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  1. Michael Jackson doesn't scare enough orphans, wants more surgery
  2. Christina Ricci engaged
  3. Clive Owen's daughters give him fashion advice
  4. Kristen Stewart hits up "Adventureland" premiere
  5. Shocking twist! American Idol is fixed.
  6. Oprah wants her best friend Gayle King to replace her in 2011
  7. Boo hoo John Mayer being melancholic on twitter lol
  8. Alex Rodriguez ducking Madonna's calls: Totally over her
  9. What Kanye West's arm candy Amber Rose likes more than anything
  10. Ellen DeGeneres talks marriage with her wife Portia de Rossi
  11. Salma Hayek says daughter Valentina is ‘a little dictator’
  12. Pete Wentz drinks his own urine, makes a video of it to share
  13. Kim Kardashian: "Leave Lindsay Lohan alone!"
  14. Natasha Richardson critically injured in ski accident
  15. Gianni Versace's villa's contents go on preview
  16. Jennifer Aniston: 'I dumped John Mayer'
  17. Jesus Luz's ex on Madonna: "She is a ridiculous old bag"
  18. Kylie and Dannii Minogue return home for bushfire charity concert
  19. Gisele Bundchen takes her dog and husband on honeymoon
  20. Robert Pattinson can't get laid in NYC
  21. Rihanna wants to get her life 'in order'
  22. Paris Hilton feels violated
  23. Madonna to perform with Britney Spears in New York
  24. Jennifer Lopez: 'I want more kids'
  25. David Spade donates $100,000 to help troops
  26. Gwyneth Paltrow knows hip-hop
  27. Manorexic Carson Daly is a dad. Big whoop.
  28. Madonna confirms she’s considering another Malawian adoption
  29. Britney Spear's pussay IS hanging out. Again. Bit NSFW
  30. Jenna Jameson has her twins
  31. Lindsay Lohan's off the hook--for now
  32. Denise Richards struggles to find a date
  33. Denise Richards - dancing diva
  34. Nobody wants to pay zillions to work out at Gwyneth Paltrow's stupid gym for bitches
  35. Jennifer Aniston says public relation stunt relationships are real complicated
  36. Britney Spears is a big fat cow and is forced to read the bible daily. MOO.
  37. Don Imus has cancer. Good thing he has that cancer ranch.
  38. Cops called to Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson fight
  39. Actor Ron Silver dies of cancer
  40. Mel Gibson doing what he does best: being bad
  41. Heather Mills buys Fish Cafe and takes fish off the menu
  42. Angelina Jolie 'sick of Jennifer Aniston talking about Brad Pitt
  43. Twin boys for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller
  44. Michael Jackson to have body stuffed by Dr Death?
  45. Sammy Davis Jr.'s widow Altovise Davis dies
  46. What? Lindsay Lohan went to Jack Nicholson's house at 1:45am!
  47. Drew Barrymore & Justin Long: back on!
  48. Janice Dickinson freaks out after photog asks if she's had a sex change
  49. LMAO: Blake Lively says Gossip Girl is holding her film career back
  50. Even Chris Brown's bodyguards are violent
  51. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes to buy Beckham home
  52. Kelly Clarkson continues to battle lesbian rumors
  53. Madonna 'living with Jesus Luz'
  54. Jennifer Lopez fights for a comeback
  55. Madonna (aka “It”) refuses to say Guy Ritchie’s name
  56. 'I once gave a guy a black eye for spurning my advances': Rose Byrne
  57. Sarah Jessica Parker: Scents and the sequel
  58. Clashing schedules mean Gwyneth Paltrow&Chris Martin won't see each other 'for weeks'
  59. Jesus Luz gets a taste of the real Madonna, by eating her macrobiotic diet
  60. Adam Duritz: Jennifer Aniston is 'hard work'
  61. Was John Mayer Jessica Simpson's abusive ex?
  62. Robert Pattinson: New role's 'naked stuff' uncomfortable
  63. Rihanna out and laughing with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Brandy. It's an intervention y'all..
