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  1. Father Of Boy Allegedly Assaulted By Justin Bieber Files Police Complaint
  2. OMFG. Octomom Nadya Suleman has 29 embryos left
  3. Tom Bosley of Happy Days died
  4. Is Prince Harry Dating a Rock Star (Camilla Romestrand)?
  5. Rachel McAdams talks about dating and babies
  6. Levi Johnston is totally qualified to be the Wasilla Mayor
  7. Jessica Simpson to fire her daddy Joe Simpson?
  8. Paulina Porizkova's bitter jellus fatty interview
  9. Anne Hathaway cried during her Jake Gyllenhaal sex scenes
  10. Did Taylor Swift write a song about John Mayer?
  11. Shirtless Tom Cruise And His Psycho Belly
  12. Mel Gibson's big comeback: Troubled Mel to return to screen in The Hangover sequel
  13. Carey Mulligan 'moves back to UK' after 'split' with Shia Le Douche, er LaBeouf
  14. Singer Monica Is Engaged, Flashes Huge Ring
  15. Justin Bieber -- Homophobic Bullying Victim
  16. President Barack Obama to appear on episode of 'Mythbusters'
  17. Oksana Grigorieva -- Russian Immigrant with 39 Lawyers
  18. Mother of teen sex addict sues Tyra Banks
  19. Mike Tyson plans to be a boxing ambassador in China
  20. Greg Norman Engaged (again)
  21. Madonna's 'I hate actresses' letter from 1991
  22. Katie Price uses mobile phone at wheel - again‎
  23. Has Madonna got a new boy toy?
  24. Barbara Billingsley, "The Beav's mom", passed away
  25. Man who claims John Travolta is gay had his car run off the road 2x. Co$bot attack?
  26. Vince Vaughn responds to use of 'gay' in 'Dilemma'
  27. Actor Simon McCorkindale has died of cancer age 58
  28. TJ Lavin (host of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenges) in coma after BMX crash
  29. Kate Moss is married
  30. Amy Winehouse dresses like an old jewish man.. that does crackwhore drag
  31. Kanye West whines that the fashion world thinks he dresses like a retard
  32. Bill O'Reilly causes Whoopi Goldberg to walk off set of 'View'
  33. Gloria Allred's newest focus: Hillary Swank
  34. Health Experts Call Foul on Jillian Michaels' Regimen
  35. Mr. T's mini rant on Wendy Williams show
  36. Rapper TI helps talk suicidal man down from building
  37. Angelina Jolie film draws protestors and Bosnia revokes permit to film
  38. Desperate Publicity Stunt? Perez Hilton Pledges Not to Bully, Out or Draw on Celebs
  39. Jennifer Aniston Can't Get Enough Prosthetic Penis?!
  40. Meredith Vieira Feels 'Cheated Sometimes' by Husband's Illness
  41. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s nanny tells all - drinking, swearing & Empress Zahara
