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  1. Katie Price blames marital problems on hormones; wants more kids
  2. NSFW Paparazzi take upskirt pics of Jessica Simpson..too far?
  3. Octomom Nadya Suleman seeking to trademark media nickname
  4. Mel Gibson's 24-year-old lover confirms their "union"
  5. Douchebag Spencer Pratt wants to be governor of California
  6. Candy Spelling says daughter Tori spelling ‘plays the victim’
  7. Long Island mothers dress up for Brad Pitt sightings
  8. Jennifer Aniston’s dad says he wants grandchildren
  9. Woody Allen sex scandal to be brought up in court
  10. Hugh Hefner wants Holly Madison to look for love again
  11. Is Heidi Klum pregnant?
  12. Jessica Simpson's mom calls her "top heavy"
  13. Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi's American Idol war
  14. Star: Angelina Jolie gets pregnant to keep Brad Pitt from sexy nannies
  15. Hulk Hogan “I totally understand O.J. Simpson”
  16. Rod Blagojevich to join reality tv show
  17. National Enquirer: Britney Spears getting married again y'all!
  18. Lost's Josh Holloway (the hottest man ever!) is a daddy!
  19. Drew Barrymore & former flame Fabrizio Moretti still best friends
  20. Lindsay Lohan hurls eggs at photographers
  21. Lil Wayne speaks to Playboy about losing his virginity
  22. Sarah Jessica Parker was a 15 year old cokewhore
  23. Desperate Housewives creator:Nicolette Sheridan played an "aging tramp" to perfection
  24. Lil' Kim - "Marc Jacobs wrote me every week in prison"
  25. Britney Spears fantards shave off their hair for tix to her circus
  26. LOL John Mayer’s trick to keep Jessica Simpson quiet
  27. Vanessa Hudgens, beard, talks about her friendship purse
  28. Zac Efron gives his 17 year old self advice
  29. John Mayer’s trick to keep Jessica Simpson quiet
  30. Nick Lachey thinks Vanessa Minnillo is the reason his career sucks
  31. Will Smith's hooked on Lady GaGa
  32. Jennifer Love Hewitt takes bubble baths wearing a tiara
  33. Paris Hilton’s outrage at not being comped ‘WTF, I’m Paris Hilton!’
  34. Jenna Jameson says secret to easy labor is 500 sit ups
  35. Justin Timberlake on Jessica Biel: ‘we have a natural way… together’
  36. Russell Crowe says journalists ‘trivialize’ the news
  37. Megan Fox engagement back on, but won’t marry Brian Austin Green
  38. Madonna shells out $40 million for Manhattan home
  39. Courteney Cox breaks up with Jennifer Aniston
  40. Gwyneth Paltrow wants another baby
  41. Lindsay Lohan creates eHarmony profile
  42. 4th marriage and soon to be 4th divorce for Pamela Anderson
  43. Marlee Matlin was in rehab when she received Oscar nom, says William Hurt was abusive
  44. Candy Spelling reaches out to daughter Tori Spelling
  45. Angelina Jolie is world’s top beauty — Vanity Fair poll
  46. Jamie Foxx to Miley Cyrus: ‘Make a sex tape and grow up’
  47. Melanie Griffith takes supporting role as Antonio Banderas enjoys Easter parade
  48. My eating disorder hell, by Monica Seles
  49. Kisses and hugs for little Sunday Rose as Nicole Kidman takes her to Australia
  50. Tori Spelling: I love my mother
  51. Lindsay Lohan gets Marilyn Monroe quote tattoo
  52. Shauna Sand gets estranged hubby arrested
  53. Ack! Another Duggar baby is on the way!
  54. Tila Tequila's Twitter death hoax
  55. Miley Cyrus says "Alice in Wonderland" is perverted
  56. Charlize Theron compares US marriage laws to apartheid
  57. LeAnn Rimes thinks people are fascinated by her personal life
  58. Mariah Carey spotted at IVF clinic
  59. Aww Toothy and Grey Goose all loved up: Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols biking
  60. Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler don't know when to quit: back together
