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  1. In case you cared: Dr Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson AND has a mistress/baby
  2. Emmy Rossum divorces secret husband
  3. Candy Spelling: Tori Spelling shouldn't complain about money, she’s got plenty
  4. Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson “reassured” me his marriage wasn’t happy
  5. Simon Cowell to get $45 million for Idol, sorry Paula Abdul
  6. Bradley Cooper & Renée Zellweger - kissing couple
  7. This is news: Kate Gosselin is cunty
  8. Britney Spears' cheetolings have an impressive vocabulary
  9. Jennifer Hudson has baby boy
  10. Classy Jaime Pressly peeing in the street for a dare
  11. Succubus Kate Hudson goes public with her baseball star beau A-Rod
  12. Musical parody about Madonna's controversial adoption of Malawian orphan Mercy
  13. Tom Cruise's son to take starring role in Hollywood remake of Red Dawn
  14. Keanu Reeves smells and looks like a homeless man as he pushes a shopping cart
  15. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's first public appearance since May
  16. Mischa Barton bounces back to work days after leaving psychiatric ward
  17. Katie Jordan Price wants a baby with new beau.. or is she dumping him?
  18. Bradley Cooper and Rene Zellweger go to Spain together
  19. Jeremy Piven and Chris Kattan have a bitch fight
  20. Linda Hogan says having a younger man makes her feel sexy
  21. Ghandi comes back to life to skullfuck Heather Mills for comparing herself to him
  22. More Gosselin fuckery: Kate Major responds to Kate Gosselin. So stupid
  23. Kelly Clarkson's Photoshopped Self magazine cover
  24. Miley Cyrus Teen Choice Awards stripper pole act "about my roots"
  25. Tracy Morgan divorcing long suffering wife..
  26. Ashton Kutcher compares Demi Moore to a hamburger
  27. Kathy Griffin's date to the Teen Choice Awards is: Levi Johnston?!
  28. Kate Gosselin says she still wears her wedding ring so as to not upset her kids
  29. Olivia Newton-John's 'dead' ex-lover sends letter from Mexico saying he is alive
  30. Perez Hilton will not apologize for being an awful person
  31. Peter Andre: Katie Price let our four-year-old see her in bed with another man
  32. Actor Tom Sizemore arrested again
  33. Sex And The City star Willie Garson adopts 8 year old boy, makes odd comment?
  34. Elizabeth Hasselbeck has 3rd child. Exciting stuff
  35. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes take a stroll in Melbourne with Suri
