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  1. Oscar-worthy Ashlee Simpson heads to Broadway
  2. Janet Jackson and Jermain Dupri still together
  3. Robert Pattinson isn't romantic
  4. Lindsay Lohan's assistant is worried about her
  5. Usher Raymond's divorce is finalized
  6. Chris Brown says beatdown should be "private"
  7. Jennifer Lopez sues ex-husband over movie
  8. Chris Brown’s friends say Rihanna is lying
  9. Chris Jericho's victim picks a fight
  10. Susan Boyle to sing on Dancing with the Stars
  11. Eddie Cibrian to sue Life and Style
  12. Taylor Lautner plays coy on romance with Taylor Swift
  13. Verne Troyer slapped with restraining order over abusive texts to ex-girlfriend
  14. The end of Aerosmith? Singer Steven Tyler 'quits' the band
  15. Victoria Beckham is working on a deal to set up a New York modelling agency
  16. Mickey Rourke - 'Living for 12 years in disgrace with no money isn't easy'
  17. Angelina Jolie strips off for first time since twins’ birth
  18. Megan Fox's killer ambition
  19. Coco says that blog readers are fat, jealous & lack lives + her butt is 100% real
  20. Robert De Niro: filming is fun
  21. Toni Braxton splits from her husband
  22. Lamar Odom: I want to have a baby with Khloe Kardashian "soon"
  23. Megan Fox doesn’t have any girlfriends because of her daddy issues
  24. Jessica Simpson turns to God, Twitter & alcohol in troubled times
  25. David Hasselhoff, not drunk, just has a heavy tongue
  26. Enquirer: Brad Pitt calls Tom Cruise “Dr. Strange”, old grudges resurface
  27. Australian official's warning: Britney Spears lip-synchs!
  28. Sarah Jessica Parker: I love the smell of dirty diapers!
  29. Miley Cyrus: "I've never heard a Jay-Z song"
  30. Rachel Zoe fires Taylor Jacobsen
  31. Joe Jackson wants money from Michael Jackson's estate. In other news, the sky is blue
  32. James Gandolfini assaults a photographer
  33. SarahJessica Parker,Ed Norton,Thom Mayne,Anna Wintour named to Obama's arts committee
  34. Original Megan Fox wants to do children charity
  35. Alexander Skarskgard bested by Edward Cullen in Vampire Poll
  36. Jennifer Lopez 'sexy tape' coming soon
  37. Kevin Spacey sparks Real Housewives feud
  38. Lindsay Lohan: My Dad "threatened to kill" Mom
  39. Sharon Osbourne says Susan Boyle looks like a 'slapped ass'
  40. 80s icon Debbie Gibson is making a comeback
  41. Chris Brown's concert tour is full of fail
  42. ABC to air special on Janet Jackson
  43. Frances Bean Cobain has a cuntfit at train station
  44. Kevin Federline done knocked up another one
  45. U2 commemorate fall of Berlin Wall at MTV Europe Music Awards
  46. Suri Cruise is still on the bottle
  47. Golden Girl Rue McClanahan hospitalized
  48. Fergie is “The Madonna and the Whore”
  49. Oprah gives up her syndicated show; will move to her own cable channel in 2011
  50. First look: Sarah Michelle Gellar's baby
  51. Hilary Swank not rushing into another marriage
  52. Lady Gaga praises 'beautiful Beyonce'
  53. Natalie Portman on aging in Hollywood and plastic surgery
  54. Lindsay Lohan plotting revenge on "loser" of afFather
  55. Johnny Depp might be 'The Tourist'
  56. David Hasselhoff drunk again. Novice? fix your man
  57. Kim Kardashian gets punched in the face for charity
  58. Eddie Cibrian is cheating on LeAnn Rimes, y'all !
  59. Mariah Carey talks about being abused
  60. Former Scientologist on how Tom Cruise had him talk to inanimate objects
  61. Katie Price aka Jordan, to be burned at the stake
  62. Nicole Kidman reveals her love life has been kinky
  63. Penny Marshall diagnosed with brain tumor
  64. Sean Penn's teenage son arrested at school
  65. President Barack Obama’s half brother: Our father was abusive
  66. Carrie Prejean drops lolsuit so she doesn't have to pay back her implants
  67. Melrose cast couldn't stand Ashlee Simpson
  68. Michael Jackson liked to pee in front of people
  69. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to host Oscars
