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  1. Jodie Sweetin: I snorted Meth at Olsen Twins film premiere
  2. Levi Johnston is '90% sure' his wang will be featured in his Playgirl pictorial
  3. Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch
  4. Breaking news: Britney Spears still a batshit crazy android and doesn't own a clock
  5. Tokio Hotel's dream girls
  6. More Lindsay Lohan fail: Ungaro doesn't pay her, dropped by record label.
  7. Madonna might get actors for her directorial project -- long as she doesn't act in it
  8. TV show 'Dallas' might be coming back w/some original cast members
  9. Soupy Sales dead at 83
  10. Megan Fox accepted a role because the screenwriter wore stripper shoes?
  11. Robbie Williams to receive career award at BRITs
  12. Lindsay Lohan says it's OK for Ali Lohan to party
  13. Lisa Marie Presley: LA is shallow and I want to live in the cultured UK
  14. Alec Baldwin: Renee Zellweger's too thin
  15. Is Tom Cruise going to be a judge on SYTYCD?
  16. Jillian Michaels says Oprah Winfrey has it all wrong
  17. Teresa Giudice (Real Housewives NJ) to lose tacky mansion
  18. Police help Dennis Quaid avoid a possible DUI
  19. Ashlee Simpson fired from Melrose Place. ahahahaha
  20. David Boreanaz cheated on pregnant wife? Say it isn't so, Angel!
  21. Snoop Dogg wants to sizzuck a bitches blood, motherfucker
  22. Chris Brown: boy, life's been hard since I beat the shit out of Rihanna.
  23. Michael Jackson's children want to be film stars
  24. Edward Norton thinks social networking sites are like ''torture.''
  25. Paris Hilton's baby voice an act
  26. Diane Keaton: Dexter couldn’t be more different from mom
  27. This is why Miley Cyrus quit Twitter
  28. Nicole Kidman speaks out about violence towards women
  29. Lynne Spears: Britney's new beau would make a "dream" husband
  30. Amy Winehouse's dad says junkies should get free heroin
  31. Another disturbing video from Richard Heene
  32. Mistrial in Jett Travolta case
  33. Smallville's Sam Jones III busted by feds
  34. MSNBC's Contessa Brewer introduces Jesse Jackson as Al Sharpton
  35. 'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick gets engaged to Molly Malaney
