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  1. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie donated $100 K to American SOS Children’s Villages
  2. Jennifer Aniston converting to Kabbalah?
  3. Michael Lohan’s ex girlfriend on his physical abuse, murder threats
  4. Jude Law: being good never helped me, women like “bad boys”
  5. Kanye West & Amber Rose spend holidays feeding the homeless
  6. Carrie Underwood says Santa brought her a fiance
  7. Bristol Palin files for custody of child
  8. Noted child rapist Roman Polanski 'overwhelmed' by messages of support
  9. Vomit alert: Larry King might be banging his SIL
  10. Ashlee Simpson's new castmates hate her too
  11. Johnathon Schaech gets engaged to 'One Tree Hill' actress Jana Rae Kramer
  12. Colin Farrell attends brother's wedding
  13. Tyra Banks talk show canceled!
  14. Kate Gosselin dropped from new TV show
  15. Angry Ivana Trump gets booted from plane
  16. Jon Gosselin's NYC apartment 'ransacked'
  17. THG presents: Celebrity Christmas wishes!
  18. Charlie Sheen arrested for domestic violence
  19. Susan Boyle to sing on Japan's New Year's Eve TV extravaganza
  20. Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 per tweet
  21. Vanessa Hudgens sues over nude photos
  22. Mariah Carey is grandmother to a Jack Russell puppy
  23. Madonna talks ‘Raising Malawi’ on CNN, only moves her jaw
  24. Martha Stewart tell-all: lesbian dates, prison attacks & more
  25. FBI releases files on Michael Jackson on molestation charges
  26. Angelina Jolie: Fidelity’s not essential
  27. Rev. Fred Phelps strikes again: 'God hates Lady Gaga'
  28. Teresa Heinz, wife of Sen. John Kerry, battling breast cancer
  29. Rapper T.I. released from prison
  30. Gene Simmons fights restraining order
  31. Jay-Z becomes a Knowles-Carter!
  32. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins split
  33. Jennifer Hudson is expecting Baby No. 2
  34. Prince William sleeps rough on London street to raise awareness for homeless charity
  35. Robert Downey Jr. told to shut up about homoerotic ‘Holmes’
  36. Natalie Portman: Hollywood is a bully
  37. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop probably broke the law
  38. Tiger Woods is still shagging Skank #1
  39. Steven Tyler enters rehab for painkiller addiction
  40. Evan Seinfeld claims Tera Patrick 'didn't like sex'
  41. Glee's Matthew Morrison denies the ghey
  42. Jamie-Lynn Sigler splits from Jerry Ferrara
  43. Catherine Zeta-Jones flashes audience
  44. Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren set for custody battle
