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  1. Octavia Spencer Wore 3 Sets of Spanx to SAGs
  2. Home Improvement's Taran Noah Smith Arrested for DUI, Drug Possession: Report
  3. Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) is expecting
  4. Don Cornelius, creator of "Soul Train" dead from an apparent suicide
  5. Nick & Aaron Carter's sister Leslie dead at 25
  6. Kristen Bell's Sloth Freakout on Ellen
  7. Daniel Radcliffe says he likes natural bush; worldwide side-eye is thrown
  8. Elisabetta Canalis Makes Out With Steve-O
  9. Colin Tarrant (aka Inspector Andrew Monroe in The Bill) found dead
  10. Brad Pitt: Our Kids Can't Google Us
  11. Rent boy to the stars in golden era Hollywood spills all
  12. Soap Opera Actor Nick Santino, Commits Suicide
  13. Fran Drescher: Aliens Abducted Me, Implanted a Chip in My Hand
  14. Matthew Broderick to reprise his most famous role as Ferris Bueller
  15. Robert Hegyes, 60, Juan Epstein on 'Welcome Back, Kotter'
  16. Madonna of all people throwing shade at Janet Jackson's Super Bowl performance
  17. Lindsay Lohan Sued for Allegedly Running Over a Woman
  18. Rihanna Gets Tupac ‘Thug Life’ Tattoo On Hands
  19. Glenn Close was raised in cult
  20. Tim Gunn says he hasn't had sex in 29 years
  21. Actor James Farentino Dies
  22. Miley Cyrus poses with phallic cake for boyfriend's birthday bash [NSFW]
  23. Joan Rivers Thinks Chelsea Handler is a Drunk Whore
  24. Demi Moore Rushed to hospital for SA aka Exhaustion
  25. Jay-Z 40/40 Club shut down for health code violations
  26. Jim Carrey's Daughter to be on American Idol
  27. Tracy Morgan rushed to hospital
  28. Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler are expecting a baby
  29. Elon Musk (paypal) and Talulah Riley divorcing
  30. Simon Cowell says he doesn't think he'll ever marry
  31. What a surprise, Britney Spears' dad trying to rescind conservatorship before wedding
  32. Even racist skank Paris Hilton can't stand the sound of her own voice
  33. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge "dreading" Prince William's 6 week deployment
  34. Phew! Denise Richards NOT dating Patrick Mulldoon again...
  35. Bryce Dallas Howard welcomes a daughter: Beatrice Jean
  36. TAB: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie “On The Verge Of A Split”
  37. Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi diagnosed with cancer; thanks fans for support
  38. Heidi Klum to file divorce from Seal
  39. Hey Ladies!! Kenny G is back on the market after 20 years of marriage!
  40. Jennifer Aniston: Dumped By Justin Theroux?!
  41. Cameron Diaz straddling Diddy like a cowgirl
  42. Newt Gingrich's ex-wife says he wanted open marriage
  43. Angelina Jolie hates on Stacey Keibler
  44. Katherine Heigl would return to Grey's Anatomy
  45. Adele's boyfriend is not married, ya'll!
  46. Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend says Age Ain't Sh!t
  47. Jennifer Aniston is six months pregnant according to reports
  48. Elton John's husband on Madonna's win: "Fuck off!"
  49. Rihanna Is Back With Chris Brown... AGAIN?!
  50. Delusional Mark Walberg would've Thwarted 9/11 Terrorists with his Bare Hands
  51. Travis Barker to MediaTakeOut: Stop showing my big ol' penis or else!
  52. Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia, makes modelling debut
  53. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky expecting their first child
