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  1. Kanye West has a new model girlfriend/muse, Selita Ebanks
  2. Jon Hamm Reveals Battle With Chronic Depression
  3. David Beckham's prostitute speaks out, says he's a 7.5
  4. Bart Simpson Actress Nancy Cartwright Sued Over Fiance's Debt
  5. Bristol Palin's performance on DWTS and others too
  6. Paris Hilton detained by Japanese authorities due to drugs conviction
  7. Aretha Franklin's Son Severely Beaten at Detroit Gas Station
  8. Tim Burton finds his "Frankenweenie" cast, Johnny Depp not in it
  9. New Baby For Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen?
  10. Beth Ditto planning a baby with new girlfriend
  11. Jennifer Saunders gets the all clear from cancer!
  12. Stephanie Seymour calls off bitter divorce from Peter Brant, announces reconciliation
  13. Ricki Lake Escapes Fire
  14. 'Raising Sextuplets' TV Dad arrested for a bunch of shit
  15. Professional mess Chyna (Joanie Lauer) rushed to hospital with alcohol poisoning
  16. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Gets Married!
  17. Balthazar Getty: How my marriage survived Whoricane Sienna
  18. Ellen Pompeo has 12 toes, in case you care
  19. George Clooney meets Elisabetta Canalis' parents
  20. Juicy Joe Giudice (RHONJ) sent to jail for DUI! Spin that Teresa!!!!
  21. Kelly Osbourne: Dannii Minogue is the devil
  22. Inmate sues Kardashians. Claims to be "permanently scarred" from watching their show.
  23. Randy Quaid, wife arrested for burglary
  24. Actor Steven Bauer hits, critically injures pedestrian, authorities say
  25. Robbie Williams fighting mystery illness
  26. Paris Hilton pleads guilty to cocaine charges
  27. David Blaine To Be A Dad
  28. Jennifer Aniston is jealous of Sandra Bullock’s career
  29. Michael J. Fox hams it up for new calendar
  30. Russell Brand arrested for battery
  31. Lindsay Lohan fails drug test and violates probation
  32. Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in Queen film
  33. Stupid bucket-haired douchenozzle Justin Bieber to be on CSI, hopefully as a corpse
  34. Samantha Ronson back to picking Lindsay Lohan's firepubes from her teeth
  35. Amy Winehouse is gearing up to barf an orange crackbaby out of her drug addled sniz
  36. My son has special needs: why Michael Douglas' family left Bermuda for New York
  37. Sextuplet parent reality stars claim they weren’t trying to get pregnant
  38. Adam Lambert -- Accused of Battery
  39. Ben Affleck: I Won't Ever Make a Movie With Wife Jennifer Garner
  40. Prince William Becomes Search and Rescue Pilot
  41. Poor bunnies: Paris Hilton Adopts 20 Bunnies
  42. Suri Cruise in the sights of Tim Gunn
  43. Kim Kardashian violated by inflatable sex doll
  44. Casey Affleck: Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Wasn't Real
  45. Bill Maher drops N-word to Larry King; nobody notices
  46. Susan Boyle gets to sing for the Pope
  47. The cast of Jersey Shore raking it in
  48. Jon Hamm: 'Fame whores are like porn stars'
  49. Winona Ryder says fame drives you crazy
  50. Kim Kardashian ruins the Mona Lisa
  51. People releases Best and Worst Dressed 2010
  52. Kim Kardashian blew more than $100,000 at Hermes: wouldn’t you?
  53. Former NFL pro Shannon Sharpe Accused of Sexual Assault
  54. President Barack Obama not wearing his wedding ring
  55. Gabourey Sidibe's skin lightened for the cover of ELLE magazine
  56. I didn't even recognize you Mel Gibson!
  57. Jessica Simpson and BFF Ken Paves may have broken up
  58. Sandra Bullock opens clinic she helped rebuild
  59. Michelle 'Bombshell" McGee booted from party by Jewish house owners, regrets tattoos
  60. Jesse James has already introduced Kat Von D to Sunny, despite Janine Lindemulder