  36. John Mayer's glamorous date
  37. Cheech Marin marries
  38. Kimberly Stewart's new acting 'career' suffers a setback as Poirot role falls through
  39. "I'm Paris' dad" claims Michael Jackson's close friend Mark Lester
  40. Pamela Anderson: 'Sex keeps me sexy'
  41. Robert Pattinson: Sneaking out of Kristen Stewart’s room
  42. Sienna Miller wants to be like Johnny Depp
  43. Jessica Simpson's mom: Family still "likes" Tony Romo after breakup
  44. Kate Moss presents "The Rock Chick Diet"
  45. Victoria Beckham not impressing American Idol contestants
  46. Angelina Jolie turns to her brother James Haven & son Maddox in tough times
  47. Kevin Federline's growing belly makes him rich
  48. Kat Von D hired casting agency to get clients
  49. Ashlee Simpson is too important for you
  50. Samantha Ronson convinces Lindsay Lohan to go to counseling
  51. Jada Pinkett Smith talks about her amazing “risky” sex life - again
  52. Katie Holmes’ shopping binges make Nicole Kidman look like a coupon-clipper
  53. Shakira talks about a woman's animalistic urges
  54. Elle nearly gave up on Lindsay Lohan cover shoot
  55. Constantine Maroulis gets his ass beat defending Paula Abdul
  56. Snoop Dogg is too lazy to hold his own umbrella
  57. Daniel Baldwin and his wife Joanne welcome a baby girl
  58. JFK sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver critically ill
  59. Cocaine contributed to Billie Mays' death!
  60. Amy Winehouse sucks her thumb for comfort after turbulent month
  61. Samantha Burke, model pregnant by Jude Law, shows off her baby bump in online diary
  62. Thank God Twitter's back! Now Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher can tell us more crap
  63. After 11 years, how does Cindy Crawford keep her marriage so fresh?
  64. Heidi Montag's Playboy cover - they let horses pose for this magazine?
  65. Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite? Possibly NSFW
  66. Gerard Butler wants a smart woman. No, wait, he wants a dumb woman.
  67. Would Jennifer Aniston get ugly for an Oscar?
  68. Gwyneth Paltrow teaches peasants/roaches to make salads
  69. Anne Hathaway replaces Keira Knightley as ‘Best Actress Under 30′
  70. Is Katie Holmes waiting for a hit movie before she has another baby?
  71. Joaquin Phoenix is still crazy, raps in a dressing room & buys a cape
  72. Sharon Osbourne: ‘Being ugly made me successful’
  73. Tom Cruise gives daughter $50k makeover
  74. Want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow? Cover yourself in sugar, coffee, oatmeal & honey
  75. 'Marilyn Monroe miscarried after falling pregnant with my child,' claims Tony Curtis
  76. Noah Cyrus preserves the Cyrus legacy
  77. Katie Price (Jordan) mocks ex Peter Andre for taking his kids strawberry picking
  78. John Hughes, age 59, dies of a heart attack
  79. Jessica Simpson helps Ken Paves celebrate his birthday
  80. Jennifer Aniston's house is the best restaurant in L.A.
  81. Victim speaks out about Dr. Phil’s sexual abuse
  82. Ashley Olsen is surprised she didn't end up like Britney Spears
  83. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler airlifted to hospital after fall
  84. Will Smith fires teacher from his Scientology school for opposing its quack methods
  85. Ricky Martin tweets pic of his baby's first bath
  86. Jon Gosselin douches out: "I'm tired of being blamed"
  87. Juliette Lewis reminds us she used to date Brad Pitt
  88. Queen of all Gwyneth Paltrow overheard calling photographers “roaches” at event
  89. O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend is afraid of him getting released from prison
  90. Brad Pitt likes to bang his "soulmate" in the pool
  91. Kimora Lee Simmons talks about newborn son Kenzo Lee Honsou
  92. NSFW Vanessa Hudgens does it again, titty version
  93. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer engaged
  94. Leonardo DiCaprio is single and beefier than ever
  95. Tyler Perry takes kids kicked out of Philadelphia camp to Disney World
  96. Paula Abdul is done with American Idol
  97. Kate Gosselin wig for Halloween is sold out
  98. Brooke Hogan offered job with WWE
  99. Jessica Simpson: I've always struggled with my body
  100. Oh Cheesus, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan hang out together again
  101. Lindsay Lohan vows to fight human trafficking crisis
  102. 57-year-old designer Tommy Hilfiger becomes a father for the 5th time
  103. Griffin O'Neal - rips into Dad Ryan on Larry King video
  104. Jennifer Aniston-How can this be the girl nobody wants to love?
  105. Six things men can learn from Jon Gosselin
  106. Jenna Jameson poses for Peta in 'Pleather Yourself' campaign
  107. Naomi Sims, groundbreaking African-American model, passes away at 61
  108. Katherine Jackson denies Joe Jackson was horrible to his kids-he's a good granddad
  109. Michael Douglas' son Cameron arrested in Meth bust
  110. Jessica Simpson: New lingerie line is "feminine and sexy"
  111. Kate Moss ‘argues with beau over rabbitskin’
  112. Tom Cruise — relationship guru!
  113. Brad Pitt jokes that Angelina Jolie makes him “miserable”
  114. Vanity Fair: Ryan O’Neal & Farrah Fawcett were Brangelina of 1970s
  115. Jessica Biel debuts ‘Guys & Dolls’ musical
  116. Hottest dude on the planet, Shemar Moore, hit by a car. NOOO
  117. Russell Crowe, Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie help Coco Sumner celebrate her 19th b'day
  118. Reese Witherspoon is Elton John's Tiny Dancer
  119. All aboard the crazy train part 2: Mischa Barton parties after psychiatric hospital
  120. George Clooney introduces Italian girlfriend to his pals
  121. Jack Nicholson's still quite the party animal getting freaky
  122. All aboard the crazy train! Britney Spears goes bleach blonde like Lindsay Lohan
  123. 'Thieves' *cough Lindsay* steal £24,000 of gems from Lindsay Lohan photo shoot
