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  1. Duggars expecting 19th child
  2. Aussie teen says Miley Cyrus "stole" her boyfriend
  3. Katy Perry: Pot calling the kettle untalented
  4. Vanity Fair prints mock Goop interview with Gwyneth Paltrow aka Fishsticks
  5. Keira Knightley & Scarlett Johansson vie for ‘My Fair Lady’ role
  6. Kelly Preston & John Travolta are being torn apart by grief
  7. Naomi Campbell: Fashion industry doesn’t want black models in a recession
  8. Megan Fox's vagina is powerful
  9. Rumer Willis says girls don't have to be "stick skinny"
  10. Kim Mathers insults Eminem's little soldier-says he needs Viagra
  11. Carrie Prejean sues Miss California officials
  12. Renee Zellweger in crash - still butt ugly
  13. Rolling Stone Brian Jones death being re-examined by British Police
  14. Sure...Chris Brown doesn't remember hitting Rihanna
  15. Roger Friedman: The National Enquirer tried to fasley frame Michael Jackson
  16. Here we go again: McCauley Culkin is Blanket's mystery dad?
  17. Jon Gosselin's mother enables his douchiness
  18. "Lifetime Achievement" award goes to....Matt Damon?
  19. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes work up a sweat in Melbourne
  20. Former first daughter Jenna Bush joins 'Today'
  21. Demi Moore: 'I'm a natural beauty'
  22. What has happened to Amy Winehouse's nose?
  23. Rumor: Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart expecting
  24. Noel Gallagher quits rock group Oasis
  25. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are engaged
  26. Kevin Smith allegedly calls Bruce Willis a “F’ing Dick”
  27. Candy Spelling talks to Aaron Spelling's ghost about real estate
  28. In Touch: Tom Cruise criticized Katie Holmes for gaining 5 pounds
  29. Madonna to run 151 mile 6 day race
  30. John Mayer donates $25,000 to L.A. pet rescue groups after challenging TMZ
  31. Heather Mills releases eco-friendly recycled fashion line
  32. Get ready for a little TMI about Russell Brand
  33. WTF!?! DJ AM is dead!!!!
  34. Herpes ridden, retarded windbag Megan Fox likes kissing girls, how 1993 of her..
  35. Tom Cruise’s auditor: Cruise abused parisioners, Sci planned his divorce
  36. Brody Jenner tasered after he & his girlfriend fight with Joe Francis
  37. Sharon Stone justifies her nude photo shoot
  38. Mischa Barton: I went crazy because "the wisdom tooth made me do it"
  39. Lily Allen claims men are afraid of her because of her songs
  40. Gwyneth Paltrow wants Goop to compete with Martha Stewart’s empire
  41. Elle Macpherson's labradoodle is face of new fashion brand for canines
  42. Steven Seagal's new reality t.v. show
  43. Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies
  44. Kelly Osbourne was on 50 Vicodin a day
  45. Katie Price shouts about her sex life during a flight to Spain
  46. Tony Romo accused of being a creep while with Jessica Simpson (*shocker*)
  47. Anne Heche brings the crazy to David Letterman's couch
  48. Paris Hilton smears herpes all over the walls of her bf's house
  49. Derek Jeter engaged to Minka Kelly
  50. Kerry Katona arrested for 'punching her accountant and throwing cup of tea over him'
