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  1. Mariah Carey really drags it up- dresses down as Eminem in new video!
  2. Impressionist, Vegas headliner Fred Travalena dead at 66
  3. Bring on the nobodies - Jodie Marsh reveals her Michael Jackson tattoo and a lot more
  4. Has Liv Tyler found herself a new love?
  5. Jordan Chandler “I lied for my father, i’m sorry Michael Jackson”
  6. Quincy Jones gets the best out of Michael Jackson
  7. The last days of Heath Ledger
  8. Final Michael Jackson rehearsal to be DVD, album
  9. Hayden Panettiere 'bares all for teen comedy'
  10. Heather Mills dons overalls to paint the walls of her new vegan restaurant
  11. Debbie Rowe doesn't want custody/says Michael Jackson's kids from sperm donor
  12. Vanessa Minnillo hooks up with Topher Grace
  13. Eddie Van Halen weds girlfriend
  14. Kendra Wilkinson’s Playboy Mansion wedding
  15. John Edwards and mistress made a sex tape, says former Edwards aide
  16. RIP Jerri Nielsen
  17. Kaboom! Billy Mays bites the dust.
  18. Mischa Barton wants to be known as a Brit again because she's a nobody in the US
  19. 'A-list' my arse - Cheryl Cole snubs WAGs as she skips Carly and Joe Cole's wedding
  20. Bradley Cooper denies relationship with Jennifer Aniston
  21. 'Acting might come to an end for me when Harry Potter finishes': Rupert Grint
  22. Madonna ‘snubbed 12 needy orphans’
  23. Madonna gives Mercy a piggyback ride
  24. Michael Jackson's former nanny tells all
  25. Rapper Coolio pleads guilty to drug charges, heads to rehab
  26. Joe Jackson having a good time with Jesse Jackson
  27. Bad sport: Katie Price pulls out of son Harvey's school event
  28. Michael Jackson's not dead, he's living in a bunker with Elvis: Conspiracy time!
  29. Is Britney Spears engaged? Smiling star flaunts giant diamond ring
  30. Mischa Barton looking horribly pale with melting eyes at opening of Harrods sale
  31. Debbie Rowe prepares to fight for custody of her kids with Michael Jackson
  32. Suri Cruise gets a doll whenever she asks for a little sister
  33. Jon Gosselin plans tell-all revenge book: no sex for a year
  34. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt endorse ban on Zimbabwean blood diamonds
