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  1. Paris Hilton Blasts Gays Who Have Sex With Strangers: Most Of Them Probably Have AIDS
  2. Monica Lewinsky is writing a $12 million tell all about her affair w Bill Clinton
  3. Gywneth Paltrow Says: "I Only Let My Kids Watch TV in French and Spanish"
  4. Annie Lennox marries for the third time
  5. 'General Hospital' star John Ingle dies at age 84
  6. Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested for Being Wasted and Trashing Hotel Room
  7. Rupert Everett “can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by 2 gay dads”
  8. Mom of the Year, Dina Lohan, to appear (allegedly drunk) on Dr. Phil
  9. Miley Cyrus: "Sometimes I Feel Like I Love Everyone More Than They Love Me"
  10. Topless photos of Kate Middleton published
  11. Kim Kardashian compares her fake marriage to having cancer
  12. Sally Struthers DUI: Actress Arrested For Drunk Driving In Maine
  13. Selma Blair, Boyfriend/Baby Daddy Jason Bleick Split
  14. Top Model contestant Jael Strauss has a serious meth addiction
  15. Michelle Kwan is engaged!
  16. Halle Berry “Heading For An Emotional Meltdown”?
  17. Fight breaks out at Zac Posen's New York Fashion Week show
  18. Pat Boone's Grandson Saved By Charlton Heston's Moses Blood
  19. George Clooney and Stacy Keibler split
  20. Today Show and Kris Kardashian Sink to All Time Low
  21. The Drunk Tara Reid falls, knocks over motorcycle, blames TMZ
  22. Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer welcome twins
  23. Nick Cassavetes Says Incest Isn't A Big Deal
  24. "How I Met Your Mother" Star Cobie Smulders Marries SNL Cast Member Taran Killam
