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  1. Christina Aguilera Furious Over MediaTakeOut Child Abuse Rumors‎
  2. Rose McGowan: 'I Escaped A Cult'
  3. Jim Carrey declares his love for Emma Stone: creepy or harmless?
  4. Rihanna has an adult tape with rapper J-Cole, Hustler confirms
  5. Jason Bateman, Wife Expecting Daughter No. 2
  6. German restaurant turns away Swedish royalty
  7. Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song to be parents
  8. Reese Witherspoon got a trashtastic tattoo on her lower stomach
  9. Anne Hathaway watched Emmerdale 'to help me with my Yorkshire accent'
  10. Elizabeth Hurley to be a bridezilla again?
  11. Jennifer Aniston drops fat cash on rug of dead animals in bid to keep fleeing beau
  12. Motown's Nick Ashford Dies
  13. Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Decide To Separate
  14. George Michael confirms split with Kenny Goss
  15. Ryan Gosling Stops a Fight
  16. Even Children Know That January Jones Is An Ice Cold Ice Queen
  17. Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck expecting baby #3
  18. Joan Collins On Fat People, Boning Warren Beatty And "Chinamen"
  19. 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch says he's destitute
  20. Kate Winslet escapes fire on Richard Branson's Necker Island
  21. Ralphie from A Christmas Story finds dead guy in Chicago hotel
  22. It's a girl! Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro are parents
  23. Country singer Chely Wright marries girlfriend
  24. Donald Faison (Scrubs) and Cacee Cobb (Jessica Simpson's ex-assistant) Are Engaged
  25. Megan Fox calls Marilyn Monroe a negative character
  26. 'It would be difficult to have an ugly daughter': Karl Lagerfeld
  27. Linda Perry: 'Katy Perry is why the music industry is in turmoil'‎
  28. Delusional crackead Lindsay Lohan sues Pitbull
  29. Jeff Bridges’ advice for a long marriage: “Lots and lots of good love making.”
  30. Cameron Diaz is annoyed at Jennifer Lopez’s diva attitude and entourage on set
  31. Anthony Bourdain calls Paula Deen "most dangerous person in America". Paula's pissed
  32. Kat Von D: dumped by Jesse James, then by TLC
  33. David Hasselhoff, his daughters, and a musical performance only a father could love
  34. American Indian activist Russell Means says he has cancer
  35. Gwyneth Paltrow Saved a Life on Sept. 11
  36. Threat to David Letterman on Muslim forum
  37. Tiger Woods Regains No. 1 Ranking ... For Tightwad Tippers
  38. Jessica Simpson delaying wedding cuz her neck looks like a package of hotdogs *teehee
  39. Jennifer Aniston racing to the altar to beat Brangelina, leaving a trail of sand
  40. Anne Hathaway performs "Lil Wayne style" rap about paparazzi
  41. Gérard Depardieu urinates in plane cabin after being told to wait until takeoff
  42. Tom Cruise deemed to be TOO SHORT for role
  43. Abercrombie & Fitch offers bribe to 'The Situation' to stop wearing their clothes
  44. Irritating brat Taylor Momsen announces she's quit acting
  45. Jennifer Aniston's dad doesn't like the guy she hired to scoop out her sandy sniz
  46. Michaele and Tareq Salahi are moving to Beverly Hills but RHOBH says NO!
  47. RHOBH Russell Armstrong has killed himself
  48. How Sandra Bullock got her groove back - for Greys
  49. Prince Harry is single and prepping for combat
  50. Adam Levine is a slut who wants to be naked
  51. Kate Plus 8 has been canceled!!
  52. Shaquille O'Neal is dating reality show dwarf
  53. Madonna's new boyfriend 2011
  54. Selena Gomez grew up in ABJECT poverty!!! OMG!
  55. Hilary Duff, husband expecting their first child
  56. 'If you want to talk to Madonna, make sure you're up on Libya': Abbie Cornish