  64. Warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan's arrest
  65. Katie Price and Peter Andre's car gets towed away
  66. I was a lousy mum: Sharon Osbourne
  67. Madonna "virtually the same age as Jesus Luz"
  68. Angelina Jolie pregnant? Move over Octomom!
  69. Jessica Simpson urges women to leave abusive men
  70. Pamela Anderson’s mother is living with her and driving her nuts
  71. New couple alert: Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy
  72. Adriana Lima's husband is being investigated for sexual assault
  73. Rihanna wants right to remain silent... in court
  74. "It was Rihanna's fault she got clocked" say half of teens polled
  75. Heathers: The Musical
  76. Mandy Moore's simple wedding has tears, romance
  77. Kate Moss is showing the children of the world how it's done
  78. Radiohead tell Miley Cyrus to grow up, threatened to be ruined?
  79. If Rihanna forgives Chris Brown, can he still face charges?
  80. Rihanna kicks it at karaoke without Chris Brown
  81. Octopussy Nadya Suleman: "I wasn't thinking rationally". LOL RLY?
  82. 'We've left children to rot, now they are animals': Michael Caine
  83. Howard K. Stern turns himself in
  84. 'Not a day goes by when I don't think of Mummy': Prince William describes his grief
  85. Paris Hilton meets her boyfriend's parents
  86. Jade Goody shares her wedding album
  87. Jennifer Aniston 'burning through money'
  88. Ricky Gervais gets down with Elmo
  89. Hayden Panettiere defends herself
  90. Adnan Ghalib to be deported
  91. David Hasselhoff bails ex-wife out of jail
  92. Neverland Ranch was filled with sculpted boys
  93. Madonna checks out Britney Spears' Circus show
  94. Peaches Geldof: Michael Jackson stroked me
  95. Jada Pinkett Smith to open a high school
  96. Tim Gunn & Anderson Cooper: secret ‘fabulous’ e-mail buddies
  97. Shiloh Pitt has an imaginary friend
  98. Britney Spears has a secret boyfriend, agent Jason Trawick
  99. Lily Allen snaps at the paps
  100. Scarlett Johansson & Mickey Rourke help raise iron curtain in Iron Man sequel
  101. Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer split — again?
  102. Gangsta rapper Joaquin Phoenix attacks heckler at hip-hop show
  103. Costars of insufferable bitch Katherine Heigl try to force her head to explode
  104. Jennifer Aniston hates ferrets
  105. Solange Knowles' tour bus crashes into deer
  106. Tyra Banks reveals her abusive relationship
  107. Would you bid for Kerry Katona's breast? She auctions single implant on eBay
  108. What keeps Tina Turner rocking?
  109. Marcia Cross bans her daughters from eating junk food
  110. Britney Spears: 'Kevin Federline is fat & lacks ambition'
  111. Madonna eyes $38m New York townhouse
  112. Katie Holmes designing children's clothing line
  113. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore in feud because of Jennifer Aniston