  61. Lindsay Lohan back on the club scene in NY, probation recoil in 5...4...3...
  62. Josh Brolin Compares Megan Fox to Katharine Hepburn
  63. Liam Neeson Dating a 'Wonderful' Mom of Two
  64. Why Jon Bon Jovi dumped Diane Lane
  65. Tim Gunn Calls Taylor Momsen "Sad" and "Pathetic", Serves More Dish
  66. Tribute to the Singular Masculinity of Patrick Swayze
  67. Spencer and Heidi Pratt show up at cancer walk but don't walk
  68. Jennifer Lopez agrees to Host American Idol - 1 year for 12 million
  69. As if SNL hasn't been bad enough: Lindsey Lohan in talks to host in December
  70. George Michael Sentenced to 8 Weeks in Jail For Latest "High Driving" Incident
  71. Vince Neil and bandmates covered stench of sex with eggs
  72. Kate Moss at LAX
  73. Penelope Cruz is gestating as we speak
  74. Oprah Winfrey gives away Australia trips with John Travolta as pilot
  75. Chelsea Handler Fires Back at VMA Critics
  76. Lindsay Lohan's doctors being investigated
  77. Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine still fighting in their 90's
  78. Camille Paglia's Lady Gaga manifesto
  79. Favoritism charges follow Quentin Tarantino's Venice Film Festival awards
  80. Pregnant Lily Allen Living In Fear
  81. Zac Efron has a beard (no, not Vanessa Hudgens)
  82. Unauthorised biography paints unflattering picture of Carla Bruni
  83. Lindsay Lohan 'set to open up about time in jail' at MTV Video Music Awards
  84. Renee Zellweger desperate to have Bradley Cooper's baby
  85. Danica McKellar Welcomes a Son Named Draco
  86. Justin Bieber soaks cop with water balloon, doesn't get shot, maced or tazed. Boo.
  87. Hugh Grant’s hooker, Divine Brown, wants to invite him to her wedding
  88. 'Parenthood's' Peter Krause and Lauren Graham dating
  89. Karen Elson tells Jack White: "leave the dead animals ALONE!"
  90. Lindsay Lohan wants a baby
  91. Cops Shut Down Tommy Lee's 14-Year-Old Son's Birthday Party
  92. Lou Reed made Susan Boyle cry
  93. Angelina Jolie Admits "I Don't Have a Lot of Friends"
  94. Everybody Rolls Their Eyes At Megan Fox
  95. James Franco: I'm Not Gay and Don't Smoke Pot
  96. Lady Gaga - ripped off former partner, a poor Russian teen who committed suicide?
  97. Talking fleshbeard Spencer Pratt tries to get his plastic funbag Barbie back
  98. Lindsay Lohan crackcalls paps, crackcrashes industry dinners, patrons ask "who?"
  99. Vince Neil Accused of Elevator Assault on Woman
  100. LFO's Singer Rich Cronin Dies at 36
  101. Katie Holmes: I Don't Think I'll Have Another Baby
  102. NBA superstar Dwight Howard makes a dying lady's day, life
  103. Partygoers get earful of Dennis Rodman sex
  104. Star: Brad Pitt is boning a French model/stewardess named Racine
  105. Kat Von D’s ex-husband says she is a cheater & a user
  106. Scott Disick wants to write a Kardashian tell-all, have his own reality show
  107. Ex-Joe Francis employee writes a tell-all
  108. Tim Gunn was once suicidal, hates RHONJ & loves Jon Stewart
  109. Halle Berry Hooking Up with Her Hot, New Costar Olivier Martinez
  110. Angelina Jolie Condemns Quran Burning
  111. Lily Allen fritters fortune away
  112. Katie Holmes: Suri won’t let me leave unless she approves of my clothes
  113. Why does Ben Affleck look adoringly at everybody other than his wife?
  114. Lady Gaga bought Beyonce a diamond-studded whip for her 29th b-day
  115. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt buy a place in Italy?
  116. Hypocrite Jeremy Clarkson blasts The Stig for being greedy
  117. Ex-Hollyoak Actress Davinia Taylor loses custody of son in divorce battle
  118. Keanu Reeves talks to himself in parking lot
  119. Marilyn Manson Loses His Makeup, Gains a Mullet
  120. Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson during 2006 rant sues Sheriff Dept.
