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  1. The A-Team's Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson: I don't hate gay people or fat girls
  2. Simon Cowell Fulfills Dying Girl's Wish to Sing to Him
  3. Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) joins cast of Glee
  4. Britney Spears' bodyguard cries sexual harassment
  5. Justin Bieber Gets Thrown Out of Movie Theater for Scamming Booze! (classic quote)
  6. Whoomp! — who is it? PolitiFact gets to bottom of Barack Obama video controversy
  7. Katherine Heigl Poofs It Up in London
  8. Katie Price plotting to destroy people's hearing with new single
  9. Acting is in Nelsan Ellis' [Lafayette, True Blood] Blood
  10. Lady Gaga attends her sister's graduation in typical style
  11. Shawne King 911 Overdose call released
  12. Jessica Alba can be seen every day in London
  13. Amy Winehouse's Committed Boyfriend
  14. Salma Hayek Beats Technophobia
  15. Angelina Jolie Slept With Ethan Hawke While He Was Married to Uma Thurman
  16. Lady Gaga Would Love to Pose for Playboy
  17. Glee Star Lea Michele Becoming Kind of a Diva on Set
  18. Justin Bieber Says He Can Beat Up All Three Jonas Brothers
  19. Katy Perry Blasts Lady Gaga's Video for 'Alejandro'
  20. Nearly Bald Wood Harrelson Wins Celebrity World Cup of Soccer
  21. Gary Coleman's wife accused of colluding in plan to sell death bed photos
  22. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart share an awkward kiss as new trailer is released
  23. Will Smith's acting son Jaden Smith comes face-to-face with the original Karate Kid
  24. German magazine turns Madonna's daughter Lourdes into a cover girl at 13
  25. Michael Lohan to Open NY Nightclub
  26. Jersey Shore's Jenni "JWoww' Farley, 23, debuted her own fashion line Filthy Couture
  27. Prepare the eye bleach! Sex tape featuring RHONJ’s Danielle Staub to be released
  28. Naomi Campbell sued for being a C-U-Next-Tuesday
  29. Tom Cruise: I wanted to marry Katie Holmes after the first day we met
  30. Mr. T Is Not a Fan of the New 'A-Team'
  31. Slim Thug: "White women treat they man like a king"
  32. Gemma Arterton marries her fiancé Stefano Catelli
  33. Chris Brown denied entry in Europe; thinks Europe is a country
  34. Charlie Sheen's work detail & TMZ will be livestreaming from court.....
  35. Gloria Allred's new client the cop from Aspen PD who interviewed Brooke Mueller
  36. Miley Cyrus Shocks Again at London's Gay Nightclub
  37. Katherine Heigl Submits Herself for a 2010 Supporting Emmy Acting Nomination
  38. Pink's Booze Ban
  39. Robbie Williams Eyes Haiti Adoption
  40. Alanis Morissette Marries in Intimate Ceremony at Home
  41. Stuart Cable (Stereophonics) found dead
  42. Tom Cruise embarasses himself on MTV
  43. Kris Jenner: "I had two daughters... cute, little, petite, and then there was Khloe!"
  44. Sandra Bullock jokes about her personal life at awards show
  45. Rush Limbaugh weds and Elton John sings
  46. Val Kilmer has neighbors riled
  47. Spencer Pratt is now a mountain man
  48. Jennifer Lopez renews vows with Marc Anthony and shows off their house
  49. Cheryl Tweedy To Get $6.8 Million Divorce Payout
  50. Remember Michael Jackson at Jackson family event if you got the cash
  51. Jennifer Love Hewitt: I "Love" Being Single
  52. Mariah Carey is pregnant; Hello Kitty stocks soar
  53. What's on Catherine Zeta-Jones' nose?
  54. Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan getting divorced
  55. Katherine Heigl Is Now One of the 5 Top Actresses In Hollywood?
  56. Miley Cyrus claims she never lived a ''normal'' life
  57. Christina Aguilera Offered Robert Pattinson A Safehouse
  58. Christina Aguilera's trannyclown vag queefs about her love of Twilight
  59. Lindsay Lohan pisses off GR, passes 2 drug tests, becomes lame and boring
  60. 'Canada's Sweethearts', Skating Team Jamie Sale & David Pelletier To Quietly Divorce