  57. Jennifer Lopez's Split From Marc Anthony Due To Scientology?
  58. Homeless Man Squatting in Ann Curry's $2.9 Million Townhouse
  59. Village idiot Sherri Shepherd gets married
  60. Brooke Burke and David Charvet get married
  61. Khloe Kardashian Makes Wishes Come True
  62. Behind the scenes at Kate Moss's wedding
  63. Kirk Cameron [former child star, banana fetishist] smarter than Stephen Hawking? LOL
  64. Princess Charlene bans Prince Albert from seeing mother of love child
  65. "Men are my weakness" says Dolly Parton
  66. Roselyn Sanchez Expecting Baby No.1
  67. Gwyneth Paltrow barfs up a list of ridiculous "must haves" for her pompous self
  68. The Go Go's get a star on the walk of fame
  69. Joy Behar is married
  70. MTV honoring trainwreck Britney Spears
  71. Ricki Lake engaged
  72. Paula Abdul's crazy demands on assistants
  73. Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner getting married
  74. Renee Zellweger to star in Bridget Jones III
  75. Hulk Hogan spent his 58th birthday looking at nude photos of his daughter
  76. 'Paedophilia is Hollywood's biggest problem,' explosive claim by Corey Feldman
  77. Sarah, Duchess of York, storms out of tv interview
  78. Warrant's Jani Lane dead at 47
  79. Expect Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez On "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Very Soon
  80. Lauren Bush and David Lauren's Hamptons Engagement Party
  81. Is Lindsay Lohan fooling around with Coldplay’s Guy Berryman?
  82. We all knew this story was coming:Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Trying for a Baby!
  83. Still Struggling For Relevance, Kelly Rowland Has A 'Wardrobe Malfunction'
  84. Lourdes Leon debuts makeup line
  85. WTF? Ali Lohan signs model contract
  86. Jeremy Irons says patting a woman's ass is okay
  87. Desperate Jennifer Love Hewitt, picks up 'Bachelorette' rejects on Twitter
  88. Singer Gavin DeGraw Hospitalized After Assault
  89. Andy Cohen (Bravo TV Exec and WWHL host) Receives Seven Figures for Memoir
  90. Duchess of Alba Giving Away Her Money
  91. Kenny Ortega to Direct Dirty Dancing Remake
  92. Vivienne Westwood calls out Duchess Kate’s raccoon makeup
  93. Kanye West is back; still a whiny douche
  94. Kate Moss shoves a kid off of a pier. NSFW(tits)
  95. Angelina Jolie prefers to homeschool her children
  96. Francesco Quinn, son of Anthony, dies at 49
  97. Gavin Henson (ex husband of Charlotte Church) on new dating show
  98. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson gets nose fixed again, starts partying again
  99. Brad Pitt allegedly wanted to meet Jennifer Aniston in London!
  100. Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction on GMA
  101. Jane Fonda talks to Bazaar about bulimia, body image, dongs & Lindsay Lohan
  102. Cee Lo Green’s former hookup on his love of ecstasy, contempt for Christina Aguilera
  103. Shane Warne has turned into a 'surrendered male'
  104. Sean Avery (NY Rangers player) Arrested at His Home
  105. Lady Gaga Loves Terry Richardson Because He Finds Beauty In Urine
  106. Designer Michael Kors Gets Marriage License in NYC
  107. Tom Cruise, pageant manatee? Suri wants a crown, dammit
  108. Annette Charles (ChaCha from Grease) dead at 63
  109. Kate Bosworth tries the Smurfette look; out with new dude
  110. Police Academy Star "Hightower" Charles Smith dies in LA
  111. How Does Linda Evangelista's Four-Year-Old Spend $46,000 a Month?
  112. Lady Gaga Wants to play Amy Winehouse in movie????WTF
  113. George Clooney’s got a new piece: former WWE star Stacy Keibler
  114. Gwyneth Paltrow on marriage, music, life...
  115. Scarlett Johansson wants Ryan Reynolds back
  116. Kris and Bruce Jenner sex tape
  117. Faye Dunaway Getting Booted From $1000-a-Month, Rent-Stabilized NYC Apartment
  118. Actor Matt Damon defends teacher tenure in testy exchange
  119. ----Come see Virgins and ugly people insult a girl!--
  120. Lady Gaga: 'I couldn't speak for 48 hours after Amy Winehouse's death'
  121. Redmond O'Neal arrested on narcotics charges
  122. Samantha Ronson Arrested for DUI
  123. Jerry Hall finds new love
  124. Al Pacino's Daughter Arrested for DWI in NYC
  125. Helen Mirren Named 'Body of the Year'
  126. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Broke and living with his parents
