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  1. Mad Mel Gibson takes on photographer, prompts police report
  2. Kenny Chesney: Jessica Simpson didn't flirt with me
  3. Sisqó impregnates a 14 year old groupie
  4. Has Sienna Miller's on/off lover Balthazar Getty reconciled with his estranged wife?
  5. Huge slut Jude Law expecting his fourth child
  6. Eddie Izzard sets off on 1,000-mile seven-week marathon
  7. Madonna calls Guy Ritchie her “eternal love”
  8. Maggie Gyllenhaal doesn’t take parenting tips
  9. Angelina Jolie takes Shiloh & Zahara toy shopping
  10. Scarlett Johansson on Gwyneth Paltrow: “She’s out of the loop”
  11. Marilyn Manson threatens journalists who criticize him
  12. Jessica Biel compares herself to Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett
  13. Paris Hilton warns young girls of sex tape mistake
  14. Shakira is desperate to "reproduce"
  15. Tony Romo brought other woman to Jessica Simpson's concert
  16. Jennifer Love Hewitt begs for a part in Twilight, gets giddy over Rober Pattinson
  17. Brad Pitt enjoys the fine German beer until 2 a.m.
  18. Do not ask Kid Rock if he Twitters
  19. Scarlett Johansson to quit smoking to prove she’s the world’s happiest wife
  20. What do Kate Gosselin and Madame Medusa have in common?
  21. Miley Cyrus resorts to Batgirl cosplay for her 'Batman' audition with Warner Bros.
  22. Lauren Conrad's book 'L.A. Candy' may be a movie & says she wrote it, like for sure
  23. Eva Mendes catches verbal diarrhea from Megan Fox & whinges about her sexy body
  24. Men finally come to their senses and tire of Megan Fox overexposure
  25. Katie Price unveils a new pink mobile palace for herself and her horses
  26. Bryce Dallas Howard replacing Rachelle Lefevre in ‘Eclipse’
  27. Kelly Clarkson's new single controversy: All She Never Wanted
  28. Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray Cyrus says he’s her friend first, then her dad
  29. George Clooney’s latest “girlfriend” is Elisabetta Canalis
  30. Tobey Maguire’s mother & brother get a reality show
  31. Ryan Reynolds bailed on Comic-Con after fight with Scarlett Johansson
  32. Bolleas kiss and make peace
  33. Blythe Danner: Gwyneth Paltrow is a genius who could have cured AIDS
  34. *Shocking* Amy Winehouse 'stole cocaine from Kate Moss's handbag'
