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  1. Jessica Simpson lashes out at Perez Hilton
  2. Adam Lambert not sorry for simulating oral sex at AMAs
  3. Kate Beckinsale is an asshole
  4. John Mayer: “I equate dating with punishment, shame, guilt, disappointment”
  5. Jennifer Lopez falls down, busts her butt at AMAs
  6. Gosselin Divorce Could be Finalized by End of Year--She Rejects His Flowers
  7. Megan Fox lives in a "glass box"
  8. Suri Cruise ‘throws tantrum over mink coat’
  9. James Caan files for divorce
  10. James Van Der Beek to divorce wife
  11. John Travolta: 'We Know That We Are Loved'
  12. Victoria Beckham: I don’t self-tan anymore, I’m naturally orange
  13. Did Drew Barrymore kick Justin Long out of her house?
  14. In Touch: Jennifer Aniston is in Mexico, waiting for Brad Pitt
  15. Courteney Cox's 'Family Matter' Halts Cougar Town Filming
  16. Adnan Ghalib Arrested
  17. Kelly Osbourne axes wedding until fiancé can drink
  18. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Sued Over Their Dog
  19. Carrie Prejean's brother: 'I'd watch her sex tape'
  20. Susan Boyle's Rehab Confusion
  21. Suri Cruise and Her Bear Play a Little Cautionary Limbo
  22. Chris Brown embraced by adoring fans in San Francisco
  23. Heidi Klum officially takes hubby Seal's last name and becomes Heidi Samuel
  24. Justin Bieber's (who?)Mall Signing goes bad
  25. Members of Aerosmith remain concerned about Steven Tyler’s health
  26. Tina Fey takes a shot at NBC and Sarah Palin
  27. Miley Cyrus dresses up like a hooker for her party
  28. Rihanna Wants A Well Endowed Man
  29. Lindsay Lohan's days at Ungaro are numbered
  30. Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Crash
  31. Michael Jackson pulls a Jesus: Makes his face appear on an ultrasound
  32. Angelina Jolie thinks Megan Fox acts like a fool: you have to put a muzzle on it!
  33. Zac Efron tries to be less gay by flouncing from musicals to theater
  34. Paris Hilton and BF screech and fling herpes at each other, cops called, area sprayed
  35. Harpo President Confirms Oprah Winfrey Ending Talk Show Run On Network TV
  36. Jennifer Lopez's ex 'being followed and receiving death threats'
  37. Chaz Bono on Good Morning America “I’m living the life I’ve always wanted”
  38. Jenna Jameson on Oprah: ‘you can see love’ in my movies
  39. Alexander Skarsgard denies dating Kate Bosworth, says he’s single
  40. Rihanna Gets Nasty With Her Employees
  41. 20-year-old model Daul Kim found dead in Paris
  42. Camilla Parker Bowles accidentally gives boy a royal bump on visit to nursery
  43. 50 Cent Says He Feels The Same Pressure As Britney Spears
  44. Jim Carrey's daughter weds!
  45. Dakota Fanning: Kristen Stewart and I share passionate kiss in Runaways
  46. Selena Gomez: I'm not a New Moon fan!
  47. Carrie Prejean calls Donald Trump for advice, he says “do porn ”
  48. Tila Tequila -- naked and ranting
  49. Rihanna inspired by "baddest badass" Kate Moss
  50. Leighton Meester is looking for love – not
  51. Tila Tequila's lawyer blames his client's meltdown on former BF Shawne Merriman
  52. Will Katie Holmes tell the world about Tom Cruise’s secret XenuMobile?
  53. Mel Gibson’s church asking new parishioners to fill out an application
  54. Fantasia Barrino a homewrecker?
  55. Mariah Carey demands: kitttens, butterflies and doves
  56. Sen. John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra, arrested for suspicion of DUI
  57. Megan Fox blames Middle America for Jennifer's Body bombing?
  58. Michelle Trachtenberg partners with Coach for a new jewelry collection
  59. Lady Gaga to host Logo's 'NewNowNext PopLab'
  60. Gerard Butler is jealous of Clive Owen and Ewan McGregor who have their own perfumes
