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  1. Nicole Kidman ‘argues with husband over baby plans’
  2. New couple alert: Jeff Goldblum and Tania Raymonde
  3. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie donate $1 Million to hospital
  4. Hundreds honor David Carradine at LA funeral
  5. Paris Hilton's relationship with Doug Reinhardt ended after violent attack
  6. Peter Facinelli needs your help
  7. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: American Girl gals
  8. Jennifer Aniston jokes about love life
  9. Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest are strip club buddies
  10. Sienna Miller on Balthazar Getty: ‘I was really naive and trusting…’
  11. Drea de Matteo, Shooter Jennings engaged
  12. Kate Gosselin spends 10th wedding anniversary with kids
  13. Stephen Baldwin is losing his house
  14. Julian Lennon reaches out to real "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
  15. Michael Jackson using his "musical" requirements as an excuse to groom next victims?
  16. Judy Garland's daughter Lorna Luft was responsible for the drug dispensing
  17. Shania Twain's letter to fans: 'I'm enjoying life'
  18. Shauna Sand frolicking with Fabio look-a-like at the beach
  19. Pete Doherty arrested for suspected drunk driving
  20. Miley Cyrus is hardcore
  21. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette and Sheryl Crow come together for the Congo
  22. Brad Pitt wants Brangaloonie Ann Curry to stop touching him
  23. Jennifer Aniston ruins party by being mentioned at it. HA HA.
  24. Rihanna and Chris Brown hold court...on opposite ends
  25. Rihanna and Chris Brown hold court...on opposite ends
  26. John Travolta finally admits his dead kid had autism, thetans not amused
  27. Britney Spears gets led around by her cowbell and shoved full of food in London
  28. In new custody agreement, Britney Spears gets over 50% of time with kids
  29. Robert Downey Jr. wants to set Guy Ritchie up with Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz
  30. Beyonce gets forklifted 5 feet down the road cuz her heels be hurtin her hamhocks
  31. Mary and Joseph will be shocked to know their son Jesus Luz is borking grandma
  32. Hugh Grant kicks a paparazzi in the nards, waits for world applause
  33. Kate Gosselin refuses to water her children
  34. Heidi Montag plans to pose for Playboy
  35. SOURCE: Rihanna and Chris Brown will be together at tonight's NBA game
  36. New Mrs. California is just as stupid as the old one, big surprise
  37. Paris Hilton whores it up with Cristiano Ronaldo
  38. Jon Gosselin is unaware Ed Hardy is douchey, not "cool"
  39. Gwyneth Paltrow is a pretentious asshole
  40. Cher is losing a daughter but getting a son! Chastity Bono to become Chaz Bono.
  41. Shocking. Usher and Tameka Foster are ova...
  42. Did an artist's horse portrait of Sarah Jessica Parker go too far?
  43. True Blood author Charlaine Harris: Russell Crowe might be a Werewolf
  44. Megan Fox-Do you think you’re good-looking? Well, I’m clearly not ugly.
  45. Bret Michaels is mad at the Tony Awards
  46. Megan Fox hates ‘Middle America’, Angelina Jolie is annoyed with comparisons
  47. Random: Monica Lewinsky hangs out with Alan Cumming
  48. Kyra Sedgwick: we didn’t lose everything with Bernie Madoff
  49. Danny Devito drunk, belching and inappropriate in 8am interview
  50. Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds: our marriages are not for sale
  51. Joy Behar gets own talk show
  52. David Beckham unveils new underwear ad
  53. Tom Cruise to return to Mission Impossible movies
  54. The Sun claims Michael Jackson's ear was used to rebuild his nose
  55. Kathy Lee makes M.C. Hammer uncomfortable
  56. Paris Hilton got paid by Bill Clinton pal Ron Burkle for girl-on-girl action
  57. Diabetic Bret Michaels holds off on insulin so he can perform like a bull in bed
  58. Paris Hilton dumps Doug Reinhardt
  59. Taylor Swift goes Gangsta for CMT Awards
  60. Kate Gosselin leaves locals starstruck at Starbucks
  61. Phil Spector's mugshot, without a wig
  62. Shia LaBeouf: I get my sense of humor from watching parents "have sex"
  63. Twat Carrie Prejean to lose title of Miss California
  64. Jehovah’s Witness Prince needs hip replacements but can’t get one