  35. Now we can all sleep on Eva Mendes' linens
  36. Madonna love notes up for sale
  37. Revolutionary choreographer Merce Cunningham dead
  38. Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle call it quits
  39. Boy George rejected by Hare Krishnas for being gay
  40. Tony Romo has a sign up banning Jessica Simpson from his property
  41. CoCo shares some klassy pics of herself
  42. Reggie Bush doesn't want Kim Kardashian's big ass any longer....
  43. Jennifer Lopez steals bitches phones, gets groped by Skeletor, looks fat probably
  44. Megan Fox takes a giant leap playing a sexy zombie, queefs existentially about self
  45. Lindsay Lohan to design own line of orange smeared crackpops for the food challenged
  46. Katie Holmes seconds from disaster as car bursts into flames on film set
  47. Orlando Bloom turns down next Pirates of the Caribbean film for girlfriend
  48. Kim Kardashian on having kids: It is such an unselfish and amazing thing to do
  49. Gwyneth Paltrow's parents wanted her to become a doctor
  50. Do Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore want to save Mischa Barton with Kabbalah?
  51. Newsweek asks “Why is Katherine Heigl so annoying?”
  52. Rupert Everett fired from Vanity Fair after calling male editor “fat”
  53. The night Amy Winehouse almost died in my arms of a drug overdose, by her ex husband
  54. Lindsay Lohan trying on shoes with dirty feet
  55. Lindsay Lohan STILL stalking Sam Ronson, waits on front steps until 5am for her
  56. Zac Efron queefs about how not-gay his grooming routine is; trannies die laughing.
  57. Brooke Hogan is living the dream
  58. John Mayer & Jessica Simpson have “unfinished business” in their pants
  59. Is Bar Refaeli pulling a ‘Single White Female’ on Gisele Bundchen?
  60. Lindsay Lohan told Mischa Barton she needed help last year
  61. Daniel Radcliffe loathes homophobia, Gordon Brown
  62. Stacey Ferguson's marriage on the rocks?
  63. Sienna Miller: ‘I don’t want people analyzing the shape of my muff!’
  64. Victoria Beckham refuses to leave Los Angeles
  65. Celebrity pap John Stoddart beats new wife Tory advisor Tara Hamilton-Miller
  66. Kerry Katona left 'distraught' as Mark Croft asks for divorce (again?)
  67. Candy Spelling writes a letter to Tori Spelling.. through TMZ
  68. Farrah Fawcett left the bulk of her £3.65million estate to her troubled son Redmond
  69. New BFF alert - Michelle Obama and Sarah Ferguson
  70. Jon Gosselin: "My heart is always with Hailey" Glassman
  71. Twinkly vamptard Robert Pattinson misplaced his douchemobile while filming crap
  72. Beyonce's sister, whatever her name is, shaved her head or some shit, who cares
  73. Marc Anthony proposed to Jennifer Lopez the minute the Ark of the Covenant opened
  74. Katherine Heigl wants to squirt out some bitchlings before her poon dries up
  75. Octomom (Nadya Suleman) kids will cash in on reality TV
  76. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick splitting. Broderick cheating. With chick!
  77. Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and their 'incredible chemistry'