  114. Kelly Killoren Bensimon from Bravo reality TV in domestic violence complaint
  115. Angelina Jolie won't let Brad Pitt invite his mom to stay
  116. Anne Heche and James Tupper welcome baby boy named...Atlas?!?
  117. John Mayer to give Jennifer Aniston $3m engagement ring
  118. She's at it again: Tonya Harding lashes out at President Obama
  119. E! gave $250K to Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Foundation to apologize for Ryan Seacrest
  120. Robin Givens: Rihanna's story is "my story"
  121. Katie Holmes comes to her senses and gets a decent hairstyle.
  122. Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams are married
  123. Chris Brown's 'booty call' in Rihanna beating blamed on manager Tina Davis
  124. DJ AM -- spared from second plane crash
  125. Kelly Clarkson pees in the shower; John Mayer here's your new girl
  126. Suri Cruise & Shiloh Jolie Pitt's A-List playdate
  127. Star Magazine: Brad Pitt "caught" with the nanny
  128. Anthony Kiedis's son looks so much like Suri Cruise
  129. Jude Law gets drunk, gets groped
  130. Geri Halliwell breaks off engagement to Italian tycoon
  131. Jane Fonda returns to Broadway... 46 years after her last appearance
  132. Jade Goody set to return home to spend final days with her sons
  133. Michael Stipe 'flipped man out of his wheelchair'
  134. Jennifer Lopez: 'I understand Britney Spears' woes'
  135. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green 'enter counseling'
  136. Miley Cyrus reveals she has a heart condition
  137. Spice Girl Mel Chisholm debuts her baby girl
  138. Did Chris Brown threaten Usher and force him to retract his statements?
  139. Is Hayden Panettiere trying to get Milo Ventimiglia kicked off "Heroes"?
  140. Michael J. Fox is coming back to TV
  141. Next time, he'll kill you: Is Rihanna the new Nicole Brown Simpson?
  142. Lindsay Lohan's self tanner product ads
  143. Nickelodeon tards to give Chris Brown an award for crackin fiveheads or some shiz
  144. Lil' Kim hears voices of dead fatass rappers in her F'd up nightmare lookin bitchhead
  145. Gwyneth Paltrow is a bitch on set. JOHN MCCAIN WAS A P.O.W!?
  146. Ellen Degeneres confronts P Diddy on Chris Brown and Rihanna
  147. Ashton Kutcher attempts to steady a wobbly Demi Moore
  148. Britney Spears and the cheetolings at the pool
  149. James Franco takes a nap in class
  150. Rihanna and Chris Brown recording together today
  151. Jamie-Lynn Spears goes country
  152. Miley Cyrus caught breaking the law in disabled parking spot: video
  153. Three Britney Spears dancers fired for suspected drug use
  154. Lita Roza:How much is that Doggie in the window? Singer leaves money to dog charities
  155. Jennifer Aniston 'tried to ride childhood puppy'
  156. Paul McCartney takes new love Nancy Shevell to daughter Stella's Paris fashion show
  157. Rebecca Loos shows off her baby bump in photoshoot
  158. Laughter and tears as EastEnders and Co salute Wendy Richard
  159. Miley Cyrus thinks Angelina Jolie is like, super beautiful
  160. Shauna Sand's Playboy dreams for 9-year-old daughter
  161. Octopussy Nadya Suleman to get free nurses?
  162. Katie Holmes blames being skinny on not knowing how to cook
  163. Lindsay Lohan sips solo, ditches carpet with Sam Ronson
  164. Donald Trump: Rihanna "is a loser" to take Chris Brown back
  165. Octopussy Nadya Suleman's daddy buys her a new home
  166. Kelly Clarkson: I have "no desire" to have children
  167. Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou might be married
  168. Drew Barrymore interview in W: her estranged mom, new HBO show
  169. Jade Goody menaced by hospital intruder with hammer
  170. Hayden Panettiere goes off on reporters on a red carpet
  171. Paris Hilton's stupid boyfriend gives her a new dog for her birthday
  172. Jessica Simpson upset Tony Romo hasn't proposed
  173. Michael Jackson phones Jade Goody
  174. Oprah Winfrey's caution to Rihanna
  175. Britney Spears: "MAH PUSSY IS HANGING OUT!"
  176. Ashlee Simpson to star in new Melrose Place
  177. Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayer, shockingly might divorce