  35. Kate Hudson is a succubus who destroys men’s souls
  36. Daniel Radcliffe likes older women
  37. Gwyneth Paltrow teaches us all how to make a simple sandwich
  38. Britney Spears and boyfriend spotted out together
  39. Lisa Marie Presley opens up, way up, about Michael Jackson
  40. Johnny Depp: 'Fans turned me into recluse'
  41. Woody Harrelson hooks up with Zoe Kravitz
  42. I wonder if Oprah's gonna say anything about Michael Jackson's death
  43. Will Hugh Grant EVER grow up or will he always be a ladies' man?
  44. Is it nosy to ask what that white mark is in your nostril, Lily Allen?
  45. La Toya Jackson interview cut from Bruno's LA premiere after Michael Jackson's death
  46. Emma Bunton leaves royals' favourite club after she tries to flout smoking ban
  47. National Enquirer dig up stuff about John F. Kennedy Jr
  48. Sean Paul's music will save the world y'all!
  49. How will the media profit from Michael Jackson's death?
  50. Does Tom Cruise want Katie Holmes to do a Judy Garland dance tribute?
  51. Doctor wants to give Cameron Diaz a ‘Bad Skin Lifetime Achievement’
  52. New couple alert: Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock
  53. Miley Cyrus is glad she remained ‘pure’ with Justin Gaston
  54. Mel Gibson ‘pampers’ Oksana Grigorieva with cars, diamonds & $10,000 a month
  55. Beckhams return home from French Riviera
  56. The £50,000 diva demands of Black Eyed Peas at Glastonbury
  57. Madonna goes for dinner with her latest accessory - a nebuliser
  58. Katie Price plays the doting mother again as she goes shopping with her children
  59. Et tu, Harrison Ford?
  60. Jeff Goldblum's death rumor KILLED! (it's an internetz hoax)
  61. Jeff Goldblum has died?
  62. Michael Jackson dies at age 50 from cardiac arrest
  63. Shia LaBoeuf at the airport
  64. May God have mercy upon us all: Angelina Jolie has sights set on White House
  65. Farrah Fawcett dies at the age of 62
  66. Farrah Fawcett given last rites
  67. Madam's arrest will shock Hollywood
  68. New book: Jackie Kennedy doinking Marlon Brando...oh and Bobby Kennedy *yawn*
  69. Joanna Krupa gives Terrell Owens the Terrell Owens treatment
  70. The drunk Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested at Paris airport
  71. Health problems for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins?
  72. For all the Depptards on the site: Johnny Depp gives waiter $4000 tip
  73. Rachel Hunter devastated as ice hockey player fiancé calls off wedding
  74. Marilyn Manson's fantasizes smashing Evan Rachel Wood's skull
  75. LeAnn Rimes, Dean Sheremet to divorce?
  76. Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo split?
  77. Sonique diagnosed with breast cancer
  78. Acting? I think I've had enough, says Emma Watson
  79. Earl Spencer comes face-to-face with estranged wife as divorce hearing kicks off
  80. 71 y.o. songwriter/director Joseph Brooks accused of multiple rapes
  81. Madonna will take Mercy to the Wailing Wall to introduce her to Kabbalah
  82. Princes William & Harry: the continuing adventures of Baldy & Ginger
  83. Zachary Quinto falls down
  84. Cher and Christina Aguilera to star in the gayest movie ever made
  85. GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir is pregnant!
  86. Megan Fox has panic attacks while watching herself on the big screen
  87. Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi don't want children
  88. Elisabeth Hasselback sued over book idea
  89. Miley Cyrus trying to look sexy on new film set
  90. E! News declares network Speidi-Free (Heidi and Spencer Pratt, aka The Hills Douches)
  91. TLC halts production on "Jon & Kate Plus 8"
  92. John Voight sees similarities in Angelina Jolie & Megan Fox
  93. Guy Ritchie bonds with Kelly Hoppen over their shared history of failed relationships
  94. Sacha Baron Cohen: I'm too busy being Bruno to marry Isla
  95. Attack of the clones: Kelly Osbourne and fiancé morph into the same person
  96. Oprah Winfrey splashes out £1/2m treating 100 staff to lavish cruise
  97. Lindsay Lohan unveils her sixth tattoo... but what does this one say?
  98. Can we go now, darling? Jennifer Lopez struggles to keep interested at baseball game
  99. Dumbledore's a daddy- Sir Michael Gambon, 68, is a father again - with his mistress
  100. The world's shittiest tattoo courtesy of classy Katie Price
  101. Ed McMahon dead at age 86
  102. She may be a movie beauty, but is Megan Fox the DUMBEST star ever? Like, DUH.
  103. Are Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf transforming from friends to lovers?
  104. First glimpse of carrot-topped Johnny Depp and company in Alice In Wonderland movie
  105. Francis Ford Coppola: 'Godfather II' shouldn't have been made
  106. Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty back together already
  107. Kate Moss throws away boyfriend’s laptop in fury
  108. Jennifer Aniston ‘sending scented notes to John Mayer’
  109. Cops to Lindsay Lohan – keep it down!
  110. Katie Price insults clubbers
  111. Megan Fox is FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the world; Heidi Montag makes Top Ten
  112. Michelle Pfeiffer is for legalized prostitution & more whipping
  113. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick fight over nannies
  114. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes cheer on Cameron Diaz as she gets her star