  42. Robert Downey Jr on his Sobriety
  43. Lamar Odom -- Big Mama Kardashian (Kris Jenner) Is My Manager
  44. Did Colin Farrell break it off with his baby-mama Alicja Bachleda?
  45. Katherine Heigl's Neighborhood War -- Cops Called
  46. Alec Baldwin 'pelted with candy at movie screening'
  47. Mika's Sister Is In Critical Condition
  48. Joan Collins: Angelina Jolie Is More "Beautiful" Than Jennifer Aniston
  49. Kelly Osbourne says that Hollywood girls now see her as competition. Comp. for what?
  50. Rihanna bitches about Lady Gaga’s style: “I’m over that”
  51. Gavin Rossdale yaps about his 'relationship' with cross dresser *wink*
  52. Chelsea Handler lands E! comedy series
  53. Mickey Mantle's Penis - NSFW!!!!
  54. Celebrity Divorce announcement of the day: Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman
  55. Damon Albarn of Gorillaz: We won't let 'Glee' cover our songs
  56. David Schwimmer Secretly Married Girlfriend Zoe Buckman
  57. Carrie Fisher did cocaine on 'Empire Strikes Back' set
  58. Who Is Minka Kelly, Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive?
  59. Kelly Osbourne's Tattoos Get Her Banned From Japanese Gym
  60. The fat lady has sung, Dame Joan Sutherland, OM RIP
  61. Dunzo! Courteney Cox and David Arquette
  62. Celebrity 10/10/10 weddings
  63. Boyz II Men to have concert cruise
  64. Justin Bartha to propose to Mary-Kate Olsen?
  65. Eminem says no to profanity
  66. Pantydropper Justin Bieber's nail polish line
  67. Laura Dern gets blindsided again, this time by Divorce
  68. Janine Lindemulder Files Police Complaint Against Jesse James
  69. A Quick Roundup of the Howard K Stern trial
  70. Solange Knowles tweets that Katy Perry's music video is polluting the children
  71. 'There are days I can't get out of bed': Nick Hogan opens up about 2007 car crash
  72. Did Taylor Swift cheat her manager out of millions?
  73. Line starts behind Novice: Denise Richards to Pen a Memoir
  74. Michelle Williams Is the New Marilyn Monroe
  75. The Kardashian girls in a bar fight
  76. 'Two and a Half Men' Kid, Angus T. Jones, Scores MASSIVE Contract
  77. Gwyneth Paltrow "Shocked" After Director Offers Sex for Role
  78. Johnny Depp surprises school kids as Captain Jack
  79. UK Chav Magnet Jeremy Kyle Bitchslapped By Trog's DNA Results
  80. Bret Favre Might Have an Unfortunate Looking Peen
  81. Fugface Noah Cyrus, 10 years old, is our new Ali Lohan, right?
  82. JFC! Bankrupt Toni Braxton Owes Up to $50 Million in Unpaid Debts
  83. Kim Kardashian is dating 28-year-old actor Michael Copon
  84. Kelly Osbourne: Why I'm Removing Most of My 15 Tattoos
  85. Whitney Houston's Back On Drugs
  86. Lawsuit to expose Oprah's dirtiest secrets?
  87. Lie of the Day: Amy Winehouse: “I haven’t used drugs in almost three years”
  88. Jamie Foxx is not a total douche; supports Downs Syndrome sister
  89. Katherine Heigl says everyone hates her, disses husband
  90. Kim Kardashian is eager to smear her vejazzled taint all over NYC
  91. Justin Bieber wants to dip his stupid hair in poontang with Robert Pattinson
  92. All aboard the pink wig express: Britney Spears to be released back into the wild
  93. James Franco in drag
  94. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's brother died
  95. Charlie Sheen Walks His Daughter Down the Aisle‎
  96. Rumer Willis has nobody to peel her potatohead after BF breakup
  97. Lil Wayne will finish his sentence in solitary
  98. Bob Dylan hates black people
  99. Odd couple alert - Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent
  100. Norman Wisdom has died aged 95‎
  101. Susan Sarandon spills the bland beans on why she never married Tim Robbins
  102. Comedian Ralphie May loves drug-sniffing dogs
  103. Katherine Heigl Relies on Electronic Cigarette to Kick Nasty Habit
  104. Dana Delany Recalls Her Botox and Eating-Disorder Nightmares
  105. Rihanna calls out BFF Katy Perry for being “generic pop”
  106. Lara Flynn Boyle and her freaky face to get a reality show?
  107. Actress Jen Aniston Voted Most Eligible Single Woman in the World
  108. 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson) Explains Gay Comments on Twitter
  109. Peter Andre & Katie (Jordan) Price back in Court
  110. Kate Moss to retire & run a B&B?
  111. Tracey Emin, the war photographer & the supermodel
  112. Susan Boyle - not so much an overnight sucess - in her own words
  113. The Hills' Stephanie Pratt gets more publicity than her brother from a Brit Tabloid
  114. How rape made Kelly McGillis walk away from Hollywood
  115. Shia LaBeouf Reignites Feud With the Relevant Frankie Muniz
  116. David Hasselhoff acts like an ass on an overpass
  117. Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt burn divorce papers but did not die in fire
