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  1. Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's new boyfriend Jeff Miranda proposes on cover of magazine
  2. Peaches Geldof and Eli Roth celebrate six months together
  3. Samantha Ronson's bulldog attacks and kills maltese
  4. Slash aka Saul Hudson files for divorce
  5. Paris Hilton wears the wrong hair extensions & gets sued for $35m
  6. Jessica Alba Thinks All Americans Should Make Some Changes
  7. Lindsay Lohan is all better cuz Jesus fucked her soul in the prison shower
  8. Justin Bieber needs to fuck off and die, not star in a Back To The Future Remake
  9. Jennifer Aniston to play against type as a married woman, show her leathery funbags
  10. Mary-Louise Parker has never smoked pot
  11. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony embarrass themselves at a country club
  12. Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and Leighton Meester can’t stand each other
  13. Tom Cruise works out three hours a day, is “considering” Botox & fillers
  14. Kate Gosselin’s kids think she only loves them when the cameras are around
  15. Gerard Depardieu Thinks Juliette Binoche Ain't Shit
  16. Paul Hogan Cannot Leave Oz Until He Pays The Taxman
  17. Leo DiCaprio is Jesus' Father?
  18. Naya Rivera (Santana from Glee) eggs co-stars car
  19. Michael Jackson's kids are going to school!
  20. Julio Iglesias Weds Girlfriend After 20 Years Together
  21. Christina Hendricks says designers won't lend her dresses
  22. Sean Connery at 80: saying never again?
  23. Machete Costars Predict Lindsay Lohan Will Reactivate Career
  24. New cover of OK! Double wedding for Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears
  25. Halle Berry pregnant?
  26. Nadya Suleman, Octomom, Just Lost Her House
  27. NBC's Brian Williams has a huge peen
  28. Is Uma Thurman pregnant?
  29. Witness: Kate Gosselin, Bodyguard Took Romantic Beach Strolls
  30. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split
  31. David Hasselhoff to Compete on Dancing With the Stars! Novice's new fav show?
  32. Elin Nordegren finally speaks
  33. David Arquette threw a 21st birthday party for Hayden Panettiere, what’s going on?
  34. Timbaland in possible suicide bid
  35. Spencer Pratt on holiday in Costa Rica with... his wife Heidi Montag
  36. Taylor Lautner is a whiny diva
  37. At What Point Will Hollywood Give Up On Jennifer Aniston?
  38. Kanye West to release new songs weekly
  39. Martin Short's wife died
  40. Brad Pitt 'willing to look at death penalty' over BP oil spill
  41. Diane Kruger talks family plans with Joshua Jackson
  42. First look at Wanda Sykes' hot wife, Alex
  43. Rachel Uchitel having affair with Jeremy London, wife claims
  44. Tiger Woods' divorce is finalized, slutty women, here he comes!
  45. Vivien Leigh was a bisexual adulterer
  46. Singer Faith Evans arrested on suspicion of DUI
  47. A Dozen Duggars Sick with the Chickenpox
  48. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Get Married
  49. More Kids For Jessica Alba
  50. Jude Law, Sienna Miller 'marry' in Asia
  51. Sarah Palin fans sending death threats to Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart
  52. Shocker #2: Britney Spears smells bad, doesn't wash her hair
  53. LeAnn Rimes whores herself out; dances in bikini on TV
  54. Shocker: Spencer Pratt trying to sell a Heidi Montag sextape
  55. Courtney Love's Cracked Out Birthday Tweets To Frances Bean
  56. Josh Duhamel: "Stacey Ferguson has made me a better man"
  57. Spencer Pratt Writing Tell-All About Ex Heidi Montag
  58. Idris Elba talks about how black men have “never been sexy”
  59. Taylor Momsen: Rihanna is a rock 'wannabe'
  60. Tard Jennifer Aniston Blasted for Using the Word "Retard"