  115. Jon and Kate plus divorce lawyers; the Gosselins have filed divorce papers
  116. Katie "Jordan" Price's new gay bf tells all
  117. Plea agreement reached in Chris Brown assault case
  118. Brüno (Sacha Baron Cohen) at Berlin premiere of his film
  119. Paris Hilton BFF Dubai & other news....
  120. Jamie Foxx explains the Halle Berry kiss
  121. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) looking hot on the beach
  122. Perez Hilton claims it was assaulted by Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am
  123. Crazy cat lady Susan Boyle loses it in hotel, screams for felines
  124. Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O'Neal are getting married
  125. Angelina Jolie has phone sex with Billy Bob Thornton
  126. Matthew McConaughey to be a daddy again
  127. Jennifer Garner will kick your butt if you make fun of Ben Affleck
  128. Mercy's first bewildered look at Britain as she is reunited with new mother Madonna
  129. Mickey Rourke is a mess
  130. Victoria Beckham had breast reduction so she could appear in Vogue
  131. Jon Gosselin & son plus a doctor visit
  132. Angelina Jolie interviewed by Ann Curry: comparisons to Audrey Hepburn
  133. Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Seacrest to do reality show together
  134. Harrison Ford is highest paid actor
  135. Singer Linda Lewis' scandalous memoir
  136. Katie Price sluttin it up in Ibiza as Peter Andre cries with mommy
  137. 'I'll see you in court, Martina!' Ms Navratilova is sued by former 'wife' Toni Layton
  138. Lindsay Lohan: Desperately seeking Samantha Ronson
  139. Madonna's new daughter Mercy flown to London overnight
  140. Bradley Whitford & Jane Kaczmarek file for divorce
  141. Steve Jobs had liver transplant
  142. George Clooney checks in with his dead pet pig
  143. Angelina Jolie: "We have so many kids that we have year-round birthdays"
  144. Leighton Meester sex tape
  145. Sanjaya Malakar: I'm a 'straight gay best friend'
  146. Terminators? Well, I've seen off drugs, booze - and two husbands, says Linda Hamilton
  147. William Shatner turns into nightmare guest on U.S. chatshow
  148. Britney Spears goes braless shopping, confuses geography
  149. Madonna wants Gwyneth Paltrow to Goop up Mercy’s new bedroom
  150. Jennifer Love Hewitt writing a relationship advice book
  151. Amanda Seyfried can't stand Lindsay Lohan
  152. Twihards attack part deaux: Robert Pattinson Hit by a Taxi
  153. Levi Johnston Goes Hollywood
  154. The Gosselins to make BIG Announcement on Monday
  155. Liv Tyler tries to get a woman to stop yelling at a crying baby, gets told off
  156. Denise Richards is ’spiritual’, says John Stamos was ‘great’ in bed
  157. David Archuleta's dad busted for hiring a hooker
  158. A million dollars from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt going to Pakistan
  159. Sean Penn needs a break, aka rehab
  160. Janet Hubert (Fresh Prince of Bel Air mom) blames Will Smith for her failed career
  161. Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate target of burglars; may have been inside job
  162. Justin Timberlake cheats on Jessica Biel, gets called out by Lindsay Lohan
  163. Morgan Freeman affair with granddaughter
  164. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden finally to tie the knot this summer?
  165. 'Single' Brad Pitt goes wild!