  25. Miley Cyrus Named Suspect In Misdemeanor Criminal Battery
  26. Jay-Z Never Supported Occupy Wall St, But It Didn’t Stop Him from Profiting Off It
  27. Venus Williams Is Dating Cuban Model Elio Pis
  28. Jonah Hill & Ali Hoffman Split After Nine Months of Dating?
  29. Famewhore Kris Jenner Thinks Honey Boo Boo and Family are "Classless"
  30. Amy Poehler & Will Arnett call it quits
  31. Woody Allen is a creep
  32. Ireland Baldwin Explains Her Dad Alec's Infamous Voicemail Rant
  33. X-Factor vs. The Voice: Simon Cowell is not pleased.
  34. Patti LaBelle to Pay $100,000 For Scaring a Child, Shrieking That Her Mom Was A C*#t
  35. Alicia Silverstone 'Chose' An Orgasmic Birth
  36. Author Judy Blume diagnosed with breast cancer
  37. Kellie Pickler shaves head in support of cancer-fighting friend
  38. In how dare they? news - Bob Barker snubbed from Price is Right 40th anniversary
  39. Chris Evans, Minka Kelly Dating Again!
  40. Elisha Cuthbert Engaged to NHL Star Dion Phaneuf
  41. Yoko Ono continues her quest for a better life
  42. Eva Longoria Plans To Open Women-Only Steakhouse?
  43. Russell Crowe lost at sea (they found him)
  44. Kourtney Kardashian kleening Kloset in preparation for Scott Disick Split
  45. Unrecognised Kate, Duchess of Cambridge gives name as Mrs Cambridge. Cute.
  46. Is Rihanna the next pink wig?
  47. Stevie Wonder Apologizes for Comment About "People Who Think They're Gay"
  48. Adrienne Maloof & Dr. Paul Nassif both File For Divorce (RHOBH)
  49. Seal accuses Heidi Klum of banging her bodyguard during their marriage
  50. "Starsky" (Paul Michael Glaser) Arrested for Having Weed
  51. Randy Jackson out as "American Idol" judge
  52. Next Top Model Judge Hospitalized after Twitter Bullying Leads to Suicide Attempt
  53. Will.i.am and Cheryl Cole in car crash
  54. Holly Madison pregnant with first child . . . and it ain't Puffin's
  55. Shia LaBeouf: I Dropped Acid for Movie Role Research
  56. Russell Brand & Geri Halliwell are enjoying a “very serious romance”: great couple?
  57. Kelsey Grammer Tells Oprah He 'Owed' Camille Fame
  58. Katherine Jenkins receives death threats after rumoured affair with David Beckham
  59. Isabella Cruise not joining Sea-Org, "deserves privacy"...
  60. Ryan Lochte's sister Megan Lochte is a raging douchebag racist
  61. Usher awarded primary custody of sons over ex-wife Tameka Raymond
  62. Rufus Wainwright Weds Jorn Weisbrodt
  63. Kristin Davis, Aaron Sorkin Split: REPORT
  64. Eyes roll as Edward Furlong claims he was mugged in Skid Row
  65. Harvey Weinstein Extortion Plot: D-List Actor Allegedly Threatens Producer's Family
  66. James Franco Teams With Gay Art-Porn Director For a 'Cruising'-Inspired Film
  67. LL Cool J Totally Kicked The Ass of A Home Intruder
  68. Alanis Morissette reveals she's a fan of Paparazzi
  69. Avril Lavigne Engaged to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger
  70. Prince Harry Naked Photos During Vegas Rager
  71. Maggie Gyllenhaal: I’ve Stopped Judging Other Mothers
  72. Usher's ex-wife gets judge to force him to reopen his Saks card for her to use
  73. Hilary Swank & John Campisi End 5-Year Relationship
  74. Rosie O'Donnell suffers heart attack
  75. Phyllis Diller dies at 95
  76. Scott McKenzie, singer of 'San Francisco,' dies
  77. Tony Scott, Director Of 'Top Gun,' Dies In Apparent Suicide
  78. Jake Hanson is off the market: Melrose Place star Grant Show marries
  79. David Beckham rakes in £13.3million from sponsorship deals
  80. Burmese actor Kyaw Thu's wife Shwe Ze Kwet sets up funeral charity
  81. Form an orderly line, Henry Cavill is single!
  82. Tom Morello: 'Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment of the Machine Our Music Rages Against'
  83. Shia LaBeouf to have real sex on screen
  84. Lauren Conrad Faces Huge Backlash For Destroying Books In Craft Project Video
  85. Another Dr. Drew success story: Joey Kovar from "Celebrity Rehab" dead at 29
  86. Hope Solo: 'Dancing' pro Maks 'hit my stomach,' 'slapped me'
  87. Gerard Depardieu accused of road rage
  88. Firsthand accounts of Kirsten Dunst being a bitch (Years ago)
  89. Tila Tequila Has Returned... From Another Dimension!!!
  90. Elton John flashes saggy bare ass at Michael Caine's yacht - NSF mankind
  91. Mayim Bialik seriously injured in car accident
  92. Donna D'Errico in search of Noah's Ark
  93. Lady Gaga Has Angered PETA
  94. Crocs founder flips the hell out during DUI arrest, claims to be dating Taylor Swift
  95. Ron "Horshack" Palillo, from "Welcome Back, Kotter," dies at 63
  96. Twitter Suspends Nikki Finke's--Deadline Hollywood--Account
  97. Mel Gibson: 'What did I do, really?...I didn't hurt anyone'
  98. Harry Belafonte on Capitalism, Media Moguls & His Disappointment With Jay-Z & Beyonce
  99. Helen Gurley Brown, Legendary Cosmopolitan Editor, Dead at 90
  100. Anderson Cooper's boyfriend cheating?
  101. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are engaged
  102. Joseph Gordon Levitt thinks Anne Hathaway is an ‘insufferable snob’ – maybe