  127. The Random Hookup of the year - Melissa George and Russell Simmons
  128. Miley Cyrus gets tattoo in recognition of gay rights
  129. The Delicate Kings of Leon
  130. Lindsay Lohan falls down, blames paparazzi
  131. Sarah, Duchess of York, claims she was 'joking' about parental abuse
  132. Who does Gwyneth Paltrow have to bang to get a Coldplay CD?
  133. Zara Phillips gets married in Scotland
  134. Russell & Taylor Armstrong (RHOBH) sued for conning people out of $$$
  135. Sara Gilbert Allison Adler break-up
  136. Madonna Spends $75,000 To Battle Cellulite ‎
  137. Rumer Willis and Zac Efron are heating up, he’s even met the parents
  138. Soulja Boy's $55 Million Birthday Gift to Himself
  139. Harry Potter dwarf spared jail over juggler's hat sex act
  140. True Blood's Denis O'Hare Marries Boyfriend
  141. Nicky Hilton, David Katzenberg Split After Four Years
  142. CLAIM: Brad Pitt Terrified Angelina Jolie Will Attack Him In Her Sleep
  143. Scarlett Johannson Declines Marine Corps Ball Invitation
  144. Michael Douglas Caught Smoking
  145. Amy Locane [Melrose actress] giggled after fatal crash
  146. Alex Trebek is a Bad @ss!
  147. Tim Gunn: Hillary Clinton Dresses Like "She’s Confused About Her Gender"
  148. JonBenet Ramsey's Father Remarries
  149. L'Oréal's Julia Roberts ad campaigns banned due to excessive airbrushing
  150. Crystal Harris: Sex with Hugh Hefner lasted 2 seconds
  151. Sex and the City prequel in the works?
  152. Alexander Skarsgard is back on the market
  153. Lindsay Lohan is besties with Paris Hilton again
  154. Shockingly, Katherine Heigl is a bitch once more
  155. Not cool: Kim Kardashian Crashes Her Fiance's Bachelor Party
  156. Former Jersey Shore member has miscarriage
  157. Alexander McQueen leaves £50k to his dogs
  158. Sarah, Duchess of York, makes her girls cry on TV
  159. Linda Christian [actress, first Bond girl] dies aged 87
  160. Mariah Carey's Insane HSN Appearance
  161. Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Alcoholism, Childhood Molestation
