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  1. Rihanna's baseball player beau explains ex's restraining order
  2. Cher ‘spends $2.5k per week on wellness crew’
  3. Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D are over
  4. Gary Coleman arrested for domestic violence
  5. I see London, I see France, I see Venus Williams' underpants!
  6. OMG!!! The end of Brangelina! Finally!
  7. INTOUCH defends their covers on Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston
  8. Nicole Kidman hires Angelina Jolie's manager
  9. Andy Dick arrested for sexual abuse
  10. Kate Gosselin smacks her son in the face
  11. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin buy a third home next to their superhouse
  12. Chris Brown poses next to bloodied Jean-Paul Gaultier
  13. Bristol Palin sues Levi Johnston for child support, vows chastity on Oprah
  14. Us Weekly: Angelina Jolie “hates” New Orleans
  15. Was Nicole Kidman fired from three films because of her frozen face?
  16. Jesus Luz's peen (but just try to ignore Madonna's face)
  17. Taylor Momsen: 'I might not gonna attend the Haiti fundraising events'
  18. Blake Civil-Fielder likes trannies who dress like Amy Winehouse
  19. Johnny Depp ain't no Brangelina
  20. Joaquin Phoenix is back?!?!!! (Back to looking hot again)
  21. Beyonce cans Sasha Fierce, doesn't need persona to be slutty and embarrassing anymore
  22. Diego Luna & Camila Sodi expecting second child
  23. Britney Spears due in court for progress review
  24. Watch Gwyneth Paltrow get excited about raw Bok Choy
  25. Prince William puckers up - like his dad
  26. Courtney Love wants to compare livers with Keith Richards
  27. Unauthorized Oprah Winfrey biography to be released on April 23rd
  28. George Clooney personally kicks in $1 million to Haiti relief
  29. More trouble for Mischa Barton; landlord calls her deadbeat renter
  30. More duh news- Experts: There's nothing wrong with the way Shiloh Jolie-Pitt dresses
  31. Jennifer Lopez’s glamour rubs off on twins
  32. Jennifer Garner keeps romance alive by stealing
  33. Lindsay Lohan, paid escort
  34. Michael Douglas: Viagra is a “wonderful enhancement”
  35. Shauna Sand's tips for walking in stilettos
  36. Brittany Murphy's family opens up about actress' death
  37. Being a step away from winning Super Bowl doesn't ease Woody Johnson's pain
  38. Jon Cryer "My wife is trying to have me killed"
  39. Dannii Minogue expecting first child
  40. David Beckham’s Goldenballs groped for Italian comedy show
  41. Katherine Heigl wins over coworkers post-baby by being “tolerable”
  42. CNN vs Jennifer Aniston
  43. In 'Duh' news of the day: John Edwards admits paternity
  44. Tiger Woods tracked down at sex addict clinic
  45. Tara Reid is engaged
  46. Billy Bragg refuses to pay income tax unless RBS bonuses are reduced
  47. Scott Baio receives death threats on Twitter over Michelle Obama pic
  48. Gabriel Byrne admits he was sexually abused as a kid
  49. Anna Kournikova's mother facing jail, accused of child neglect
  50. Chris Rock mistakes Elizabeth Banks for Chelsea Handler
  51. Mischa Barton couldn’t remember 7 lines of dialogue for L&O: SVU
  52. George Clooney is considering having a baby with girlfriend
  53. Kim Kardashian bonds with Mel B as they team up to promote $25 lollipops
  54. Former 'Survivor Palau' contestant Jennifer Lyon dies of breast cancer at age 37
  55. Charlie Sheen's wife Brooke Mueller is in intensive care
  56. True-false revelations about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  57. Montel Williams... a deadbeat dad?