  103. Joe "Papa Perv" Simpson arrested for DUI
  104. Paris Jackson Sends Swarm of Angry Fans to Bully Former BFF
  105. Matt Bomer Can't Play Christian Grey Because He's Gay, says Bret Easton Ellis
  106. Paranormal State star, Ryan Buell, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at age 30
  107. Kate Bosworth engaged to her rebound
  108. Blake Fielder-Civil is in a coma
  109. Rihanna Deemed Too Sexy For Nivea By New CEO
  110. Justin Timberlake hates Jessica Biel's Hair!
  111. Joan Rivers Gets Thrown Out of Costco by Police
  112. Bob Hoskins Announces Retirement from Acting After Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis
  113. RANDY TRAVIS Threatened to SHOOT, KILL ... Cops Say
  114. Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari have baby
  115. Reese Witherspoon to star in Katie Holmes biography
  116. Rob Kardashian Law School Claims Denied by USC
  117. Gillian Anderson splits from longtime partner (and general X-Files chatter)
  118. Sharon Osbourne Says NBC Discriminated Against Her Son, Quits America’s Got Talent
  119. Mikhail Baryshnikov's life still taking new twists (artistically)
  120. Gary Barlow (Take That) loses fourth child to stillbirth
  121. Brigitte Nielsen Drunk On Vodka, Passes Out In An L.A. Park
  122. Ellen Page faces death threats from crazed fan, wants Twitter stalker apprehended
  123. Old Footage Of Russell Brand Taking Heroin Has Emerged
  124. Jimmy Savile fixed it for me as a child abuser?
  125. A drunk Kris Jenner embarrasses herself over margaritas & documents it on Twitter
  126. Justin Bieber disses Prince William's hair
  127. Stevie Wonder Files for Divorce from Wife of 11 Years
  128. Rosie O'Donnell postpones wedding after fiancée diagnosed with rare tumors
  129. Ben Richards & wife split after fertility & cancer treatments
  130. Annie Lennox's shock as she discovers her scandalous heritage
  131. In A$*holic Move, Russell Brand Forces Wardrobe Girl to Show Him Her Tits
  132. Miley Cyrus was not kidnapped
  133. Tippi Hedren says Alfred Hitchcock was 'evil'
  134. Macaulay Culkin is a hardcore heroin and oxycontin addict, claims the Enquirer
  135. Author Gore Vidal has died
  136. Karl Lagerfeld says Pippa Middleton is a fugmuppet
  137. Channing Tatum hates Alex Pettyfer however Magic Mike sequel/musical is coming
  138. Sports Industry Slams Ryan Seacrest: Leave The Olympic Coverage To Us!
  139. Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy
  140. Britney Spears prepares for her third wedding
  141. Dennis Hopper's son, Henry, accused of raping 15 year old girl
  142. "Murder Restaurant" Selling Robert Blake's Favorite Booth
  143. Tony Martin dies at 98; singer-actor in Hollywood musicals
  144. Coronation Street actor Geoffrey Hughes dies aged 68
  145. Conrad Hilton arrested for violating probation with marijuana use
  146. Lupe Ontiveros, 69, dies of liver cancer‎
  147. Colorado Shootings: Dane Cook Jokes - Movie Was So Bad, Victims 'Hoping to Be Killed'
  148. Katy Perry rumored to be dating John Mayer
  149. Doctor Who Actress Mary Tamm has died
  150. Snakes on a Plane! Jeremy Renner: I Accidentally Took Viagra on a Plane
  151. Cheryl Cole is a LESBIAN
  152. Carly Rae Jepsen Nekkid Pictures Are Makin The Rounds Now?!
  153. Actor Chad Everett, 75, Dead, Starred in 'Medical Center'
  154. Kristen Stewart Cheated on Robert Pattinson with Married Director
  155. Sherman Hemsley dead at 74
  156. Dina Lohan dines and dashes on a charity
  157. Bristol Palin's son may have called his aunt the other F-word
  158. Isabella Rossellini Wonders if Plastic Surgery Is “The New Foot-Binding”
  159. Prince Harry has a new girlfriend
  160. George Michael claims to have given up weed
  161. Soul Food Restauranteur Sylvia Woods dies, 86; Owned 'Sylvia's' In Harlem
  162. Middletons being investigated by Olympic Committee
  163. Anne V "Ready for Something Serious" With Alexander Skarsgard
  164. Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley Expecting Baby No.2
  165. Fred Willard arrested for lewd conduct in an adult theater
  166. Madonna's London concert: the judgment is in, hundreds of fans walk out
  167. Poor baby: Blue Ivy Carter looks like Joe Camel
  168. Somebody finally busted Halle Berry in the head
  169. Fashion Designer Vera Wang, 62 and Olympic Skating Champ Evan Lysacek, 27 Are Dating?
  170. John Travolta Squashes Gay Rumors by Vacationing on Magical Island of Gay Pleasure
  171. Michael Jackson's Family Accuses Executors of Fraud
  172. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Chews Out GQ Reporter For Alleging His Brother Overdosed
  173. David Hasselhoff Embraces Milestone Birthday: "60 Rocks!"
  174. Katie Holmes & Suri's Car Hit by Garbage Truck
  175. Former ECW wrestler goes berserk on Tammy "Sunny" Lynn and Terri Runnels
  176. Deep Purple Organist Jon Lord dead at 71
  177. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters dating
  178. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels singer Kitty Wells has died
