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  1. Frail Elizabeth Taylor makes first public appearance since Michael Jackson's funeral
  2. Ronnie Wood takes girlfriend Ekaterina to meet his son who is 12 years older than her
  3. Mischa Barton out of a job - The Beautiful Life canceled
  4. Jennifer Morrison leaving 'House'
  5. Colin Farrell’s pregnant girlfriend’s parents want a shotgun wedding
  6. Vince Vaughn: I’m finally ready to be a dad
  7. Angelina Jolie promised Zahara she’d adopt another African girl
  8. Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosianto leave Criminal Intent
  9. Um, why? Bidding war over Khloe Kardashian wedding pictures
  10. Michael Jackson believed Madonna wasn't sexy enough for him
  11. Kanye West to interrupt other drunks in rehab?
  12. Michael Jackson [whacko] praised Hitler as "genius"
  13. Jennifer Aniston: "Maybe if I'd been more mysterious things would have worked out
  14. Dean McDermott's ex wife almost 'cast' in his stupid reality show
  15. New Patrick Swayze book: Jennifer Grey a pain in the ass
  16. Kirsten Dunst acts like a retard in court
  17. Britney Spears custody order extended
  18. Did Angelina Jolie kick Brad Pitt out for being uninterested in charity work?
  19. Singapore loves crackheads: Lindsay Lohan gets a hosting job
  20. Mary J. Blige has no plans to adopt, happy being a stepmom to “her own” kids
  21. Kelly Rutherford granted restraining order against estranged husband
  22. Jessica Biel joins celeb climb to Kilimanjaro
  23. Pamela Anderson is broke
  24. Lily Allen has a pissy bitchy snit
  25. Jessica Simpson is still an idiot, but now an idiot likely to get malaria
  26. Julie Chen welcomes baby boy Charlie
  27. Jennifer Aniston queefs tears about Brad Pitt AGAIN thanks to scene in new movie
  28. An arrest warrant has been issued for Randy Quaid and his wife
  29. David Carradine thought he was being haunted by his wife's dead ex-husband
  30. OK! Magazine: Jennifer Aniston pregnant at 40
  31. Howard K. Stern charged with a total of 11 felonies in Anna Nicole Smith's death
  32. Mischa Barton is still disoriented
  33. Megan Fox: Hollywood's outrageous it girl
  34. Jude Law's alleged baby mama delivers a girl
  35. Miley Cyrus flaps her considerable gums about how poo-poo mean the papparazzi are
  36. Passé trannies, The Spice Girls, to reform? Do another tour? Who cares?
  37. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt shows off her gap-toothed grin