  61. Britney Spears back in court?
  62. Joe Francis needs to expand his vocabulary
  63. Madonna releases moody picture of herself cradling Mercy James
  64. Geri Halliwell already moved on to new boyfriend Just after four weeks
  65. Alex Rodriguez dating another butch looking woman
  66. Verdict reached in Phil Spector murder trial, expected to be announced at 1:30pmPT
  67. Adult film star Marilyn Chambers dies at 56
  68. Mel Gibson's wife files for divorce--FINALLY!
  69. David Arquette worried Courteney Cox is too close to her hot co-star
  70. Chris Brown has a new chick to beat the hell out of
  71. IUC reporting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finished
  72. Deep thoughts with Jessica Simpson
  73. Ian McKellen 'struggled' with Daniel Day-Lewis on set
  74. Heather Mills: 'I'll clear my name against lies'
  75. Amy Winehouse plays with local children on the beach in St Lucia
  76. Madonna makes adoption plea to Malawi newspaper
  77. Cougar Kim Cattrall and younger boyfriend disagree on babies
  78. (VIDEO) Zac Efron gets dissed by KayvonTV...Funny!
  79. Christina Applegate, smoking like a ho in church on Easter Sunday
  80. Nadya Suleman covers up her babies as she takes them for a walk in the park
  81. 'I'm a victim of child abuse,' reveals Tim Roth
  82. Angelina Jolie jealous of Natalie Portman
  83. Kylie Mingoue: £40k holidays take years off the pop princess
  84. Ryan O'Neal possibly found with drugs again
  85. Samantha Ronson's song dedication
  86. Joel Madden: Why I love Nicole Richie
  87. Zombies are after Woody Harrelson
  88. Oprah Winfrey defends her sex school
  89. Blake Fielder-Civil to be a daddy; Amy Winehouse not the mummy lol
  90. Bow Wow's tranny lover exposed (some slightly NSFW photos of alleged lover)
  91. Baby brainwashing begins - Suri Cruise to start five-days-a-week Scientology training
  92. Shanna Moakler gloats over Lindsay Lohan's problems
  93. Katie Holmes has a change of heart about another baby
  94. Samantha Ronson already has a new girlfriend
  95. Eva Mendes: Marriage “hasn’t interested me”
  96. Jennifer Lopez jumps out of her seat to dance at Skeletor husband's show
  97. Former Power Rangers star sentenced to death
  98. Amy Winehouse wants you to know she's still relevant, and dating her bodyguard
  99. Lindsay Lohan hits three clubs in one night — and dyes her hair (again)
  100. David Caruso sued by ex-girlfriend for abuse
  101. Alec Baldwin dating former reality show contestant
  102. Dionne Warwick, Burt Reynolds and Sinbad, all have large delinquent tax bill in CA
  103. EEW ‘90210′ star AnnaLynne McCord stinks…literally
  104. Lindsay Lohan is 'out of control' and 'needs help'
  105. Avril Lavigne falling down drunk… again
  106. Audrina Partridge denies plastic surgery rumors
  107. Bill O'Reilly upset over Eminem's Sarah Palin video
  108. Royal Society no match for Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and the rest of the idiot brigade
  109. Katie Lee Joel 'movin out' of Billy Joel's life??
  110. Jade Goody gets waxed whilst Jack Tweed plays golf
  111. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting!