  61. Jennifer Lopez is Looking For A New Bitch
  62. Lisa Marie Presley swaps LA life for Tunbridge Wells
  63. Facebook penis sees things that aren't there penis, bans photo of Kylie Minogue penis
  64. Jennifer Aniston scammed by hairdresser!!!
  65. Enquirer: Julia Roberts & Danny Moder used to smoke weed & play Halo
  66. How Sarah Palin outwitted Levi Johnston
  67. Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Wear a Sock During Nude Scenes
  68. Evan Rachel Wood & Marilyn Manson engaged no more
  69. Megan Fox steals her stepson's T-shirts to give her that stomach-baring look
  70. Edward Furlong channels Mel Gibson
  71. Hilary Swank: “I Believe in Having a Monogamous Relationship"
  72. Katie Price: I'm 100% sure I will die in a car crash like Princess Diana
  73. Adrianne Curry fights off 'pervert' at Star Wars convention‎
  74. Emma Thompson plans gap year with daughter
  75. Jenny McCarthy has a new boyfriend
  76. Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon Frank Ryan dead in car accident
  77. Gabourey Sidibe: “You should love yourself, no matter how you look”
  78. Paris Hilton 'ignores Kim Kardashian at party'
  79. Tom Cruise Calls Suri His Fountain of Youth
  80. Michael Douglas has throat cancer
  81. Report: Angelina Jolie to Play Marilyn Monroe, George Clooney to Play Frank Sinatra
  82. Jessica Alba Says Movie Violence Against Women Is Actually Responsible
  83. George Clooney engaged?
  84. Mel Gibson in a car accident, allegedly not drunk
  85. Jesse James and Kat Von D Get Cozy in Las Vegas (somebody sure has a type...)
  86. Here's some Katie Holmes verbal diarrhea
  87. Tori Spelling: I'm "Trying to Balance" Family and Work
  88. Yoko Ono goes on rant during press conference
  89. Hilary Duff got married
  90. 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stranger dumps fiancee
  91. Vivica A Fox finds out she's dumped... by press release
  92. Madonna celebrates 52nd birthday early with London party
  93. Halle Berry talks extensively to Vogue about her work with abused women
  94. Tila Tequila Almost Died At The Gathering Of The Juggalos
  95. Shery Crow's "Green" Tour Demands
  96. Twins on the Way for Neil Patrick Harris
  97. Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane Split Again
  98. Halle Berry voted sexiest mom
  99. Kate Gosselin makes $250,000 per episode
  100. Is Queen Latifah cheating on her trainer/girlfriend?
  101. Twitchy was right (again): Rihanna's neck tattoo FAIL
  102. Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) Offers Proof He Wasn't Masturbating During 1991 Arrest
  103. Sofia Vergara’s fiancé is jealous of her fame, success and boobs
  104. Anna Kendrick blasts Twitard haters
  105. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds buy a new home
  106. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the world’s sexiest movie stars
  107. Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologizes for saying N-word on the air
  108. Rapper 'Birdman' (Bryan Williams) Shows Off His $2.1 Million Bugatti
  109. The Duggars are fucking again
  110. Jennifer Freeman Took A Bite Out Of Her Husband
  111. Jessica Alba talks marriage, work, prosthetic bottom and better-looking girls
  112. Lady Gaga's Unending Third Album
  113. Bill O'Reilly: Jennifer Aniston "destructive to society"
  114. Kardashian Sibs Have "Knock-Down Fights" Over Scott Disick
  115. NFL Player Chris Chambers divorces wife and marries his stalker
  116. Kim Kardashian Reveals 'Graduate'-Themed Photo Shoot with Justin Bieber
  117. Alanis Morissette is pregnant
  118. Judge Marsha Revel removes herself from the Lindsay Lohan case
  119. Mel Gibson's dad accuses the Pope of being gay
  120. Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen's fight was over daughter Sam (Sheen)?