  118. 'NCIS' Star Michael Weatherly In Car Crash
  119. Vanessa Minnillo Showers With Nick Lachey "Twice a Day"
  120. Brad Pitt's artichoke farts will be the death of Brangelina
  121. Gisele Bundchen kisses man - Not Tom Brady
  122. El Chupacabra, Rachel Zoe, is pregnant; try not to vomit
  123. Lea Michele says her teachers were stupid
  124. Actor Joe Mantell Has Died
  125. Somebody Up There Hates Us - Britney Spears Remains Under Conservatorship
  126. Katie Couric in, Meredith Vieira out at the Today Show?
  127. Danny Pintauro, Former Who's the Boss Star Is Now Selling Tupperware
  128. Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Cy Waits -- Cited for Hit-and-Run
  129. Kaley Cuoco Secretly Dated Big Bang Theory Costar, Johnny Galecki, for 2 Years
  130. Tony Curtis dies
  131. Missy Elliott opens up on mourning Aaliyah
  132. Whoopi Goldberg lost her Mom last month, says keeping busy helps her cope
  133. Actress Emma Thompson attacks use of sloppy language
  134. Up and coming actress Emma Stone: Lindsay Lohan's smarter, more talented replacement
  135. Heidi Klum and Seal bare all for video
  136. Jamie Oliver: 'Most famous kids are little shits'
  137. Greg Giraldo Dead at 44
  138. Funniest Michael K post EVAR!
  139. "Deadliest Catch" stars quit Discovery show
  140. Jennifer Aniston Rejected by Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins
  141. Another Gordon Ramsay chef commits suicide
  142. Paris Hilton begins 200 hours community service for drugs offence
  143. All Talk and No Fight: Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem to a Fight Over Old BS
  144. Agreement Gave Mel Gibson Joint Custody Of Daughter Lucia
  145. Britney Spears Wants Baby Number 3
  146. Kristen Stewart 'thinks Emma Watson is after Robert Pattinson'
  147. Bodyguard claims he is father of Michael Jackson's son, Blanket
  148. Paris Hilton Owns "That's Hot"
  149. Billboard, seriously - you think we're going to believe this is Bret Michaels?
  150. Gloria Stuart dies
  151. Hollywood originally wanted Twilight to be an action movie, maybe with Ninjas
  152. Susan Boyle will be gunned down in front of The Dakota
  153. Khloe Kardashian on 1-Year Anniversary: Lamar Odom Has Made Me "a Better Person"
  154. Kirstie Alley loses 50 lbs (again) thanks to her new show
  155. Wyclef Jean hospitalized for stress and fatigue
  156. George Lopez getting divorced - who gets the kidney?
  157. James Franco Got a 'D' In Acting Class?
  158. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher tweet picture from bed