  70. Winona Ryder: everyone thinks I was jealous of Angelina Jolie, but I wasn’t
  71. Lindsay Lohan claims a man with a gun attacked her
  72. Jay Leno wants his old job back
  73. Kirstie Alley gets reality show
  74. Tired of Michael Jackson? The box office is
  75. Joss Stone slams Lily Allen
  76. Jen Aniston begs Brad Pitt "take me back!"
  77. Kevin Spacey costs waiter his job
  78. Gwyneth Paltrow humiliated, says Lainey Gossip
  79. Cracked out peacock Mischa Barton gets her friends to beat up some guy in a club
  80. Pasty twinklevamp Robert Pattinson agrees with us about how ugly he is
  81. Rihanna breaks silence about Chris Brown
  82. Nas files legal bid to stop Kelis from receiving spousal support
  83. Kate Hudson: “Botox is great, I’m glad it’s there!”
  84. Ian McKellen will tear Leviticus 18:22 out of any Bible around
  85. Karolína Kurková welcomes son Tobin Jack
  86. 16 year old sentenced to life for killing imposed Pimp
  87. Mary Stuart Masterson, husband welcome baby boy
  88. Kristen Stewart: I don't want to be Angelina Jolie
  89. Lindsay Lohan and Gerard Butler swap STD's
  90. Jon Gosselin takes his "I'm Sorry" tour to NYC's Jewish Center
  91. Jessica Simpson, thespian extraordinaire, thinks Melrose Place is "crap"
  92. Coleen and Wayne Rooney (Footballer & WAG) welcome baby
  93. Tom Cruise drags-oops!-jogs with Katie Holmes
  94. Lindsay Lohan describes dad as "lunatic," plans to get restraining order against him
  95. Lady Gaga: Art is a lie and every day I kill to make it true
  96. Sienna Miller splits from DJ boyfriend
  97. Leona Lewis speaks about her recent encounter with racism
  98. Mel Gibson welcomes baby no. 8: a girl!
  99. Elton John has "serious case" of E-coli and Flu
  100. Jeremy Piven got bitchtits from Soy milk
  101. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush planning their nuptials
  102. Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt: Halloween Fight Night
  103. Rosie O'Donnell & Kelli Carpenter headed for a divorce?
  104. Latest Lohan news: Dina & Lindsay want Michael Lohan in jail
  105. Cheryl Cole in tears as 'jealous' husband Ashley wrecks her party
  106. Adam Lambert splits with boyfriend Drake LaBry
  107. Elizabeth Hurley, the world's most glamorous farmer
  108. Megan Fox says dumb stuff
  109. Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney among first White House guests
  110. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on the brink
  111. Michael Lohan wants daughter Lindsay and Jon Gosselin to date?
  112. Brooke Shields is a total bitch to LA store’s staffers & customers
  113. Miley Cyrus voted worst celebrity influence
  114. Tom Cruise is afraid Katie Holmes will grow a spine, just like Nicole Kidman
  115. Milla Jovovich on violence in films: ‘parents need to take more responsibility’
  116. Colin Farrell and girlfriend Alicja Bachleda welcomed son Henry Tadeusz
  117. In today's Lindsay Lohan's crack tweets...musings on daddy
  118. Ashton Kutcher pitches film about Demi Moore & Bruce Willis’s divorce
  119. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie get “married” by Maddox, plus triangle drama
  120. Did Mickey Rourke pass out in a coke mountain again?
  121. Ryan Seacrest has a stalker
  122. Lindsay Lohan clamps her orange tinted crackvag on some male model
  123. Crackhead Robbie Williams attacks lame band Oasis in a battle of who gives a shit
  124. Abigail Breslin is not blind or deaf enough to play Helen Keller
  125. Gore Vidal calls Roman Polanski's victim a hooker
  126. Waa waa - Dannii Minogue reveals she stripped off for Playboy to pay her debts
  127. Peaches Geldof - 'I'm really into quantum theories, Scientology... and power naps'
  128. Taylor Swift in racism row after posing with fan wearing swastika daubed on shirt
  129. Alec Baldwin's L'il Wayne birthday cake for daughter Ireland
  130. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt do Jon and Kate Gosselin for early Halloween!