  78. Madonna bribes kids not to smoke; Bonus: Lourdes is as annoying as her mother!
  79. Guilt-ridden John Travolta "in constant distress"
  80. John Travolta's rift with Scientology; still grief-stricken over son's death
  81. Tony Romo left Jessica Simpson in an IHOP parking lot in the middle of Texas
  82. Jennifer Lopez celebrates 40th birthday with giant cake at midnight
  83. Breaking news: Kate Gosselin takes off her wedding band
  84. No shit, Sherlock: LeAnn Rimes and husband are separated
  85. Paris Hilton: I'm not stupid and I'm not a slut
  86. Lindsay Lohan's career hits a new low - to design her own milkshake
  87. Bradley Cooper has ZERO taste in women...cause now he wants Denise Richards
  88. Roger Federer welcomes twin girls
  89. Gwyneth Paltrow - Veganism is SO last year
  90. Johnny Depp ignites a fan frenzy with surprise Comic-Con appearance
  91. Katie Holmes destroys Judy Garland classic on SYTYCD
  92. Blanket Jackson's mother revealed
  93. Nick Hogan gets taken for $130,000
  94. Paris Hilton says Michael Jackson's daughter was named after her
  95. Uh okay: Jon Gosselin apparently has an even newer ho to ride bitch on his failmobile
  96. Dr. Phil and wife Robin sued for fraud!!! Schemed to avoid payment!
  97. Angelina Jolie disses Megan Fox
  98. Rihanna and Jay-Z’s big bill
  99. Gwyneth Paltrow sends snotty, passive-aggressive notes to Ben Affleck
  100. Carol Channing says she’d love to have Johnny Depp play her in biopic
  101. Jude Law hits female photographer outside of restaurant
  102. Sienna Miller censors sex scenes from parents
  103. Is Penelope Cruz pregnant?
  104. Amy Winehouse back in court, July 22(?) 2009
  105. Denise Richards embarassed by Wild Things recreates pool scene for reality show
  106. Kelis gives birth to baby boy
  107. Kate Major: I’m dating Jon Gosselin!
  108. Kathie Lee Gifford has her own definition of "Hump Day"
  109. Pal: Family 'feels bad' for Jessica Simpson
  110. Brad Pitt’s sexy time is a “trade secret”; Jolie-Pitt twins are “normal”
  111. Rupert Everett's thoughts on Michael Jackson, Barack Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow
  112. Drug agents seize records of Michael Jackson’s doctor
  113. Billy Joel's new piece
  114. Dina Lohan: “Lindsay Lohan is a genius” and “will direct one day”
  115. Katherine Heigl calls first day back on Grey’s set ‘cruel and mean’
  116. Sienna Miller doesn't like talking about Balthazar Getty
  117. Leona Lewis buys a rabbit from homeless man
  118. Michael Jackson's secret son?
  119. Kate Winslet wants to be admired for her wrinkles
  120. Proud Emma Thompson poses with adopted refugee son at graduation six years later
  121. Cameron Diaz is getting hers with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law
  122. Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan fight again..this time over Drea DeMatteo
  123. Maddox Jolie-Pitt is ready to fly, bitches
  124. Jon Gosselin's girlfriend loves his butter concoction
  125. Eddie Cibrian dumped by wife....caught again w/LeAnn Rimes??
  126. NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger accused of sex assault in lawsuit
  127. Who and Who? Demi Lovato splits from Miley Cyrus' brother, Trace Cyrus
  128. Jon Gosselin steps out with a new Kate
  129. Bam Margera is an idiot
  130. Heather Mills: 'Karma punishes my enemies'
  131. Bai Ling and Lionel Richie?
  132. Kevin Federline, girlfriend and kids to star in reality show
  133. Jessica Simpson always has shitty birthdays
  134. Ryan O'Neal recalls Farrah Fawcett's final hours
  135. Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham have some girl talk
  136. Britney Spears could be set free in November
  137. Sir Michael Parkinson dropped from "Who do you think you are" as no family scandal!
  138. Joe Jackson denies that he ever hit his son
  139. David Beckham criticised by LA Galaxy bosses over confrontation with fans
  140. Jack Tweed (Jade Goody's widower) 'feels dirty' after sex with glamour model
  141. Jennifer Love Hewitt engaged yet again....
  142. Beastie Boy MCA has cancer
  143. Chris Brown apologizes for beating Rihanna
  144. Russell Crowe does 'Robin Hood' rescue for crewmember's car
  145. David Arquette apologizes for calling Latinas “nuts”
  146. Kate Middleton’s dodgy uncle tells all: hookers, blow & a royal engagement
  147. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie fight about meat
  148. Madonna gives Jesus Luz the “just friends” talk
  149. Susan Boyle reveals more dramatic makeover in first interview after BGT
  150. Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson's play fight ends with a black eye
  151. Madonna comforts widow of technician killed preparing for her tour
  152. Christina Milian gets engaged
  153. D'Arcy Wretzky calls a radio station in Chicago for an (unplanned) chat
  154. Kate Jackson's strange living habits
  155. James Franco's rejected UCLA commencement speech
  156. Anthea Turner's husband goes belly up to the tune of £50m & she still has a cleaner!
  157. Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPS advice on how to be a stuck up frigid bitch in a relationship
  158. SHUT UP SHUT UP Jennifer Aniston vagfarts about wanting kids *again* STUPID SLAG DIE
  159. Gwyneth Paltrow sulks as she's dropped from Iron Man 2 poster
  160. CoCo's tips for keeping a man
  161. Britney Spears gets death threats from Russia
  162. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want to make a sequel to 'Mr and Mrs Smith'