  36. Mariah Carey with Japanese fans
  37. Mitch Winehouse is the Papa Joe Simson of the UK
  38. Randy Jackson calls shenanigans
  39. Michael Jackson's kids just crashed by papparazzi
  40. OK!: Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer - He’s mine!
  41. Christian Bale used Tom Cruise as inspiration for ‘American Psycho’
  42. Glenn Close and her bipolar sister want to break the stigma of mental illness
  43. Suzanne Somers’ anti-chemo book questioned by American Cancer Society
  44. Ewan McGregor: Roman Polanski situation is “strange”
  45. Appeals Court rules judge wrongly imprisoned Brenda Dickson
  46. Rosie O'Donnell hints at a split with longtime partner Kelli Carpenter
  47. Hulk Hogan talks about his suicide attempt & family turmoil
  48. Carnie Wilson gets her own reality TV show
  49. Real Housewife NeNe Leakes vs. Michael Lohan
  50. Freida Pinto saves girl from 'car horror'
  51. Sienna Miller envies Keira Knightley
  52. Whitney Houston’s a lesbian, says Bobby Brown
  53. David Letterman SEX TAPE SHOCKER
  54. Is Jay Leno ripping off Howard Stern?
  55. First photos of Sparrow James Midnight Madden
  56. Lindsay Lohan says her dad should stop spreading lies
  57. Heidi Montag a no-show at sister’s bday party because they wouldn’t pay her
  58. Britney Spears is done with Cheetos, junk food
  59. Celebrity shoe designer Manolo Blahnik: “I hate celebrities”
  60. Mischa Barton: TV isn’t for me, I need to fight for better roles
  61. John Mayer: Miley Cyrus is a child, needs to learn to say “Fuck off”
  62. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs new anti-paparazzi law
  63. Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes ho it up in public
  64. Suri Cruise is Katie Holmes' stylist
  65. LaToya Jackson knows too much!
  66. The Cruises celebrate with Travoltas at secret Scientology event
  67. Larry Mendte's "Coming Clean"
  68. Bronson Pinchot: Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington were jerks.
  69. Julia Roberts freak out
  70. Katie Jordon Price nominated for 'celebrity mom of the year'
  71. Big Brother’s Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd: Officially together!
  72. Bono: 'Barack Obama deserves the hype'
  73. Victoria Beckham 'starts strict new diet'
  74. George Clooney: People think I’m 60 years old
  75. Well, no one ever said she had good judgment: octo mom has a crush on Jon Gosselin
  76. Dina to Michael Lohan: Stop talking about Lindsay and drugs!
  77. John Stamos admits he was drunk during 2007 Australian TV interview
  78. Balthazar Getty & Lindsay Lohan hooking up?
  79. New couple alert? Alexander Skarsgård and Kate Bosworth
  80. David Letterman took his mistress on vacation with his family
  81. Michael Lohan calls out designer Patrick Aufdenkamp
  82. Michael Lohan seeking conservatorship over Lindsay? This should be good...
  83. Housewives' Bethenny Frankel is engaged – for real!
  84. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Breakup rumors are 'hurtful'
  85. Kourtney Kardashian's home burglarized
  86. Stephanie Pratt busted for DUI
  87. Elizabeth Taylor hangs out with Michael Jackson's kids
  88. Jermaine Jackson is a deadbeat dad
  89. Madonna's neighbors sue!
  90. Roman Polanksi undergoing medical treatment
  91. Tila Tequila is cracking up
  92. Madonna gives Jesus Luz a $10,000-a-month allowance
  93. American Idol judges ordered to cut out the gay jokes
  94. In Touch: Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise fight over Suri’s education
  95. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s kids are running amok
  96. Michael Lohan goes on Maury Povich to talk about drug-addicted Lindsay Lohan
  97. Natalie Portman used to self-harm
  98. TLC sues Jon Gosselin for being a douche
  99. Jennifer Aniston drunk-dialed Brad Pitt - got Angelina Jolie
  100. Lindsay Lohan to be dragged screeching into court for being a drunkass bitch
  101. Nicole Richie & Joel Madden might be secretly married
  102. Bikram yoga founder talks smack about clients Madonna, Britney Spears& more
  103. Awards shows won’t hire Jon Gosselin, even for free
  104. Sharon Osbourne films title sequence for U.S. Celebrity Apprentice
  105. Pamela Anderson puts on her Baywatch bathing suit for Richie Rich
  106. Michael Lohan apologizes publicly to Lindsay Lohan
  107. Does Mel Gibson still have his 'edge'?
  108. Tyra Banks' talk show is literally shit
  109. Lindsay Lohan's crack tweets for the hundredth time
  110. Meghan McCain's chichis cause an uproar
  111. John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are pissing on each other again
  112. Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter) having yet ANOTHER baby. This makes 3 in one year. Nice
  113. Tina Fey says she was a virgin when she got married at 24
  114. Lady Gaga joins Beyonce on the other side of the shark by announcing a collaboration
  115. Jessica Simpson declines a brain sandwich (dumb move), thinks burkas are sexy (see?)
  116. “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ to end next month
  117. Courteney Cox talks baby number 2
  118. Johnny Depp shares his greatest fear
  119. Angelina Jolie wants at least two more children
  120. Mary Murphy of So You Think You Can Dance was abused by her ex
  121. Avril Lavigne files divorce papers
  122. Joe Jackson will eat dinner with you for $3000
  123. Burger King/Fox Sports make fun of Jessica Simpson
  124. Lisa Marie Presley leaves club when a Michael Jackson song is played
  125. Pamela Anderson was a bitch to a nine year old
  126. Tracy Morgan hates Cheri Oteri & Chris Kattan
  127. Star magazine: Lindsay Lohan hits rock bottom
  128. Madonna's Rolling Stones interview
  129. UK singer Leona Lewis attacked at book signing
  130. Lindsay crackface Lohan pays for her dealer to fly everywhere with her
  131. King douche, John Mayer, threatens to butt rape editor
  132. Reality interrupts douche Kanye Wests clothing line, which gets dropped like it's hot
  133. Inevitably, Michael Jackson's kids will be on a tv show
  134. Megan Fox to model Armani undies
  135. Arnold Schwarzenegger to Maria Shriver: Put down the cell phone
  136. January Jones says ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher wasn't supportive of her acting
  137. This is what Spencer Pratt spends his money on
  138. Jon Gosselin ordered to return $180,000 to account
  139. Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor (yep, the old dude) welcomes twins