  166. Billy Joel tells Katie Lee Joel: "take a hike!"
  167. Kate Gosselin loses it on Leah
  168. Chace Crawford named People's Hottest Bachelor. No, seriously.
  169. Stephanie Pratt claims working on "The Hills" triggered her bulimia
  170. More evidence Jim Belushi is a douche bag...
  171. Ex-NFL star Michael Strahan engaged to Eddie Murphy's ex, Nicole Murphy. *snore*
  172. Mariah Carey-"He's all up in my George Foreman"
  173. Samantha Ronson dumps Lindsay Lohan over fight about Nicole Richie
  174. New couple: Gerard Butler and Rachel Roy?
  175. 'We fell in love': Olivia de Havilland confesses to 'relationship' with Errol Flynn
  176. Guy Ritchie gets to grips with the ladies on a night out
  177. Cindy Crawford steps out with her lookalike daughter
  178. Sienna Miller slashes £300,000 off price of boho 'bachelorette pad'
  179. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to take up entire hotel floor during Australian stay
  180. Stacey Ferguson talks sex, piercings, and gluttony
  181. Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith do not swing
  182. The Beckhams receive apology from nanny
  183. David Cook: Fans helping him cope with brother's death
  184. Mia Farrow's brother found dead under suspicious circumstances
  185. Megan Fox rejects a kid
  186. Minka Kelly the Ganja Girl
  187. When Twihards attack: Robert Pattinson mobbed in NYC
  188. Click. Flash. Wow. Dirty. Skank. Ho: Lindsay Lohan posts klassy pic on twitter
  189. Yawn: Jessica Biel tries to balance being ‘very sexy’ & ‘really attainable’
  190. Megan Fox: ‘I’m currently what you would call single I guess’
  191. Prince William called out for arrogance; Kate Middleton is ‘calculating’
  192. Nia Vardalos says it’s not realistic that ugly guys get such hot girls in the movies
  193. Madonna to transform Mercy’s life
  194. Christian Bale doesn’t read gossip
  195. Carnie Wilson has a baby girl
  196. Angelina Jolie - World Refugee Day PSA
  197. Kelis: Nas left me high and dry
  198. Hulk Hogan claims Linda Hogan blows alimony on drugs
  199. Britney Spears: London shopping with sons Sean and Jayden
  200. Janice Dickinson rushed from I'm a Celebrity set by ambulance
  201. Um, Katie Holmes taping So You Think You Can Dance performance today
  202. Al Roker/Spencer and Heidi Pratt smackdown
  203. Mel Gibson's new piece debuts first single
  204. £30,000 worth of jewels missing! Top suspect: Lindsay Lohan!
  205. Columnist claims to have seen Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's bodyguard's book proposal
  206. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to remake Tootsie?
  207. Lindsay Lohan STILL wants you to believe she's sober
  208. Miley Cyrus concerts bomb at box office
  209. Just in case you care, Susan Boyle due back on tour after "rest day"
  210. Karl Lagerfeld vs. Heidi Klum: Round 2
  211. Nicole Kidman ‘argues with husband over baby plans’
  212. New couple alert: Jeff Goldblum and Tania Raymonde
  213. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie donate $1 Million to hospital
  214. Hundreds honor David Carradine at LA funeral
  215. Paris Hilton's relationship with Doug Reinhardt ended after violent attack
  216. Peter Facinelli needs your help
  217. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: American Girl gals
  218. Jennifer Aniston jokes about love life
  219. Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest are strip club buddies
  220. Sienna Miller on Balthazar Getty: ‘I was really naive and trusting…’
  221. Drea de Matteo, Shooter Jennings engaged
  222. Kate Gosselin spends 10th wedding anniversary with kids
  223. Stephen Baldwin is losing his house
  224. Julian Lennon reaches out to real "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
  225. Michael Jackson using his "musical" requirements as an excuse to groom next victims?
  226. Judy Garland's daughter Lorna Luft was responsible for the drug dispensing
  227. Shania Twain's letter to fans: 'I'm enjoying life'
  228. Shauna Sand frolicking with Fabio look-a-like at the beach
  229. Pete Doherty arrested for suspected drunk driving
  230. Miley Cyrus is hardcore
  231. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette and Sheryl Crow come together for the Congo
  232. Brad Pitt wants Brangaloonie Ann Curry to stop touching him
  233. Jennifer Aniston ruins party by being mentioned at it. HA HA.
  234. Rihanna and Chris Brown hold court...on opposite ends
  235. Rihanna and Chris Brown hold court...on opposite ends
  236. John Travolta finally admits his dead kid had autism, thetans not amused
  237. Britney Spears gets led around by her cowbell and shoved full of food in London
  238. In new custody agreement, Britney Spears gets over 50% of time with kids
  239. Robert Downey Jr. wants to set Guy Ritchie up with Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz
  240. Beyonce gets forklifted 5 feet down the road cuz her heels be hurtin her hamhocks
  241. Mary and Joseph will be shocked to know their son Jesus Luz is borking grandma
  242. Hugh Grant kicks a paparazzi in the nards, waits for world applause
  243. Kate Gosselin refuses to water her children
  244. Heidi Montag plans to pose for Playboy
  245. SOURCE: Rihanna and Chris Brown will be together at tonight's NBA game
  246. New Mrs. California is just as stupid as the old one, big surprise
  247. Paris Hilton whores it up with Cristiano Ronaldo
  248. Jon Gosselin is unaware Ed Hardy is douchey, not "cool"
  249. Gwyneth Paltrow is a pretentious asshole
  250. Cher is losing a daughter but getting a son! Chastity Bono to become Chaz Bono.