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  1. Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are dating
  2. Roman Polanski free, Swiss reject US extradition request
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker does not like Michael Patrick King anymore
  4. Marriage Weekend: John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Martin Lawrence & LaLa Vasquez
  5. Surprise, surprise: Lindsay Lohan gets assload of Rx's by doctor shopping
  6. Carrie Underwood and Michael Fisher get married
  7. Angelina Jolie Gets Inner-Thigh Tattoo for Brad Pitt
  8. Mel Gibson Dropped by Agent
  9. Betty White shoots pin-up calendar to support animal health
  10. We all knew this was coming: “American Idol” runner-up Crystal Bowersox got new teefs
  11. Mel Gibson's Porn Star Mistress: He Was Scary, Anti-Condoms
  12. 'Urkel' AKA Jaleel White Investigated for Allegedly Smacking Baby Mama
  13. Well, her kid is probably f*cked: Belinda Carlisle Drank Daily While Pregnant
  14. Leona Lewis' ex-boyfriend wants to get paid
  15. Vanessa Paradis talks trust, space, and Johnny Depp
  16. Janet Jackson ala Rihanna, Beyonce and Gaga
  17. Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders has breast cancer
  18. Gwyneth Paltrow promoting her cookbook
  19. Joan Collins and the spanked potato
  20. Don Johnson Wins $23.2 Million in 'Nash' Cash
  21. Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Bollea sets sail on her luxury yacht called ‘Alimoney’
  22. Kanye West & Amber Rose are on a break, Amber is probably boning Reggie Bush
  23. Trent Reznor to be a dad
  24. Angelina Jolie talks about love *vomit*
  25. Cindy Crawford Discusses "Scary" Botox Experience
  26. SNL Star Rachel Dratch Is Pregnant!
  27. Elton John's Life Began At 43
  28. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Likes Smoking Pot, Hates Celebrity Tabloids