  61. Chris Brown has trouble drawing fans for his 'Appreciation' show
  62. Miley Cyrus on fashion, Tybee Island and costar Liam Hemsworth
  63. Nicole Kidman hates to hear herself singing
  64. Farrah Fawcett’s secret lover
  65. Joanne Woodward facing a cancer scare?
  66. The Star Economy: Hollywood's most overpaid stars
  67. Demi Moore's W cover: Worst Photoshop ever?
  68. Lame Carmen Electra sex tape "leaked"
  69. Lindsay Lohan wants to collaborate with Lady Gaga
  70. Sofia Vergara makes a bad joke
  71. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their fauxmance
  72. Nicole Richie hospitalized due to pneumonia
  73. Miley Cyrus, like, totally hates all things Twilight
  74. Eva Mendes on nudity: "I go for it"
  75. Johnny Depp is PEOPLE's 2009 Sexiest Man Alive
  76. Scientology is a criminal organisation rife with beatings, abortion and fraud, claims
  77. Lindsay Lohan tried to snatch 15k of clothes?
  78. Johnny Depp to become Hollywood's highest paid actor
  79. Tila Tequila files civil suit against Shawn Merriman
  80. Kelly Osbourne set for foot surgery after dance show
  81. Robin Wright's 'new beginning' starts with dyeing hair black
  82. Dennis Cole passed away
  83. What do women want?: Megan Fox has some insights
  84. Even after Rihanna beating, women love Chris Brown
  85. Miss Universe contestants Hiroko Mima and Anya Ayoung-Chee star in hardcore sex tape
  86. Kristen Stewart denies Robert Pattinson relationship
  87. Bridget Marquardt's shopping spree for Kendra Wilkinson's baby
  88. Avril Lavigne and Wilmer Valderrama are hooking up
  89. Ryan O'Neal "perfectly happy" being left out of Farrah Fawcett's will
  90. Obama's half brother Mark Ndesandjo speaks up in China
  91. Evan Chandler, father of Michael Jackson molestation accuser, is dead
  92. Clint Eastwood is GQ’s Man of the Year, blasts “teenage twits”
  93. Courtney Love loses out on date with Bill Clinton
  94. Dita Von Teese on her sexy new flipbooks & why America can’t handle her moves
  95. John Stamos receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  96. Anthony Michael Hall's ex files restraning order against him
  97. Lindsay Lohan's friends try intervention at Hollywood Party
  98. Levi Johnston (thankfully) does not bare his johnson
  99. Lindsay Lohan attempting fashion with Mouawad collection (UPDATE: Mouawad denies it)
  100. Megan Fox likes eating boys
  101. Joe Jackson appeals -- the fight isn't over!
  102. Paris Jackson's shrine to Dad
  103. Michael Jackson's son has inherited his father's rare skin condition?
  104. Carrie Underwood: I'm not moving in with Mike Fisher
  105. Madonna helps Brazilian kids
  106. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are not married ?
  107. Susan Boyle beaten & bullied for being “a slow learner”
  108. Nicole Kidman says breastfeeding helped her get parts that called for curves
  109. Amy Winehouse spends night in hospital after mixing medication
  110. Ashlee Simpson defends sister Jessica Simpson's body
  111. Black couple removed from ‘Couples Retreat’ poster in the UK, is it racism?
  112. Jackass Spencer Pratt lashes out at Al Roker after interview is cancelled
  113. Adam Lambert talks about “gross” sex with women - again
  114. Eva Longoria Parker named Philanthropist Of The Year
  115. Oprah Winfrey looks on the bright side of having your face ripped off by a chimp
  116. Ken Ober, MTV's Remote Control host, dead at 52
  117. Adriana Lima, husband welcome daughter
  118. 'The Equalizer' Edward Woodward dead at age 79
  119. Lindsay Lohan has huge crush on Leonardo Dicaprio
  120. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt launch their new serpent-themed jewelry line