  121. Ashlee Simpson is a dumb attention whore at US Open
  122. Swizz Beatz's ex calls out homewrecker Alicia Keys again
  123. Cake Boss co-star Remy Gonzalez charged with sexual assault of a minor
  124. Whoopee! Kim Kardashian is going to be in Playboy (again?) Links NSFW-ish.
  125. New Couple Nikki Sixx & Melissa London
  126. After arrest, cops return coke bag to Paris Hilton
  127. Friday Night Lights' Minka Kelly Freaks Out On Plane
  128. Justin Bieber wants to be left A lone when eating
  129. Justin Long talks about his covered up dong
  130. Plastic face Heidi Montag massages her tittays
  131. Miley Cyrus Goes Clubbing With Ashley Greene. Q - no age minimum for clubs in Paris?
  132. How many times does James Franco masturbate in a day?
  133. Professional wrestler 'Jim The Anvil' Neidhart faces drug, burglary charges
  134. Kourtney Kardashian: Counseling Helping Her and Scott Disick
  135. Joe Jackson - Spankings Kept Michael Out of Gangs
  136. Electric Light Orchestra (70s rock band) cellist killed by giant bale of hay
  137. Gerard Butler fans make shrine in toilet
  138. Wyclef Jean still complaining
  139. Eddie Cibrian Gives LeAnn Rimes Birthday Jewelry
  140. Kanye West: Taylor Swift "Had No Idea What Hit Her"
  141. Christina Aguilera barfs: Marriage "Didn't Change Our Relationship"
  142. Jessica Simpson: Beau Eric Johnson Is a "Wonderful Man"
  143. Yeah! Amanda Redman gets married!
  144. Morrissey: The Chinese are a sub-species
  145. Jennifer Grey Has Cancer
  146. Comedian Robert Schimmel Dies After Car Accident
  147. Khloe Kardashian Thanks "Haters" for "Making Me Better"
  148. Nicole Richie Owns Up to Past Mistakes (and Bad Tattoos)
  149. Chris Robinson: Taylor Swift sucks
  150. Jennifer Aniston Snapped in Dinner Date With Lindsay Lohan's Ex
  151. Lady Gaga was allegedly hospitalized 6 times because of dangerous dieting
  152. Rupert Murdoch Papers Hack Phones of Royals and Celebs, Including the Beckhams
  153. Jessica Alba drools over Michelle Rodriguez, thinks she looks insane
  154. Prince Harry abusive to horses
  155. Lindsay Lohan Involved In Hit-And-Run; Clips Baby In Stroller - Eyewitnesses Claim
  156. More John Travolta was with a man story and other celebs too..
  157. Megan Fox attacks Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  158. Rapper T.I., wife arrested on drug charges
  159. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen want to dress First Lady Michelle Obama
  160. Report: Tiger Woods takes out $54.5M mortgage
  161. Jon Gosselin: Extortionist
  162. Jerry Lewis would smack Lindsay Lohan in the face
  163. Michael Lohan IS the baby daddy
  164. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher respond to Star Mag’s cheating story
  165. Chad Lowe got married
  166. Jessica Alba On Business-Driven Films, Latina Roles And Paparazzi
  167. Britney Spears to marry again
  168. Tiger Woods Snaps Up Bachelor Pad in NYC
  169. Did Kate Bosworth Dump Alexander Skarsgard Because He Wouldn’t Marry Her?
  170. Lindsay Lohan tells all - through a drugged reality...
  171. Elin Nordegren wants to be a therapist, seeks to open mental health clinic
  172. Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's new boyfriend Jeff Miranda proposes on cover of magazine
  173. Peaches Geldof and Eli Roth celebrate six months together
  174. Samantha Ronson's bulldog attacks and kills maltese
  175. Slash aka Saul Hudson files for divorce
  176. Paris Hilton wears the wrong hair extensions & gets sued for $35m
  177. Jessica Alba Thinks All Americans Should Make Some Changes
  178. Lindsay Lohan is all better cuz Jesus fucked her soul in the prison shower
  179. Justin Bieber needs to fuck off and die, not star in a Back To The Future Remake
  180. Jennifer Aniston to play against type as a married woman, show her leathery funbags
  181. Mary-Louise Parker has never smoked pot
  182. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony embarrass themselves at a country club
  183. Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and Leighton Meester can’t stand each other