  112. Courteney Cox is a mean rude bitch
  113. Angelina Jolie 'wants open relationship with Brad Pitt'
  114. Gwyneth Paltrow's fashion picks of the season
  115. John Travolta and Kelly Preston: how they're coping
  116. 'I wouldn't change my body if I could,' says Mischa Barton
  117. Ashlee Simpson shows off baby Bronx on Twitter
  118. Farrah Fawcett released from hospital
  119. Jennifer Aniston earned $27 million last year
  120. Nadya Suleman applying for WIC federal assistance to buy babies’ food
  121. Stevie Nicks on Lindsay Lohan playing her in film: "Over my dead body"
  122. Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson split -- again
  123. John Mayer breaks his Twitter fast, OK Magazine grants him a wish
  124. Kanye West is sad everyone thinks he is a douche
  125. Montel Williams wants to run for public office...down the road
  126. Heidi Montag and Spencer’s Pratt fake breakup is coming: they have a tabloid contract
  127. Kathy Griffin rips Chris Brown and P. Diddy, won’t make fun of Lindsay Lohan
  128. Brad Pitt takes his boys to Long Island Dunkin Donuts, yes, this is news
  129. Carey Hart & Pink are back together: ‘we’re working sh*t out’
  130. Jennifer Lopez has a room devoted to thousands of dollars worth of wigs
  131. Naomi Campbell says her body can no longer take alcohol or cocaine
  132. Miley Cyrus says boyfriend Justin Gaston has brought her ‘closer to the Lord’
  133. Britney Spears stops concert due to smoke
  134. Full Us Weekly interview with Lindsay Lohan
  135. Rupert Everett mocks gay men as tiresome, egocentric & vain
  136. Prince and Salma Hayek make sweet ... music
  137. Hilary Duff and Jennifer Love Hewitt in feud over Jamie Kennedy LOL
  138. Jack Wrangler, gay porn idol, dies at 62
  139. NBC threatening to dump Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay from SVU
  140. Charlie Sheen's preemie son now home with twin & Mom
  141. Ashlee Simpson is home while Pete Wentz tries to prove he's not gay in Las Vegas
  142. Patrick Swayze 105 pounds
  143. Victoria Beckham to appear on "Sponge Bob Square Pants" episode
  144. Billy Bob Thornton goes off -- Don't call me an actor!
  145. New report: Jennifer Aniston initiated divorce, not Brad Pitt
  146. Whitney Houston suing stepmom
  147. ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ wants to work with Jennifer Aniston
  148. Sarah Jessica Parker divorce rumors start up again
  149. Chris Brown is “a mess”; depressed and drinking too much
  150. Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson might be engaged, getting married in June
  151. Madonna's new piece
  152. Peaches Geldof behaves like an idiot & is surprised when someone reacts back
  153. Bruce Springsteen named as the other man in couple’s divorce filing
  154. Amber Rose calls Kanye West a nympho and says she's over him
  155. Nicole Kidman says Sunday Rose loves Las Vegas
  156. Britney Spears & Kevin Federline are back together, having sex everywhere
  157. Britney Spears' latest stage outburst
  158. Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy share Keith Urban crush
  159. Levi Johnston calls Sarah Palin a liar; says he's not white trash
  160. Clay Aiken joins America's Next Top Model cast
  161. Kate Moss won't write cokebook, err, cookbook
  162. Kanye West devastated no longer; makes fragrance deal
  163. Halle Berry says Gabriel Aubry is her mojo
  164. Courteney Cox’s sitcom too dirty for TV
  165. Line up behind me: David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff is looking for "The One"
  166. Jade Goody's mother in graveside Bible reading session
  167. Lindsay Lohan as orange as a carrot and her pupils were as big as quarters
  168. Josh Hartnett crashes a private party
  169. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green set to buy beach home
  170. Lindsay Lohan in tears: I'm in "absolute hell"
  171. Jessica Simpson ignores Eminem’s video parody
  172. Solange Knowles DROPPED from label? Mathew Knowles backstabs Kelly Rowland?!
  173. Zac Efron: 'Parents should be passionate about sex'
  174. Katie Price claims she turned down a Buckingham Palace lunch invitation
  175. Khloe Kardashian blasts Donald Trump for firing her
  176. Madonna donates money to Italian earthquake victims
  177. Harry Potter star Jamie Waylett, arrested for magic plant stash
  178. Nadya Suleman and kids to star in new reality show
  179. Kurt Cobain's estate robbed of $30 million cash & $500 million in real estate
  180. Sacrilege: Miley Cyrus records 'Imagine'
  181. Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie donate their kids' clothes to charity
