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  1. Chris Brown has violent outburst - sends glass flying onto streets of NYC
  2. Baby Pictured on Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Ready To Die' Cover Found
  3. John Travolta Under Fire for 'Cheesy' Quantas Airline Video
  4. Jackass' Bam Margera knocked out for calling a fatty a sea otter
  5. Rock Legend Sammy Hagar: I Was Abducted by Aliens
  6. Tiger Woods has a new girlfriend
  7. Paris Hilton Prosecutor Arrested on Drug Charges
  8. Spice Girl Melanie Brown is Pregnant
  9. Brenda Dickson divorce case ends in conviction
  10. Wyclef Jean Shot in Haiti
  11. Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper Split
  12. The Chipmunk Family (AKA Billy Ray & Tish Cyrus) decide to stay together
  13. Michael Gough - Batman's Butler - Dead at 94
  14. Rush Limbaugh Makes Tasteless Comments about Japan Disaster
  15. Sandra Bullock sends $1 million for Japan relief
  16. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino bombs at Trump Roast
  17. Mel Gibson mug shot
  18. Is the Star Jones Feud With Lisa Rinna Bound for Court?
  19. Katie Holmes Resorts to Dicks in a Box
  20. Pink slams stylist who butchered her hair
  21. Bradley Cooper talks about that 4-month marriage to Jennifer Esposito
  22. Monica Bellucci: It’s “ridiculous” to expect Vincent Cassel’s fidelity
  23. Rihanna Saddened by her Father’s Betrayal
  24. Seann William Scott Enters Treatment
  25. Jay Z the latest CoS Cult Member?
  26. 50 Cent's Japanese Earthquake Tweets Spark Outrage
  27. Yet another freakin' Duggar on the way
  28. Vanessa Hudgens done it again, More nude pics..NSFW
  29. Wacko Jacko castrato?
  30. Social Distortion's Casey Royer Arrested for OD'ing in Front of Son
  31. Lindsay Lohan Lands in N.Y.C. – and Has 'Anxiety Attack'
  32. Snake dies after biting "model" on boob
  33. Tyra Banks Is Attending Harvard Business School
  34. Ryan Phillippe banged some chick and may have knocked her up
  35. Gwenyth Paltrow has a weekly date night
  36. Jude Law hooking up with his ex Lily Cole
  37. Usher sex tape being shopped around
  38. Police issue warrant arrest for Michael Madsen
  39. Someone tries to take a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal's weenus while he's taking a leak
  40. Quentin Tarantino sues neighbors over pet birds
  41. Fat tranny clown drunk at restaurant, Christina Aguilera spied waddling in earlier
  42. Megan Fox’s latest movie goes direct-to-DVD: is that a career-ender?
  43. Martha Stewart Is a Grandma
  44. Tony Danza files for divorce after 24 years of marriage
  45. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel - No longer bearding
  46. Source: Pete Wentz "Shocked" by Ashlee Simpson's PDA With His Pal
  47. Sandra Bullock afraid Jesse James will reveal her lesbianism
  48. Michelle Rodriguez says she's not a lesbian
  49. Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: Sharing My IVF Secret
  50. Lady Gaga's Pre-Fame Apartment: Roaches, "Cocaine Everywhere"
  51. Chris Brown: Rihanna Assault Was a "Mishap"
  52. Mel Gibson Strikes Plea Deal -- NO JAIL TIME
  53. Gwyneth Paltrow Signs First Record Deal
  54. Mike Starr, bassist for Alice In Chains and Celeb Rehab fame, dead at 44
  55. Duchess Fergie: Sorry for Accepting $24,000 From Pedophile
  56. Amanda Seyfried banged Alexander Skarsgard
  57. Chuck Norris' right-wing rant about public schools
  58. Gary Busey can work a pole
  59. Cyndi Lauper sings for stranded airport passengers
  60. Ex-WWE Shad Gaspard brutalized by OH police
  61. Guy Ritchie to become a father for the third time
  62. Sophie Dahl gives birth to baby girl
  63. Robert Redford: Hypocrite
  64. Piers Morgan: Madonna Is Annoying
  65. Chris Brown Nude Pictures leaked
  66. Mike Myers has secret wedding
  67. Ashlee Simpson and Travis Barker hooking up
  68. Mike Huckabee Rips Natalie Portman Over Pregnancy
  69. Finally: How/why John Edwards and Rielle Hunter's affair was exposed in a tabloid
  70. Courtney Love pays $430,000 to some "asswipe"
  71. Roseanne Barr’s Goats Allegedly Murdered by Neighbor
  72. Lindsay Lohan barred from Oscar party
  73. Ryan Reynolds and a pretty blonde in South Africa
  74. Zac Efron has a boyfriend
  75. Justin Bieber fans gloat over rumored Selena Gomez beatdown. Probably herpes tho'.
  76. Lindsay vs Michael Lohan feud: On again