  54. Angelina Jolie pregnant - it's 'official' says OK magazine
  55. "Glamour" model Alicia Douvall gives baby fruity name
  56. Butter-loving Paula Deen: I Have Type 2 Diabetes/Racism
  57. Mary Tyler Moore!!!
  58. Kardashians Keep 90% of the proceeds from "Charity" Auctions
  59. Sean Preston Federline busts a move
  60. Sarah, Duchess of York, Facing Criminal Charges in Turkey
  61. Taylor Armstrong (aka 1000 names) is afraid the gig is up & people know she's a fake!
  62. Kris moved Bruce Jenner into Robert Kardashian's home after separation with 4 kids
  63. Scientology spied on Tom Cruise for years to bring him back from defection
  64. Actress Mena Suvari Files for Divorce
  65. Brian Austin Green suing Vanessa Marcil for $200,000
  66. Gene Hackman hit by car and airlifted to hospital
  67. Heather Locklear Hospitalized For Rx Drugs and Alcohol
  68. IRS puts lien on Lindsay Lohan for unpaid taxes
  69. Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI File: Wu-Crimes and Tons of Guns
  70. Teen Mom 2 wreck Jenelle Evans, 20, arrested
  71. Baby's been let out of the basement: Solange Knowles Lands a Modeling Contract
  72. Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez engaged
  73. Robert Kardashian's widow tells of death bed confession: Khloe is not my child
  74. Bryan Ferry marries Amanda Sheppard in Caribbean wedding‎
  75. Kourtney Kardashian’s Mommy Blog is Nonsensical Hooey
  76. K.D. Lang Ending Domestic Partnership with Girlfriend
  77. Molly Sims Expecting First Child
  78. Scarlett Johansson's Mother Dealing with Money Problems Since ScarJo Fired Her
  79. Snoop Dogg busted for weed in Texas
  80. Alan Cumming And Partner Marry In NYC
  81. Nicole Richie: I Don’t Own Any Makeup
  82. Actor Ryan O'Neal's son back in jail
  83. Bristol Palin Done with Hollywood
  84. Chaz Bono Saving Up to Buy a Penis
  85. Ali McGraw was 'stupid' not to take money from her ex-husbands
  86. Sienna Miller Is Pregnant
  87. Denise Richards on losing her mother to kidney cancer‎
  88. Michael Madsen enters Britain's celebrity big brother
  89. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge chooses her charities‎
  90. Gwyneth Paltrow Now Sells GOOP Colon Cleanses
  91. Bruce Willis Baby on the Way: It's a Girl!
  92. Keri Russell Welcomes Baby Girl: Willa Lou
  93. Drew Barrymore is engaged
  94. Demi Moore worries that “I’m really not lovable, I’m not worthy of being loved”
  95. Frances Bean Cobain's Fiance: 'We're Each Other's Everything'‎
  96. Stupid Ho from Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer, 19, Is Pregnant and Engaged Again
  97. Roselyn Sánchez & Eric Winter Welcome Baby Girl: Sebella Rose
  98. WARNING: Kim Kardashian spreads her poison to Texas, rushes to Dallas & Khloe Odom
  99. Kanye West's ex Amber Rose calls Kim Kardashian a 'homewrecker'
  100. Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey's Husband) Hospitalized with Kidney Failure
  101. Serena Williams says she has never liked sport
  102. Ellen Barkin In NYE Brawl With Cop
  103. Aretha Franklin to marry longtime friend Willie Wilkerson‎
  104. Bob Anderson [THE sword guy for movies for the past 60 years] dies
  105. Johnny Weir gets married
  106. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Wants To Be Called Shax
  107. Ashley Greene Hated by 'Pan Am' Co-Stars‎
  108. Gwyneth Paltrow Has Some Hangover Prevention Tips For You‎
  109. Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Welcome Baby Girl: Georgia Geraldine