  61. Pierce Brosnan Takes President Obama to Task on Whaling Issue
  62. Jennifer Aniston — Hawaii bound?
  63. Kim Kardashian Requested the "Biggest Butt" for Her iPhone App Avatar
  64. Johnny Depp and I tamed each other: Vanessa Paradis
  65. Esquire Magazine Says Scarlett Johansson 'Screwed Them'
  66. Richard Dunn of 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show' Dies
  67. Chace Crawford - Arrested!
  68. Heidi Montag Shamelessly Exploits Marital Problems for Tabloid Attention
  69. Christina Aguilera Has 'Bionic' Record Release at Cleveland, Ohio Gay Bath House
  70. Peter Jackson Would Direct The Hobbit If Necessary
  71. Kylie Minogue Praises Lady Gaga
  72. Orlando Bloom's Dyslexia Battle
  73. Kristen Stewart Is Sorry About The 'Rape' Quote
  74. Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron a new couple?
  75. Sheryl Crow Adopts Another Son!
  76. Amy Winehouse Goes On Random Snogging Spree With Strangers
  77. Claudia Schiffer's woman in black provokes fashion race row
  78. Shauna Sand to Enter 'Celebrity Rehab'
  79. Dustin Hoffman & Jason Batemen kiss on JumboTron
  80. Alex Rodriguez’s ex forbids Cameron Diaz from being around her kids
  81. Kate Hudson has yet another fling, this time with Muse singer Matthew Bellamy
  82. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora are back together
  83. Charlie Sheen denied smoking in jail
  84. David Carradine's wife sues film company for his death
  85. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian don't want to be called homewreckers