  58. Is an end in sight? NE reporting Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie split... For realz!
  59. Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman's publcist claims that eleven embryos were actually implanted
  60. Demerol OD almost killed Heidi Montag
  61. John Mayer: Rolling Stone shirtless, mentions Jennifer Aniston
  62. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin upset neighbours over metal fence
  63. Britney Spears is speaking in English accent again
  64. Beyonce Knowles: ‘I’d like a baby’
  65. Lindsay Lohan is cutting herself again (or still), say friends
  66. Madonna and Jesus Luz want to have a baby together
  67. Tila Tequila slams Megan Fox
  68. Real Housewives of NYC's Kelly Bensimon to appear nude in Playboy
  69. Emmanuelle Chriqui voted "Most Desirable Woman 2010"
  70. Author Robert Parker has died
  71. Author Erich Segal has died
  72. Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler making out at The Golden Globes
  73. Britney Spears still working with Candies
  74. Jeff Conaway hospitalized - badly injured
  75. Zac Efron to be in Hangover sequel?
  76. Magical Suri Cruise
  77. Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth: Globes Party PDA
  78. Is Sir Paul McCartney to marry for a third time?
  79. Georgia Jagger's 18th birthday ends in sniff 'n' brawl
  80. The Beckhams splash on the cash on first-class flight for their new pet puppy
  81. Media finally cotton on - Denise Richards' career is over...
  82. Lindsay Lohan and Colin Farrell enjoy dinner in LA... on separate tables
  83. Johnny Depp 'Roman Polanski is not a predator'
  84. Shakira: shaking up the pop-star stereotype
  85. Lady Gaga shows off family snaps on Oprah
  86. Jessica Simpson battled confidence issues, has found her inner beauty
  87. Victoria Beckham - Oh, the shame!
  88. I thought that Courtney Love had abandoned Twitter?
  89. Groups raise doubts about Wyclef Jean's charity in Haiti
  90. James Franco on 30 Rock
  91. Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock kiss and make up
  92. Sandra Bullock is a class act
  93. Lindsay Lohan: meeting kids that were trafficked was “truly humbling”
  94. Jessica Biel whines about how there is “no material” in Hollywood
  95. Courtney Love plans to “sue the holy sh-t” out of Frances Bean’s guardians
  96. Katy Perry gives her cat Kitty Purry a dramatic haircut
  97. Susan Boyle fails to keep the sanity train on the tracks
  98. Beyonce the lifesaver?
  99. Dennis Hopper files for divorce and possibly dying
  100. Claudia Schiffer expecting third child
  101. Noah Wyle separates from wife
  102. Victoria Beckham 'gaunt' on American Idol
  103. Tila Tequila’s publicist jumps her sinking ship
  104. Lady Gaga postpones concert after collapse
  105. Author Jackie Collins claims she had affair with Marlon Brando when she was just 15
  106. Johnny Depp looks amused while unveiling his lifesize statue in Serbia
  107. Gwyneth Paltrow: “My brain drives me mental”
  108. Noah Cyrus drinks "beer," gets nasty
  109. Willow Palin: Wild child?
  110. Fergie ‘losing weight to keep her man’
  111. Anne Hathaway to be saluted by Harvard
  112. Paps take pics of "Princess Pissy" Kate Middleton playing tennis
  113. Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck to trade jobs for a day
  114. Golden Girl Rue McClanahan dumps husband; he sells his story
  115. Dr. Drew Pinsky had a love affair with cocaine
  116. Matt LeBlanc launches new series
  117. Lindsay Lohan braces herself for release of internet sex tape
  118. Heidi Montag thinks she'll top Michael Jackson in sales
  119. Channing Tatum scalds penis
  120. Nude photo of Jesse McCartney surfaces
  121. Teddy Pendergrass has died
  122. Jon Hamm rocking a beard
  123. Jon Gosselin apartment ransacking may be publicity stunt
  124. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie reach out to Haiti earthquake victims