  77. Paula Abdul Dials 911 to Escape Boyfriend's Car
  78. Britney Spears: "The Bitch Is Back and Better Than Ever"
  79. Meredith Baxter claims abuse by ex husband, David Birney
  80. National Enquirer alleges Bobbi Kristina snorts coke just like Mama Whitney Houston
  81. Justin Bieber’s Hair Sells for $40,668 on eBay
  82. Serena Williams Suffers Pulmonary Embolism
  83. Ryan Gosling & Olivia Wilde: New Couple Alert?
  84. CO$ Robot, Katie Holmes, sues Star Mag for $50m
  85. Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner split
  86. Heather Mills' Ex-Rep: She Lied About Abuse from Paul McCartney
  87. Christina Aguilera and Boyfriend -- Arrested
  88. 13 Going on 30 Director Dead at 49
  89. Joan Rivers channels GR: Jennifer Aniston is boring and her movies are stupid
  90. Michael Douglas Confronts, Curses Paparazzo For Punching Catherine Zeta-Jones
  91. Patricia and Rosanna Arquette reveal abusive childhood: choking, stabbing
  92. Angelina Jolie Designs Stunning Diamond Pendant for Brad Pitt
  93. Source: Christina Aguilera, Beau Had Sex in Bathroom at Family Bash
  94. John Galliano Suspended by Dior After Alleged Café Spat
  95. Kathy Griffin is doing the Old Spice guy and you're not
  96. Charlie Sheen's mouth gets 2 1/2 Men shut down for season
  97. Charo slams Lady Gaga
  98. New pics of Rihanna-Chris Brown beating surface
  99. Kanye West: abortions can cost a ballin' nigga 50g's; ho's gettin preggo on purpose
  100. George Clooney: I've Done Too Many Drugs, Chicks for Politics
  101. Mariah Carey's sister cut off and turning tricks
  102. Sarah Palin[loser, quitter] has second account so she can comment on her own facebook
  103. Halle Berry’s Half-sister says Halle Disowned her Black Family
  104. Catching up with five-time Olympic medalist Greg Louganis
  105. Alyssa Milano Expecting First Child
  106. John Travolta Looks Different
  107. Flight attendants take revenge on Faye Dunaway
  108. Matthew Fox Plans to Quit Acting Because of Bad Hollywood Movies
  109. New couple: Colin Farrell and Rihanna?
  110. Rosie O'Donnell is single again
  111. Jennifer Aniston presents baby Sadie
  112. Carlos Leon discusses Lourdes: “My daughter is everything to me”
  113. Rufus Wainwright announces he's a dad
  114. 'Transvestite' teen arrested after breaking into Katie Jordan Price's home
  115. Perry Moore Found Dead: 'Narnia' Producer Dies At 39
  116. Meet Gabourey Sidibe's Boyfriend
  117. See Vanessa Hudgens' New Butterfly Tattoo
  118. HAHA! Party Crasher Steals Paris Hilton's $3,200 Birthday Cake!
  119. Anna Nicole Smith opera opens
  120. Escape from Stepford - Katie Holmes wants a divorce
  121. Michael Jackson's Estate Made $310 MILLION Since He Died
  122. Michael Vick cancels appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show
  123. Kris Jenner takes credit for the Kardashian Konglomerate
  124. 5 Browns' (classical music group) dad sexually abused them
  125. Leighton Meester's mother is bone thug
  126. Seinfeld's 'Uncle Leo' Len Lesser Dead at 88
  127. Dwayne Johnson: The Rock Returns to WWE Despite Hollywood Success
  128. Drunk, horny Kate Moss plays with big black dildo in sex shop
  129. Oprah Winfrey was 'cold as ice', says ex-lover
  130. Carrie Fisher has regular electric shock therapy to help her battle depression
  131. Earl Spencer will marry for the third time this Summer
  132. Jessica Alba pregnant with 2nd child
  133. Oh geez...Little Justin Bieber tackles "grown-up" issues like sex and abortion
  134. Lindsay Lohan to Present Top Ten List on Letterman on Thursday
  135. Liam Neeson Reveals How He Coped With Natasha Richardson's Death
  136. Mickey Rooney gets restraining order against stepson
  137. Frankie Muniz threatens suicide, doesn't follow through
  138. El DeBarge: Soul Crooner Enters Rehab
  139. Tonya Harding pregnant with first child
  140. Billy Ray Cyrus regrets showbiz kids
  141. Guy Ritchie's £6million London home invaded by squatters
  142. Taylor Swift Gets an Enchanting Valentine's Day Message
  143. Jessica Simpson: Accidental Fashion Mogul
  144. Rihanna sued by David Lachapelle
  145. Whoopi Goldberg slams NY Times for not mentioning her as Oscar winner
  146. Ellen DeGeneres had stalking loon hiding on her deck
  147. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt seventh child from Haiti
  148. Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles Splitting?