  86. Miley Cyrus' girl on girl kiss
  87. LeAnn Rimes Confirms Homewrecker Status
  88. Suri Cruise Has an iPad
  89. Ian Ziering (age 46!!) from 90210 is officially spoken for!
  90. Singer Leona Lewis Fell Down an Elevator Shaft!
  91. Saved By The Bell's Mark-Paul Gosselaar and wife Lisa Ann Russell split
  92. Sean Penn does good things, says stupid shit
  93. Golden Girl Rue McClanahan has died
  94. Britney Spears is “not ready” for conservatorship to end
  95. Did Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth break up?
  96. Fran Drescher developing sitcom based on true story of her gay ex husband
  97. Katherine Heigl to end apology tour
  98. Cameron Diaz: "Lots of Sex" Is My "Fountain of Youth"
  99. Star: Angelina Jolie’s voodoo rituals will break Brad Pitt's heart
  100. Brooke Shields is Peta's Newest Arch Rival
  101. Say it ain't so! Heather Mills Wants To Adopt A Child
  102. Lady Gaga claims her hats protect her from the devil
  103. Sarah Jessica Parker's son has finally accepted his twin sisters
  104. Marisa Miller Fired By Grandpa For Showing Too Much Skin
  105. Jorge Garcia -- My Dog 'Died in My Arms'
  106. Selena Gomez Wants to 'Lash Out' Without Upsetting Fans
  107. Up for auction, only photo of John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe together
  108. Richard Burton's love letters to Elizabeth Taylor
  109. Bradley Cooper Sets the Record Straight on Jennifer Aniston
  110. A-Team’s Quinton Jackson thinks acting is ‘gay’
  111. Nicole Kidman: ‘I’ve been friends with Jennifer Anison for a while & she’s divine’
  112. The clean cut new boyfriend who may tame Amy Winehouse
  113. 'I knew if I kept doing coke I would die': Belinda Carlisle
  114. Glee's Jane Lynch got married!
  115. Feds Meet with James Cameron to Solve BP Oil Disaster
  116. Khloe Kardashion may be carrying the biggest ugliest baby ever
  117. Jesse James still idiot, sells plane from photo on eBay
  118. Wayne Rooney: England's Wives & Girlfriends (WAGS) Not Banned From World Cup
  119. Emma Roberts: Actresses Who Go Topless On Film Are 'Tasteless'
  120. Ted Koppel's Son Dead After Night of Drinking
  121. Are January Jones & Adrien Brody Dating?
  122. Elisabetta Canalis is on Twitter, comparing Jennifer Aniston to Iggy Pop
  123. Gloria Allred on defending mistresses: “Men need to be accountable for their lives”
  124. Al and Tipper Gore splitting
  125. It's Over for Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews
  126. KYLIE MINOGUE has split from her model boyfriend
  127. Amanda Seyfried's Mother Forces Her To Answer Fan Mail
  128. Lindsay Lohan's film Inferno - straight to DVD?
  129. Madonna to Treat Herself to $200k Worth of Surgery?
  130. Lady Gaga picks up tab for entire pub in Birmingham, UK
  131. Jessica Alba a 'mess' on movie set, cast and crew refused to talk to her
  132. Megan Fox Shows Off Her New Tattoo in Hawaii
  133. 17 Year Old Demi Lovato Dispenses Marriage Advice
  134. Elizabeth Edwards hoping to stop Rielle Hunter from raising her kids
  135. Evil Spirits Haunt Lady Gaga
  136. Jack Nicholson Asks Jessica Simpson Out
  137. Michael Jackson Fans Desperate To Visit Grave
  138. Celine Dion preggo allegedly
  139. Kristen Stewart's Memorial Day salute
  140. Charlotte Church splits from fiance Gavin Henson
  141. Jake Gyllenhaal's trainer Simon Waterson talks training
  142. Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller's pre-nup (in detail inc his net worth)
  143. Justin Beiber Fans Call Software Designer 'Hitler'
  144. Miley Cyrus Says She Hates the TV Show 'Glee'
  145. Hollywood Hellraiser Dennis Hopper is dead
  146. Gwyneth Paltrow orders run down loft to be transformed into 'affordable' luxury pad
  147. Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Trial Marriage at Malibu Beach House?
  148. Tom Cruise ‘Causes Concern With Bizarre Behavior’
  149. Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee Upset She Wasn't Mentioned in Jesse James' ABC Interview
  150. Katherine Heigl in tears as she opens up about her 'perfect' adopted daughter
  151. Megan Fox in Talks to Play Mermaid In POTC 4 w/ Johnny Depp
  152. CNN Announces Gary Coleman has died
  153. New couple alert: Ryan O’Neal and Cheryl Tiegs
  154. Hayley Williams Needs 'Paramore' Clothes On
  155. Jennifer Love Hewitt was cheated on for 1 1/2 years out of 2 year relationship
  156. Jesse James’ stepmom: he killed baby animals as a teen, used N word all the time
  157. Peaches Geldof gets some new, big, white teeth
  158. Brody Jenner Saves Avril Lavigne from Certain Death in the Pacific Ocean
  159. Megan Fox: "All Michael Bay wants to do is shoot my ass & tits, I hate him!"
  160. 'Different Strokes' star Gary Coleman hospitalized in critical condition AGAIN
  161. Crystal Bowersox and Boyfriend Split Before Idol Finale
  162. Sarah Jessica Parker is cool with Matthew Broderick having “secrets”
  163. Christina Aguilera Talks About Her Abusive Father
  164. Lady Gaga celebrates 'courage and bravery' of gays in new video
  165. Liza Minnelli Blames Michael Jackson For Marriage
  166. Oprah Winfrey closes her charity as daytime show ends
  167. Mariah Carey Pulls Out Of Tyler Perry Film Amid Ongoing Pregnancy Reports
  168. Heidi Montag auditions to be Megan Fox's replacement in Transformers 3
  169. Justin Bieber tells TV staffer to not 'f**king touch me'
  170. Michael Jackson's hair stylist reveals his "Lace Front Wig"
  171. 17 Year Old Demi Lovato 'Leaning' on Wilmer Valderrama After Joe Jonas Split