  121. Vivid Entertainment trying to release Carrie Prejean sex tape
  122. Ronan Keating's panic attacks over Stephen Gately's death
  123. Second baby for Jessica Alba and Cash Warren?
  124. Leona Lewis denies plastic surgery rumors
  125. Madonna meets Jesus' mother
  126. Paris Hilton sparks feud with Kim Kardashian and her sisters
  127. Michael Lohan accused of hunting out strippers who look like his daughter
  128. Megan Fox on her tattoos: “They were impulse buys”
  129. Victoria Beckham's film career is 'taking off', apparently
  130. Get well soon Brock Lesnar!
  131. Shayne Lamas gets DUI?
  132. Elisha Cuthbert to add sparkle to Calgary's Grey Cup parade
  133. Victoria Beckham takes son Brooklyn on a trip to poverty-stricken U.S. town
  134. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt go on date to art museum
  135. Bruce Springsteen makes mistake in greeting audience
  136. Megan Fox: ‘I’m not a tigress like Angelina Jolie’
  137. Lauren Bacall, Roger Corman to get early Oscars
  138. President Nicolas Sarkozy honors Clint Eastwood
  139. Stephanie Seymour "spills the beans" about marriage to Peter Brant to Vanity Fair
  140. Lindsay Lohan has bitchfit meltdown when bar asks her to pay her own tab
  141. Rosie O'Donnell admits partner Kelli Carpenter moved out two years ago
  142. Hee Hee: Joe Jackson inherits big fat zero
  143. Nicolas Cage loses homes to foreclosure auction
  144. Megan Fox bored of movies
  145. Miley Cyrus slips with gay slur
  146. Lindsay Lohan only trusting 14-year-old sister
  147. Lindsay Lohan: "I've never been happier in my life!"
  148. Jon Gosselin - "I'm too famous to have a real job"
  149. Comedian Katt Williams going crazy! He gets kicked out of luxury hotel for behavior
  150. Chris Brown says it’s our fault he doesn’t seem sorry
  151. Faketits Jesuswhore Carrie Prejean treats intern like shit, 8 more sex tapes surface
  152. Nick Hogan is “haunted” by his time in prison
  153. Eddie Cibrian's ex claims he's stiffing her out of spousal support
  154. Report: Seven More Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes Unearthed
  155. Lindsay Lohan's bar trick
  156. Courteney Cox is a control freak diva on ‘Cougar Town’ set
  157. John Travolta breaks down in tears during first TV interview since son Jett's death
  158. Shakira says it's 'hard to explain' She Wolf lyrics
  159. Elizabeth Hurley's diet secret: vodka!
  160. Emmy Rossum opens up about secret marriage - and divorce
  161. Leading Egyptologist attacks Beyonce for lack of interest at the Pyramids
  162. Sarah Palin calls Katie Couric "badgering," biased in new memoir
  163. Russell Crowe and the old banjo
  164. Adrianne Curry: Weight gain, baby worries kept me out of the limelight
  165. Johnny Depp offers old buddy Nicolas Cage a helping hand
  166. Sharon Osbourne sorry for bashing Susan Boyle
  167. Michael Jackson is furious he's not buried next to Marilyn Monroe, claims medium
  168. Rebecca Gayheart confirms pregnancy
  169. Donnie McClurkin calls gays "vampires", rants against Tonex and gay youth
  170. Michael Lohan could go to prison for leaked conversations
  171. Chris Brown cursed out for Rihanna abuse
  172. German man charged with trying to extort $100,000 from Cindy Crawford and husband
  173. Jessica Alba gets into fight over parking spot
  174. Jessica Alba is an unfit mother
  175. Halle Berry used to get moist for abusive men, leading to a lot of nosejobs
  176. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley knock Kanye West at the CMAs