  45. Miley Cyrus “really disapproves” of Madonna & Angelina Jolie
  46. Taylor Swift is ‘entertainer of the year’ because she didn’t pole dance
  47. Tom Cruise sued for allegedly spying
  48. Aren't we enjoying all this celebrity death a little too much Esquire Magazine
  49. Brooke Astor's 85 year-old son gets 1 - 3 years in prison
  50. Human Cockroach Pete Doherty takes stash to court - arrest follows
  51. Carrie Underwood engaged to NHL player Mike Fisher
  52. Rihanna flirting “outrageously” with rapper Kanye West
  53. Jon Bon Jovi's son rushed to hospital
  54. Amy Winehouse lashes out during Christmas show
  55. Roman Polanski finishing film under house arrest
  56. Madonna and George Clooney went on a date
  57. Las Vegas casinos exposed Tiger Woods to ‘culture of adultery’
  58. TMZ reporting Brittany Murphy dead
  59. Julia Roberts is expecting Baby No. 4
  60. Suri Cruise voted Most Stylish Celebrity Child
  61. Lady Gaga named Most Popular Artist online
  62. Mariah Carey tells George Lopez what "color" she is
  63. Tila Tequila to become a surrogate mother
  64. Glamorous Joan Collins steps out in style as she lunches with husband Percy
  65. Amy Winehouse & Blake Fielder-Civil 'engaged'
  66. Athina Onassis competes in showjumping tournament as husband looks on
  67. Ivana Trump files for divorce from fourth husband
  68. Alaina Reed Hall (Sesame Street, 227) has passed away
  69. One of those Jonas Brothers got married
  70. Pink: I'll never go to a Britney Spears gig
  71. Leonardo DiCaprio influences Lindsay Lohan positively
  72. LeAnn Rimes' husband files for divorce
  73. Sarah Jessica Parker working on top secret B.O. fragrance
  74. Model Jaime Jungers 'took photos of Tiger Woods naked after passing out'
  75. Simon Cowell fuming over Rage campaign
  76. Have The Stones dumped Ronnie Wood over his tawdry romance?
  77. Lil Wayne in trouble for weed on his tour buses
  78. Jude Law forgets that he has a fourth child
  79. Tori and Candy Spelling retract the claws and celebrate holidays together
  80. Shane Sparks of America's Best Dance Crew arrested for child molestation
  81. Frances Bean gets restraining order to keep Courtney Love away
  82. Jay-Z stealing Eminem lines
  83. Lindsay Lohan and Leo DiCaprio partying in Hollywood
  84. Jon and Kate Gosselin officially divorced
  85. Tina Knowles files for divorce
  86. The New Carnivore: Alexander Skarsgård
  87. Miley Cyrus to be an Oscar nominee???
  88. Paparazzo crashes bike into Anne Hathaway's car
  89. Oprah Winfrey donates $1.5M to Atlanta private school
  90. Simon Cowell could leave American Idol as he exports the X Factor to U.S.
  91. Tiger Woods's mistress Theresa Rogers demands £2m pay-off amid claims of a love child
  92. Mo'Nique confesses she was raped at 7 by her teenage brother
  93. Elisabeth Hasselbeck asks Stanley Tucci if his DEAD WIFE had seen his movie
  94. LeeLee Sobieski welcomes baby girl
  95. Photoshopped Oil of Olay ad featuring Twiggy banned in the UK
  96. P Diddy is full of shit
  97. Garth Brooks sues hospital for not using his donation as promised
  98. Kourtney Kardashian’s baby-daddy might not be Scott Disick
  99. Fans mock Demi Moore for looking "old" in photo
  100. Melanie Griffith explains her black eye
  101. Stephen Gately's civil partner complains to PCC about Jan Moir column
  102. Nancy O'Dell leaving 'Access Hollywood' 'cause she's too classy for the joint
  103. Is Conan O'Brien about to be fired?
  104. Fashion boss who hired Lindsay Lohan leaves Ungaro. Lohan still staying on.
  105. ABC reporting Elin Nordegren to file for divorce
  106. Nobody cares news: Carrie Underwood wants to start a family
  107. David Beckham says dinner with Tom Cruise was nightmarish
  108. Priscilla Presley and her scary face unveil new Elvis Vegas show
  109. Attention whore Peaches Geldof 'almost killed' in car crash on way to Disney World
  110. Rachel McAdams recalls 'marveling' over Lindsay Lohan when filming 'Mean Girls'
  111. Sarah Jessica Parker admits getting her mole removed
  112. Noah Cyrus, 9, performs Akon’s “Smack That”
  113. Reese Witherspoon dumped Jake Gyllenhaal, she worried about him as a stepfather