  131. Manager says actor Dennis Hopper has prostate cancer
  132. Heather Locklear got Ashlee Simpson fired from Melrose Place
  133. Jessica Simpson: I'm looking for an "intellectual" man
  134. 'America's Next Top Model' creates stir after 'bi-racial' photo shoot
  135. Chaz Bono: I love being a man
  136. Tyra Banks’ lame Halloween costume: Kim Kardashian
  137. Jon Gosselin's spiritual manifesto
  138. Joe Jackson: Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive
  139. Angelina Jolie's "lost" modeling photos at age 16 have surfaced
  140. Battle of the Lohans, part 87: Michael Lohan to leak private voicemails Monday on ET
  141. Jennifer Aniston adopting from Mexico
  142. 'Slumdog Millionaire''s child stars are on the verge of losing their trust fund
  143. Madonna starts a new cult: Malawian kids worship her as a god
  144. Michael Jackson autopsy photo to be leaked soon?
  145. Paris Hilton leads the Hollywood Pumpkin Patch pack (wearing high heels, of course)
  146. 'She's just two bags of silicone': Author Martin Amis on Katie Price
  147. Charlize Theron auctioned meeting with Nelson Mandela without his permission
  148. Scarlett Johansson to take 'A View From the Bridge' for her Broadway debut
  149. Lindsay Lohan's new tattoo
  150. Dita Von Teese got implants because her boobs were ravaged by drugs
  151. OK!: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart “split”
  152. Michelle Obama on Glamour cover: “cute only lasts for so long”
  153. Jessica Simpson gets henna hand tattoo in India
  154. Bea Arthur leaves $300,000 for gay homeless charity
  155. Brad Pitt doesn't believe in God
  156. Lisa Niemi opens up about her grief over losing Patrick Swayze
  157. Larry David p!sses off Christians by p!ssing on Christ
  158. Teri Hatcher has the swine flu
  159. Pete Wentz pulled a Pete Wentz
  160. Jon Gosselin's girlfriend says he throws 'mantrums'
  161. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is horny but doesn't want more kids