  125. Star: Brad Pitt was so mad at Angelina Jolie, he walked out on Zahara’s b'day party
  126. Courtney Love tweets gross, disturbing photos of herself
  127. Rihanna: Chris Brown was insecure & controlling before he was abusive
  128. Sarah & Bristol Palin: “We're glad we chose life”
  129. "Heroes" actor searching for parents after quake in Haiti
  130. Spencer & Heidi Pratt: 911 call reports kidnapping at their house
  131. Michael C. Hall announces he has cancer
  132. Michelle Williams drops Matthew Knowles
  133. Design Star's Vern Yip welcomes a son!
  134. Been long enough: LaLa Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony to wed this summer
  135. The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney and wife Rebecca Budig split
  136. Jennifer Love Hewitt wants the ladies to trick out their twats
  137. Jay Leno might follow Conan O'Brien out the door
  138. Beyonce & Jay-Z: Top-earning couple
  139. Jessica Alba loves her stretch marks
  140. Angelina Jolie is scared of Jennifer Aniston
  141. Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy look at engagement rings
  142. Famewhore Heidi Montag admits she's addicted to plastic surgery
  143. Can Julia Roberts come back on her own terms?
  144. Joey Fatone welcomes a daughter
  145. Margaret Wahlberg: Mark Wahlberg’s new daughter!
  146. Conan O'Brien leaving The Tonight Show...with a fab slam on NBC
  147. Ray J says he is not Young Buck's gay lover
  148. Amy Winehouse's 2nd crackhead wedding is set
  149. Angelina Jolie is really a blonde?
  150. Cybill Shepherd's son charged with theft
  151. Paris Hilton wants to be a blushing bride
  152. Terence Howard is single again
  153. Round 2: Jude Law & Sienna Miller may be ready to commit
  154. Usher says he was robbed of $1 million jewelry
  155. Zoe Saldana is the new face of Avon
  156. Swiss woman claims Celebrity Big Brother star Sisqo fathered love child
  157. Tom Cruise is 'World's Sexiest Short Man'
  158. Is Megan Fox trying to get her claws into Mickey Rourke?
  159. John Rich from Big & Rich names his baby...Cash Rich. Lame!!
  160. Jillian Barberie Reynolds (Good Day LA host) had her baby
  161. Mark McGwire admits steroid use
  162. Star Aaron Carter now part owner of Lauderdale pizza joint
  163. Mel Gibson: 'I feel sorry for Tiger Woods'
  164. Marissa Jaret Winokur dropped from "Dance Your Ass Off" & replaced with Mel B
  165. Gary Coleman slams 'ugly' movie body double
  166. Kourtney Kardashian to marry baby daddy?
  167. Tom Cruise ‘buys Suri $30k race car’
  168. Oliver Stone: 'Hitler is an easy scapegoat'
  169. Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson & Josh Duhamel renew their wedding vows
  170. Keyshia Cole is engaged and expecting
  171. Lindsay Lohan's India documentary makes mom proud
  172. Ivana Trump enters UK celebrity Big Brother house
  173. Jerry Hall dating TV's Nigel Lythgoe
  174. Heather Mills: I'll prove I'm not a lying gold-digger
  175. Jessica Biel & Lupe Fiasco: Love on a mountain top?
  176. Mark Wahlberg took wife to church for first date
  177. Catherine Zeta-Jones admits young men don't stand a chance with her
  178. David Beckham's bulldog was just for Christmas
  179. Jennifer Lopez: “I’m proud of my butt”
  180. Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend
  181. Michael Jackson death investigation completed
  182. Halle Berry and boyfriend bypass airport line
  183. Pamela Anderson & boyfriend broke up
  184. Are Gerard Butler’s gut & moobs the end of the body image double-standard?
  185. Jared Fogle, the Subway guy, gets engaged
  186. Remains of Playboy model Paula Sladewski found in a Miami rubbish bin
  187. Sarah Michelle Gellar pictured out with new daughter Charlotte for the first time
  188. Morgan Freeman agrees to start a family with step-granddaughter
  189. Sharon Stone: “Meryl Streep looks like an unmade bed”
  190. People: Susan Sarandon proves “63 is the new 30″
  191. Jennifer Lopez worked out for months to fit into that New Year’s bodysuit
  192. Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend moves in with her family - just like the last one