  121. Charlie Sheen gets 30 days rehab
  122. Fantasia Barrino ODs, is hospitalized
  123. Sofia Vergara complains about women getting freakish surgeries, “like Madonna”
  124. Brad Pitt is Jennifer Aniston's baby coach, Angelina Jolie is furious
  125. David Beckham says Victoria Bechkam is a great mom
  126. Portia de Rossi's name change
  127. Zac Efron on serial dating & Tom Cruise
  128. Kelsey Grammer 'in love' with young blonde; she may be pregnant
  129. Levi Johnston got a reality show
  130. Rod Stewart To Be Dad For Seventh Time
  131. Taylor Momsen On Her Vibrator, Priests And Justin Bieber
  132. Justin Bieber Gets A Water Bottle To The Head
  133. Patricia Neal Dies
  134. Jack White goes nuts at hipster crowd at secret NYC gig for Dead Weather
  135. Tiger Woods finishes 18 over par at golf event
  136. Julia Roberts becomes a Hindu
  137. Courtney Love on flings, fashion and Frances Bean
  138. Robbie Williams thought to have married Ayda Field
  139. Larry King's Ex-Wife Julie Alexander King has crash, others seriously injured
  140. Professional douche Scott Disick in rehab for booze, not for being an asshole
  141. Princess Mary of Denmark Expecting Twins
  142. Deryck Whibley, Avril Lavigne's ex, attacked and hospitalized
  143. Does A Shirtless Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Picture Cross A Legal Line?
  144. Kimora & Russell Simmons Big Phat Yard Sale
  145. Audrey Hepburn was twee, mumsy and really couldn't act says Emma Thompson
  146. Hollywood legend writer/director TOM MANKIEWICZ dies
  147. Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn's marriage-in-trouble rumours
  148. Queen Latifah and her girlfriend PDA on a boat
  149. Sandra Bullock hires multiple bodyguards to protect baby Louis
  150. Damon Dash sees one Tribeca condo sell in foreclosure auction, other fails to sell
  151. Sean Bean's 4th wife files for divorce
  153. Angelina Jolie's Children Call Their Nanny "Mom"
  154. Aaron Johnson's mom, er, fiance gave birth to his Kickass spawn
  155. Mary Kate Olsen: I would never wish my upbringing on anyone
  156. Michaele Salahi (RHWDC) found `View' appearance degrading
  157. Lily Allen is knocked up apparently
  158. Jennifer Aniston: "People laugh at me. Sometimes I know why, sometimes I don't."
  159. Eddie Cibrian is cheating on LeAnn Rimes with his wife
  160. Lindsay Lohan will focus on work
  161. Emma Thompson: Being a perfect mum and career woman can’t be done
  162. Katy Perry: Speaking in tongues is as normal to me as 'Pass the salt'
  163. Cloris Leachman: 'I'm so sick of Betty White'
  164. Elisabetta Canalis, 31 (???) Reveals Her Love for George Clooney
  165. Tiger Woods to marry Rachel Uchitel?
  166. Smug bitch Gisele Bundchen wants to legally force breastfeeding
  167. Vomit Inducing: Katie Holmes: “Every day my husband inspires me”
  168. Lady Gaga: I do cocaine. Cue younger fans "experimenting"
  169. Lindsay Lohan released from jail
  170. Jessica Simpson tweets photo of her nasty lip assault with new loser boyfriend
  171. Your RHONJ souvenir Theresa & Joe Guidice's bankruptcy sale
  172. 'I'm fearless to the point of stupidity': Angelina Jolie
  173. The continuing saga of The Drunk Tara Reid
  174. Tween Kardashian Sister Kylie Jenner Makes Modeling Debut for Sears
  175. Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) has been arrested in NJ....
