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  1. Tiger Woods applies to play in U.S. Open
  2. Matthew Fox Denies Affair Rumors, Gushes About Wife
  3. Demi Moore is only 5, really. Out-youngs Ashton Kutcher.
  4. A Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly wedding? Not so fast, he tells his old coach
  5. Marilyn Manson offended by Michelle McGee comparisons
  6. Gwenyth Paltrow wants another baby
  7. Jake Gyllenhaal talks relationships
  8. Sigourney Weaver says James Cameron lost Oscar because he didn't have breasts
  9. Ed Westwick dumps Jessica Szohr for cheating
  10. Ryan Phillippe gets support from ex Reese Witherspoon
  11. Jude Law and Sienna Miller are house hunting
  12. Taylor Swift is sex crazed
  13. Jim Carrey jokes about Ben Roethlisberger's sexual assault charges
  14. Steven Seagal is a pimp, y'all!
  15. Conan O'Brien gets a new show - starts in Nov.
  16. Is Angelina Jolie Expecting Baby No. 7?
  17. John Tesh confirms he once dated Oprah Winfrey: 'We remain friends to this day'
  18. Shia Labeouf drinks to get drunk
  19. Lindsay Lohan says Dr. Drew Pinsky is a quack
  20. Amy Mickelson Michael Jordan affair - Did Phil Mickelson's wife hook up with MJ?
  21. Courtney Love Claims She Hung Out With Jessica Simpson
  22. New book reveals John Tesh bolted on lover Oprah Winfrey in middle of night
  23. Dixie Carter Passes Away
  24. Suri Cruise, Nearly 4, Is Still Using a Bottle
  25. Kenny Chesney: I "Panicked" After Wedding Renee Zellweger
  26. Aimee Mann and Ice T in random Twitter war
  27. Jim Carrey: Elin ‘Willing Participant’ In Tiger Woods Cheating
  28. Angelina Jolie and her latest balcony photo op Part 444
  29. Thomas Angove, boxed win(e) inventor, dies
  30. Love triangle: Bill and Hillary Clinton and…Martha Stewart?
  31. Source: Elizabeth Taylor, 78, to Wed for 9th Time -- to 49-Year-Old!
  32. Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis trash-tweets about Mischa Barton
  33. Camilla Parker Bowles Breaks Her Leg
  34. Demi Moore is jealous of Ashton Kutcher’s relationship with Kim Kardashian
  35. Red Sox ace Josh Beckett engaged to brainy beauty
  36. Courtney Love wants Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain in biopic
  37. Garcelle Beauvais makes hubby's cheating accusations public
  38. 'Clueless' Star Stacey Dash: My Husband Beat Me
  39. Is Kat Von D Cheating on Nikki Sixx with Bam Margera?
  40. RIP: Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren dies at 64
  41. Jennifer Love Hewitt's New Love: Jenny McCarthy's Ex
  42. Tiger Woods cheered and applauded by fans as he makes golfing return
  43. 'The worst thing about Patrick was the drinking': Swayze's widow talks about marriage