  110. Tiana-May Carter Rumoured To Be Beyonce's Baby Name
  111. Fans angry as Kelly Clarkson supports US presidential candidate Ron Paul‎
  112. Wynonna Judd engaged to musician boyfriend Cactus Moser‎
  113. Michael Jordan Is Engaged
  114. Kings Of Leon's Caleb Followill & Lily Aldridge Expecting First Child
  115. Kardashians' former nanny, Pam Behan, shopping tell-all book
  116. Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana dating
  117. Will Smith Branded an Egomaniac
  118. Sandra Bullock: "I was perfectly content to be permanently broken...time-wise'
  119. Jim Carrey Romancing NYC Student Anastasia Vitkina‎
  120. The 'Jersey Shore' cast: Least desirable celebrity neighbors‎
  121. Steven Tyler Engaged??
  122. Rachel Uchitel is pregnant
  123. Alessandra Ambrósio Expecting Second Baby
  124. Khloe Kardashian As A Blonde: Old Family Photo Reveals Very Different Look
  125. Robert Downey Jr. devoted to his kittens‎
  126. Sinead O'Connor splits with husband after 18 days of marriage
  127. Taylor Lautner "Out and Proud" - Fake People Cover
  128. Lady Gaga’s Former Personal Assistant Sues Her, Says She Was Treated Like A Slave
  129. Mel Gibson to Pay over 400M in Divorce Settlement
  130. Bret Michaels' unintentionally hilarious Christmas card
  131. Robert De Niro & Wife Welcome Baby Girl: Helen Grace
  132. Queen Elizabeth II's husband hospitalized with chest pains
  133. Far from La Dolce Vita: broke and alone, Anita Ekberg cries for help‎
  134. Miley Cyrus swears at fan for calling her an 'asshole'‎
  135. Matt Damon: A President "With Some Balls" Would've Been Better‎
  136. 'Blair Witch' actress Heather Donahue quit acting to grow pot‎
  137. Brigitte Neilson in car crash
  138. Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Send Joint Christmas Cards
  139. Khloe Kardashian toy drive draws thousands in Dallas
  140. Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Might Be Engaged
  141. Tom Cruise gushes about “amazing” Katie: “Every day I fall more in love with her”
  142. Kendall Jenner managed to grow a conscience despite having Kris Jenner as a mother?
  143. Duke of Cambridge shows off urban dance moves at Centrepoint (charity shelter) visit
  144. Report: Custody Battle Brewing For Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony
  145. Kardashian products made in sweatshops using child labor (Shocker....not.)
  146. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis may be splitting up
  147. Debra Messing and her husband have separated but still living under the same roof
  148. Jessica Lange and Sam Shepherd split
  149. Dutch Magazine Issues Apology After Calling Rihanna The N-Word‎
  150. Former Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall has died at age 28 of breast cancer
  151. Miley Cyrus Is A Role Model
  152. Tupac’s Singing Blowjob Sex Tape Sells, Amid Mystery
  153. Justin Bieber's mom told him there's no Santa so that he'd believe God is real
  154. Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Issue Is Either A Bestseller Or A Flop
  155. The Kurrent Kardashian Khristmas Kard
  156. Professor Claims NYU fired him after he gave James Franco a 'D'
  157. Chaz Bono is on the prowl for a new piece
  158. Jennifer Aniston is too famous for Manhattan
  159. Van Morrison loses infant son; girlfriend also dies of cancer
  160. Jonah Hill, Janice Dickinson Despise The Kardashians‎
  161. Charlize Theron to 30-something women: Drop the Hello Kitty‎
  162. Scarlett Johansson Hates Being Called 'ScarJo'‎
  163. Cesaria Evora dies at 70
  164. Kim Kardashian Named 'Most Ill-Mannered Person Of 2011'
  165. Christian Bale roughed up by guards while trying to visit Chinese activist
  166. Vanessa Bryant files for divorce from Kobe - cites "Irreconcilable Differences"
  167. Alyson Hannigan Expecting Baby No. 2
  168. Linda Hogan checks into Relationship Rehab!
  169. Britney Spears is getting engaged tonight!
  170. America's Got Talent is Moving to NY for Howard Stern
  171. Marc Anthony to Jennifer Lopez: Keep My Kids Out of Casper's Car
  172. Courtney Love Is Being Evicted for Setting Her House on Fire
  173. Angelina Jolie Talks Retirement- Again
  174. In 'No One Cares' News, Miley Cyrus' Breasts Are Real
  175. Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels Sell for $116 Million
  176. Lindsay Lohan misses flight and 'Ellen' taping
  177. Derek Jeter Sends off his one night stands with signed memorabilia
  178. Tom Cruise Etched Note For Katie Holmes In The Burj Khalifa Building‎
  179. Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-Wife Linda Bollea for Claiming Abuse, Gay Affair‎