  176. Peaches Geldof engaged to Eli Roth; will marry in January
  177. Laurence Fishburne's daughter becoming a Porn Star?!
  178. American Idol: Ellen DeGeneres & Kara DiGuardi out, Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler in?
  179. Ellen DeGeneres to Quit 'American Idol'
  180. Enquirer: Levi Johnston might have gotten another girl pregnant (YAY!)
  181. Desperate Jennifer Love Hewitt has a new boyfriend
  182. 'Essence' Magazine Forced to Defend Decision to hire White Fashion Director
  183. Cheryl Cole pictured for the first time since contracting malaria
  184. 'Kids from divorced families do better' says Katie Price
  185. Sophia Bush tells Urban Outfitters to go shove their “Eat Less” t-shirt
  186. Kourtney Kardashian confronted by Scott Disick’s sleaziness, drunken violence
  187. George Clooney's piece, Elisabetta Canalis, in cokewhore scandal
  188. Inception Star Tom Hardy Admits "I've had sexual relations with men."
  189. Michael Jackson's Love Child: cover up involving murder, Diana Ross, etc.
  190. "Shocking" photos of Angelina Jolie released
  191. Gweneth Paltrow releases country song
  192. Women become lesbians because there are no men left, says retard Elizabeth Hasselbeck
  193. Barbietard Heidi Montag shacks up with felon, Spencer Pratt looks fluffily deranged
  194. 'I love my body,' declares Janice Dickinson
  195. Penelope Cruz wants to shut down some teen magazines
  196. Yoko Ono opposes release of John Lennon's killer
  197. DMX to do 90 days in jail
  198. Wyclef Jean considering running for president of Haiti
  199. Oprah Winfrey gives Sarah Ferguson her own US talk show
  200. Chelsea Clinton worried her future husband will cheat on her
  201. Madonna: Lola's Worked for Me Before
  202. President Barack Obama giving his views on the View
  203. Susan Sarandon out with her young new boyfriend
  204. Leona Lewis cancels tour
  205. Sean Penn caught making out with Jessica White
  206. Kate Winslet is dating a model
  207. Billy Corgan falls on stage
  208. Paris Hilton: Nazi salute or "You must be this high to ride the Herpes Express"?
  209. Kim Kardashian begs fan not to have plastic surgery to look like her to save marriage
  210. Paris Hilton's Sugar Daddy?
  211. RHONJ Danielle Staub round-up: court action, extortion & drama llama ploys
  212. Melissa Gilbert excuses dancing with a broken back
  213. Andrew Morton's next revelation, Angelina Jolie was abandoned by Marcheline Bertrand
  214. Zsa Zsa Gabor in Critical Condition
  215. Amanda Bynes 'unretires' after leaving acting last month
  216. Lance Armstrong accused of using performance-enhancing drugs
  217. Casey Affleck Sued For Sexual Harassment
  218. Linda Hogan, 50, engaged to marry 21 year-old boyfriend
  219. Does Isabella Cruise Hate Step-Mom Katie Holmes?
  220. Angelina Jolie Admits She Isn't Completely "Sane"
  221. Kate Gosselin takes kids to Alaska to do show with Sarah Palin!
  222. Drugs found on Bret Michaels tour bus...slow news day
  223. Surprise: Michael Lohan Calls Off His Wedding to Kate Major
  224. Exclusive: Denise Richards Lands Raunchy New TV Role in Blue Mountain State
  225. This is how its done Lindsay/Nicole/et al Pamela Bach complete Al-Ed, full compliance
  226. Eric Roberts joins Celebrity Rehab 4 (according to Jeremy "pay me now" London)
  227. Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Marry in 'Intimate' Ceremony
  228. Darkness and pain engulfed me after the birth of my son says Gwyneth Paltrow
  229. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Accept Damages from Newspaper
  230. Cristiano Ronaldo Is Getting Married
  231. Say it ain't so! Is Amy Winehouse Pregnant?
  232. Megan Fox irked 'Transformers 3' replacement called next 'It' girl
  233. Two networks reject Lohan Family reality show pitch
  234. Randy Travis Cheatin' Heart
  235. Betty White, 88, Debuts New Clothing Line. Who's buying?
  236. Julianne Hough thought Ryan Seacrest Was Gay!
  237. Michael Lohan Threatened to Kill Fiance?
  238. Taylor Momsen mixes words with Perez Hilton
  239. Courtney Love 'Loses Fashion For Sex'
  240. Sex and drugs on the set of House
  241. Is Kendall Jenner, 14, Too Young to Model in a Bikini?
  242. Christina Applegate is pregnant
  243. New couple alert? Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) & Brittny Gastineau (nobody)
  244. Tom Cruise Contemplating Reality Show
  245. M. Night Shyamalan to critical reporter: "If I thought like you, I'd kill myself."
  246. Paula Abdul is broke ass
  247. Janet Jackson's new boyfriend? (upgrade from Jermaine Dupri)
  248. Jennifer Aniston Allegedly Victim of Dangerous Stalker
  249. Do we need a celeb arrested/jail pool? Ice-T Arrested
  250. Katie Price 'breaks down after conceding she's ruined her looks'