  114. The Brangelina-Hypocrisy?
  115. Jessica Simpson & Tiger Woods? Thank you Star Magazine!
  116. Angelina Jolie's suicide attempt
  117. Zoe Saldana on the state of women in Hollywood
  118. Sofia Coppola, partner expecting 2nd baby
  119. Crackhead Lindsay Lohan ordered to DUI class
  120. Pamela Anderson makes her first pantomime appearance
  121. Halle Berry on witnessing her dad beat up her mom
  122. Pink calls Prince William ‘like a redneck from the South’ on fox hunting issue
  123. Whitney Houston says her daughter can 'count on me'
  124. Hugh Grant got drunk with the Queen, calls her “charming”
  125. Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady) files restraining order against live-in GF
  126. Tony Romo engaged
  127. Up in the Air leads Globe nominations
  128. Jennifer Garner's stalker arrested near daughter Violet's school
  129. Melissa Ryncroft (The Bachelor) gets married
  130. 50 Cent eyes posthumous career
  131. Stephen King donates funds for Maine troops to come home for Christmas
  132. Hugh Jackman’s shirtless beach workout
  133. Taylor Swift donates $250K to schools on her 20th birthday
  134. Ronnie Wood’s ex-girlfriend refers to him as a drunk and “an evil goblin king”
  135. Perez Hilton is Hispanic Magazine‘s “Hispanic of the Year'
  136. Michael Lohan arrested...again
  137. Charlie Murphy (brother of Eddie)'s wife has died of cancer
  138. Nicole Kidman refused to discuss Scientology
  139. Neeext! Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez are over
  140. Lindsay Lohan selling some of her clothes second-hand via her family’s website
  141. Keira Knightley to pose nude
  142. Courtney Love loses legal control of daughter
  143. Kourtney Kardashian welcomes baby boy Mason Dash
  144. John Frusciante has left Red Hot Chili Peppers, says source
  145. Jennifer Lopez to redo Louboutins on "So You Think You Can Dance"
  146. Lady Gaga & Barbara Walters talk about sex, love and stardom
  147. Anika Noni Rose thrilled to be Zahara Jolie Pitt’s role model
  148. Jo Wood invites Ronnie to final Christmas at family home
  149. Florida child protective services has opened case on Tiger Woods' kids?
  150. Tiger Woods' wife is to 'end marriage after Christmas'
  151. Eddie Cibrian's ex: "He broke my heart, so I broke his Harleys"
  152. Kate Hudson sympathises with son over skimpy outfit shock
  153. Gillette shaves Tiger Woods from its ads
  154. Lindsay Lohan slammed by Indian charity
  155. Sarah Palin "gets back" at William Shatner on 'The Tonight Show'
  156. Lily Allen claims she suffers from 'a touch' of body dysmorphic disorder
  157. Angelina Jolie turns to psychic to contact her dead mom
  158. Oksana Grigorieva is pissed at Mel Gibson for not helping with the baby
  159. Ashlee Simpson to help sink Nicole Richie’s new sitcom
  160. OMFG!!! Tiger Woods to take ‘indefinite’ leave from golf
  161. Suri Cruise and her aversion to outerwear visit father on set
  162. Chris Brown lashes out on Twitter
  163. Suzanne Somers to become ‘poster girl’ for stem cell face lifts
  164. Eddie Cibrian’s parents think LeAnn Rimes is a homewrecker
  165. The View apologizes after Joy Behar calls Rachel Uchitel a hooker
  166. Aaron Eckhart dumped Molly Sims after she talked
  167. Italian-American Alyssa Milano "upset" with MTV's Jersey Shore
  168. Bill O'Reilly lashes out at 'Law & Order' executive producer
  169. Report: Tiger Woods paid $40,000 a weekend for "Girls Next Door"
  170. Angelina 'desperate' Jolie hangs on everyone @ UNICEF Ball
  171. Kendra Wilkinson welcomes son Hank Randall IV
  172. Beyonce Knowles's dad rumored to be in talks to manage Jay Z!!!
  173. Angelina Jolie calls for action from President Obama on Sudan
  174. Liza Minnelli settles $100m sexual harassment lawsuit
  175. Miley Cyrus wants to be edgy, redoing ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’
  176. Michelle Obama is the “most fascinating person of 2009″
  177. Paul McCartney agrees that marrying Heather Mills was his biggest mistake
  178. Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and 20-year-old girlfriend: It’s over