  172. Bristol Palin on her pregnancy: it was “humiliating & shocking”
  173. Katy Perry Wants Rihanna To Strip at Bachelorette Party
  174. Megan Fox Moves In With Brian Austin Green, Wedding Soon?
  175. Female Rapper M.I.A. Trashes Lady Gaga
  176. When did Jessica Simpson start looking like a drag queen?
  177. Adrien Brody sent his goats to Big Gay Al's Animal Sanctuary
  178. Kim Kardashian's Surgery Refusal
  179. Heidi Montag calls plastic surgery ‘the best decision of my life’
  180. Meet Bethenny Frankel’s New Baby Bryn!
  181. Katy Perry: Russell Brand & I are “the new Brangelina”
  182. M.I.A.: “I don’t wanna say Jay-Z sold out, but…”
  183. Tom Cruise is on the cover of Esquire's "How To Be A Man"
  184. Britney Spears wants to be frozen after death
  185. Mindy McCready hospitalized, possible O.D
  186. David Hasselhoff hospitalized after 3 day bender
  187. Sleep with Michael Jackson's Stuff For $1200
  188. Jon Gosselin Introduces Latest Girlfriend, 23, to Kids
  189. "Mangled" Ex Bashes Melissa Etheridge for "Hit and Run" Breakup
  190. Joe Jonas [the gay one] Dumps Demi Lovato Over the Phone
  191. Christina Aguilera cancels U.S summer tour
  192. Coco posts a pic of her and her niece on Twitter
  193. Michael Madsen - Taken to UK hospital after booze binge in Britain
  194. Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead
  195. Monica Bellucci & Vincent Cassel Welcome Daughter Leonie
  196. Joe Francis continues to be a dick, assaults pregnant employee
  197. Lady Gaga's penis dies in Berlin sex club bathroom
  198. Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack found dead
  199. Tom Cruise thinks he & Katie Holmes are the new Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
  200. Audrina Patridge Breaks Up w/ Ryan Cabrera, MTV Forces Her to Film It
  201. Elton John Turns Down $33 Million Dollar Paycheque to Judge American Idol
  202. Jessica Alba: ‘Motherhood Has Changed my Priorities’
  203. Lady Gaga Talks Lupus, Eating & Smoking Habits
  204. Christina Aguilera's To Splash £150,000 On Husband's Burlesque Birthday Party
  205. Michael Jackson's Resting Place Covered In Sunflowers
  206. Westboro Freaks to Picket Ronnie James Dio Memorial
  207. Casey Affleck: 'Film ads are gross'
  208. Duchess of York "SELLS" Prince Andrew for £500K
  209. Elin Nordegren Starts Tiger Woods Divorce Proceedings with Offer at 750 Million!
  210. Vogue Airbrushes Blake Lively's Breasts Out of the Magazine?
  211. Kim Cattrall Hates the Word 'Cougar', Loses Magazine Covers
  212. Bono Has Emergency Back Surgery
  213. Candy Spelling Spoils Her Grandkids
  214. Kevin Jonas [Jonas brother, not gay] and wife sleep in separate rooms
  215. "I don't hate Lady Gaga", says Christina Aguilera
  216. Miranda Kerr lays it on line for men to know better
  217. LA Kings coach arrested for sexually assaulting his daughter
  218. Sperm Donor Scott Disick Keeps Calling Kourtney Kardahsian Fat, Getting Tummy Tuck
  219. Demi Moore is jealous of Ashton Kutcher’s flirtations with Natalie Portman
  220. Justin Bieber gets PWNED by a glass door...
  221. Britney Spears has a meltdown at Disneyland, hacks off her hair
  222. Michelle Duggar admits she doesn’t know if she’s pregnant again
  223. Adam Ant placed on a Cheetoh hold
  224. Betty White Family Feud: Refuses To Reconcile With Estranged Stepdaughter
  225. Katie Price scares a baby
  226. No One Wants To See Sarah Jessica Parker Topless
  227. Megan Fox Recommends Therapy Instead Of Plastic Surgery
  228. Kevin Costner is going to clean up the oil spill (really!)
  229. Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper break up because of Lindsay Lohan
  230. Mick Jagger Calls for legalisation of Cannabis on Isle of Man
  231. Even Jennifer Aniston thinks her vag is old and sandy, demands retouching for film
  232. Kerri Walsh's Latest Triumph – a New Son Named...Sundance
  233. Glee’s Matthew Morrison & Mark Salling shirtless in Vogue & GQ
  234. Valerie Bertinelli Engaged to Boyfriend Tom Vitale
  235. Suge Knight arrested
  236. Singer Sia is quitting the music biz
  238. The files that damn Roman Polanski: Court account of what he REALLY did to 13yr old
  239. Ronan Keating and wife separate after 12 years of marriage
  240. Courtney Love bumped cracksnatches with Kate Moss and the world went eww
  241. Terrence Howard Gets Married
  242. Gabriel Aubry considering filing for permanent custody of daughter Nahla
  243. Robert Pattinson wants to marry Kristen Stewart
  244. Nicolas Cage only eats animals that have dignified sex
  245. Scarlett Johansson’s Mother Adopts A Baby Girl From Ethiopia
  246. Nadya Suleman links with PETA: Spay or neuter, she says
  247. Jennifer Lopez's diva demands for singing at the World Music Awards
  248. Bob Geldof slams Australia's 'absurd' treatment of Aborigines
  249. Megan Fox FIRED from Transformers III
  250. Kim Kardashian Tried To Pray Her Breasts Away