  180. Peaches Geldof to marry again at 22‎
  181. Lindsay Lohan's pocketbook w/passport in it stolen
  182. Khloe Kardashian to use a surrogate for baby with Lamar Odom?
  183. Khloe Kardashian jets to LA to Lamar Odom after Lakers try to trade him
  184. Willie Nelson's Bassist Freezes to Death
  185. Gene Simmons disses Madonna; Superbowl gig
  186. Paris Jackson Gets First Movie Role
  187. Keanu Reeves gives up seat on subway, New Yorkers don't seem to notice
  188. Lady Gaga fears she will die the same way as Princess Diana after being 'Hounded'
  189. Jennifer Aniston Is The Hottest Woman Alive According to Men's Health Magazine
  190. Anna Nicole Smith 'golden girl' photos show pregnant Playboy pin-up‎ NSFW
  191. The Red Flag even Michelle Duggar can't ignore: she miscarries Baby #20
  192. Ryan Seacrest to Replace Matt Lauer on The Today Show?
  193. Jeff Probst (Survivor) Marries Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Ex-Wife Lisa Ann Russell
  194. Demi Moore’s wild child Scout Willis poses on a motorbike
  195. Is Ali Lohan taking her modelling career too far?
  196. Lindsay Lohan: "Heath Ledger was the love of my life"
  197. Actor Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H) has died
  198. Rosie O’Donnell Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Of Three Months
  199. Viggo Mortensen: “Life is too short to work with idiots who are rude and selfish”
  200. Alec Baldwin kicked off LA flight for playing game
  201. Larry King Wants to Be Frozen after Death
  202. Rita Hayworth's Grandson, Andrew Embiricos, Dead in Apparent Suicide
  203. Candace Bushnell divorcing ballerina husband Charles Askegard
  204. The Radical Transparency of Tilda Swinton
  205. Model Lauren Scruggs has face slashed and hand severed in plane propeller accident
  206. Polish singer Violetta Villas has passed away
  207. Real Housewife' Kim Richards checks into rehab
  208. Madonna will be Superbowl Halftime Headline - hahaha
  209. Dr. Drew enables Octomom (Nadya Suleman) online
  210. Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond demands drug test Usher NOW!
  211. Lindsay Lohan to Join Celebrity Big Brother?
  212. Tea Leoni and David Duchovny divorced already?
  213. Is Bethenny Frankel's star finally on the decline? Talk show not picked up...
  214. Johnny Depp pisses off Focus on the Family and The Christian Coalition
  215. Tom Cruise visits the Taj Mahal
  216. Brooke Mueller -- Arrested in Aspen for Drug Possession
  217. Khloe Kardashian being sued by a Chantal Spear for assault
  218. George Clooney to Actors: Stop Complaining‎
  219. Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Are Planning Number 4!
  220. Elvis Presley's 'real daughter' sues his estate
  221. Charlie Sheen Dead?
  222. Hanson's New Endeavor: MmmHops Beer
  223. Clark Gable & Loretta Young’s Secret Daughter Dies At 76
  224. They Want Us To Believe This Guy Is Demi Moore’s New Boyfriend?
  225. Kris Jenner lets 13 year old Kylie Jenner get breast implants?
  226. Sam Mendes and Rebecca Hall are a couple
  227. Wyclef Jean’s Corrupt Charity Is Still Very, Very Corrupt
  228. Hugh Jackman's Wife: Gay Rumors About Him Are "Tragic"
  229. Ben Affleck has a dolphin tattoo on his hip? Blech.
  230. Kourtney Kardashian: I'm Pregnant!
  231. Mindy McCready and son missing
  232. Daniel Craig brands the Kardashians 'f***ing idiots'
  233. Celebrity stylists tell all to Star Mag
  234. Patrice O'Neal (Comedian) Dies at 41
  235. 'Marriage to Madonna was a soap opera' says Guy Ritchie
  236. Maggie Gyllenhaal Pregnant with Second Child
  237. Anne Hathaway is engaged
  238. Miley Cyrus Calls Herself A Stoner, Kelly Osbourne Defends Her On Twitter
  239. Victoria Beckham and her new accessory
  240. T.I.'s Thoughts On "Overly Sensitive" Gays
  241. Photographer Terry O'Neill speaks about the screen sirens and rock legends he met
  242. Matt Damon: Bullfights Should Be Stopped
  243. Lily Allen Welcomes Baby Girl
  244. Hailee Steinfeld's Miu Miu ad gets banned for being 'irresponsible'‎
  245. Jennifer Love Hewitt's Text Message Breakup
  246. George Michael forced to postpone tour after falling ill with pneumonia
  247. Jack Wagner and the daughter he never knew he had
  248. Colin Firth Auctions Himself Off for Charity
  249. Frankie & Randy Valli getting divorced after 27 years
  250. Another car crash, another (Conrad) Hilton, another denial that it was his fault