  184. Tom Cruise works out three hours a day, is “considering” Botox & fillers
  185. Kate Gosselin’s kids think she only loves them when the cameras are around
  186. Gerard Depardieu Thinks Juliette Binoche Ain't Shit
  187. Paul Hogan Cannot Leave Oz Until He Pays The Taxman
  188. Leo DiCaprio is Jesus' Father?
  189. Naya Rivera (Santana from Glee) eggs co-stars car
  190. Michael Jackson's kids are going to school!
  191. Julio Iglesias Weds Girlfriend After 20 Years Together
  192. Christina Hendricks says designers won't lend her dresses
  193. Sean Connery at 80: saying never again?
  194. Machete Costars Predict Lindsay Lohan Will Reactivate Career
  195. New cover of OK! Double wedding for Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears
  196. Halle Berry pregnant?
  197. Nadya Suleman, Octomom, Just Lost Her House
  198. NBC's Brian Williams has a huge peen
  199. Is Uma Thurman pregnant?
  200. Witness: Kate Gosselin, Bodyguard Took Romantic Beach Strolls
  201. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split
  202. David Hasselhoff to Compete on Dancing With the Stars! Novice's new fav show?
  203. Elin Nordegren finally speaks
  204. David Arquette threw a 21st birthday party for Hayden Panettiere, what’s going on?
  205. Timbaland in possible suicide bid
  206. Spencer Pratt on holiday in Costa Rica with... his wife Heidi Montag
  207. Taylor Lautner is a whiny diva
  208. At What Point Will Hollywood Give Up On Jennifer Aniston?
  209. Kanye West to release new songs weekly
  210. Martin Short's wife died
  211. Brad Pitt 'willing to look at death penalty' over BP oil spill
  212. Diane Kruger talks family plans with Joshua Jackson
  213. First look at Wanda Sykes' hot wife, Alex
  214. Rachel Uchitel having affair with Jeremy London, wife claims
  215. Tiger Woods' divorce is finalized, slutty women, here he comes!
  216. Vivien Leigh was a bisexual adulterer
  217. Singer Faith Evans arrested on suspicion of DUI
  218. A Dozen Duggars Sick with the Chickenpox
  219. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Get Married
  220. More Kids For Jessica Alba
  221. Jude Law, Sienna Miller 'marry' in Asia
  222. Sarah Palin fans sending death threats to Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart
  223. Shocker #2: Britney Spears smells bad, doesn't wash her hair
  224. LeAnn Rimes whores herself out; dances in bikini on TV
  225. Shocker: Spencer Pratt trying to sell a Heidi Montag sextape
  226. Courtney Love's Cracked Out Birthday Tweets To Frances Bean
  227. Josh Duhamel: "Stacey Ferguson has made me a better man"
  228. Spencer Pratt Writing Tell-All About Ex Heidi Montag
  229. Idris Elba talks about how black men have “never been sexy”
  230. Taylor Momsen: Rihanna is a rock 'wannabe'
  231. Tard Jennifer Aniston Blasted for Using the Word "Retard"
  232. Jennifer Lopez is Looking For A New Bitch
  233. Lisa Marie Presley swaps LA life for Tunbridge Wells
  234. Facebook penis sees things that aren't there penis, bans photo of Kylie Minogue penis
  235. Jennifer Aniston scammed by hairdresser!!!
  236. Enquirer: Julia Roberts & Danny Moder used to smoke weed & play Halo
  237. How Sarah Palin outwitted Levi Johnston
  238. Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Wear a Sock During Nude Scenes
  239. Evan Rachel Wood & Marilyn Manson engaged no more
  240. Megan Fox steals her stepson's T-shirts to give her that stomach-baring look
  241. Edward Furlong channels Mel Gibson
  242. Hilary Swank: “I Believe in Having a Monogamous Relationship"
  243. Katie Price: I'm 100% sure I will die in a car crash like Princess Diana
  244. Adrianne Curry fights off 'pervert' at Star Wars convention‎
  245. Emma Thompson plans gap year with daughter
  246. Jenny McCarthy has a new boyfriend
  247. Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon Frank Ryan dead in car accident
  248. Gabourey Sidibe: “You should love yourself, no matter how you look”
  249. Paris Hilton 'ignores Kim Kardashian at party'
  250. Tom Cruise Calls Suri His Fountain of Youth