  162. Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez "love sex," says pal
  163. Matthew Broderick sucks in new show
  164. Joe Jackson arrives to movie premiere in typical asshole style
  165. Josh Duhamel cheated on wife Fergie?
  166. CBS has a power outage during filming of Craig Ferguson's The Late Late Show
  167. Dita von Teese runs into Evan Rachel Wood at event
  168. Megan Fox: ‘My body gets me attention’
  169. Lindsay Lohan to shoot documentary highlighting the trafficking of children
  170. Shakira: My body is asking to reproduce
  171. Cheryl Cole has X factor
  172. Brittany Murphy tweaking; cops called
  173. Bon Jovi called in a shrink to solve band issues
  174. Tom Cruise ‘feels Katie Holmes needs to get pregnant’
  175. Mary-Louise Parker: adopting Ethiopian daughter is best decision I’ve made
  176. Corey Feldman's wife files for divorce
  177. Jennifer Aniston [Actress, Chin] doesn't need Botox to act woodenly
  178. Jonas Brothers throw away a bunch of crap their fans gave them, oh noes
  179. Andre Agassi admits to using crystal meth in 1997 in forthcoming autobiography
  180. Natalie Portman's vegan manifesto
  181. Nick Cannon wants to be Ike Turner for Halloween
  182. David Letterman writer claims sexual favoritism was rampant
  183. Leona Lewis likes dating a regular guy
  184. Is David Spade exploiting Chris Farley?
  185. Rosie O’Donnell says she missed her chance to date Angelina Jolie
  186. Suri Cruise goes Halloween shopping in her heels
  187. Katy Perry shows relationship with Russell Brand is the 'real deal'
  188. Amy Winehouse 'accidentally' flashes the nips after shambolic Q Awards display *NSFW
  189. Jude Law and Sienna Miller are hanging out
  190. Is Jennifer Aniston getting her own talk show?
  191. Elizabeth Taylor posts twitterfestos on Michael Jackson
  192. Shayne Lamas is jealous of Shauna Sand's beauty, obviously
  193. Bruce Springsteen cancels show after cousin found dead
  194. Lindsay Lohan makes constant references to her “allergies” in interview
  195. Kloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom get matching tattoos
  196. Kate Gosselin: Kids are "not suffering from this"
  197. Lindsay Lohan reality show?
  198. Strippers want Carmen Electra, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan as pole partners
  199. Roman Polanski victim wants case dropped
  200. The Mob is out to kill Evi Quaid, she says
  201. Jennifer Aniston, the queen of fail, dares (DARES!) to give relationship advice
  202. Steve Phillips (ex-Mets GM) - why you don't dip your quill in company ink
  203. Sandra Bullock in custody battle with husband’s porn star ex-wife
  204. Megan Fox: I want to empower young girls to be sexy
  205. Denise Richards tweets her private phone number, thinks she deleted it
  206. LaToya Jackson says Michael Jackson's kids are in therapy, shares their personal info
  207. Adam Jasinski of Big Brother arrested for selling oxycodone pills
  208. Lindsay Lohan: “I am a target”
  209. Angelina Jolie accused of sleeping with mum's man at 16
  210. David Beckham takes sons out for treats
  211. Pamela Anderson hits the slopes (in a mini dress, of course)
  212. 50 Cent wants to play the lead in a romantic movie?
  213. Ivanka Trump to wed this weekend
  214. Lady Gaga helping Dad heal after surgery
  215. Freida Pinto wants Angelina Jolie adoption
  216. Woman pays $140K for kiss from Charlize Theron
  217. $cientology loses 'Crash' director Paul Haggis over gay marriage, other harsh methods
  218. Teresa Giudice not losing dream home; 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' drama debunked
  219. Rehabbed NBA star Michael Beasley sleeps off temptation
  220. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin sued over $600,000 in unpaid rent and damages
  221. Lawsuit: 'Tom Sizemore is a DEAD BEAT DAD'
  222. Avril Lavigne pays off Deryck Whibley with the house?
  223. Bradley Cooper asks 'distraught' Renee Zellweger for some space
  224. Heather Mills signs up to Dancing On Ice - maybe her leg will fall off this time!
  225. Simon Cowell, the Beverly Hills 'neighbour from hell'
  226. Andrew Lloyd Webber diagnosed with prostate cancer
  227. Justin Timberlake has a stalker
  228. Is Pamela Anderson ashamed of Canada?
  229. Brad Pitt in minor motorcycle accident
  230. Morrissey collapses on stage
  231. Aftermath of abuse: 5 reasons why Rihanna's new song is really freaking us out
  232. U.S. State Department defends appointment of Mia Farrow's son
  233. Playboy sister arrested for Lohan burglary
  234. Madonna is heading to Malawi this weekend, no baby is safe
  235. Billy Bob Thornton looks like a wax version of himself
  236. In Touch: Brad Pitt is pissed that Angelina Jolie has a career
  237. Hollywood studios curb Twitter enthusiasm
  238. Dita Von Teese, Evan Rachel Wood share awkward run-in
  239. David Cross once did coke near the President
  240. Robin Wright Penn can't wait to get divorced
  241. Pamela Anderson: her platinum tile pool ain't cheap y'all
  242. Jodie Sweetin: I snorted Meth at Olsen Twins film premiere
  243. Levi Johnston is '90% sure' his wang will be featured in his Playgirl pictorial
  244. Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch
  245. Breaking news: Britney Spears still a batshit crazy android and doesn't own a clock
  246. Tokio Hotel's dream girls
  247. More Lindsay Lohan fail: Ungaro doesn't pay her, dropped by record label.
  248. Madonna might get actors for her directorial project -- long as she doesn't act in it
  249. TV show 'Dallas' might be coming back w/some original cast members
  250. Soupy Sales dead at 83