  44. Catherine Zeta-Jones pens handwritten note seeking leniency for stepson
  45. Rihanna Admits L.A. Dodger Is Her 'Boyfriend'
  46. Miley Cyrus wants to be a teenage bride?
  47. Steve Carrell does house work
  48. Fergie (Stacy Ferguson) used to be the cheater
  49. Beyonce is taking driving lessons from Jay-Z
  50. Shia Labeouf talks burning volcanos, love & trust
  51. Tiger Woods affair with Neighbor's Daughter Raychel Coudriet
  52. Dynasty Actor Christopher Cazenove dies age 64
  53. Kate Gosselin and Her Kids to Return to TV
  54. Shania Twain Lands Her Own TV Show
  55. Mariah Carey’s New Album Has Been Cancelled
  56. Ryan O’Neal Gets No Support From The Other Men In Farrah Fawcett’s Life
  57. In Touch: Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston were “caught kissing”
  58. Nike brings back the voice of Earl Woods in new Tiger Woods ad
  59. Cops finish Roethlisberger investigation
  60. Tiki Barber is a cheater; walks out on 8 months pregnant wife of 11 years
  61. Britney Spears has a mini-meltdown while driving
  62. Courtney Love stage dives at live show, is preparing to release new album
  63. Jessica Simpson without make up on the cover of Marie Claire
  64. Whitney Houston hospitalized
  65. Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about being cheated on
  66. Jennifer Aniston wants a baby girl
  67. Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Welcome a Son
  68. Michael Lohan engaged to John Gosselin's leftover, Kate Major
  69. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt visit Bosnia
  70. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy End Relationship
  71. Jesse James Mistress #2 Plays for the Other Team
  72. Jon Gosselin suing Kate Gosselin for primary custody of kids
  73. George Clooney Says Split Story Is Made Up
  74. Mark McGrath Is Engaged and Expecting – Twins!
  75. Crazy stalker thinks Ivanka Trump will get over that whole 'restraining order' thing
  76. Gwyneth Paltrow is filled with hate
  77. Nicolette Sheridan: 'Desperate Housewives' Creator Attacked Me
  78. Heidi Montag cannot hug or jog after surgery
  79. Dennis Hopper ordered to pay estranged wife Victoria $12,000 a month in spousal&child
  80. Transcript of Tiger Woods news conference
  81. Janet Jackson: the family attempted “many” interventions to save Michael
  82. Hailey Glassman is pissed that Michelle McGee is refereeing her boxing match
  83. Gerard Butler dumps Jennifer Aniston for French journalist Laurie Cholewa
  84. Shaquille O'Neal's Wife & Mistress Team Up Against Him
  85. Gloria Allred and Joslyn James Stalk Tiger Woods at Masters
  86. Lindsay Lohan tweets papparazi is conspiring against her
  87. Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Carmen Llewellyn Blasts Scientology, Travoltas, and Cruises
  88. Will Smith turns down Marvin Gaye biopic
  89. Gabourey Sidibe, star of Precious, to host Saturday Night Live
  90. Rihanna wants to marry Matt Kemp
  91. Andie MacDowell told she was fat while working as a model
  92. Jennifer Lopez singing without any studio effects
  93. Report: Kal Penn Leaving White House For 'Kumar' Sequel
  94. Bruce Springsteen had 'affair' with a housewife from New Jersey
  95. Victoria Beckham Trying to Put on Weight
  96. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber on The Rocks?