  140. Drugs, feces and the final days of Anna Nicole Smith
  141. Jennifer Lopez - who is Lola and who cares?
  142. Lindsay Lohan Tweets about Samantha Ronson and stolen jewelry reports
  143. Hayden Panettiere goes back in time to 1992 when lesbianism was edgy
  144. Kim Kardashian wants a baby so she can go fucking SHOPPING
  145. Spice Girl tranny confirms they'll be rubbing talentless twats again in new reunion
  146. Twinkly vamptard Robert Pattinson can't get a date, everybody feel bad now
  147. Tearful Mike Tyson to Oprah: 'I'm tired of failing'
  148. Miley Cyrus angers staff by failing to tip
  149. Madonna drops gristle-making fraud trainer Tracy Anderson
  150. Sandra Bullock’s message to girls: be unique, don’t try to fit in
  151. A Shauna Sand sex tape is coming soon
  152. Karl Lagerfeld says only 'fat mummies' object to thin models
  153. Stacy Ferguson talks Meth, gang-loving past
  154. What a treat: Scarlett Johansson sings on ‘The Ellen Show’
  155. French Vogue: dutch supermodel Lara Stone in blackface
  156. Agent Orange, have you been tormenting Jessica Simpson about Daisy?
  157. Jon Gosselin - Where is the rest of the money?
  158. Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are bumping uglies again
  159. Nicolas Cage in big trouble with IRS!!
  160. Oprah Winfrey involved in sex scandal lawsuit
  161. Megan Fox will pose for Playboy?
  162. Emmy Rossum: I get why chicks dig Adam Duritz
  163. Boyzone singer Stephen Gately dead at 33
  164. Ryan O'neal broke Farrah Fawcett's arm
  165. Confirmed: Marlon Wayans to replace Eddie Murphy as 'Richard Pryor'
  166. Ruh-Roh Kate Gosselin's credit card is declined at the pump
  167. Victory for Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise starts Catholic pre-school
  168. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: warm clothes,while their robot spawn freezes
  169. Move over Gosselins, Usher and Tameka Foster are assholes too
  170. Jon Gosselin: I am the most photographed person on the planet, I'm now half Jewish
  171. Tara Reid strips for Playboy
  172. Alicia Silverstone will teach you how to poop
  173. Tranny femdroid Zac Efron inserts his "no shit" chip, says his movies are crap
  174. Usher and Tameka Raymond's fight was over custody
  175. Tom Cruise overstimulates zombie Katie Holmes
  176. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins live a “charmed life” with motherly Zahara