  162. Kim Kardashian Reveals Psoriasis Diagnosis
  163. Lindsay Lohan leaves Paris Hilton's party with Australian actor
  164. Lauryn Hill dumped by Rohan Marley while pregnant for Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana
  165. David Hasselhoff, GF Go Nuclear -- Security Called
  166. Jared Leto: Marijuana smell evokes memories
  167. Rhys Ifans Goes Crazy At Comic-Con
  168. Corrine Bailey Rae finds love again
  169. Leighton Meester is suing her ex-con mother
  170. Alicia Keys Thinks Marriage Is 'So Fly'
  171. Amy Winehouse is dead from possibly a drug overdose..details coming..
  172. Vanilla Ice Blasts Justin Bieber: ‘He’ll Be Forgotten’
  173. Betty White turns down military ball invite
  174. Celine Dion is a horsefaced meanie who banned a site dedicated to pictures of her
  175. Golf caddie Steve Williams on Tiger Woods: ‘I’ve wasted two years of my life’
  176. Leonardo DiCaprio's Mom Isn't Down With Blake Lively
  177. Chris Brown's neighbors say he's a nightmare
  178. Famewhore Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy for using lookalike model
  179. Paris Hilton Storms Offstage... AGAIN.
  180. James Franco is single again
  181. Bodyguard's claims stop Britney Spears 're-establishing herself as a serious artist'
  182. Eric Dane checks into rehab
  183. Charlie Sheen has a new show
  184. Rachel Uchitel returns hush money to Tiger Woods and may sue Gloria Allred???
  185. Ok, Sure: John Mayer begging Jen Aniston back
  186. Prince William and Princess Kate move into new crib
  187. Ryan Phillippe and Demi Lovato?
  188. God hates Cheap Trick (Cheap Trick are still around?)
  189. Jane Lynch: “I want to come back as Jon Hamm in my next life!”
  190. QVC drops Jane Fonda because of anti war past
  191. A GR gift: Tom Cruise as a singing diva on a balcony
  192. Brooke Mueller to go to "extreme" rehab in Mexico?
  193. Zara Phillips not allowed wedding magazine deal
  194. Josh Brolin’s brother is homeless and living out of his car
  195. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: We Are Ending Our Marriage
  196. Why Emmy Nominee Steve Buscemi Refuses to 'Fix' His Teeth
  197. Jennifer Lopez hogged the royals
  198. Report: Elin Nordegren Dating Finance Whiz Jamie Dingman
  199. Comfortably Dumb: Pink Floyd guitarist's son jailed for rioting
  200. Jon Hamm is boozehound. Line forms to the left to party with him!
  201. Bravo's Andy Cohen trying to steal away Anderson Cooper... poor Micheal K
  202. Chris Brown's reps threaten to sue over false accusations of homophobia
  203. Lady GaGa slammed by disability groups for performing in wheelchair
  204. Rihanna Replaces Megan Fox as Face of Armani
  205. Drunken Charlotte Church caught with underwear round her ankles
  206. Miranda Kerr Named Son After Late Ex-Boyfriend
  207. Delusional crackhead Lindsay Lohan: I Deserved Natalie Portman's Black Swan Role!
  208. Jamie Oliver severs ties with supermarket
  209. Olivia Wilde: divorce made her a better actress
  210. Daniel Baldwin Files for Divorce
  211. Levi Johnston's Sister Mercede Posed Nude for Playboy
  212. Paris Hilton - Pregnant?
  213. Ryan Reynolds Is Dating Charlize Theron!
  214. US Weekly Magazine: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Getting Married!
  215. John Stamos dating Renee Zellweger?
  216. Nicki Minaj attacked by unidentified man
  217. Floyd Mayweather is the dumb bitch of the day
  218. Cops Swoop in after photogs chase Paris Jackson
  219. Sarah Jessica Parker whines about kids, work, etc.
  220. Katie Holmes Vomits Tom Cruise a 'Manly Romantic'
  221. Beyonce's Dad: I Didn't Steal from My Daughter!
  222. Britney Spears tour is a flop
  223. Report: Beatles 'reunion' in works for 2012 Olympic Games
  224. Ashlee Simpson steps out with new boyfriend
  225. Joe Jonas pelted in face by hostile hipsters
  226. Placido Domingo Jr: Scientology's Retaliation is "Scary and Pathetic"
  227. Yeah, Right... Eric Johnson Buys Birthday Girl Jessica Simpson a Birkin Bag
  228. WTF? Bassist for Coheed and Cambria robs Walgreens for oxycontin
  229. Greta Scacchi admits that the father of her 12 yr-old son is her cousin
  230. Bow Wow absent for Joie Chavis c-section & she's pissed
  231. Hines Ward, "Dancing with the Stars" champ, arrested for DUI
  232. Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky working in shoe store
  233. Carnie Wilson facing foreclosure
  234. Tila Tequila Is Headed To New York In An Attempt To Be 'Normal'
  235. Gwyneth Paltrow prefers crack to canned cheese‎
  236. Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive in Los Angeles
  237. Singer: "Rumer Willis Has the Voice of God!"
  238. Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Expecting Second Child
  239. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge fulfils child cancer patient's wish
  240. Soldier in Afghanistan posts video asking Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball
  241. 'Hangover II' Star Ken Jeong Becomes a Billion-Dollar Star
  242. Megan Fox 'proves' she doesn't use botox (pics)
  243. News of the World to close amid hacking scandal
  244. Suri Cruise to Make Her Film Debut in Dad's Upcoming Movie
  245. Jennifer Aniston takes a year off to make her new relationship work
  246. Wrestler Chyna returning to porn with X-rated film 'Backdoor into Chyna'
  247. Justin Bieber's Vanity Fair Cover Bombed at the Newsstand
  248. Keri Russell Is Expecting Baby No. 2
  249. Nicola Formichetti Claims W Misquoted His Views on Fat People
  250. Pete Wentz and Michelle Trachtenberg: Sparks Flying or Just Caffeinating?