  29. 'Real Housewife leaves stroller unattended-rolls into pool
  30. Alicia Keys Falls On Stage
  31. Prince: the internet's completely over. Um...ok.
  32. George Clooney -- Nearly Blasted in Fireworks Explosion
  33. Christina Hendricks Talks Body Envy
  34. George Michael Arrested After Crashing Into A Shop
  35. Cheryl Tweedy-Cole Contracted Malaria During Africa Trip
  36. Is Michael Jackson's son suffering from the same skin condition as the King of Pop?
  37. How having twins helped Jennifer Lopez mend troubled relationship with her mother
  38. 'Be true to yourself,' says Chaz Bono
  39. Katy Perry tamed Russell Brand by making him wait for sex‎
  40. 'I'm no dumb blonde or pushover. My career is my vision': Lady Gaga
  41. Jessica Simpson Is Boning Another Football Player
  42. Miley Cyrus spent $24,000 on hair extensions
  43. Prank leaves Justin Bieber facing tour of North Korea
  44. Elle MacPherson eats illegal rhino horn-warning graphic pic
  45. Cristiano Ronaldo becomes a daddy
  46. Jennifer Garner Helps Stranded Driver
  47. Taylor Lautner Happy To Date Fan
  48. Dave Chappelle's whacked out behavior on an airplane
  49. Dave Chapelle loses his shit on a plane
  50. Katie Price's wedding chaos as guests are thrown out and guards brawl
  51. Janeane Garofalo stands up for pubic hair rights
  52. Liza Minnelli makes a bizzare appearance on Home Shopping Network
  53. Heather Locklear out of rehab
  54. HAHAHAHA! Paris Hilton arrested in South Africa Stadium for smoking pot
  55. Kendra Wilkinson gives details of sex with Hugh Hefner
  56. Victoria Beckham Set to Add Her Posh Touch To Range Rovers
  57. Kate Gosselin wants to release album LOL
  58. JFK Jr’s longtime mistress: ‘the sex was breathtakingly wonderful’
  59. NOOOOO! Triple Threat Katie Holmes could get a five episode story arc on Glee
  60. 'Girls Gone Wild' Man Joe Francis Getting Married
  61. Britney Spears freaks out at Starbucks, readies army of pink wigs
  62. Marie Osmond Psych Ward Bound
  63. Waitress punches Lindsay Lohan?
  64. Jessica Alba Donates Solar Panels To Family
  65. Megan Fox wishes to star in Lost Boys remake
  66. Nick Jonas Dating "Miserables" Girls
  67. Pete Wentz's New Band
  68. Father & Brother Of “Harry Potter” Star Afshan Azad Charged With Her Attempted Murder
  69. Mel Gibson Goes On Another Racist Rant
  70. Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man
  71. Naomi Campbell, worse than we thought, Subpoenaed To Testify In War Crimes Trial
  72. Yes, Britney Spears Really Made $64 Million Last Year. Here's How.
  73. Kelsey Grammer's Wife Files for Divorce
  74. Dean McDermott in Intensive Care with Punctured Lung
  75. Kim Kardashian with rumored new man, Miles Austin
  76. Dolly Parton to Critics: Leave Miley Cyrus Alone!
  77. Lindsay Lohan Accused of Crimes Against Shoe-manity, sued by shop
  78. In case you didn't know Chris Brown's tears were fake
  79. Ke$ha likes the fatties
  80. Jeffrey Jones charged with failing to update sex offender registration
  81. 'So many people in LA look like Muppets': Daryl Hannah
  82. Is Britney Spears abusing her kids with belts?
  83. Olivia Wilde: 2010's Sexiest Vegetarian
  84. Is this Lady Gaga dressed in drag?
  85. Avatar's Zoe Saldana Is Engaged!
  86. Reality shows like Jersey Shore filled with herpes
  87. Jennifer Aniston can't figure out babies, needs life coach to shovel out her sniz
  88. Jessica Alba befriends sick fan
  89. Lindsay Lohan - Photographers Angry Over 'Set Up' Allegations
  90. Britney Spears' Personable Clothes
  91. Leonardo DiCaprio feels ''lucky'' to be an actor
  92. Popular South Korean actor Park Yong-ha apparently kills himself
  93. Lourdes Leon Blogs For 'Material Girl'
  94. Kim Kardashian gets her size 2 arse measured for Madame Tussauds
  95. Katie Holmes transforms into Jackie Kennedy for new miniseries
  96. Marilyn Manson puts his artwork on display
  97. Carrie Prejean To Tie the Knot
  98. Greed 2: Michael Douglas' Ex Wants Piece of New Wall St. Flick
  99. Further evidence that Jon Gosselin is a douche: gets back tattoo that incl gf's name
  100. Susan Sarandon is working on a ping pong reality show
  101. Oprah regains ‘Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity’ title from Angelina Jolie
  102. Vanessa Paradis Too Scared To Marry Johnny Depp
  103. Amazingly, Czechs don't want to erect (heh) a giant pedophile statue in Prague
  104. Robert Pattinson is on a fucking magical journey with his bitch, don't hate aight
  105. Megan Fox marries Brian Austin Green