  38. Ellen Pompeo has a baby girl
  39. Chaz Bono signs high six figure deal for memoir
  40. Clive Owen: I don’t worry about being likable
  41. Billy Joel is dating another much younger woman
  42. Christina Aguilera talks about childhood hell at the hands of her violent father
  43. Kerry Katona replaces brown birthday puppy after deciding she didn't like its colour
  44. Sarah Michelle Gellar has a baby girl
  45. Jaclyn Smith suicide attempt?
  46. Kevin Federline on Celebrity Fit Club; and we called it first!
  47. Mackenzie Phillips to reveal explosive family secret
  48. Brooke Mueller upset at Emmy suite over Denise Richards
  49. Britney Spears still thinks it's Christmas..again
  50. Heidi Fleiss forced to close Las Vegas grooming shop
  51. Amy Winehouse causes chaos at Southgate School
  52. Pharmacist wouldn't fill Anna Nicole Smith prescription
  53. Professional mess Lindsay Lohan drinks beer in car, attacks photogs with beer can
  54. Friends worry about Jessica Simpson's 'tailspin'
  55. Anna Wintour isn't a fan of Pixie Geldof
  56. Enjoy Lindsay Lohan’s nonsensical Emmy tweets
  57. Beyonce Knowles sings “Halo” to a little girl with leukemia
  58. Trinny Woodall reveals drink and drug past. Someone needs publicity.
  59. Suri Cruise stops traffic in a pair of dress-up heels
  60. Rebecca Gayheart smoking while supposedly pregnant
  61. John Travolta may appear as witness at extortion trial over son Jett's death
  62. Tom Cruise, his tittays & Katie Holmes work up a sweat
  63. Mischa Barton's not-so-beautiful life
  64. Megan Fox wears paper bag over head during interview
  65. Courtney Love has toilet tantrum
  66. Ryan O'Neal seeks comfort at Farrah Fawcett's grave
  67. Sarah Jessica Parker hasn’t had time to bond with her twins
  68. Nuns at Lady Gaga’s old school shocked at what she’s become
  69. Anna Friel strips off in new production of Breakfast At Tiffany's
  70. David Beckham says becoming a father has made him selfless
  71. David Hasselhoff hauled off to the hospital drunk
  72. The Soup: "Get over it already, Jen!"- a Joel McHale masterpiece
  73. Reggie Bush cheated on Kim Kardashian?-There's an alleged sex tape
  74. Zooey Deschanel weds Death Cab for Cutie frontman, Ben Gibbard
  75. Philip Green to throw a 50th birthday party for Simon Cowell at his Palladian mansion
  76. Paris Hilton is preparing for album number two with her crabs as backup singers
  77. Mel Gibson’s bizarre quiz answers leave Jay Leno audience baffled
  78. Weakest Link Anne Robinson demands £550 from BBC for hair & make-up before interview
  79. Kerry Katona's mother sold her cocaine two months before her drug video
  80. Leonard Cohen collapses on stage during Bird On A Wire performance
  81. Susan Boyle on the brink: How some fear the pressure may be getting to the BGT star
  82. Hugh Laurie says he may be forced to quit House
  83. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon have a Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley kiss on Oprah
  84. John Edwards promised Rielle Hunter wedding ceremony with Dave Matthews Band
  85. Anna Kournikova might have a case of the babies
  86. Jackson estate sued over stolen Herpes cure
  87. Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland has a seizure mid-air
  88. Jay-Z defends Kanye West's VMA ambush
  89. Warren Beatty was one hell of a lover - but we fought like stray dogs: Leslie Caron
  90. Yoko Ono: Britney Spears is a survivor
  91. Jon Gosselin's threesome in Las Vegas
  92. Halle Berry denies pregnancy, blames burgers for her “bump”
  93. Suzanne Somers: Chemotherapy killed Patrick Swayze
  94. Police remove Lindsay Lohan from hotel after fight with Samantha Ronson
  95. Khloe Kardashian to wed within the next two weeks
  96. Phil Spector says prison driving him insane
  97. Megan Fox is convinced that by listening to Britney Spears, she won't die!
  98. World might be spared Jennifer Aniston's latest crap flick, chin lovers suicidal..
  99. Coldplay knows which of their songs you take a dump during, can't fool them..
  100. Lindsay Lohan gibbers and screeches like a howler monkey at reports that she's crazy
  101. Holy fuckballs! Megan Fox's venus vagtrap has ghosts and shit in it!
  102. Amy Winehouse's ballet pumps get into another crackhead scuffle
  103. Ronnie Wood moves out of love nest with 20-year-old girlfriend after 12 months
  104. Lindsay Lohan is destroying little sister Ali Lohan
  105. Clive Owen in Details: I fell in love with my wife at first sight
  106. Keisha Castle-Hughes doesn’t regret becoming a mom at 17
  107. Predictably, Jennifer Aniston now wants to ram a turkey baster up her squishmitten
  108. Megan Fox has a lot of self loathing and hurts herself; world hands her razorblades
  109. Over the hill tramps Madonna and Janet Jackson to queef a flappy duet
  110. Mo’Nique talks about her new film
  111. Meghan McCain talks about her weave
  112. Lindsay Lohan tries to get close to 'True Blood' star Ryan Kwanten
  113. Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's kids' monthly allowances