  179. Sarah Jessica Parker is the only star of ‘Sex and the City 2′
  180. Ahhh, love! Shawne Merriman is suing Tila Tequila
  181. New Tiger Woods scandal?
  182. John Mayer labeled an ‘accidental racist’
  183. Lindsay Lohan linked to Adam Senn
  184. Benji Madden and Holly Madison 'secretly' dating
  185. Amanda Peet: Baby on the way!
  186. Elin Nordegren: Standing by Tiger Woods?
  187. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrate 5th anniversary
  188. Justin Timberlake leaves da club with a gaggle of girls
  189. Carrie Underwood says Tony Romo did her wrong
  190. Tiger Woods' porn star lover talks
  191. Tiger Woods' alleged mistress takes precautions
  192. Gary Busey, 65, to become a dad again for the 3rd time
  193. Scarlett Johansson got a little perspective volunteering in Rwanda
  194. Jennifer Garner: breastfeeding is “the coziest feeling in the world”
  195. Nicolas Cage being sued by mother of his child
  196. Whoresbians Tila Tequila and Casey Johnson allegedly engaged
  197. Tyler Perry's mom, the inspiration for Madea, has passed away at age 64
  198. Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady welcome first child together
  199. Tiger Woods' emails to Rachel Uchitel
  200. Janine Lindemulder loses court custody battle to Jesse James
  201. Eva Mendes hates the paparazzi : ‘I like my privacy’
  202. Rihanna wants a “high risk” guy: "nice guys are boring"
  203. Rihanna and Megan Fox: Lesbian assassins?
  204. Kate Gosselin: My kids are "sobbing" without the cameras
  205. Mischa Barton: 'I'm an embarrassment'
  206. Angelina Jolie has a “secret family” in Jordan
  207. Elton John to support Ukranian boy after his adoption was denied
  208. Mickey Rourke got engaged to his 24-year-old Russian girlfriend
  209. Paul Reubens, a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman, attempts a comeback
  210. Lindsay Lohan will save the children of India
  211. Elton John's partner David Furnish tells of his fears for George Michael
  212. Joely Richardson opens up about Natasha Richardson's death
  213. Smackdown! KTLA anchor Sam Rubin goes off on Perez Hilton
  214. Nadya "Octomom" Suleman - off food stamps but not giving up on more babies...
  215. Michigan couple attempted to extort John Stamos for $680,000
  216. Private nude pictures of Megan Fox leaked online, actress hacked!
  217. Carrie Prejean too Christian to stay up past midnight
  218. David Gest blames dead pedophile Michael Jackson for the plastic surgery he's had
  219. Table for one: Meet Jon Gosselin, the lonely mallrat
  220. Jessica Simpson dating Billy Corgan
  221. Bryant Gumbel announces that he has lung cancer
  222. Uma Thurman calls off engagement to Swiss fiancé
  223. Glen Beck's 'Christmas Sweater' is a flop. HA!
  224. Weezer singer hurt in tour bus accident. Damn you Grimm!
  225. 'Family Ties' actor arrested after Colo. assault
  226. Angelina Jolie on Brad Pitt: "I met the right person"
  227. Meeting Russell Crowe
  228. Shakira shakes up Oxford Union with address
  229. Florida Trooper sought blood results after Tiger Woods crash
  230. Lady taken from Tiger Woods' home, on stretcher
  231. WUT? On Thanksgiving, Tiger Woods was admitted to hospital as an OD.
  232. Writer on Keira Knightley: "Female jealousy is a form of lust"
  233. Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus meet the Queen
  234. Is Angelina Jolie really a chair-throwing “screamer”?
  235. Madonna defends her gym obsession, already considering another adoption
  236. Levi Johnston’s new mildly NSFW Playgirl hockey glove photo
  237. Rosie O'Donnell says tanning is safe
  238. Suri Cruise drags it up in Spain
  239. Elin Woods is out! Tiger Woods' wife moves out after 10th ho-bag surfaces.
  240. Tiger Woods' skank count is now up to 10
  241. Pete Doherty arrested in Germany
  242. Tiger Woods to confess all to St. Oprah? Elin to return to Sweden?
  243. Elin Woods to make announcement on marriage to Tiger?
  244. Victoria Beckham ‘spends two-and-a-half hours a day getting ready’
  245. Celine Dion putting lots of energy into getting pregnant
  246. LANA WOOD: Natalie Wood's death and Robert Wagner's silence
  247. George Michael loves to cruise for cock in the woods
  248. Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse will remarry, his mum claims
  249. Jude Law and Sienna Miller's crabs are reunited .. and it feels so good
  250. John Travolta turned down astronaut offer