  179. End times 2012: Michael Lohan allegedly spawns again?
  180. Eddie Griffin's Homophobic FB Rant After TMZ Story
  181. Actress Celeste Holm has died
  182. Sage Stallone, Sylvester's son, found dead
  183. Richard Zanuck, Oscar-winning producer, dead at 77
  184. Chef Curtis Stone Engaged to Actress Lindsay Price
  185. Michael Clarke Duncan hospitalized after going into cardiac arrest
  186. Mariah Carey in "serious talks" to be "American Idol" judge
  187. Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez quit "American Idol"
  188. Chef Cat Cora Cooks Up a Nice Mug Shot for DUI Arrest
  189. Kristin Chenoweth -- Hospitalized After Accident on 'The Good Wife'
  190. Daniel Tosh apologises for rape joke as fellow comedians defend topic
  191. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's honeymoon was papped
  192. Report: Penélope Cruz Is Pregnant
  193. Samantha Ronson Slams Paris Hilton's New DJ Career
  194. Michael K talks about his crazy days, and Jamie Oliver not cheating
  195. Singer who threatens to expose Hollywoods pedophiles & gays found bloody; hospital
  196. Nadya "Octomom" Suleman to release a song
  197. Wayne Brady Would ‘Slap the S&*t’ Out of Bill Maher in Front of His Black Hookers
  198. Justin Bieber channelling Tupac-OMG!
  199. Mel C splits from boyfriend of ten years, Thomas Starr
  200. Brad Pitt's Brother Businessman Doug Pitt Goes Viral
  201. Kelly Osbourne: 'Thanks Delta for this wonderful black eye'‎
  202. Ernest Borgnine has died at 95
  203. Carla Bruni's seven year affair with Mick Jagger
  204. Joan Collins sues after her daughter breaks eye socket in a fall
  205. Usher’s Stepson Critically Injured In Boating Accident
  206. Olsen twins win designer of the year award
  207. Lily Allen expecting second child
  208. 50 Cent insults autistic kids on twitter, Holly Robinson Peete blasts him
  209. Morgan Freeman Says US Doesn't Have a Black President
  210. Donatella Versace: “Feminism is dead in the world, it comes from another time”
  211. Kirstie Alley on her favorite men: “My dad, my son, L. Ron Hubbard & Woody Allen”
  212. Miranda Kerr didn't want a 'drugged-up' baby‎
  213. Has Demi Moore become estranged from her daughters?
  214. Crazed fan fell asleep in P. Diddy's bed
  215. Adam Clayton's personal assistant jailed for stealing from him
  216. Taylor Swift is Now Hanging Out With The Kennedys
  217. Brad Pitt's Mother Pens Anti-Gay, Anti-Obama Letter to Local Newspaper
  218. Ted Casablanca Leaves E!
  219. Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves Expecting Baby No. 3
  220. Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy are expecting their first child
  221. Tom Cruise Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood
  222. Andy Griffith dies at 86
  223. Britney Spears needs makeover, says Whitney Port
  224. "She snubbed me!" Charlotte Church met Britney Spears and it didn't go well‎
  225. Lauryn Hill Pleads Guilty in Tax Case
  226. Adele Pregnant!!
  227. Her contract is finally up!! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Divorcing
  228. Kate Middleton Vows to Sleep on the Streets to Aid the Homeless: Report
  229. Amy Winehouse's last lover, Reg Traviss, charged with rape
  230. George Clooney & Jennifer Aniston Board Private Jet Together! But Why!?!
  231. Taylor Kitsch's Career Is On Life Support
  232. Charlize Theron Debuts Shaved Head
  233. Don Grady aka Robbie Douglas dies
  234. Klassy Ke$ha gets a new tattoo - she's so edgy
  235. Ryan Phillippe's Baby Mama Alexis Knapp Hooked Up With Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy)
  236. Writer and director Nora Ephron dies at 71
  237. 50 Cent got rammed in the rear
  238. The Spice Girls Reunite! Again! This Time To Promote A Musical!
  239. Aubrey O'Day Mental Problems Allows her to bring her Pets on airline
  240. US Supreme Court ruled in Cher's favor against the FCC
  241. 2013 Stars chosen for Hollywood Walk of Fame
  242. Oh Look, Paris Hilton {BANNED} Is Back And The World Yawns
  243. Pic of Willow Smith, 11, looking like she got tongue pierced
  244. Kate Middleton Must Curtsy to Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie, Per Protocol
  245. Madonna has a “DNA sterilization team” cleaning up after her on tour
  246. Suri Cruise takes half her bedroom to late night movie
  247. Elle Macpherson's sons embarrassed to be seen with rhino killing cunt
  248. Kristen Bell - 'Russell Brand is such a softie'
  249. Jon Gosselin publically apologises to ex-wife Kate Gosselin
  250. Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler load U-Haul truck while wearing masks