  106. Former 'Melrose Place' Star Charged w/Vehicular Homicide
  107. Humanitarian John Legend defends his wonky hairline
  108. Marilyn Monroe's Chest X-rays Sell for $45K
  109. Singer Lauryn Hill Breaks Her Silence After Over a Decade
  110. Courtney Love Gives the Worst Concert of Her Notorious Bad Concert Giving Career
  111. Vince Neil Busted for DUI
  112. Miley Cyrus Hates School, Wants to be the Next Britney Spears
  113. Color Me Shocked! Angelina Jolie Doesn't Want Her Family to Get Too Big
  114. Landon Donovan (soccer) Got Woman Preg? Currently Married to Bianca Kajlich (actor)
  115. Lindsay Lohan scrapes bottom; will star in reality tv show with harpy mother
  116. Jeremy Renner Faces The Real Hurt Locker In Afghanistan
  117. Megan Fox: Dirty Mind, Clean Hands
  118. O'Neal Family Commemorates Anniversary of Farrah Fawcett's Passing
  119. Actress Mena Suvari Weds in Vatican City
  120. Rift between Beyonce Knowles and her father
  121. Gwyneth Paltrow admits to suffering from precursor to osteoporosis‎
  122. Jessica Alba Was Bullied For Having Asthma
  123. Britney Spears' Sad Gay Crush
  124. Megan Fox says her fame is all down to her looks
  125. Lady Gaga Scared Babies Would Affect Her Creativity
  126. Scarlett Johansson: “I know what it’s like to struggle as an actor”
  127. Olsen Twins’ dad files for bankruptcy
  128. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson may be leaving Black Eyed Peas
  129. John Lennon 'bed-in' cartoon fetches £37,250
  130. Sex tape charges for Indonesian star Nazril Irham
  131. Former Kinks bassist Pete Quaife dies
  132. Dramatist Alan Plater dies at 75 (Z Cars, Beiderbecke trilogy, A Very British Coup)
  133. Oh Happy Day! Heather Mills' complaint against Piers Morgan rejected
  134. British motor racing boss Robin Mortimer dies after session with dominatrix
  135. Mariah Carey owes pet groomer some benjamins, and not for stylin her busted-ass weave
  136. Bloated drunkmess Lindsay Lohan to blame others for "black kid" car chase, in court
  137. Kiefer Sutherland gets drunk (duh) and strips in a hotel lobby, steals pictures
  138. New Couple Alert: Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Devon Aoki
  139. Could we be so lucky? Lindsey Lohan's Assistant Offered Tell-All Book Deal
  140. Playboy Approaches Justin Bieber's Mom
  141. America's Got Talent Star Piers Morgan Weds
  142. The Twilight movie will have some secks
  143. Jason Bateman uses star power for iPhone
  144. Tori Spelling: 'Farrah Fawcett Contacted Me After Death'
  145. Heidi Montag Is Working On Her Second Album
  146. Lindsay Lohan's porn-star script has rough sex, sad sex, sex with dog
  147. Is that Tom Cruise I hear crying as his movie flops...
  148. Are Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox writing "Friends" movie?
  149. Bristol Palin is the worst actor in the world!!
  150. Lindsay Lohan waddles drunkenly onto photoshoot set 8 hours late, blames others
  151. Canada tries to kill Katy Perry, apologizes for not succeeding
  152. Jennifer Aniston's gritty squishmitten wants a kid again, someone pork her please
  153. Pink wiggin' Britney Spears secretly calling Adnan Ghalib for more cheetos?
  154. Sausagy moocow Mariah Carey wants Michael Jackson's tacky tranny sofa set
  155. Fashionista Katie Holmes has new clothing line
  156. Robert Pattinson and Vlad the Impaler "Dracula" are distant relatives
  157. Jessica Alba Stops Fan From Undergoing 'Lookalike Surgery'
  158. 25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Ozzy Osbourne
  159. Kim Kardashian Has a New Football Beau!
  160. Vanessa Bryant 'Hates' Khloe Kardashian
  161. Did 'Alejandro' Pay Lady Gaga $1 Million To Star In Latest Music Video?
  162. Daniel Radcliffe mistakes Justin Bieber for a woman
  163. Enquirer: Al Gore sexually attacked a (female) masseuse in 2006
  164. Monaco's Prince Albert to Marry
  165. Kellie Pickler Engaged to Kyle Jacobs
  166. Christina Hendricks likes milking cows
  167. Alicia Keys' Unborn Baby Blessed By Zulu Tribe
  168. Robert Pattinson: 'There's No Hidden Mormon Message In Twilight Books'
  169. Fat Joe Investigated for Sexual Assault
  170. Highly-Qualified Cody Gifford Now Reviewing Movies for The Today Show
  171. Nicole Richie's DUI probation extended for one year
  172. Unprofessional Miley Cyrus Messes up during MMVA
  173. Lady Gaga: “Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up & walk the walk today”
  174. Helen Mirren thinks Miley Cyrus is fantastic
  175. “It’ll be fun to rip out Khloe’s [Kardashian] pubes one by one”