  149. The good news: OJ Simpson beaten up in prison! The bad news: he survived
  150. Christopher Backus (Mira Sorvino's husband) arrested for being drunken mess/fighting
  151. Spencer Grammer (Kelsey's daughter) gets married
  152. Charlie Sheen's porn star is knocked up - not his?
  153. Aretha Franklin at Pistons Game
  154. Annie Lennox falls for married HIV charity doctor who leaves wife & children for her
  155. Pamela Anderson sues her real estate tycoon ex for $1M
  156. Mario Lopez confesses: 'I cheated on Ali Landry days before our wedding'
  157. Here's your BS Jennifer Aniston story of the day: dating Jake Gyllenhaal
  158. Britney Spears talks about her love of Lady Gaga, Madonna & strawberry fraps
  159. Elizabeth Taylor Rushed To ER!
  160. Lady Gaga Puts the Con in Contrived Again
  161. More store magazine censorship. This time Cosmopolitan in puritan Texas.
  162. Sahara sandsniz Jennifer Aniston bans plastic perkbot Heidi Montag from film premier
  163. Scarlett Johansson, 26, "Smitten" With Sean Penn, 50
  164. David Beckham is rescuing families in broken down cars
  165. Kim Kardashian interviews Elizabeth Taylor for Harper’s Bazaar
  166. Josh Brolin Reveals "Bizarre" John Travolta Scientology Encounter
  167. Katy Perry: “I don’t feel like I can act like an entitled bitch yet!”
  168. Jennifer Aniston is really really happy!
  169. Mark Sanchez, Jets QB, dates 17-year-old girl
  170. Miley Cyrus (a role model) regrets smoking salvia
  171. Ashlee Simpson files for divorce
  172. Alex Pettyfer is the new Katherine Heigl
  173. J. Paul Getty III dead at 54 (father of Balthazar Getty)
  174. Jude Law and Sienna Miller Split
  175. Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni Welcome a Son
  176. Olivia Wilde and husband Tao Ruspoli Split
  177. Prince kicks useless Kim Kardashian off stage
  178. Tony Hawk Files for Divorce from His 3rd Wife
  179. Cult Actress Tura Satana (Faster, Pussycat, Kill Kill) dies
  180. Steven Soderbergh hit with paternity suit
  181. Christina Aguilera flubs National Anthem at Super Bowl
  182. Elton John: Who the f*ck is Kim Kardashian?
  183. Britain's got talent judge Amanda Holden suffers a miscarriage
  184. Mrs (Perla Hudson) Slash kicks Plus-Size-Porn-Star in the stomach
  185. Gisele Bundchen Claims Sunscreen is "Poison"
  186. Why Is Rihanna Singing About Violence?
  187. Tom Hanks' Son Is a Frat Boy Rapper
  188. Jon Hamm: “I’m very loyal, I’ve never strayed & never wanted to”
  189. Obama invites Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to the White House for the Superbowl
  190. Is Julia Roberts having an affair with Javier Bardem?
  191. Buffy's James Marsters Weds Longtime Girlfriend
  192. Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo No. 5
  193. Kate Moss is engaged
  194. Last Tango in Paris Star Maria Schneider Dies
  195. Elton John Gives Billy Joel 'Tough Love' in New Rolling Stone Cover Story
  196. Jennifer Aniston confronted Perez Hilton over 'mean' blog
  197. Ricky Martin on coming out, helping gay teens and being a proud dad
  198. Star: Angelina Jolie's twins may have Down syndrome
  199. Megan Fox: I Used to Look Like Steve Buscemi
  200. Tila Tequila's (NSFW) Sex Tape (NSFW) Is Out... And It's (NSFW)