  65. Limo driver spills the beans on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's hookup
  66. Kelly Rutherford's baby daddy pissed he found out about birth on the internet
  67. Cameron Diaz gets dumped by her boytoy but remains not peed on, so points for that
  68. Britney Spears and her manager are doin the crazy cheeto humpty hump, daddy approves
  69. Kendra Wilkinson, ex 'Girl Next Door' having a baby
  70. Another Hollywood split: James Van Der Beek and wife divorcing
  71. Kim Saigh relieved to leave LA Ink
  72. Inside the multi-million dollar mansion that Mel Gibson is struggling to sell
  73. Ashton Kutcher evokes Sharon Stone: uses ‘karma’ to refer to David Carradine’s death
  74. Heather Graham trying to levitate to ‘fly & save people from being murdered’
  75. Kate Winslet on why she doesn’t have a chef or a nanny
  76. Hayden Panettiere on being a role model with cellulite: ‘I’m sorry, I’m a woman’
  77. The Gosselin dogs are not being abused, so says Jon Gosselin
  78. Victoria Beckham voted Number One Worst Celebrity Body
  79. Entertainer Danny Gans death ruled accidental
  80. A 'very happy' Mike Tyson married girlfriend in Vegas...
  81. Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler fight of the day
  82. Queen Latifah opens up about sexual abuse
  83. Happy birthday Johnny Depp!
  84. Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston split
  85. Simon Cowell to ruin Saturday Night Fever
  86. Jessica Alba defaces property and posts pics of it on net
  87. Egyptian billionaire to hang for murdering pop star Suzan Tamim
  88. Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli take a break
  89. Russell Crowe, Ridley Scott feud costing studio millions?
  90. Brad Pitt visits Angelina Jolie in Washington, then goes art-shopping in Switzerland
  91. Alex Rodriguez’s teammates think Kate Hudson is around too much
  92. Melanie Brown: 'I use Pocket Rocket sex toy'
  93. Madonna will adopt Mercy after all
  94. Candy Spelling is a no-show at granddaughter's birthday party
  95. Lindsay Lohan sports diamond ring while traveling with ex Samantha Ronson
  96. Denise Richards launches series 2 & gives advise to the Gosselins
  97. Jennifer Aniston 'feeling vindicated' over Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie
  98. Enquirer reporter Bob Hartlein: I've been friends with Teri Shields for years
  99. Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan - back together?
  100. Guitarist Slash’s mother dies in Los Angeles
  101. Dita Von Teese's new man - major upgrade
  102. Bret Michaels fall at the Tonys
  103. Jim Carrey and friends opt for consciousness-raising over Lakers
  104. Katie Price's childcare row
  105. Feminist Naomi Wolf: why women want (and want to be) Angelina Jolie
  106. Pete Doherty arrested for allegedly doing drugs on a flight - again
  107. Stephen Colbert shaves head for US troops in Iraq
  108. Lindsay Lohan's meltdown in London club
  109. You should see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor, Gordon Ramsay tells Aussie TV Presenter
  110. Britney Spears enjoys the London nightlife
  111. New couple time: Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West
  112. Megan Fox hates news & movies, loves marijuana
  113. Katie Price in 'complete meltdown' over split with Peter Andre
  114. Marilyn Manson is still a pretentious freak
  115. Heidi Pratt rushed to hospital
  116. Phil Spector's wife misses the sexy times
  117. Amy Winehouse sucks her thumb and enjoys cuddles on the beach in St Lucia. Awww
  118. Madonna trying to buy a new baby in Lesotho and asking Prince Harry for a hook-up?
  119. Kate Hudson warned by mum Goldie Hawn: Don't make A-Rod for your own back
  120. Separate bedrooms? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now sleeping in separate houses
  121. Megan Fox slams 'casting couch' directors
  122. Robert De Niro accosted by drunk female fan
  123. Mötley Crüe play Donnington this year
  124. Security guard charged with shoving Stephanie Seymour
  125. Actor James Franco pulls out of UCLA grad speech
  126. Victoria Beckham breaks out
  127. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore take their new loves to daughter's graduation
