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  1. Michael Jackson 'spent millions on Peter Pan statues despite debt'
  2. Jon and Kate Gosselin say they're angry at media
  3. Monica Bellucci's Paris flat burgled
  4. Kevin Bacon mugged in NYC
  5. Whitney Houston to debut new album in 2009
  6. 'Jon & Kate Plus 8’ staged
  7. Mel Gibson's girlfriend confirmed pregnant
  8. Demi Moore shows her gap toothed grin
  9. Danielle Lloyd rushed to hospital with serious injuries following unprovoked attack!
  10. Brooke Shields wishes she hadn't waited until she was 22 to lose her virginity
  11. Delusional Mariah Carey isn't 40 or fat, but she's got a real shaved pussy ya'll!
  12. Jennifer Aniston pigs out and harrasses Courtney Cox after being dumped, big switch
  13. Lady Gaga would just DIE if nobody paid attention to her. Whatever, ho.
  14. Johnny Depp wants a belly, but Chris Martin couldn't possibly write music as a fatty
  15. Poor Puffin: Hugh Hefner to lose Playboy to Virgin?
  16. BREAKING WORLD NEWS - Hell has frozen over! Angelina Jolie eats chocolate cake. WOW!
  17. Jennifer Aniston’s dog Norman is a diva on set
  18. Melissa Gilbert accuses Shannen Doherty of cheating with her first husband
  19. Angelina Jolie thinks ‘nemesis’ Madonna adopts for fame
  20. Ewan Mcgregor doesn't spoil his kids
  21. Rachel Weisz says family comes first
  22. Katie Holmes can't wait to move to Australia
  23. Edie Falco’s dog inspired her to adopt
  24. Owen Wilson's diva behavior
  25. Robots can cry v2.0: Katie Holmes shows her emotional side at memorial concert in DC
  26. Denise Richards says she's dined with Charlie Sheen, wife Brooke Mueller & kids
  27. Kelly Rutherford and ex husband go to court over pottytraining son....
  28. Hollywood hunk Colin Farell set to be best man at his gay brother's wedding
  29. Paris Hilton and boyfriend thrown off a boat....party
  30. Furious Albanians give null points to ‘insulting’ Graham Norton
  31. Cameron Diaz dances up a storm but Kate Hudson steals her film role
  32. Better get your money back, fantards: Michael Jackson might have NOSE CANCER
  33. 'CSI' writer Sarah Goldfinger sued by couple over show's characters
  34. Brad Pitt says that he wants more kids
  35. Naomi Campbell celebrates 39th birthday: maybe to quit modeling?
  36. Gisele Bundchen is knocked up
  37. Joanna Lumley wins political victory for Gurkhas
  38. BBC ban Jonathan Ross from broadcasting live on the radio to avoid gaffes
  39. Pictured: Cancer-stricken Patrick Swayze poses with wife Lisa to combat death rumours
  40. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise join A-list crowd at American Idol finale
  41. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt crush rumours of a rift
  42. Hippy camper: Kate Moss parties with group of travellers before a countryside shoot
  43. Paris Hilton lost her BlackBerry with celeb numbers at Cannes. Idiot.
  44. Lawsuit against Paris Hilton stands
  45. Britney Spears sued by former bodyguard for negligence
  46. Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn call off the divorce . . . again