  201. Girls Gone Wild Wanker, Joe Francis has been indicted for gambling debt
  202. Tara Reid: "There's Going to be a Lebowski 2"
  203. Terrence Howard's Wife: I Want a Divorce
  204. James Cameron earned $700k/day last year
  205. Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt
  206. Britney Spears isn't even herself in her new vid
  207. Kleptoskank Lindsay Lohan Nicks Bling, Evades Jail, Blames Black Kids Everywhere
  208. Did Michael Lohan fake heart surgery for publicity?
  209. Bob Harper, aka Bob the Trainer [Biggest Loser] is a rude little bitch
  210. James Franco to Teach Class About Himself
  211. Hypocrit Gordon Ramsay may lose TV programme - or so the world hopes
  212. Ricky Gervais to host 3rd Golden Globes gig?
  213. Whitney Houston Sounds Great During Surprise BET Performance
  214. Orange County Choppers: From motorcycles to foreclosures
  215. Britney Spears walks down the aisle looking ghastly and fucktarded
  216. Miley Cyrus is a bad role model - according to young girls
  217. Gwyneth Paltrow loses her cool with 'mean' lifestyle guru critics
  218. Sir Elton John, his wealthy neighbours and the fight to keep gipsies out of village
  219. Terry McMillan: Willow and Jaden Smith being 'pimped and exploited'
  220. Better Start Getting Used To Willow Smith...
  221. Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Aborted Kevin Federline's Baby
  222. Why Does Charlie Sheen Get Sympathy While Lindsay Lohan Is Scorned?
  223. Bristol Palin ditched as Washington U. abstinence speaker due to "lack of expertise"
  224. Chelsea Handler and Fiddy (50) Cent were indeed F*ck buddies
  225. Charlie Sheen rushed to hospital
  226. Father of Padma Lakshmi's Child Seeks Greater Custody
  227. The Inspiration for Lady Gaga's New Perfume: Blood and Semen
  228. More Hitler-worship from Jesse James
  229. James Franco has a sex tape. This needs to be leaked.
  230. Jon Gosselin holds down job for almost TWO weeks!
  231. Penélope Cruz & Javier Bardem Welcome First Child
  232. Troy Aikman and wife Rhonda Split up
  233. Katie Holmes Gets "Collective Groan" at Disastrous Screening
  234. Sophie Monk is engaged to this?!
  235. Bret Michaels Undergoes Heart Surgery
  236. Jennifer Love Hewitt Picks Out a Wedding Ring (or Three)
  237. Montana Fishburne Faked Suicide Attempt
  238. Jessica Simpson Thanks "Lord" for Her Man's "Perfect Tush"
  239. Madonna's estranged brother brands her relationships with younger men 'creepy'
  240. Flavor Flav Wants To Compete With Colonel Sanders
  241. Kim Kardashian And Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) Are Hanging Out Now?
  242. Too Easy: Bristol Palin's Dating A Pipeline Worker
  243. Jaime Pressly and husband split amidst scandals
  244. Michael Musto Tells Calvin Klein: 'Go Back In The Closet'
  245. Thigh Mistress Suzanna Somers in Kentucky Fried Court Battle
  246. Aaron Carter Seeks Treatment for 'Emotional and Spiritual Issues'
  247. Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, 96, dies at Calif. home
  248. Kevin Smith talks shit about Bruce Willis
  249. Spice Girl Emma Bunton Is Engaged -- See Her Ring!
  250. Jaime Pressly Accused Of Owing Huge Tax Bills