  51. Daily Mail says Sheridan Morley memoirs state that Sir John Gielgud was gay....
  52. Were sex tapes stolen from Lindsay Lohan’s house?
  53. Jennifer Aniston is worried Tina Fey will “out-shine” her at the Emmys
  54. Spencer Pratt: Heidi Montag Pratt is the new Michael Jackson
  55. Enquirer: Is Angelina Jolie forcing Brad Pitt into rehab for his reefer addiction?
  56. Did Renee Zellweger make a dig at Jennifer Aniston’s hair?
  57. Kourtney Kardashian found a partner in blabbery
  58. Rumer Willis says her parents have nothing to do with her acting career
  59. Shanna Moakler responds to internet rumors about fight with Travis Barker
  60. Dominick Dunne dead at 83
  61. Lindsay Lohan's methface gets own reality show
  62. Kate Gosselin to co-host The View
  63. Megan Fox to play Catwoman: Batman franchise implodes!
  64. Sen. Ted Kennedy is dead
  65. Dean Sheremet is moving to NY, not talking to press about LeAnn Rimes
  66. Britney Spears isn’t into Jason Trawick, still wants Adnan Ghalib
  67. Candy Spelling is getting her own “scripted” T.V. show
  68. Jon Gosselin: "I don't want" to tape Jon & Kate "anymore"
  69. Chris Brown ordered not to contact Rihanna for the next five years
  70. Goopy Ono: Gwyneth Paltrow persuades husband to go solo
  71. Jessica Biel can give you a virus (without even touching you)
  72. Annie Lennox takes on Pope in Aids fight
  73. Jennifer Aniston "won't date a normal guy"
  74. Melanie Griffith checks into rehab
  75. Khloe Kardashian on how she deals with haters
  76. Bernie Madoff dying of cancer....true or not?
  77. People steal stuff back from Lindsay Lohan's crackhouse
  78. Robin Williams to play Susan Boyle in movie?
  79. Ryan Jenkins found dead
  80. Amy Winehouse - What a difference a year makes...
  81. Gwyneth Paltrow follows in Madonna's footsteps with her 33-room superhouse
  82. Kate Middleton enjoys the sun on Mustique
  83. Adam Lambert unfazed by dildo attack
  84. Katie Price is warned to cut down on partying, gets called a slut
  85. Rehab, drinking, Courtney Love, Owen Wilson's 'overdose': Steve Coogan confesses all
  86. Lindsay Lohan's BlackBerry drama
  87. Taylor Swift buys pizza for waiting fans
  88. Snoop Dogg gets with some greasy piece..not his wife
  89. Kourtney Kardashian thinks pregnancy will “raise her profile”
  90. Claire Danes believes in monogamy... now
  91. Phil Spector is afraid in prison & confused about where he is
  92. Courtney Love posts Twitter pictures with a tortoise on her head
  93. Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley Cyrus' stripper pole dance: it’s entertainment!
  94. LeAnn Rimes questioned in Brentwood hit-and-run
  95. Janet Jackson is planning a tell-all book
  96. 'I want to marry again because I miss the sex': Jerry Hall
  97. The man who claims to have had a gay love affair with Michael Jackson
  98. Jennifer Aniston actually has a fan
  99. Alanis Morissette to write tell-all, Scarlett Johansson is pissed
  100. Barbara Walters yelled at pregnant, messy Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  101. Jon Gosselin buys Hailey Glassman a $70k SUV
  102. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt encourage 3-year-old Shiloh’s acting dreams