  124. Ryan O'Neal tried to hit on Tatum O'Neal at Farrah Fawcett's funeral
  125. Naomi Campbell strikes again: leaves photographer hospitalized
  126. Courtney Love is taking human growth hormones to halt the ageing process
  127. How Richard Burton made Errol Flynn look like a monk
  128. Milla Jovovich: Model, actress, musician, martial arts expert, zombie killer
  129. Ali Larter ties the knot
  130. Jaime Pressly is engaged
  131. Mark Wahlberg gets married
  132. Your next book: Former manager writing a tell all on Paris Hilton...
  133. Nicole Richie to name baby after Michael Jackson
  134. Quentin Tarantino’s Basterds ‘Wall Of Shame’ featuring Brad Pitt with a dildo
  135. Brad Pitt yells at “irresponsible” Angelina Jolie because she took Maddox to Iraq
  136. Katie Holmes is “grateful” that Tom Cruise is leaving her the hell alone
  137. Jessica Simpson is layzi
  138. Sarah and Todd Palin are splitsville!
  139. Katherine Heigl caused the controversial 17-hour day on the set of 'Grey's Anatomy
  140. The only man who hasn't told Miley Cyrus she's a gummytard is Jesus, so she lurvs him
  141. Unable to queef about other topics, Ashton Kutcher drones on about his stupid wife
  142. Gwyneth Paltrow shits glitter and sunshine thanks to a pumpkin seed detox
  143. Kanye West just assumes he's the new king of pop cuz nobody told him he wasn't
  144. Skank Paris Hilton is back together with one of her douches
  145. Lindsay Lohan spends 11 hours going blonde, is back with Samantha Ronson
  146. Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan pitching reality show: Divorced Dads’ Club
  147. Jessica Simpson is going to bankrupt Vh1
  148. Rupert Everett denies he has had a face lift
  149. 'There was something missing in my life': Madonna explains her attraction to Kaballah
  150. Ashton Kutcher: ‘I’m still disruptive’
  151. Sienna Miller had a breakdown
  152. Jessica Biel’s superior athleticism mortifies poor Justin Timberlake
  153. Mel Gibson’s girlfriend mocks his baldness, says he needs “more implants”
  154. The "Trolling Cowardly Pigs" ruined Twitter for Trent Reznor
  155. Scarlett Johansson to play Marilyn Monroe in upcoming biopic
  156. Seth Rogen: Katherine Heigl is a hypocrite
  157. Gwyneth Paltrow is a gift
  158. Kate Gosselin:"I'm going to do things I've never done before"
  159. Eminem is angry
  160. 'Burn Notice' star Jeffrey Donovan arrested for DUI!