  114. Emma Watson launches ethical fashion range with People Tree
  115. Rod Stewart’s son crashed his Bentley (Pics!)
  116. Megan Fox captivated by cults
  117. Madonna's brother expresses himself: Sis doesn't look so hot
  118. Jon Gosselin sends away the family dogs - blames Kate Gosselin
  119. Jennifer Aniston sings for Ellen DeGeneres
  120. Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley split
  121. Chris Brown finally behind bars for Rihanna assault.. but it's just community service
  122. Jude Law's pregnant baby mamma shopping baby pics around to mags for money
  123. NO! Jessica Biel completes final A-Team line-up
  124. Picnic for eight: Octomom Nadya Suleman takes her babies on trip to park
  125. Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary dead at 72
  126. Actor Henry Gibson has died
  127. Bronx Mowgli, this is your father
  128. Kate Gosselin and Paula Deen to host show;Jon Gosselin's ho calls her Katezilla
  129. Tom Cruise has never given a refund for sex
  130. Burt Reynolds enters rehab
  131. Lindsay and Ali Lohan bond over booze and smokes
  132. Megan Fox: I've wanted to stab and shoot Brian Austin Green
  133. Jennifer Aniston: gossip magazines are messing with you
  134. Scientology freak Jenna Elfman to procreate again
  135. Russell Simmons has a meltdown at fashion show
  136. Jon Gosselin's nanny alleges sexy times
  137. Ronnie Wood's girlfriend Ekaterina threatened to kill herself during a fight. yawn.
  138. President Obama calls Kanye West a 'Jackass'
  139. Whitney Houston’s drug of choice: rock cocaine sprinkled in a joint
  140. Hulk Hogan sues son’s lawyers for $1.5 million
  141. O.J. Simpson's ex-girlfriend thinks he committed double murder
  142. Christina Applegate misses her old breasts
  143. Leelee Sobieski is pregnant
  144. Eddie Izzard triumphantly finishes 1,100 mile marathon around Britain
  145. Davy Jones of 'The Monkees' marries woman half his age
  146. Jeremy Piven ups the douche level
  147. Jim Carroll, author of The Basketball Diaries, dead at 60
  148. Keith Floyd dies of heart attack
  149. Angelina Jolie ‘jealous of Rachel McAdams’
  150. Head of Madonna’s charity resigns to live with Tracy Anderson
  151. Linda Hogan and her boy toy go out to dinner with Brooke Hogan
  152. Jessica Simpson tweets for help after dog Daisy is taken by a coyote
  153. TMZ is reporting that Patrick Swayze has died :(
  154. Amy Winehouse builds a crackfort in bed with BLAAAAKE till her father kicks him out
  155. Madonna: We "abandoned" Michael Jackson
  156. Michael Jackson's secret sister JohVonnie reveals her pain at being shunned
  157. Colin Farrell confirms he'll be a dad again
  158. Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, Ewan MacGregor at Toronto Film Festival
  159. Travolta family makes first public appearance since son's death
  160. Elton John wants to adopt Ukrainian baby boy
  161. Sylvester Stallone overdoes the make-up at Venice Film Festival
  162. Call the RSPCA! Kerry Katona gets a puppy for birthday
  163. Sunday-times:The extraordinary life of Michael Jackson's children
  164. Angelina Jolie visits Somali refugees in Kenya
  165. Lily Allen: 'Why I'm not ashamed of taking drugs and ....
  166. Christina Milian & The-Dream are expecting
  167. ‘Transformers’ crew slam Megan Fox
  168. Katie Price 'begged Peter Andre to take her back just TWO weeks before divorce'
  169. Jack Tweed's family clear out his Essex flat as he remains in jail accused of rape
  170. TV chef Keith Floyd: Wives, wine and fame... my recipe for self-destruction
  171. Penelope Cruz smoking a cigarette - maybe not pregnant?
  172. Meryl Streep's got legs
  173. George Clooney to help Matt Damon regain 'sexiest man alive' title
  174. Johnny Depp back for new 'Pirates' film coming in 2011
  175. Miley Cyrus is the Queen of "corny quotes"
  176. Alexander Skarsgård is a neck man
  177. Tyra Banks hates questions about former ANTM judges
  178. Penélope Cruz irked by pregnancy question
  179. Jennifer Aniston taking "time off" from acting
  180. Lindsay Lohan loves being a famewhore
  181. Dannielynn Birkhead "misses her mom so much"
  182. Jamie Kennedy called naked Jennifer Love Hewitt a “pear ass”
  183. Mischa Barton goes on bizarre rant about hospitalization
  184. Guy Ritchie enjoys his birthday with Jemima Khan and Top Gear's Clarkson
  185. Record companies to sue the Ellen Degeneres Show
  186. Michael Jackson looked "fabulous" at burial; tribute concert is huge FAIL
  187. America was behind the 9/11 atrocities, says actor Charlie Sheen
  188. Prince Charles and 'an old bag' pop down to the supermarket
  189. Enquirer: Jodie Foster’s girlfriend dumps her for another woman
  190. LaToya Jackson's condo is in foreclosure
  191. Ashlee Simpson says yoga brought her closer to Bronx Mowgli
  192. Lindsay Lohan cracked-out Twitter freakout to Samantha Ronson
  193. Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPS on YouTube & someone follows every piece of her advice