  159. Lindsay Lohan Shooting Up Heroin, Making Out with Paris Hilton
  160. James Cameron Named Most Influential Man in Hollywood
  161. Shawn Chapman Holley living La Vida Lohan
  162. Gael García Bernal and girlfriend expecting second child
  163. Emily Deschanel Weds
  164. Mariah Carey dives on stage and gets her shoes removed by her minion
  165. Katherine Heigl pledges $1 million to help animal shelters
  166. Who wants to buy Octomom (Nadya Suleman)'s bras and panties? Anyone? Bueller?
  167. Facts of Life Star, Mindy Cohn, is Godmother to Two of the Jolie-Pitt Kids!
  168. Jake Gyllenhaal is not gay, says his BFF, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine
  169. Levi Johnston’s sister: Bristol Palin had breast reduction & liposuction
  170. Beth Ditto: Skinny is not necessarily healthy, fat is not necessarily unhealthy
  171. Inception Actor Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley Are Engaged
  172. Michaele Salahi Lies About Being an NFL Cheerleader?
  173. More Greedy Jackson Family News: Katherine Jackson can't live on $26k per month
  174. Simon Cowell: I've Had Sex with 2,000 Women
  175. RIP Eddie Fisher
  176. Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson divorcing
  177. Matt LeBlanc Caught in Foul-Mouthed 'Friends' Rant
  178. Ali Lohan, 16, Models Skimpy Dress for Lindsay's Clothing Line
  179. Katy Perry's Sesame Street Segment Pulled Because of Her Cleavage
  180. From The Whipped Files: Gisele Bundchen Won't Let Tom Brady Cut His Hair!!!
  181. Nicole Richie's Mexican Bachelorette Bash
  182. Are Madonna & Carlos Leon fighting over 13-year-old Lourdes’ career?
  183. Mel Gibson in talks to guest star on Mad Men
  184. Kanye West has a new model girlfriend/muse, Selita Ebanks
  185. Jon Hamm Reveals Battle With Chronic Depression
  186. David Beckham's prostitute speaks out, says he's a 7.5
  187. Bart Simpson Actress Nancy Cartwright Sued Over Fiance's Debt
  188. Bristol Palin's performance on DWTS and others too
  189. Paris Hilton detained by Japanese authorities due to drugs conviction
  190. Aretha Franklin's Son Severely Beaten at Detroit Gas Station
  191. Tim Burton finds his "Frankenweenie" cast, Johnny Depp not in it
  192. New Baby For Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen?
  193. Beth Ditto planning a baby with new girlfriend
  194. Jennifer Saunders gets the all clear from cancer!
  195. Stephanie Seymour calls off bitter divorce from Peter Brant, announces reconciliation
  196. Ricki Lake Escapes Fire
  197. 'Raising Sextuplets' TV Dad arrested for a bunch of shit
  198. Professional mess Chyna (Joanie Lauer) rushed to hospital with alcohol poisoning
  199. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Gets Married!
  200. Balthazar Getty: How my marriage survived Whoricane Sienna
  201. Ellen Pompeo has 12 toes, in case you care
  202. George Clooney meets Elisabetta Canalis' parents
  203. Juicy Joe Giudice (RHONJ) sent to jail for DUI! Spin that Teresa!!!!
  204. Kelly Osbourne: Dannii Minogue is the devil
  205. Inmate sues Kardashians. Claims to be "permanently scarred" from watching their show.
  206. Randy Quaid, wife arrested for burglary
  207. Actor Steven Bauer hits, critically injures pedestrian, authorities say
  208. Robbie Williams fighting mystery illness
  209. Paris Hilton pleads guilty to cocaine charges
  210. David Blaine To Be A Dad
  211. Jennifer Aniston is jealous of Sandra Bullock’s career
  212. Michael J. Fox hams it up for new calendar
  213. Russell Brand arrested for battery
  214. Lindsay Lohan fails drug test and violates probation
  215. Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in Queen film
  216. Stupid bucket-haired douchenozzle Justin Bieber to be on CSI, hopefully as a corpse
  217. Samantha Ronson back to picking Lindsay Lohan's firepubes from her teeth
  218. Amy Winehouse is gearing up to barf an orange crackbaby out of her drug addled sniz
  219. My son has special needs: why Michael Douglas' family left Bermuda for New York
  220. Sextuplet parent reality stars claim they weren’t trying to get pregnant
  221. Adam Lambert -- Accused of Battery
  222. Ben Affleck: I Won't Ever Make a Movie With Wife Jennifer Garner
  223. Prince William Becomes Search and Rescue Pilot
  224. Poor bunnies: Paris Hilton Adopts 20 Bunnies
  225. Suri Cruise in the sights of Tim Gunn
  226. Kim Kardashian violated by inflatable sex doll
  227. Casey Affleck: Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Wasn't Real
  228. Bill Maher drops N-word to Larry King; nobody notices
  229. Susan Boyle gets to sing for the Pope
  230. The cast of Jersey Shore raking it in
  231. Jon Hamm: 'Fame whores are like porn stars'
  232. Winona Ryder says fame drives you crazy
  233. Kim Kardashian ruins the Mona Lisa
  234. People releases Best and Worst Dressed 2010
  235. Kim Kardashian blew more than $100,000 at Hermes: wouldn’t you?
  236. Former NFL pro Shannon Sharpe Accused of Sexual Assault
  237. President Barack Obama not wearing his wedding ring
  238. Gabourey Sidibe's skin lightened for the cover of ELLE magazine
  239. I didn't even recognize you Mel Gibson!
  240. Jessica Simpson and BFF Ken Paves may have broken up
  241. Sandra Bullock opens clinic she helped rebuild
  242. Michelle 'Bombshell" McGee booted from party by Jewish house owners, regrets tattoos
  243. Jesse James has already introduced Kat Von D to Sunny, despite Janine Lindemulder
  244. Lindsay Lohan back on the club scene in NY, probation recoil in 5...4...3...
  245. Josh Brolin Compares Megan Fox to Katharine Hepburn
  246. Liam Neeson Dating a 'Wonderful' Mom of Two
  247. Why Jon Bon Jovi dumped Diane Lane
  248. Tim Gunn Calls Taylor Momsen "Sad" and "Pathetic", Serves More Dish
  249. Tribute to the Singular Masculinity of Patrick Swayze
  250. Spencer and Heidi Pratt show up at cancer walk but don't walk