  103. Brad Pitt calls Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie “ridiculous” - also shops for gerbils
  104. Big fat liars LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian go public
  105. Simon Cowell gives £100K-a-year to dogs' home
  106. Lindsay Lohan cokesnorts a memo to Slash: Teach me the guitar! I'll SUCK YOUR COCK!!
  107. Tiresome whore Madonna makes the baby Jesus cry
  108. Lady Gaga fakes orgasm onstage in Tel Aviv
  109. Cameron Diaz dating 'Sex and the City' star Jason Lewis
  110. Start your jokes! Oprah goes on pie spree
  111. Heidi Montag Pratt to perform live at Miss Universe; world prepares to point & laugh
  112. Hayden Panetierre and Harry Morton: Pink Tacos for everyone!
  113. Leona Lewis a victim of computer hackers as three new tracks are leaked online
  114. Can 20-year-old Ekaterina keep up with 62-year-old Rolling Stone legend Ronnie Wood?
  115. Amy Winehouse spotted with mystery substance up her nose
  116. David Copperfield sued for sexual assault
  117. Tax evader Richard Hatch claims he was sent to prison because he’s gay
  118. InTouch: Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise’s “fight to end all fights”
  119. Katie Price plays the doting mother as she takes Harvey for day out at theme park
  120. Alicia Silverstone likes to garden naked
  121. Angelina Jolie believed to be a saint by Namibia children
  122. Oprah Winfrey: Jay-Z is my new best friend
  123. Us: Why Bradley Cooper chose Renee Zellweger, not Jennifer Aniston
  124. Brooke Hogan cancels performance due to anxiety attack
  125. Kourtney Kardashian still talking about her unborn baby
  126. TLC tells Jon Gosselin he violated morals clause of his contract
  127. Back to work for Leonardo DiCaprio
  128. Gisele Bündchen expecting a baby girl?
  129. Britney Spears delivers David Letterman’s Top Ten
  130. Christian Bale gets super skinny again while filming with Marky Mark Wahlberg
  131. Johnny Knoxville, girlfriend expecting baby
  132. Do Kate Middleton & Prince William have a secret pact to marry in 2012?
  133. Madonna: Jesus Luz is “the love of my life”
  134. Is Colin Farrell going to be a daddy again?
  135. Heidi Pratt explains why posing for Playboy didn't compromise her religious beliefs
  136. Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth to become a minister
  137. Demi Moore bought Rumer Willis strippers for birthday
  138. Third time's a charm: Robin Wright Penn files for divorce
  139. Kirstie Alley urges harassment of Enquirer writer, calls her ‘fair game’
  140. Celine Dion might be preggers - world cries out "NO!"
  141. Madonna celebrates 51st b-day by snogging Baby Jesus
  142. Heather Mills is thrilled her daughter accosts meat-eating strangers
  143. Jennifer Lopez: marriage & babies are hard work
  144. Nobody likes Gwyneth Paltrow
  145. Sex Tape! Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart and Miss Teen USA
  146. Tom Delay and other losers on DWTS
  147. Blaaaake says Amy Winehouse is 'begging' for a reunion & he plans to propose again
  148. Kerry Katona in new drugs scandal as she is photographed 'snorting white powder'
  149. 'It's not you it's me,' Lily Allen tells fans as she breaks down on stage
  150. Hugh Grant to quit acting... again
  151. You're Bob Dylan? NJ police want to see some ID
  152. Ashlee Simpson all bombed up in public and picking fights with Pete Wentz
  153. Madonna's 51st marred by protests in Poland
  154. Kate Gosselin's violence: CAUGHT ON VIDEO!
  155. Russell Crowe is a cuddly-wuddly papa bear
  156. Eddie Cibrian: "We are all not perfect"
  157. Katie Price 'lived a lie' for five years
  158. Stunning Tori Spelling launches her own childrens clothing range
  159. Justin Timberlake butches up some for Jessica Beard by getting a Harley
  160. Paris Hilton gives herpes to poor sharks and stingrays in Bora Bora!
  161. TV show Footballers' Wives no-name actress Holly McGuire arrested at cocaine factory
  162. Jude Law's pregnant ho insists 'I'm no gold digger' despite asking for £5,900 a month
  163. Dad’s Tantric sex? That was made up by Bob Geldof, says Sting’s daughter Coco Sumner
  164. Jamie Foxx takes naked photo of himself in the bathroom mirror ... how Miley of him
  165. For Sale: Eternity with Marilyn Monroe
  166. Mischa Barton - soused on the set!
  167. Brad Pitt: I stopped smoking pot for my kids' sake
  168. Alyssa Milano gets married
  169. Tom Cruise admires his platform sneakers in this week's zombie family photo op
  170. Madonna's daughter Lourdes Ciccone Leon wears a back brace for scoliosis?
  171. George Clooney sues paparazzi for pics of 13 yo girl topless inside his home
  172. Michael Jackson’s dad Joe received $5k for attending his hometown memorial
  173. Bobby Brown a wanted man
  174. George Michael + automobile = bad news
  175. Did Britney Spears get dumped?
  176. George Clooney’s wedding gift to Mark Wahlberg
  177. Julia Roberts is more beloved than “rude, nasty” Shirley MacLaine
  178. So this is how Brooke Hogan is trying to sell more albums
  179. Katie Holmes: Now you too can look like a weepy alien robot wife
  180. Rosie O'Donnell still hates Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  181. More baby news: Sarah Chalke is having one too