  163. Paula Abdul ‘hurt,’ ‘angry,’ may not return to ‘Idol’
  164. Demi Lovato cutting her wrist again
  165. Pervert takes nude video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews through hotel peephole
  166. Jessica Simpson keeps a low profile
  167. Passion of the Christ actor James Caviezel injured in bike crash
  168. Octomom's (Nadya Suleman) kid rushed to the hospital
  169. Denise Richards uses hotels for booty calls
  170. Someone married Fred Durst
  171. Debbie Allen calls Raven-Symone a "Heifer"
  172. Larry King's addiction: Michael Jackson
  173. Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri split
  174. Lindsay Lohan admires her character in Labor Pains because ‘it’s easy for her to lie’
  175. Cloris Leachman posing in a bathing suit at 83
  176. Hypocrite Mel Gibson pissed that estranged wife Robyn has new boyfriend
  177. Alex Rodriguez spends big money on Kate Hudson & son Ryder
  178. Will Cameron Diaz & Drew Barrymore ever be best buddies again?
  179. Gwyneth Paltrow asks her possible shrink for relationship advice
  180. Enquirer: Jennifer Aniston hates Courteney Cox’s guts
  181. Slumdog’s Rubina Ali reveals: Nicole Kidman is “strange”
  182. Ivanka Trump engaged
  183. Apparently we ladies should love Megan Fox
  184. Mischa Barton hopitalized under psych hold
  185. Jon Gosselin's now engaged
  186. Kim Kardashian is an idiot, defends blood diamond industry
  187. Farrah Fawcett receives one last Emmy nomination... for her cancer-battle documentary
  188. Party girls Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe and Alice Dellal dropped by model agency
  189. Orlando Bloom loses '$500k of jewellery and cash' as thieves raid his LA home
  190. Madonna tour stage collapses, one dead
  191. Fears for Mischa Barton after she calls police to her home over 'medical issue'
  192. Gerard Butler loves the taste of sand & gets plenty of it from Jennifer Aniston
  193. Jessica Simpson lands in Dumpsville after Tony Romo smells John Mayer text-pee on her
  194. Jennifer Aniston splashes out on a little plastic pail and shovel for her vag
  195. Bitch please: Jada Pinkett Smith still talking about sex life with Will Smith
  196. Brad Pitt to Ashton Kutcher: "Don't take a picture of your wife's butt"
  197. Robert Redford marries longtime companion in Germany
  198. Dane Bowers wasn't joyriding in a Vauxhall Tigra
  199. Katie "Jordan" Price intent on smearing Peter Andre & model Emma B.
  200. Model Karolina Kurková expecting first child
  201. Mira Sorvino welcomes third child
  202. 'Katie Price went against everything we said we'd never do': Peter Andre
  203. Jeremy Piven ogles Hayden Panettiere
  204. Jamie Foxx upsets Rihanna in Vegas
  205. Lauren Conrad’s book tops the New York Times Best Seller List
  206. Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty are househunting in England
  207. Queen Elizabeth to Kate Middleton: get a job
  208. Gwyneth Paltrow is considering a move to Spain
  209. Ryan Seacrest gets $45 mill 3 year deal; Paul Abdul wants $20 mill a year
  210. Even Russell Brand isn’t interested in shagging Lindsay Lohan
  211. Molly Ringwald gives birth to twins
  212. One of Octomom Nadya Suleman's kids attacked grandma with a knife...
  213. Maura Tierney reveals she has a tumor in her breast
  214. Amy Winehouse arrives back in London, July 13, 2009
  215. A&E and Famewhoring Jacksons' Reality Show?
  216. Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson the day before her 29th birthday
  217. Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are DONE!
  218. Vanessa Hudgens can't wait to get naked... again
  219. Jon Gosselin to create Ed Hardy children's line
  220. Eva Longoria Parker's kinky fetish
  221. 'Horrible cheat' Simon Cowell
  222. La Toya Jackson - I know who murdered Michael
  223. Los Angeles feels ripped off over Michael Jackson's funeral
  224. Trudie Styler: The flexible new queen of the fitness DVD
  225. Madonna holds 'daily court' for kids
  226. Jesus Luz doesn’t like Guy Ritchie
  227. Justin Timberlake ‘argues with Jessica Biel at restaurant’
  228. David and Victoria Beckham flash the flesh during their 10th anniversary cruise
  229. Angelina Jolie makes quiet visit to support the troops
  230. Lindsay Lohan starts production company
  231. Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan marry!!!
  232. David Arquette to live in box to raise money for hungry
  233. Katie Price: 'I'm back on the market boys... I could be re-married next summer'
  234. Megan Fox: ‘My boyfriends are required to have a tattoo’
  235. Jon Gosselin & girlfriend hit St. Tropez
  236. Kim Cattrall discovers bigamist grandad
  237. Jason Priestley and wife welcome a baby boy
  238. Robert Plant joins Establishment after accepting CBE from Prince Charles
  239. Mercy James ‘struggling to adapt’
  240. Jennifer Aniston treats her colleagues to a day off
  241. Katie Price talks about her miscarriage
  242. Angelina Jolie’s summer plans mean she’s either a ballbuster or “needy”
  243. Ben Affleck: Jennifer Lopez made me feel “suffocated, miserable and gross”
  244. Nicole Kidman fires her publicist of 15 years
  245. Cynthia Nixon pressures Sarah Jessica Parker to fully support gay rights
  246. Hayden Panettiere just wants to be left alone
  247. Jim Carrey to be a grandfather
  248. Jason Bateman: booze & blow were like ketchup & french fries
  249. Tom Cruise David Beckham bromance: they share everything but Xenu
  250. OK!: Jennifer Aniston’s pal calls Renee Zellweger ‘Needy Edie’