  47. Shock!! Heather Mills will NOT star in a video game
  48. British actress Lucy Gordon found dead in Paris
  49. Cameron Diaz doesn't flush the toilet
  50. Jennifer Aniston suffering from exhaustion
  51. Patrick Swayze's loving goodbye
  52. John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter goes to war with Elizabeth Edwards
  53. Simon Cowell's ex attacked by alleged stalker
  54. Kate Gosselin is a monster
  55. Shanna Moakler on what she thinks of Miss California
  56. Chad Lowe, girlfriend have baby girl
  57. SHOCKING! Michael Jackson cancels concerts. Did not see this coming!
  58. Natalie Cole receives kidney transplant
  59. Poem written by Bob Dylan at age 16 is actually song written by a Canadian singer
  60. Brad Pitt looking hot at the Inglourious Basterds photocall.....
  61. Exclusive: Angelina Jolie catches Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston!
  62. Tila Tequila is completely desperate
  63. Jimmy Kimmel tells it like it is at the ABC upfronts
  64. Goings on at Cannes: Paris Hilton is confused
  65. Audrina Patridge & Chris Pine: new couple?
  66. Patrick Swayze has died? (rumor is false!)
  67. LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian busted on another date
  68. Jessica Biel: Being so hot "is a problem"
  69. Cameron Diaz enjoys rebound date with rocker Adam Levine after split from Essex model
  70. Anna Wintour ordered Oprah Winfrey to lose 20lb before appearing on Vogue cover
  71. Penelope Cruz struck with food poisoning
  72. Brad Pitt: Arrives at Cannes without Angelina Jolie
  73. Hayden Panettiere and T4 dreamboat Steve Jones are dating
  74. Little Britain's got talent too: Matt Lucas is a dead ringer for Susan Boyle
  75. Angelina Jolie: ‘I’m a total mess’
  76. Paris Hilton wants Victoria and David Beckham to be godparents to her kids
  77. Jennifer Aniston addresses adoption rumors
  78. Scarlett Johansson & Gwyneth Paltrow ‘come to blows on Iron Man set’
  79. Director James Gray inspected Gwyneth Paltrow's tits
  80. Shane McGowan's new teef
  81. Pearl Jam bassist, Jeff Ament, mugged at recording studio
  82. Rapper Dolla is shot, killed at Beverly Center
  83. Ryan Reynolds tells Betty White to 'suck a hot cock' (humor)
  84. "Survivor" Ethan Zohn has cancer: Lymphoma
  85. Jamie Foxx 'in the running' to play Frank Sinatra
  86. Philippine senator angered by Alec Baldwin's joke
  87. Miley Cyrus soaks up sun in Bahamas - and hits back at her weight critics
  88. Fergie (Stacy Ferguson): 'I've experimented with women'
  89. Cynthia Nixon is engaged
  90. Sienna Miller splits from Balthazar Getty and moves onto Josh Hartnett
  91. The Gosselins celebrate sextuplets' birthday
  92. Drunken whores: Paris Hilton and Tara Reid edition
  93. That racist skank (Paris Hilton) gets punk'd - Tinkerbell is roadkill....
  94. Right, hands up for your vegan masterclass from Heather Mills
  95. I kissed a boy and I liked it: Katy Perry back with Travis McCoy
  96. Joss Stone ditches the hippy clothes & pink hair to play Anne of Cleves in The Tudors
  97. Britney Spears- What's in your wallet?!
  98. Estee Lauder to lose £1m due to Gwyneth Paltrow the lifestyle guru
  99. Farrah Fawcett: How my cancer 'miracle' cure has turned to heartbreak
  100. My hideous experience of domestic violence, by Strictly Come Dancing's Lisa Snowdon
  101. Stefani Germanotta - How a good convent girl went completely & utterly Gaga
  102. Jessica Simpson, Vanity Fair's cover interview
  103. Jennifer Aniston's wig costs $10,000
  104. Dita Von Teese peels off for Germany
  105. Embarrassment for Gordon Ramsay as 'mistress' appears on his U.S Hell's Kitchen
  106. Michael Jackson 'secretly fighting skin cancer', but the show will go on
  107. Cameron Diaz calls time on romance with British model
  108. Ted Nugent nuttier than squirrel shit; gives craziest interview to date
  109. Jean Harlow: The first Hollywood car crash?
  110. New Kids on the Block hangin' tough with fans on 3-day cruise
  111. Kate Gosselin drew up ’separation contract’ for Jon Gosselin to keep him on camera
  112. Dolly Parton wants to save Jessica Simpson’s country music career
  113. Tori Spelling will expose mom's sexual hijinks while Aaron Spelling was still alive
  114. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes will try in vitro because they want twins