  97. Christina Aguilera loves “Water-eroticas”
  98. Ricky Gervais: 'Jamie Oliver U.S. show will fail'
  99. Michael Jackson's sister Janet channelled grief at his death into tearful film scenes
  100. Brooke Shields breaks down over tragic family past as she learns of royal ancestors
  101. Aaron Carter Engaged to Girlfriend
  102. Lindsay Lohan bounces checks, falls down again, still a crackwhore
  103. Tia Carrere Files for Divorce
  104. Olivia Newton John's ex boyfriend is alive
  105. Snooki & J-Woww encouraged by Jersey Shore producers to get pregnant
  106. Tori Spelling is scary skinny, paranoid and afraid husband will leave her
  107. Jessica Simpson wants to be in love & a mom, but she’s “picky”
  108. John Forsythe Dies
  109. Tiger Woods has another woman to worry about- his kindergarten teacher
  110. Enquirer: Britney Spears is self-harming, Jason Trawick watches out for her
  111. Snickers as Jennifer Aniston bombs again
  112. Kate Gosselin to dance the story of her marriage, tries to befriend Pamela Anderson
  113. Michael Douglas: “I’m not leading with my libido quite as strongly”
  114. Susan Sarandon loves being called a cougar
  115. 10 Million Reasons Tiger Woods Was Afraid of Rachel Uchitel
  116. Neal McDonough fired from 'Scoundrels' for refusing sex scenes W/Virginia Madsen
  117. Brooke Burke Expecting Baby #5
  118. Anna Paquin :"I'm Bisexual"
  119. Faketits Christo-whore Carrie Prejean fails to pay PR firm for spreading her taint
  120. Michael Jackson's father plans wrongful death suit
  121. Katie Price Uses Her Children To Model On Her Website
  122. Madonna wishes daughter Lourdes would dress 'more conservatively'
  123. Roger Ebert gives Miley Cyrus a good review???
  124. Jennifer Aniston: “The last five years have been about spring cleaning for me”
  125. Chaz Bono's gender reassignment complete
  126. Megan Fox Refuses 'Tomb Raider 3' to Avoid Further Angelina Jolie Comparison
  127. In Touch: Angelina Jolie “abuses” her children mentally
  128. Tiger Woods' Wife Elin Nordegren is Pregnant
  129. Elizabeth Taylor tells friends and family she doesn't want any more surgeries
  130. Luke Wilson was an unprofessional diva on set of AT&T commercials
  131. Heidi Montag and Sprencer Pratt to "divorce"
  132. Jude Law calls in the lawyers over ex-wife Sadie Frost's tell-all book
  133. Sean Penn Under Fire From 'Colors' Co-Star Maria Conchita Alonso
  134. Mindy McCready Names Names And Calls Oprah A Racist - Sex Tape To Be Released
  135. Did Lindsay Lohan go overboard with the 'athlete's foot' powder?
  136. Remains of Errol Flynn's Son Found
  137. At the risk of breaking a hip, Demi Moore engages Kim Kardashian in a Twitter-scuffle
  138. Michael Lohan plans new reality TV show 'Tour for Charity,' tries to appease daughter
  139. Gerard Butler Grabbing Jennifer Aniston's Ass
  140. Beth Ditto squashes Alpine skiier on Austrian TV show
  141. "Paris Hilton Was Taking It From Behind From Some Rock Star..."
  142. Helen Mirren edging out Megan Fox for Sexiest Woman Alive title
  143. Gabourey Sidibe is a “joke in the fashion community”
  144. Miley Cyrus: “‘Omigosh, Australia looks like Nashville!”
  145. Uma Thurman's new film seen by just one person on opening day
  146. Those close to Lindsay Lohan (except her parents) think she will die soon
  147. Jill Scott Talks Interracial Dating
  148. Susan Boyle treats herself to a new £300,000 five-bedroom Scottish hideaway home
  149. Dennis Hopper receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  150. Angelina Jolie’s latest balcony jaunt: Viv throws a tantrum
  151. Peaches Geldof’s one-night-stand speaks: heroin, lemons & Xenu
  152. Judge Dredd artist - John Hicklenton - dies at suicide centre Dignitas
  153. Delusional Heidi Montag thinks she's about to start a fab movie career
  154. Beyonce pregnant?
  155. Is Tori Spelling's marriage in trouble?
  156. Iggy Pop retires from stagediving
  157. Emmy Rossum is still banging Adam Duritz
  158. Joe Jonas's new beard speaks out
  159. Bar Rafaeli didn't know "alone"
  160. Angelina Jolie's magic voodoo vagina is well, not so magical
  161. Prince owes some tax $
  162. Ed Westwick acts like a little bitch
  163. James Cameron trashes Glenn Beck
  164. Derek Jeter's Connection To Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel?
  165. OJ Simpson and his gay prison posse
  166. 'I Spy' actor Robert Culp has died
  167. Lindsay Lohan falling on her ass at 5 a.m.
  168. Star Jones recovering from cardiac surgery
  169. Brad Pitt is too bored to shave his billy goat gruff
  170. Dakota Fanning Gets (fake) Tattooed by Kat Von D
  171. Hey Dad actor Robert Hughes denies sex claims
  172. Mathew Knowles: You ARE the Father! - Beyonce has a new half-brother
  173. Two's Company, Three's a Crowd ;P Minka Kelly
  174. Joan Collins: Modern actors are wimpy
  175. Lindsay Lohan poses with children affected by trafficking, BBC defend hiring her
  176. Gerard Butler: My Mom and Jen Aniston 'Really Bonded'
  177. Amy Winehouse's little Va-Jew-Jew
  178. Lindsay Lohan to launch lines of coke bags, uh, handbags
  179. Round 2: Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush split
  180. Wasilla Hillbilly Sarah Palin gets reality show on the Discovery Channel
  181. Kate Winslet's heart will go on despite split
  182. Robert Pattinson on fame
  183. Heather Locklear's Daughter, 12, Walks the Runway at L.A. Fashion Week
  184. Adam Lambert to launch his own men's cosmetics line
  185. Pete Doherty Arrested in Drug Death
  186. Awesome photojournalist Margaret Moth has died
  187. Tina Fey: the thinking man & the dumb man both want Jessica Simpson
  188. Whitney Houston’s family wants her to go back to rehab
  189. Hayden Panettiere's drunken breakdown atop pool table
  190. Angelina Jolie wants on Vanessa Paradis not Johnny Depp
  191. Naomi embarassed by her beatdowns
  192. Tiger Woods' first interview post-cheating ho scandal
  193. Tom Cruise wants to add a boy robot to his brood
  194. Reese Witherspoon's new man
  195. Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen married at last?