  182. Jessica Simpson takes her jinxcrotch to the Redskins
  183. Cher is helping Chaz choose a sperm donor for fiancee
  184. Did Jon Gosselin call cops on Kate Gosselin?
  185. George Clooney and his new 'girlfriend' Elisabetta Canalis bearding it up on a boat
  186. Michael Vick gets signed by the Eagles
  187. Michael Phelps involved in accident...
  188. Junior Andre bonds with Katie Price's new man
  189. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seen fighting on set
  190. Guy Ritchie and 26 year-old girlfriend heat things up
  191. In Touch: Angelina Jolie “humiliates” Brad Pitt at ‘Basterds’ premiere
  192. Expert: Robert Pattinson gives women “unrealistic expectations”
  193. Stacy Ferguson tells Josh Duhamel getting pregnant will help clean up her act
  194. Charlize Theron in Vogue: gay rumors, Stuart Townsend & kids
  195. Hannah Montana Cherries - inappropriate, or an innocent way to get kids to eat fruit?
  196. Jerry O'Connell will have something to fall back on if the acting thing fizzles
  197. Heidi Pratt claims to have had "20-30 orgasms" in a single day
  198. Director John Hughes held grudges... Molly Ringwald says so
  199. Mike Tyson opens up about daughters death
  200. Tori Spelling whores out self & husband at Boutique opening, an envelope is next...
  201. Les Paul, guitar master has passed away
  202. Khloe Kardashian claims the coke was in some other person's pants....
  203. Hayden Panettiere blames media for 'destroying' her love life
  204. Another vomit inducing interview with Brad Pitt and Ann Curry
  205. Liam Neeson at his first premiere since tragic death of wife Natasha
  206. Jack Nicholson's youngest son gets to second base with his dad's man boob
  207. Minka Kelly vs Kate Hudson girlfight!
  208. Megan Fox would like to make a public service announcement
  209. Brad Pitt outs George Clooney - haha
  210. Enquirer: DNA test shows John Edwards is the Daddy
  211. Rumoured latest DWTS cast
  212. Oh lord, Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant...
  213. Brad Pitt takes Maddox and Pax to Green Day concert
  214. Britney Spears gets a ticket while looking crazy
  215. Alexander Skarsgard's tranny past revealed
  216. Does Jamie Foxx have a secret baby & baby-mama?
  217. Drew Barrymore confronts Justin Long about his cheating ways
  218. Jon and Kate Gosselin reuniting?
  219. Kate Gosselin in second weepy TV appearance; Jon Gosselin shops for a Porsche
  220. Jessica Simpson plans tell-all on Tony Romo, Dane Cook & Jude Law?
  221. Ashlee Simpson barfs to Jessica Simpson: You make me a "better person"
  222. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's secret sex spots
  223. Kate Hudson wants a roid baby
  224. Sienna Miller is allegedly banging a single guy
  225. Mischa Barton out snortin and boozing after rehab, world registers a collective 'meh'
  226. Amy Winehouse's crackventures to be turned into musical; Urinetown name already taken
  227. Channing Tatum used to strip and give ho's lapdances, pass it on
  228. Bono's wife Ali sues Stella McCartney over use of the word 'nude' in new perfume line
  229. Reese Witherspoon sports a black eye - did Toothy Tile flip out?
  230. Kate Moss and Lily Allen resurrect their party lifestyle as they share a joint
  231. In case you cared: Dr Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson AND has a mistress/baby
  232. Emmy Rossum divorces secret husband
  233. Candy Spelling: Tori Spelling shouldn't complain about money, she’s got plenty
  234. Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson “reassured” me his marriage wasn’t happy
  235. Simon Cowell to get $45 million for Idol, sorry Paula Abdul
  236. Bradley Cooper & Renée Zellweger - kissing couple
  237. This is news: Kate Gosselin is cunty
  238. Britney Spears' cheetolings have an impressive vocabulary
  239. Jennifer Hudson has baby boy
  240. Classy Jaime Pressly peeing in the street for a dare
  241. Succubus Kate Hudson goes public with her baseball star beau A-Rod
  242. Musical parody about Madonna's controversial adoption of Malawian orphan Mercy
  243. Tom Cruise's son to take starring role in Hollywood remake of Red Dawn
  244. Keanu Reeves smells and looks like a homeless man as he pushes a shopping cart
  245. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's first public appearance since May
  246. Mischa Barton bounces back to work days after leaving psychiatric ward
  247. Katie Jordan Price wants a baby with new beau.. or is she dumping him?
  248. Bradley Cooper and Rene Zellweger go to Spain together
  249. Jeremy Piven and Chris Kattan have a bitch fight
  250. Linda Hogan says having a younger man makes her feel sexy