  115. Drew Barrymore & Steven Spielberg are working on an ET sequel
  116. Adrien Brody’s girlfriend left him for Olivier Martinez
  117. Ashlee Simpson might be knocked up again
  118. Criss Angel: Pussy thief
  119. Brooke Shields: Tabloid checked my mother out of nursing home
  120. Iman: Michelle Obama is 'no beauty' but 'bright'
  121. Katherine Heigl killed off in Grey's season finale? - spoiler warning!
  122. Brad Pitt’s parents: ‘Dump Angelina Jolie!’
  123. Jennifer Aniston reveals "horrible" breakup story
  124. Kim Kardashian says plastic surgery is definitely in her future
  125. Glenn Close talks puppies and prisoners
  126. Tori Spelling was worried about raising a girl
  127. Barbra Streisand's affairs, sexual abuse revealed in ex's tell-all book
  128. What does this list of celebrities have in common with Paris Hilton?
  129. Gerard Butler charged in Paparazzi RocknRoll
  130. Janice Dickinson goes on rampage
  131. UsWeekly vs. InTouch: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stories are fabricated
  132. Leonardo DiCaprio might play Frank Sinatra
  133. John Mayer tried to pick up pop star by texting “let me tuck you in”
  134. Kate Gosselin’s brother says his sister is cheating, broke up w/ Jon Gosselin
  135. Jay-Z’s concert demands include vintage car, high-end PB&J
  136. Jennifer Love Hewitt bought a pregnancy test at CVS
  137. George Clooney’s 48th b-day includes excessive amount of liquor & bimbos
  138. Bette Midler wants Jennifer Aniston to go on JDate
  139. Paris Hilton's Bentley vandalized
  140. Chris Brown denies leaking nude pictures of Rihanna
  141. Jessica Simpson denies being pregnant
  142. Asian community still mad at Miley Cyrus
  143. Farrah Fawcett supposedly shaves her head, prepares to say goodbye for the 100th time
  144. Howard K. Stern & doctors plead not guilty in Anna Nicole Smith case
  145. Slumdog child star Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail's home is demolished
  146. Variety announces that Lindsay Lohan has a new job
  147. Survivor's tax evader Richard Hatch leaves prison
  148. Alec Baldwin says he could throw his daughter into a volcano
  149. Madonna grabs hold of Amber Rose's bum
  150. Hulk Hogan walks in the light of Christ
  151. Hugh Jackman planning third adoption?
  152. Stacey Ferguson: 'Pissing myself was very embarrassing’
  153. Tom Cruise ‘furious with Katie Holmes’
  154. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s kids ‘running wild’
  155. Sean Penn doesn’t stop for striking workers
  156. Jennifer Hudson reveals memories of her slain mother
  157. Wand Sykes' wife gives birth to twins
  158. Paulina Porizkova fired from America's Next Top Model
  159. Shanna Moakler resigns from Miss California USA Organization
  160. More fun with the Gosselins! Jon & Kate and what's at stake
  161. Police called to Lindsay Lohan's house over 'break-in'
  162. Anna Kournikova's no match for Oxford
  163. Mickey Rourke wrestles Victoria's Secret model 32 years his junior into submission
  164. Lonely Leona Lewis throws herself into work as LA life threatens to take its toll
  165. Courteney Cox and Isla Fisher ditch their children and partners for a girls only day
  166. John Mayer is still pining for Jennifer Aniston,' says Mayer's ex girlfriend
  167. Megan Fox: 'There's no question I'm bisexual'
  168. Spencer Pratt is a better rapper than anyone else
  169. Heidi Montag's new Swine Flu pop Video
  170. Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese turn fashion designers for a good cause
  171. Yoko Ono's new John Lennon exhibition features bloody clothes he wore when shot
  172. Maxim Magazine’s hot 100 list
  173. Megan Fox: ‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’
  174. Oprah Winfrey poses with new puppy for her magazine
  175. Cybill Shepherd: ‘I’m a Christian Pagan Buddhist Goddess worshiper’
  176. Linda Hogan rejected from Brooke’s b-day; No one wants Nick Hogan's reality show
  177. Jennifer Garner describes how the paparazzi taunt her 3 year-old daughter
  178. Kevin Federline struggling on $40K per month?
  179. Kanye West is mad at Twitter
  180. Bizarre bonding session as Eminem and Jonathan Ross buddy up over comic books
  181. Brad Pitt drunk-dialing Jennifer Aniston... in her sandy dreams
  182. The utimate bullshit Angelina Jolie story
  183. Katy Tur, Keith Olbermann's girlfriend, joins Weather Channel
  184. Paris Hilton: I’d throw a party to stop war
  185. Tori Spelling gets a ring for each wedding anniversary
  186. Spencer Pratt calls himself “The Great White” in new rap song
  187. Lindsay Lohan pregnant?
  188. Boy George released from prison early for good behaviour
  189. Carrie Prejean (Miss Cali.) claims Satan asked question, hooked up with Mike Phelps
  190. Leo Dicaprio & Kate Winslet help last Titanic survivor
  191. Comedian Wanda Sykes stirs controversy with joke at White House Correspondents dinner
  192. Cher, 62, breaks out see-through bodysuit again
  193. "Saturday Night Live" alum Maya Rudolph expecting baby number 2
  194. "Partridge Family" mom Shirley Jones considering posing nude in Playboy at age 75?