  177. Kimora Lee Simmons to be a judge on next season's Americas Next Top Model!!!
  178. Marley Shelton introduces her 2-month-old daughter West
  179. Meryl Streep tells kid journalist she asked “most sophisticated question”
  180. Wynonna Judd: "Too soon" for Taylor Swift to win Entertainer of the Year
  181. Britney Spears' Twitter hacked again
  182. Jon Gosselin sex tape
  183. Megan Fox: if women think you’re attractive you’re a dumb whore
  184. Eva Mendes: I use my sexuality for movie roles
  185. Ellen Page and Megan Fox had an abortion?
  186. Angelina Jolie dominates the tabloids with her “cruelty & spite”
  187. Carrie Prejean Unplugged on Larry King
  188. Mike Tyson arrested at LAX
  189. Marlee Matlin doesn't mind 'Family Guy' mocking her
  190. Angelina Jolie set to adopt baby girl from Syria
  191. David Walliams gets ANOTHER model girlfriend.. Vogue cover star Lara Stone
  192. Justin Timberlake puts on a united front with his beard Jessica Biel
  193. Kate Moss has falling out with her hair stylist James Brown, claims her black roots
  194. Jessica Simpson still cheers on Tony Romo
  195. OMG, like, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are holding hands *dies*
  196. Holly Madison talks smack about Hugh Hefner's new girls
  197. Joel Madden walks out of interview after he’s shown Britney Spears' panty-less photo
  198. Suzanne Somers’ anti cancer regimen can cause cancer; her experts are frauds
  199. Jim Carrey jokingly mocks Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
  200. Dominique Swain dumps unvaccinated puppies at shelter?
  201. Michael Jackson laid to rest in a $35,000 suit
  202. Shanna Moakler apologizes for calling Khloe Kardashian a "donkey"
  203. Top Model's "Miss J" reveals: "I'm a Dad!"
  204. Celine Dion has a miscarriage?
  205. Joss Stone sparks drugs row
  206. Lindsay Lohan had secret relationship with Heath Ledger when he died
  207. Mario Lopez says he wouldn't go out with himself
  208. James Franco talks about General Hospital part
  209. John Travolta getting daily brainwashing sessions to wash the guilt of murder away!
  210. Amy Winehouse eats like a pig and wants bigger tits to go with her ass implant
  211. Zac Efron wears the same jeans for 8 weeks
  212. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has leukemia
  213. Robbie Williams planning proposal
  214. Fact or Fiction: Madonna and Jesus Luz are getting engaged?
  215. Pamela Anderson on trailer park life and Tommy Lee
  216. Justin Timberlake: 'I fear for my safety'
  217. Spencer Pratt wants a vasectomy!
  218. Dakota Fanning is the anti-Ali Lohan
  219. Tiffani Thiessen is expecting a baby!
  220. Oopsie! Eva Mendes has a nip slip at “Bad Lieutenant” screening
  221. Demi Moore talks aging and being the “Puma” poster girl
  222. Katt Williams arrested for criminal trespass and burglary
  223. Russell Crowe wants Elizabeth Banks to ride his bike
  224. Jay-Z has babies on the brain
  225. Oscar-worthy Ashlee Simpson heads to Broadway
  226. Janet Jackson and Jermain Dupri still together
  227. Robert Pattinson isn't romantic
  228. Lindsay Lohan's assistant is worried about her
  229. Usher Raymond's divorce is finalized
  230. Chris Brown says beatdown should be "private"
  231. Jennifer Lopez sues ex-husband over movie
  232. Chris Brown’s friends say Rihanna is lying
  233. Chris Jericho's victim picks a fight
  234. Susan Boyle to sing on Dancing with the Stars
  235. Eddie Cibrian to sue Life and Style
  236. Taylor Lautner plays coy on romance with Taylor Swift
  237. Verne Troyer slapped with restraining order over abusive texts to ex-girlfriend
  238. The end of Aerosmith? Singer Steven Tyler 'quits' the band
  239. Victoria Beckham is working on a deal to set up a New York modelling agency
  240. Mickey Rourke - 'Living for 12 years in disgrace with no money isn't easy'
  241. Angelina Jolie strips off for first time since twins’ birth
  242. Megan Fox's killer ambition
  243. Coco says that blog readers are fat, jealous & lack lives + her butt is 100% real
  244. Robert De Niro: filming is fun
  245. Toni Braxton splits from her husband
  246. Lamar Odom: I want to have a baby with Khloe Kardashian "soon"
  247. Megan Fox doesn’t have any girlfriends because of her daddy issues
  248. Jessica Simpson turns to God, Twitter & alcohol in troubled times
  249. David Hasselhoff, not drunk, just has a heavy tongue
  250. Enquirer: Brad Pitt calls Tom Cruise “Dr. Strange”, old grudges resurface