  178. Madonna to close the sea for Finland gig
  179. Some good news for Soj: Colin Farrell has had enough of women
  180. Martha Stewart's puppy dies
  181. Jessica Biel as Jessica Rabbit
  182. Rihanna 'makes Chris Brown join animal rescue program'
  183. NSFW Nicolette Sheridan flashes vag
  184. Slutfundie Miley Cyrus bares her gums and bores us to fuck about diddling a Jonas bro
  185. Mischa Barton has no problems horrifying us with her exoskeleton if it's for "art"
  186. Paris Hilton shoves some Doritos up her herpes ridden vag as a big F U to Jebus
  187. Gwyneth Paltrow shares her stupid pain like you give a fuck
  188. Britney Spears visits sick children in Miami
  189. Heath Ledger's Oscar goes to Michelle Williams, not the Ledger family
  190. You too can soon dress like Katie Holmes... well, maybe....
  191. Octomom Nadya Suleman's second publicist quits, calls her "nuts"
  192. The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft replaces Nancy O'Dell on "Dancing With The Stars"
  193. The Cruise family arrive in Tokyo
  194. DWTS Denise Richards hopes that women now hate her less but still loves the paps...
  195. Lindsay Lohan: 'I'm growing up'
  196. Angelina Jolie: brother bonding with James Haven
  197. Katie Holmes has to make weekly written confessions
  198. Is Madonna the world's most boring date? Star takes toyboy to Kabbalah again
  199. Britney Spears nearly pops out of her corset
  200. Dakota Fanning officially cast in New Moon
  201. Jade Goody says "final farewells"
  202. Kevin Federline to launch children's clothing line
  203. Jennifer Aniston: I have never been a woman who dreams about getting married and kids
  204. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel planning summer wedding
  205. Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel split again
  206. P Diddy didn’t know about Chris Brown/Rihanna reunion
  207. Lily Allen claims she’s completely broke, had to sell her BMW
  208. Lindsay Lohan changes outfits 3 times in 1 day to draw paparazzi attention
  209. Richard Grieco competing on CMT country music deal
  210. Zahara and Shiloh Pitt take their dad shopping
  211. Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler to wed again
  212. Seraphina Affleck makes her debut
  213. Michelle Rodriguez to pap: "How's the dick sucking going?"
  214. Michelle Obama poses on cover of Oprah Magazine
  215. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders send up Mamma Mia
  216. Michael Jackson mobbed as he takes his children to see Oliver!
  217. Football star, actor Brian Bosworth arrested for DUI
  218. 'I was kicked in the face by a horse and scarred for life,' reveals Sienna Miller
  219. Britney Spears takes her boys to Disney World
  220. Paris Hilton plays tonsil hockey
  221. Pamela Anderson pops out on Paris runway
  222. Nicole Richie screams at Tila Tequila to get away from her man
  223. Debbie Reynolds: Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie could be friends one day
  224. Coolio busted with crack
  225. Chris Brown in court. Rihanna doesn't ask for restraining order
  226. Police, spokesman: Amy Winehouse charged with assault
  227. Gwyneth Paltrow: The earth mother goes back to work
  228. Roger Daltrey: 'Don't put animals above ill children'
  229. Brad Pitt visits Capitol Hill, staffers go crazy
  230. Cameron Diaz shows moves in TV dance off
  231. Tom Felton stripped to the waist and covered in blood after day on set
  232. 'It's creepy having sex with someone the age of your children,' says Jerry Hall
  233. Victoria Beckham throws 10th birthday party for son Brooklyn
  234. Amy Winehouse shows off her healthier complexion
  235. Lindsay Lohan is pissed about Katie Holmes’ Glamour cover
  236. Paris Hilton orders $282k worth of diamonds for her Bentley’s dashboard
  237. Jennifer Aniston: “I’m totally over Brad Pitt”
  238. Snooping: Michael Strahan is doing it wrong
  239. Michael Jackson announces "This is it"...
  240. Zac Efron’s mom gave him condoms for Christmas
  241. Jennifer Aniston focuses on children
  242. Trouble in Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel paradise?
  243. Lily Allen wants to be a Bond girl
  244. Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols are biking buddies
  245. Vince Vaughn is engaged
  246. Rihanna's family cant get a hold of her
  247. Prince Charles named world's best dressed man
  248. Jon Gosselin plus 8 college chicks?
  249. 'Real Housewives of NYC' Bethenny Frankel and Alex Rodriguez?
  250. Blake Fielder-Civil dating a 16 year old