  176. Backstreet Boys & New Kids on the Block Duet Performance! [Video]
  177. Did Megan Fox curse box office bomb 'Jonah Hex?'
  178. Justin Bieber is apparently going through puberty under all that stupid hair
  179. Tori Spelling says she has no friends...wonder why
  180. Was Lady Gaga banned from Yankees clubhouse after her latest antics?
  181. Tim Gunn puts diva Anna Wintour on blast
  182. Woody Allen spends Father's Day with his daughter...wife
  183. Spencer Pratt on Father's Day: My Dad "Wishes He Had Worn a Condom"
  184. Chris Klein checks into rehab
  185. Christina Aguilera's floppage makes history in the UK
  186. Leona Lewis splits from longtime boyfriend
  187. Katherine Jackson: Michael Jackson's Kids Have No Friends
  188. Swedish Crown Princess Victoria marries Daniel Westling
  189. Angelina Jolie makes low-profile visit to Haiti
  190. Amanda Bynes Quits Acting at 24
  191. Kim Kardashian Tweets About Woman Breastfeeding in Public
  192. Angelina Jolie visits refugees in Ecuador
  193. Jake Gyllenhaal eyes a female bottom
  194. Trashmuppet Miley Cyrus explains her ear tattoo
  195. Dandy in the Underworld: Sebastian Horsley dead
  196. Stella McCartney Expecting Baby No. 4
  197. America Ferrera Is Engaged!
  198. Sadie Frost Deletes Twitter Account After Rant at Sienna Miller
  199. Warren Beatty's daughter Kathlyn plans sex change to become Stephen
  200. Dina Lohan almost arrested at ice cream outlet for using Ali Lohan’s lifetime card
  201. Homewrecking whore Eddie Cibrian fired from CSI
  202. Hysterical! Cops called on 16 yo Justin Bieber at a bar but...it was a woman!
  203. New couple alert: Padma Lakshmi and...David Spade?!?!?!
  204. Jeremy London kidnapped & forced to get high
  205. Lindsay Lohan: sober & lies are ruining her career
  206. Ashley Greene doesn't want a child's body
  207. Tony Parker will shave himself
  208. Did Robert Pattinson dump Kristen Stewart for being “such a downer”?
  209. Cameron Diaz Will Fly For Peen
  210. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart got married..yea yea yea..whatever
  211. P Diddy once fired an assistant who asked for a break after working 72 hours
  212. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Megan Fox get new tattoos
  213. Gary Coleman was to be on life support for 15 days, not filling a shoebox after 1
  214. Jennifer Aniston's sandbox sniz munches a pillow to preserve its chastity on film
  215. Gabourey Sidibe's Mother Impresses on 'America's Got Talent'
  216. Cracked-out drunk and professional fivehead Chris Klein busted for DUI
  217. Robert Pattinson has revealed he gets dating advice from his father
  218. Kristen Stewart thinks she needs a "face transplant" to look happier
  219. Robert Pattinson will 'probably die at 30' because of his immense Hollywood success
  220. Kylie Minogue reckons she influenced LADY GAGA
  221. Al Gore And Laurie David Allegedly Had An Affair For Two Years
  222. Miley Cyrus: "I'm not trying to be slutty"
  223. Thomas Kinkade [painter of crap®] arrested for DUI
  224. Helen Mirren thinks a lot of hookers “come from the nursing industry”
  225. Perez Hilton facing child porn charges?
  226. The Woman Who Claims She Had Tiger Woods' Secret Love Child
  227. Dakota Fanning Puts School Test Before Twilight Screening
  228. Superfan Lindsay Lohan Not Wanted for True Blood
  229. Taylor Swift loves Lady Gaga
  230. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber frolick on the beach together
  231. Amy Winehouse checks back into rehab
  232. Stop being in a frenzy, Jennifer Aniston, to Reveal 'Aggressive Sexuality'.
  233. Lost & Found Sea Teen Abby Sunderland Secret Reality TV Show Plot
  234. Stupid bitch Lindsay Lohan can't function without an assistant
  235. Megan Fox claims her ''domestic'' lifestyle keeps her sane
  236. Naomi Watts Will Wed For Kids
  237. Joe Jackson: Michael's Mom is Responsible for His Death
  238. Simon Monjack had 2 secret children!
  239. Bam Margera gets hit in the head with a bat
  240. Anita Baker's rendition of the National Anthem at NBA Finals doesn't go over well
  241. Tila Tequila wants to save us from the debbil
  242. NSFW: Jim Carrey's gay sex scenes are leaked
  243. Christina Aguilera's verbal diarrhea on sex continues
  244. Jennifer Aniston Has "Too Much Testosterone," "Thinks Like a Man"
  245. Rapper Jay-Z: My Wife Beyonce Is "Magnificent"
  246. Jodie Foster hurts 17 year old boys
  247. January Jones Hits 3 Parked Cars, Flees Scene
  248. John Goodman brings the sexy back
  249. Is Jennifer Aniston Dating Her Soon to Be Ex, Jason Sudeikis?
  250. Renee Zellweger's big gay wedding to Bradley Cooper?