  194. Whitney Houston on drug use: I didn’t get out of my pajamas for 7 months
  195. Kim Kardashian says she is not at war with her sisters
  196. Megan Fox is a stupid bitch that says retarded shit - a compilation
  197. Courtney Love to sue Activision over Kurt Cobain character
  198. Runner Lady, Caster Semenya, is hermaphrodite. Set her up with GaGa maybe?
  199. Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman OVER... ahahahahaha
  200. Hugh Hefner files for divorce
  201. Lindsay Lohan goes bra shopping in NYC... question is, will she ever wear it?
  202. Paris Hilton joins Confucius and Oscar Wilde in latest Oxford Dictionary of Quotes
  203. Sophie Anderton 'probably' slept with strangers for cash
  204. Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans welcome daughter Ella Betsi
  205. In Touch: Jessica Simpson’s “insecure, desperate” hookup with John Mayer
  206. Ellen DeGeneres is the new American Idol judge
  207. Katherine Heigl is planning to adopt Korean baby
  208. Nick Hogan's crash victim leaves hospital
  209. 'Thank God it's over': Katie Price toasts her quickie divorce from Peter Andre
  210. 'I never wear sunscreen', says former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson
  211. Nicole Richie gives birth to boy, names him Sparrow James
  212. Kathy Griffin: “I want to be Jennifer Aniston”
  213. Janet Jackson breaks silence on brother's death in new interview
  214. Lindsay Lohan is the new Ungaro "artistic adviser"
  215. Kate Moss gets pissed off over a joke; Mickey Rourke tries to fuck her arm.
  216. Star: Ellen Pompeo’s husband had an affair with a teenager
  217. John Mayer and Kristin Cavallari are doing it
  218. Eve asks for something vegetarian.. like chicken fingers
  219. Pamela Anderson is dating an electrician
  220. Antonio Banderas: Pain meds led Melanie Griffith to rehab
  221. Jack Tweed on suicide watch
  222. Megan Fox swears that she will never be in a sex tape
  223. Annie Liebovitz in financial Kimchi
  224. Tisha Campbell-Martin welcomes son Ezekiel Czar
  225. Diablo Cody says girls hate Megan Fox
  226. Kate Hudson's ex Chris Robinson expecting a baby
  227. Christina Milian elopes in Vegas
  228. Maksim Chmerkovsky dumps Karina Smirnoff
  229. Dirty Sanchez star stabbed in the neck after intervening in supermarket row
  230. George Clooney shows new love Elisabetta Canalis the high-life, again, in Venice
  231. Wrinkly playboy Mickey Rourke, 55, enjoys rematch with beautiful blonde old flame, 24
  232. Hilary Swank felt ‘no spark’ with then-married agent boyfriend, despite affair
  233. Gordon Ramsay's homeless brother Ronnie sleeping rough on the street
  234. Jo Wood faces divorce battle with Ronnie by hiring lawyer Mick Jagger used
  235. Kerry Katona is accusing husband of leaking coke-snorting video
  236. Lady GaGa: 'My father saved me from a deadly cocaine addiction'
  237. Jon Gosselin: Kate refused marriage counselling *sniff*
  238. Kourtney Kardashian’s baby-daddy Scott Disick has a “man-shower” with Kevin Federline
  239. Jude Law’s baby is due the same day ‘Hamlet’ opens on Broadway
  240. Sarah Larson is so over George Clooney, doesn’t speak to him at all
  241. Jennifer Aniston: “I’m still a romantic. I still believe in love.”
  242. Kristen Stewart couldn't relate to other kids at her school
  243. Alexander Skarsgård & Evan Rachel Wood are dating
  244. 'I just ate everything I could see': Matt Damon reveals how he piled on 30 pounds
  245. 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman shows off her labia-like lips on the beach with her kids
  246. Katie Price involved in brawl!
  247. Doug Reinhardt treats Paris Hilton to 'diamond spree'
  248. Rapper Ludacris (Christoper Bridges) gives away cars to contest winners
  249. The crackheads strike back! Amy Winehouse crackfucks BLAAAAAAAKE in her crackhouse
  250. Courtney Love still mourns Kurt Cobain