  161. Jessica Simpson upsets a minority group by being stupid, just another day really...
  162. Kate Gosselin buys condo near bodyguard and other changes
  163. Tameka Raymond talks Usher and love
  164. Roseanne Barr goes too far: "Burnt Jew Cookies"
  165. Mad Mel Gibson takes on photographer, prompts police report
  166. Kenny Chesney: Jessica Simpson didn't flirt with me
  167. Sisqó impregnates a 14 year old groupie
  168. Has Sienna Miller's on/off lover Balthazar Getty reconciled with his estranged wife?
  169. Huge slut Jude Law expecting his fourth child
  170. Eddie Izzard sets off on 1,000-mile seven-week marathon
  171. Madonna calls Guy Ritchie her “eternal love”
  172. Maggie Gyllenhaal doesn’t take parenting tips
  173. Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh & Zahara toy shopping
  174. Scarlett Johansson on Gwyneth Paltrow: “She’s out of the loop”
  175. Marilyn Manson threatens journalists who criticize him
  176. Jessica Biel compares herself to Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett
  177. Paris Hilton warns young girls of sex tape mistake
  178. Shakira is desperate to "reproduce"
  179. Tony Romo brought other woman to Jessica Simpson's concert
  180. Jennifer Love Hewitt begs for a part in Twilight, gets giddy over Rober Pattinson
  181. Brad Pitt enjoys the fine German beer until 2 a.m.
  182. Do not ask Kid Rock if he Twitters
  183. Scarlett Johansson to quit smoking to prove she’s the world’s happiest wife
  184. What do Kate Gosselin and Madame Medusa have in common?
  185. Miley Cyrus resorts to Batgirl cosplay for her 'Batman' audition with Warner Bros.
  186. Lauren Conrad's book 'L.A. Candy' may be a movie & says she wrote it, like for sure
  187. Eva Mendes catches verbal diarrhea from Megan Fox & whinges about her sexy body
  188. Men finally come to their senses and tire of Megan Fox overexposure
  189. Katie Price unveils a new pink mobile palace for herself and her horses
  190. Bryce Dallas Howard replacing Rachelle Lefevre in ‘Eclipse’
  191. Kelly Clarkson's new single controversy: All She Never Wanted
  192. Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray Cyrus says he’s her friend first, then her dad
  193. George Clooney’s latest “girlfriend” is Elisabetta Canalis
  194. Tobey Maguire’s mother & brother get a reality show
  195. Ryan Reynolds bailed on Comic-Con after fight with Scarlett Johansson
  196. Bolleas kiss and make peace
  197. Blythe Danner: Gwyneth Paltrow is a genius who could have cured AIDS
  198. *Shocking* Amy Winehouse 'stole cocaine from Kate Moss's handbag'
  199. Now we can all sleep on Eva Mendes' linens
  200. Madonna love notes up for sale
  201. Revolutionary choreographer Merce Cunningham dead
  202. Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle call it quits
  203. Boy George rejected by Hare Krishnas for being gay
  204. Tony Romo has a sign up banning Jessica Simpson from his property
  205. CoCo shares some klassy pics of herself
  206. Reggie Bush doesn't want Kim Kardashian's big ass any longer....
  207. Jennifer Lopez steals bitches phones, gets groped by Skeletor, looks fat probably
  208. Megan Fox takes a giant leap playing a sexy zombie, queefs existentially about self
  209. Lindsay Lohan to design own line of orange smeared crackpops for the food challenged
  210. Katie Holmes seconds from disaster as car bursts into flames on film set
  211. Orlando Bloom turns down next Pirates of the Caribbean film for girlfriend
  212. Kim Kardashian on having kids: It is such an unselfish and amazing thing to do
  213. Gwyneth Paltrow's parents wanted her to become a doctor
  214. Do Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore want to save Mischa Barton with Kabbalah?
  215. Newsweek asks “Why is Katherine Heigl so annoying?”
  216. Rupert Everett fired from Vanity Fair after calling male editor “fat”
  217. The night Amy Winehouse almost died in my arms of a drug overdose, by her ex husband
  218. Lindsay Lohan trying on shoes with dirty feet
  219. Lindsay Lohan STILL stalking Sam Ronson, waits on front steps until 5am for her
  220. Zac Efron queefs about how not-gay his grooming routine is; trannies die laughing.
  221. Brooke Hogan is living the dream
  222. John Mayer & Jessica Simpson have “unfinished business” in their pants
  223. Is Bar Refaeli pulling a ‘Single White Female’ on Gisele Bundchen?
  224. Lindsay Lohan told Mischa Barton she needed help last year
  225. Daniel Radcliffe loathes homophobia, Gordon Brown
  226. Stacey Ferguson's marriage on the rocks?
  227. Sienna Miller: ‘I don’t want people analyzing the shape of my muff!’
  228. Victoria Beckham refuses to leave Los Angeles
  229. Celebrity pap John Stoddart beats new wife Tory advisor Tara Hamilton-Miller
  230. Kerry Katona left 'distraught' as Mark Croft asks for divorce (again?)
  231. Candy Spelling writes a letter to Tori Spelling.. through TMZ
  232. Farrah Fawcett left the bulk of her £3.65million estate to her troubled son Redmond
  233. New BFF alert - Michelle Obama and Sarah Ferguson
  234. Jon Gosselin: "My heart is always with Hailey" Glassman
  235. Twinkly vamptard Robert Pattinson misplaced his douchemobile while filming crap
  236. Beyonce's sister, whatever her name is, shaved her head or some shit, who cares
  237. Marc Anthony proposed to Jennifer Lopez the minute the Ark of the Covenant opened
  238. Katherine Heigl wants to squirt out some bitchlings before her poon dries up
  239. Octomom (Nadya Suleman) kids will cash in on reality TV
  240. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick splitting. Broderick cheating. With chick!
  241. Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and their 'incredible chemistry'
  242. Madonna bribes kids not to smoke; Bonus: Lourdes is as annoying as her mother!
  243. Guilt-ridden John Travolta "in constant distress"
  244. John Travolta's rift with Scientology; still grief-stricken over son's death
  245. Tony Romo left Jessica Simpson in an IHOP parking lot in the middle of Texas
  246. Jennifer Lopez celebrates 40th birthday with giant cake at midnight
  247. Breaking news: Kate Gosselin takes off her wedding band
  248. No shit, Sherlock: LeAnn Rimes and husband are separated
  249. Paris Hilton: I'm not stupid and I'm not a slut
  250. Lindsay Lohan's career hits a new low - to design her own milkshake