  193. Angelina Jolie “overshadowed” the St. John brand
  194. Michael Lohan has allegedly given tapes to InTouch Weekly
  195. Jay Leno going back to 11:30pm slot?
  196. Stephen Baldwin [nut] would rather his daughter die than say there's no god
  197. Gwyneth Paltrow poops Goop again: holiday detox time
  198. Lindsay Lohan accused of copying designs for her 6126 line
  199. Tori Spelling to pen third book
  200. Jennifer Lopez: I would never do in vitro because I’m “traditional”
  201. Miley Cyrus: I’m a role model, not a parent
  202. Code Red: Khloe Kardashian is off her birth control!
  203. Official portrait of Prince William and Prince Harry on display
  204. Ronald Reagan's grandson arrested
  205. Precious’ Star Gabourey Sidibe on her high fashion makeover: ‘I feel like a model’
  206. Marriage of Monaco's Princess Caroline rocked by photo scandal
  207. Lindsay Lohan and a Hertz rental car!
  208. Mariah Carey is a little...Yeah
  209. David Hasselhoff leaving "America's Got Talent"
  210. 'Diff'rent Strokes' actor Gary Coleman hospitalized after feeling unwell
  211. Taxpayer Revolt kicked off by LA resident over paying for Michael Jackson's memorial
  212. Natalie Portman: “I’ve always tried to stay away from playing Jews”
  213. Tiger Woods and Ecstasy?
  214. Youngest Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, signs on to modeling agency
  215. Kendra Wilkinson is ready to “hit it hard at the gym”
  216. Jude Law’s ex-wife Sadie Frost goes naked in Grazia
  217. Brooke Shields urges Miley Cyrus to go to college
  218. Sandra Bullock makes box office history with 'The Blind Side'
  219. Charlie Sheens spends NYE.... in jail? in a bar? nope at Denise Richards' house!
  220. Sylvester Stallone broke neck on set of 'Expendables'
  221. Katy Perry & Russell Brand engaged too?!
  222. Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood engaged?
  223. Redmond O'Neal arrested again on drug charges -- while in rehab!!
  224. Brooke Mueller went to rehab while pregnant?
  225. Basketball player Yao Ming to become a father
  226. Jennifer Lopez believes she's Oscar worthy!
  227. Beyoncé New Year’s Eve: Performing for Gaddafi family?
  228. Not a Lohan holiday: Lindsay and Ali Lohan involved in brawl, proceed to cry for paps
  229. Octomum's (Nadya Suleman's) doctor might get his license revoked
  230. Joan Rivers left stranded in Costa Rica because of “security threat”
  231. Angelina Jolie's late mom leaves $300,000 to grandkids
  232. Vince Vaughn gets married
  233. Lil Bow Wow drinks and drives and tweets about it
  234. No actress wants to get anywhere near Madonna
  235. Angelina Jolie ‘lashes out at drunk Brad Pitt’
  236. TMZ reporting Johnson & Johnson heiress dies
  237. 'He wasn't over Madonna': Kate Hudson reveals reason she split with Alex Rodriguez
  238. Kanye West predicts he'll only get better
  239. Tiger Woods shirtless and pumping iron in Vanity Fair: How the golf pro kept his adul
  240. Brit Hume to Tiger Woods: convert to Christianity and make a total recovery
  241. Jude Law ‘agrees to meet lovechild’
  242. Kristen Bell feared ‘Burlesque’ would turn her gay
  243. Tila Tequila tells Us: I'm not pregnant -- yet!
  244. Book: Warren Beatty slept with nearly 13,000 women
  245. Cameron Diaz: 'Paparazzi are aggressive now'
  246. Is Tiger Woods partying at Trump's NY Hotel....with a woman? Or maybe three?
  247. Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, Bob & Max & the CPS
  248. Denise Richards uses Charlie Sheen's trouble to get publicity
  249. Lawyer tells US magazine: Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller "very much in love"
  250. Recovering Alexa Ray Joel talks about "heartbreak-related depression"