  182. Angelina Jolie says she’s happy & fulfilled, she & Brad Pitt ‘collapse’ on sofa
  183. Aw! Stella McCartney takes Madonna out to dinner to cheer her up
  184. Tom Cruise 'spends 1m' on Suri's classes
  185. Drew Barrymore: the recluse?
  186. Michael Lohan "clears schedule" for Lindsay lohan
  187. Jessica Simpson dropped by her label?
  188. Kal Penn to work for President Obama
  189. Miley Cyrus' mom to media: Wish the break up was private
  190. Removal men shift Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's things as they relocate to LA
  191. Jessica Biel learning the ropes for film role as stripper
  192. Michael Parkinson: Jade Goody was "ignorant, puerile and no Princess Diana"
  193. Anna Kournikova takes part in triathlon
  194. New Terminator villain Helena Bonham Carter reveals her robotic face
  195. Amy Winehouse 'streaks through hotel after being told to cover up'
  196. Victoria Beckham's interview for Time Magazine
  197. Ronson family looks into restraining order against Lindsay Lohan
  198. Lindsay Lohan finally admits split from Samantha Ronson
  199. Tea Leoni giving David Duchovny another chance?
  200. Kendra Wilkinson didn't know you need stamps for mailing
  201. Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves are engaged
  202. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson split is getting ugly
  203. Father of Madonna orphan surfaces, wants to support child
  204. Robin Thicke peeing pants
  205. Oprah Winfrey still mad at Dr. Phil because of OctoMom interview
  206. Miley Cyrus doesn’t dig Robert Pattinson
  207. LeAnn Rimes attends Country Awards without husband
  208. Courteney Cox mistaken for Janice Dickinson
  209. Charlize Theron in no rush to have kids
  210. Mickey Rourke: The Wrestlemaniac
  211. Shocker of the week, Redmond O'Neal arrested for drug possession, AGAIN!
  212. Jon Voight: people say granddaughter Shiloh looks just like him
  213. Lindsay Lohan lashes out at 'cheating' Samantha Ronson
  214. Jessica Simpson: 'I was born wearing high heels'
  215. Amy Winehouse 'smoking banana peel'
  216. Madonna and Angelina Jolie spar over babies
  217. Trista (Bachelorette) & Ryan Sutter had their baby
  218. Toby Keith loses it on reporter
  219. Angelina Jolie collapses on set of Salt
  220. Horsing around: Amy Winehouse shows off her equestrian skills in St Lucia
  221. Are Guy Ritchie's 'hot dates' all just a PR stunt to prove he's over Madge?
  222. How poor Suri Cruise has become a style victim at just three years of age
  223. Multiple reports say Rihanna broke up with Chris Brown
  224. Sienna Miller 'tortured' by director John Maybury
  225. Tom Cruise is to remake 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'
  226. Lady Gaga breaks down during fan meeting
  227. Courtney Love's fury as removal man throws out her prized £8,000 ‘work of art’
  228. Lindsay Lohan gets locked out
  229. Shots fired at Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's wedding
  230. Seth Rogen wants you to know he hates your kids
  231. Devastated Madonna is met by Guy Ritchie as she arrives back in Britain
  232. Viggo Mortensen retiring?
  233. Celebrity choreographer, Alex Da Silva accused of raping 4 women
  234. Geri Halliwell yet again breaks another man's heart
  235. Kylie Minogue finally having a change of fortune? Singer moves in with Spanish lover
  236. Is Anne Hathaway making her Marc on Victoria Beckham's modelling job?
  237. Farrah Fawcett hospitalized, possibly dying
  238. Chris Brown to plead 'Not Guilty' of clocking Rihanna's widescreen fivehead
  239. Madonna is 'in pieces' and Lourdes upset after decorating nursery for new 'sister'
  240. Gwyneth Paltrow goops that shampoo causes cancer, ADHD, asthma and autism in children
  241. Jennifer Aniston wants new boyfriend to be a star athlete
  242. Jade Goody's funeral was today...
  243. Samantha Ronson bars Lindsay Lohan from party
  244. Dad: Rihanna's "back to herself again"
  245. Sacha Baron Cohen ridicules Madonna's adoption in outrageous Bruno movie
  246. Michael Jackson moving to a £1m mansion in a leafy London suburb?
  247. Harper's Bazaar editor grows tired of never-ending celebrity party
  248. Scarlett Johansson getting paid only $400,000 for Ironman 2
  249. Stella McCartney's £300,000 crystal horse tribute to her mother
  250. Madonna: Did the private jet and displays of wealth turn a nation against her?