  128. Did George Clooney ask 23-year-old Lucy Wolvert to move in with him?
  129. Megan Fox recalls kissing scene which almost made her cry
  130. Susan Boyle is released from the hospital
  131. Octomom admits Nadya Suleman "I have screwed up my life"
  132. Dr. Drew Pinsky: Lindsay Lohan will lose a limb
  133. Angelina Jolie calls for more action to end Darfur crisis
  134. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s 3rd b-day involved a tea party & painting her daddy’s toenails
  135. Lance Armstrong welcomes a baby boy
  136. Hell no! Derek Jeter dismissed rumors he's engaged to Minka Kelly
  137. Kelly Clarkson: I'm tired of hearing "the fat joke"
  138. Megan Fox: ‘I lead an isolated existence’
  139. Alli Sims opens up about life with Britney Spears
  140. How John Travolta, Kelly Preston are 'moving forward'
  141. New photo surfaces of Jon Gosselin and 23-year-old girlfriend
  142. Bobby Brown becomes a father for the fifth time
  143. Fact or fiction: Britney Spears grew up in a violent household
  144. Fans send Johnny Depp quilt; He responds because he is the most beautiful man alive
  145. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani splitting?
  146. Dawson's Creek stars were 'monstrous' says show runner Tom Kapinos
  147. Britney Spears' cheetolings should get their own tour
  148. Michael Jackson's kids out without masks
  149. Lindsay Lohan stalking ex Sam Ronson?
  150. Kim Kardashian denies engagement rumors
  151. Horsemouth Miley Cyrus unveils Wal*Mart clothing line
  152. David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
  153. LeAnn Rimes on rumors: 'I'm going to take the high road'
  154. Britney Spears' father forcing her to continue touring
  155. American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry slams Jon & Kate Gosselin
  156. Ashlee 'Smashley' Simpson returns, and drunkenly attacks Michelle Trachtenberg
  157. Britney Spears takes her circus to London
  158. Angelina Jolie named most powerful celeb in the world
  159. Jonas Brothers' sex lives revealed by ... Mom!
  160. Kristen Stewart is torn between two loves, Robert Pattinson & her boyfriend
  161. Star cover: Kate Gosselin’s ex-fiancee says she loves money, Ruby Tuesday’s
  162. Did Sean Penn tell Robin Wright he was leaving to start a new family?
  163. Christina Ricci, fiancé call off engagement
  164. Woman sues comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' skirmish
  165. Amy Winehouse: hot drunken tranny mess in the tropics
  166. Britney Spears was a drunk-ass moocow grazing on stage at 2007 VMA's
  167. Surprise! Michael Jackson was unaware he was booked for 50 performances. *snort*
  168. Jon Gosselin speaks out
  169. Melissa Joan Hart doesn't give a shit about Farrah Fawcett
  170. Sacha Baron Cohen sued over Bingo melee
  171. 06/03 Enquirer: Brad & Angelina officially splitting, Brad doesn’t care about custody