  196. Boris Becker shows off his six-week-old son, Amadeus
  197. Freida Pinto lands Bond Girl role
  198. Jake Gyllanhaal Hit Somebody?
  199. Tool Academy losers shoot M/M porn
  200. Chelsea Clinton to Get $10m if Husband Cheats
  201. Lady Gaga Sued For $30 Million By Producer/Ex-Boyfriend Rob Fusari
  202. Paul Burrell now working in a flower shop
  203. Duane 'Dog' Chapman: I'm a Cheater, Too
  204. Pharmacist cut Brittany Murphy off-'accident waiting to happen'
  206. Taye Diggs shares a photo of his son Walker - AKA "Swirl"
  207. Tiger Woods has rape fantasies
  208. Anna Nicole Smith Estate Denied $300 Million Oil Fortune
  209. Urine-soaked toothbrush brings cops to new Real World house
  210. Nadya Suleman (Octomom) about to be out on her ass if she doesn't come up with $450k
  211. Will Perez Hilton go to jail? Someone needs to report him....
  212. Did Lindsay Lohan get “banned” from doing charity work?
  213. Fury as comedian insults "creepy" Bindi Irwin
  214. Robert Pattinson Goes to Hotel Drunk with Blonde Woman
  215. Jennifer Lopez in talks to star in remake of Goldie Hawn movie Overboard
  216. Karl Lagerfeld Vice Magazine Interview
  217. Alec Baldwin vs. Mike Walker
  218. Fess Parker aka 'Davy Crockett' has died
  219. Anne Hathaway's jailed ex is writing her love letters
  220. Lindsay Lohan has a new Sam in her life
  221. Madonna gives a lucky man a lapdance. Heh.
  222. Gwenyth Paltrow says she likes fried chicken
  223. P Diddy to 'buy' million£ soccer team because 'he likes the name'
  224. Antonio Banderas appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador
  225. Britney Spears splits from boyfriend Jason Trawick
  226. Kendra Wilkinson's dark past: drugs, mental hospitalization, and self-injury
  227. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett Expecting Baby No. 2
  228. Kevin Costner Expecting His Seventh Child!
  229. Kristen Stewart Begs Robert Pattinson for Marriage
  230. Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Nicholas Brendon Tased, Arrested
  231. Is Jesse James cheating on Sandra Bullock?
  232. Shia LaBeouf Slams Khloe Kardashian... No, not in that way
  233. Michael Lohan had a heart attack and some dumbass saved him
  234. Jennifer Aniston: W Shoot With Gerard Butler Was "Uncomfortable"
  235. Miley Cyrus :"My Mom Had a Crush on My Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth"
  236. Miley Cyrus Blames Tabloids for Young Hollywood Tragedies
  237. Newest weapon in the war on terror: Spencer Pratt of 'The Hills'?
  238. Mad Men's Rich Sommer is naked...and lacking
  239. Finally! Full details of John Edwards sex tape!
  240. Lindsay Lohan likes to be diagnosed over Twitter
  241. Joaquin Phoenix is a rapper, not Edgar Allen Poe
  242. Weight Loss Company wants Gabourey Sidibe to Lose Pounds
  243. Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes Split
  244. Johnny Depp is just not that into Angelina Jolie
  245. Rielle Hunter breaks her silence about John Edwards
  246. Lindsay Lohan Snubbed By Madonna’s Jesus
  247. Tom Cruise Crashes Motorcycle Because Duh, He Can Barely Reach The Pedals
  248. Holly Madison's Moving In With Paris Hilton's Leftovers, Benji Madden
  249. Please do not post from Celebrity-Gossip.net
  250. Peter Graves, 83, of 'Mission Impossible' and 'Airplane', Passed Away At Home