  177. Marge Simpson to pose for Playboy - and she’s on the cover!
  178. Avril Lavigne’s new boyfriend: heir to billionaire food fortune
  179. Lindsay Lohan finds acting monotonous
  180. Animal abuser Paris Hilton gets herself a pig
  181. Kate Gosselin files for child & spousal support
  182. Katie Holmes puts Tom Cruise on a sex diet
  183. Heidi Klum gives birth to baby girl
  184. David Hasselhoff hospitalised after drinking bender following Simon Cowell's party
  185. Paris Hilton has a 'Supernatural' sandwich
  186. Hilary Swank: ‘I sleep in the nude’
  187. George Clooney gives girlfriend a ring
  188. Angelina Jolie is back in touch with Jon Voight
  189. Jennifer Hudson shows off new baby boy David
  190. Dina Lohan launches shoe line; delusional on daughter's addictions
  191. Lamar Odom proposed to Taraji P Hensen before meeting Khloe Kardashian
  192. Tila Tequila down to an audience of one
  193. Megan Fox to get killed off in Transformers 3 ?
  194. Christie Brinkley embarrassed by latest divorce skirmish
  195. Nick Lachey on Vanessa Minnillo: "We've patched things up"
  196. Miley Cyrus quits twitter for boyfriend
  197. Jesus Luz is getting a brand new manger
  198. Suri Cruise freaks out for ice cream
  199. Bond girl Olga Kurylenko forgoes Martini to become the new face of Campari
  200. Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys traveled to India for alternative cancer treatment
  201. Lame Beatles coverband 'Oasis' never coming back, says douchebag member
  202. Robbie Williams: Drugs left me 24 hours from death
  203. Kerry Katona may 'lose' kids at Christmas to ex-hubby
  204. Tila Tequila - desperate again
  205. Katie Price goes on Britney Spears-style umbrella rampage
  206. Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise critiques the way I dress
  207. Dr. Feel, er, PHIL McGraw copped a Phil, er, Feel
  208. Kevin Federline accused of trashing his rental home
  209. Harry Connick Jr. speaks out about blackface skit on Australian TV
  210. Mickey Rourke’s priest, therapist, dogs helped him deal with childhood abuse
  211. Tom Cruise teaches Harvard students about Thetans
  212. Gerard Butler: the only lady in my life is my pug, Lolita
  213. Suri Cruise is a stuck up bitch to paps already
  214. Demi Moore twitters Kenya trip; posts photos feeding orphaned baby elephants
  215. Mariah “I’m not a diva” Carey acting like a diva on tour
  216. Tina Fey in Harper’s Bazaar: people who use Botox look like candles
  217. Brad Pitt 'in secret hotel meeting with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston'
  218. Hollywood waiter claims run-in with 'Hung' star Jane Adams cost him his job
  219. A l-o-n-g interview with Guy Ritchie!
  220. Sharon Stone's comments on China caused by miscarriages 100 yrs ago
  221. Feds investigated Anna Nicole Smith for plotting to murder her dead husband's son
  222. Broadway's 24 HOUR PLAYS feature David Mamet, Jessica Alba, Jason Ritter
  223. Frances Bean Cobain writes an open letter to Ali Lohan
  224. Elizabeth Taylor to undergo heart surgery
  225. Beyonce explains Kanye West's VMA outburst: "He was standing up for art"
  226. Michael Lohan: Lindsay Lohan's a prescription pill addict, not a crackhead
  227. Naomi Watts is the world's most profitable actress
  228. Tyler Perry was an abused and molested child
  229. Katie Price's new man is a tranny named Roxanne
  230. Paging PETA: Kate Beckinsale mistreats dog
  231. Mischa Barton crackblubbers about how her 'career' is over, start caring in 3..2..1..
  232. Kelly Osbourne tries not to smell like a wet yak, gets burned, makes stupid face
  233. DJ AM crackhead documentary made, will be shown for some reason
  234. Justin Timberlake steps out with mistery woman
  235. Jim Belushi, Brooke Shields were at Hearst Ranch when plane rolled into car
  236. Ex-husband of Little Britain star Matt Lucas hangs himself
  237. Elvis Presley lives on as teenage grandson Benjamin scores $5m record deal
  238. Paris Jackson shows off her dance moves on day trip with Blanket and Prince
  239. Jessica Simpson’s dad: she looks heavier due to Ugandan ‘fattening hut’
  240. Kate Beckinsale is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman of 2009
  241. Chris Noth gets engaged
  242. Kirstie Alley checks into fat farm
  243. Nicole Ritchie injured in car crash
  244. Levi Johnston continues to shove his nuts in our face
  245. Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh and Zahara grocery shopping in France
  246. Courtney Love Tweeting again -- pics included
  247. Seth Green flips out - maybe
  248. Christ.. Megan Fox was a giant banana that dressed like a whore
  249. Noah Cyrus' twitter and pics.. harmless or too soon?
  250. Tom Cruise and his turtleneck take his robots out in Boston