  195. Motley Crue to appear on Bones 5/14
  196. Stephanie Seymour's nasty billion-dollar divorce
  197. Jordan and Peter Andre getting divorced
  198. Patrick Swayze regrets abusing his body
  199. Jennifer Aniston: ‘Shooting The Baster is exhausting’
  200. Madonna, Jesus Luz ‘plan commitment ceremony’
  201. Katie Holmes ‘close to cracking’
  202. Angelina Jolie sparks self-harming fears
  203. Jessica Simpson's Sea World performance angers PETA
  204. 'Only fools believe the perfect relationship exists', says Jennifer Aniston
  205. Jerry Hall dumps £1m tell-all book on Mick Jagger
  206. Nick Cannon defends his wife from Eminem
  207. Justin Timberlake pokes fun at the Britney Spears virgin thing on SNL
  208. Heidi Klum and Seal renew their vows (again) with trailer thrash theme
  209. No, No, No! Amy Winehouse calls off comeback gig
  210. Tom Cruise rants about Study Tech. Old video/new release but still worthy of mocking
  211. Tobey Maguire and wife welcome a baby boy
  212. Seal and Heidi Klum expecting a girl
  213. Sandra Bullock had to adjust to married life
  214. Kate Winslet sues Daily Mail for £150k over exercise claims
  215. David Beckham denies playing away from home again
  216. Nude pictures of Rihanna hit the net
  217. Mom of the Year Dina Lohan defends her parenting skills
  218. IUC: Brad Pitt in rehab
  219. Mel Gibson's mistress possibly preggers???
  220. Megan Fox: ‘I resent having to prove that I’m not a retard’
  221. Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem might be engaged
  222. Lance Armstrong blames Sheryl Crow’s 'biological clock” for split
  223. John Travolta and Kelly Preston planing an adoption
  224. NBA star Dirk Nowitzki has rumored fiancee arrested
  225. Did Sean Penn leave Robin Wright for Natalie Portman?
  226. Madonna hires $1k a week English tutor for Jesus Luz
  227. Angelina Jolie tell-all: boob jobs, miscarriages & plot to destroy Jennifer Aniston
  228. Vince Vaughn’s mom & his fiancee are going to kill each other
  229. Daniel Radcliffe and a 'Dolly Parton' impersonating transexual
  230. Kelis and Nas: Splitting over a sex tape?
  231. Renee Zellweger lists her requirements for a man
  232. Nadya Suleman nearly drops baby during media outing to the park
  233. Megan Fox wants to live like George Clooney
  234. Jennifer Aniston is probably hooking up with Bradley Cooper
  235. Kim Kardashian is too heavy for elevators
  236. Robert Pattinson likes lap dances at Vancouver strip club
  237. Poll: More moms trust Jennifer Aniston with their kids than Angelina Jolie
  238. Lily Allen: 'The Beckhams are sickening'
  239. Daisy de la Hoya looks in the mirror and OD's??????
  240. Beyonce was a fat retard who couldn't dress herself
  241. Paris Hilton has no idea who pays for her herpes meds or wrangles her wonk eye
  242. Next Katie Holmes movie/bomb to be shot in Melbourne
  243. Lindsay Lohan doing a Marilyn Monroe-esque photo shoot
  244. Ryan O'Neal's heartbreak over ill Farrah Fawcett
  245. Paula Abdul shows off new song, old moves on 'American Idol'
  246. Michael Jackson gets sued for 44 million, surprisingly no little boys involved
  247. Britney Spears buys an oxygen chamber
  248. In case you care, here are Britney Spears' tour demands
  249. Lindsay Lohan interrogated at Canadian border
  250. How Stephen King's addiction to drink and drugs nearly killed him