  172. Mel Gibson craves a DNA test!
  173. Miranda Kerr's ex Adrian Camilleri in court
  174. LeAnn Rimes accused of being a "stalker" by Eddie Cibrian's wife
  175. Nadya Suleman gets ticket for driving while on cell phone
  176. Heather Mills loses leg in supermarket
  177. Lindsay Lohan ‘wants a family with Samantha Ronson’
  178. Suri Cruise ‘leads isolated existence’
  179. Breaking news: Kate Gosselin steps out in another bikini
  180. Designer threatens to quit if Lindsay Lohan is hired as ‘creative consultant’
  181. Jennifer Love Hewitt publicly pressures Jamie Kennedy to propose
  182. Vanessa Minnillo is a desperate bitch
  183. Octopussy Nadya Suleman slams Kate Gosselin
  184. Brad Pitt keeps fresh with baby wipes, reveals costar
  185. Beyonce' Knowles: 'I wouldn't buy the expensive bags designers give me for free'
  186. Jon & Kate Plus 8 could be shut down
  187. Adam Lambert and boyfriend give face
  188. Lady GaGa wants a foursome with the Jonas Brothers
  189. Megan Fox: "Wonder Woman is lame"
  190. Mariah Carey blames 9/11 for Glitter failure
  191. Britney Spears spent $350,000 on her figure
  192. Winona Ryder doesn’t resent Angelina Jolie
  193. Kate Hudson ‘intimidated’ by ‘Queen Bee’ Madonna
  194. Watch out Butt! Tom Cruise is planning to recruit for Scientology in Aus this summer
  195. Johnny Depp Vanity Fair intimate interview excerpt
  196. Megan Fox on MTV Movie Awards: "Sorry if you didn't like my hair"
  197. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want to leave "I'm a Celebrity"
  198. Joel Madden gets in a bit of an argument
  199. Mel Gibson terrorizes his own church
  200. WTF?! Painted baby Cyrus
  201. Brittany Murphy written out of 'comeback' movie
  202. Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) 69's Eminem (Marshall Mathers)
  203. Roadie claims Jimi Hendrix was murdered
  204. Rihanna is said threatening to release Chris Brown's nude pics
  205. Pink hates Kanye West (and fur)
  206. Nicole Kidman to adopt Vietnamese baby?
  207. Suck on Daniel Craig (yes, please)
  208. Unpublished photos of Marilyn Monroe surface on what would be her 83rd birthday
  209. Tom Sizemore to join Celebrity Rehab 3 cast
  210. Lisa Ling pleads for her sister's release from North Korea
  211. Susan Boyle suffers breakdown after shock loss and admitted to clinic
  212. Jennifer Hudson’s baby shower confirms pregnancy
  213. 'I feel sexier now': Andie MacDowell
  214. Jennifer Aniston, In Touch worry about Brad Pitt’s drinking
  215. Joan Rivers: Angelina Jolie makes her kids work in a basement sweatshop
  216. Who is Gwyneth Paltrow’s bulimic friend?
  217. Is Vince Vaughn treating Kyla Weber like crap, hoping she’ll dump him?
  218. Are Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban expecting their second child?
  219. Megan Fox: ‘I’m kind of a prostitute’
  220. Is Lindsay Lohan being forced to gain weight for a movie role?
  221. Lori Petty (Tank Girl) arrested on suspicion of impaired driving
  222. Billy Bob Thornton's daughter charged in death of baby
  223. Sharon Stone stuns crowd with Chaka Khan outburst
  224. Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou welcome son
  225. Kate Gosselin: Family getaway without Jon Gosselin
  226. Brad Pitt teases actor Mel Gibson about DUI arrest
  227. Jon and Kate plus Hate: an overview of the situation
  228. After losing 42 pounds, Melissa Joan Hart opens a candy store
  229. Susan Boyle loses 'Britain's Got Talent'!
  230. Jay Leno delivers his final Tonight Show monologue
  231. OctoMom Nadya Suleman signs reality tv deal
  232. Family Matters' Jaimee Foxworth (Judy) welcomes a baby boy
  233. Prince Harry takes to Hanover Square
  234. Jon & Kate Gosselin under investigation for violating child labor laws
  235. Phil Spector sentenced to 19 years to life in prison
  236. Is this the mother of Keanu Reeves' children?
  237. Dlisted: Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken (aka Gayken) gay fight!
  238. Jon Gosselin's mom speaks out for first time
  239. Angelina Jolie injured on "Salt" set
  240. Eddie Cibrian’s marriage is falling apart after affair with LeAnn Rimes
  241. Anna Wintour refuses to put Rihanna on cover of Vogue after nude photo leak
  242. "Clingy" Cameron Diaz makes Adam Levine meet her mom day after first date
  243. Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez still going at it
  244. The penis chart - metal groupies kiss and tell
  245. Nicole Richie will marry when the time is right
  246. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox: Fleetwood Mac Night
  247. Melissa Gilbert cheated on Rob Lowe with John Cusack
  248. Jon Cryer's ex arrested for felony child abuse
  249. Candy Spelling says she blames Tori Spelling for husband's death
  250. Blossom's Mayim Bialik: I needed a makeover!