Jackman addresses gay rumors
  189. Elton John and David Furnish are too busy for kids
  190. Fred Durst announces engagement on Twitter
  191. Kara DioGuardi discusses battle with eating disorder
  192. Family want Tori Spelling in rehab for her extreme weight loss
  193. So much for that break..Angelina Jolie's new role
  194. Madonna's vag queefs orders to staff to keep her adoption target 'healthy'
  195. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel ham it up for the Kiss Cam
  196. Faith Hill is fine with aging, will ‘run miles for a fried pork chop’
  197. Studios spend millions for Tom Cruise-demanded script re-writes
  198. Octomom Nadya Suleman was stripper for over a year, used the alias “Angelina”
  199. Angie Harmon defends Miss California
  200. Beyonce Knowles' unedited board feed
  201. Britney Spears might be pregnant again y'all
  202. Britney Spears - real estate shopping in.... NEW JERSEY! (Condolences MrsV!)
  203. Gavin Rossdale's love affair with 'Marilyn'
  204. Rihanna police photo as... art?!
  205. Rihanna: Ready to hit the road?
  206. Judge refuses to allow Rod Blagojevich to join reality show in Costa Rica
  207. Miley Cyrus finally has it right, supports gay marriage
  208. Mia Farrow plans hunger strike over Darfur
  209. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Splitting from fiance was "really painful"
  210. Condoleezza Rice secretly meets with American Idol's Randy Jackson
  211. Mike Tyson speaks out on Chris Brown: "He's just a baby"
  212. Dog The Bounty Hunter almost got shot
  213. Billy Bob Thornton on radio rant: ‘gave humpback geeks something to do’
  214. Michael Jackson: Masked antique shopper
  215. Lindsay Lohan hooking up with “a different man every night”
  216. Jennifer Hudson is pregnant??
  217. 'I considered helping Jade Goody end her life' says her Mum
  218. Kate Winslet wins beauty title
  219. Bill Murray hits woman with golf ball
  220. Jamie Foxx on thin ice over vodka suit
  221. Isla Fisher pines for Australia
  222. Tommy Lee 'meets girl on the internet'
  223. Lindsay Lohan wanted to be like Britney Spears
  224. Meet the Gibson family
  225. Singer/actress Jill Scott gives birth to baby boy
  226. LeAnn Rimes: I love Dean Sheremet "dearly"
  227. Dame Helen Mirren and Russell Crowe share a kiss at UK premiere of State of Play
  228. Dave Grohl and wife welcome second daughter
  229. David Blaine is engaged
  230. Julie Chen is pregnant
  231. Michelle Rodriguez "flips out" at friends' wedding
  232. Trainer: Madonna going back to the gym tomorrow after horse accident
  233. Whoopi Goldberg: Patrick Swayze "doesn't know when it's going to happen"
  234. Celebrity backlash as Oprah joins Twitter
  235. The Vadge would not be denied: Madonna adoption appeal set for May 4
  236. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt to get married – again
  237. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal's steamy getaway
  238. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Fact or Fiction?
  239. Tori Spelling on her instant love connection with also-married Dean McDermott on set
  240. Chris Brown and Rihanna spend the night together
  241. Lindsay Lohan in negotiations to star in a topless strip show
  242. Heather Mills not done complaining about $33.6M divorce settlement
  243. Spencer Pratt challenges Ashton Kutcher to a douche-off
  244. Jennifer Garner seeing a sex therapist
  245. A Married With Children reunion
  246. Brooke Hogan films her new music video
  247. Lindsey Lohan and Mel B - new BFF?
  248. Criss Angel vs Perez Hilton: douche fight
  249. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie go grocery shopping in New York suburbs
  250. Lord have mercy: Russell Crowe looking hot and svelte on ‘Nottingham' set