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  1. Kelly Rutherford files for bankruptcy in wake of custody battle
  2. 'Lourdes doesn't talk to me!' Madonna reveals her parenting struggles
  3. Kirstie Alley ordered to pay $130k settlement for sham weight loss program
  4. Princess Eugenie got herself a real job
  5. Enquirer: Julia Roberts hates Gwyneth Paltrow
  6. Rachel Zoe, husband expecting second child
  7. Singer, Slim Whitman, Dies at 90
  8. Russell Brand Mocking The Media On MSNBC
  9. James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini reportedly dies in Italy
  10. Family: Country singer Slim Whitman dies at age 90
  11. Serena Williams' idiotic Steubenville comments
  12. Charlie Sheen fires Selma Blair from "Anger Management" for critiquing his work ethic
  13. Josh Duggar is to lead an Anti-Gay Hate Group
  14. Ivanka Trump Won't Tolerate a 'Spoiled, Bratty' Daughter
  15. Greg Louganis Engaged to Johnny Chaillot
  16. Anecdote of Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise in Ibiza long ago
  17. Melissa Etheridge-Angelina Jolie Mastectomy is not a Brave choice but a fearful one
  18. Miley Cyrus: “I love ‘hood’ music, but my talent is as a singer”
  19. Jennifer Lopez makes her assistant sleep in the same bed with her
  20. TMZ releases photos taken of the Michael Jackson death scene
  21. Paris Jackson: Justin Beiber should have spoken up about girls cutting.
  22. Kim Kardashian gives birth to a girl ahead of July 4 due date
  23. James McCartney talks about his famous family
  24. Sunday People: Nigella Lawson's husband pictured choking her in public
  25. Original 'Willy Wonka' Gene Wilder Did Not Like Remake: 'It's an insult!'
  26. Michelle Monaghan Pregnant With Second Child
  27. Tish Cyrus files for divorce from husband, Billy Ray
  28. Will Smith makes out with son for Thai television
  29. Halle Berry's Baby Will Be A Boy, Confirms Olivier Martinez
  30. Rupert Murdoch Is Divorcing Wendi Deng
  31. Kanye West: I am the Steve Jobs of Culture
  32. Journey Singer Steve Perry Undergoes Cancer Surgery
  33. Michael Douglas' son Cameron pens drug policy critique from jail
  34. George Clooney has scrotum lift
  35. Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has cancer
  36. Brad Pitt slams his marriage to Jennifer Aniston
  37. Heidi Klum gets in public fight with boyfriend/bodyguard
  38. Marilyn Monroe Was Murdered By Bobby Kennedy, According To Perez Hilton
  39. John Malkovich helps save Ohio tourist with gashed throat in Canada
  40. Alexa Ray Joel on bullying over her looks: ‘The media was a little rough on me’
  41. Erin Brokovich got drunk on boat. Goes to jail.
  42. Scarlett Johansson Sues French Publisher
  43. Celebrity Stylist Annabel Tollman Dead at 39
  44. The worst celebrity interviewees, according to journalists
  45. Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant?
  46. Jessica Biel thinks the problem with her career is her management team
  47. Bradley Cooper ‘broke up’ with Suki Waterhouse by ignoring her calls & texts
  48. Katy Perry took John Mayer back because ‘nothing can match their connection’
  49. 'Supernatural' star Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Welcome Baby Girl Justice Jay
  50. Pippa Middleton is now a ‘contributing editor’ for Vanity Fair
  51. Esther Williams, "America's Mermaid," dies at 91
  52. Rock Hudson's Wife Secretly Recorded His Gay Confession
  53. Stephen Fry Talks About Trying to Commit Suicide Last Year
  54. Lily Collins’ dad didn’t get her acting gigs: ‘I always wanted to do it on my own’
  55. Bobbi Kristina Brown Evicted From Atlanta Home
  56. Kim Zolciak is pregnant with baby No. 5
  57. Jesse James' 18-year-old daughter Chandler 'inhales crystal meth'
  58. Paris Jackson attempted suicide
  59. Joe Francis threatens to sue over stolen sex tape; misses irony
  60. Jada Pinkett Smith says she would only leave Will if he did something bad to the kids
  61. John Galliano Gives His First Interview Since Dior Fired Him in 2011
  62. Kate Winslet is Pregnant
  63. Jennifer Love Hewitt pregnant with first child
  64. Kris (Kardashian) Jenner talk show premiere
  65. Jenny Craig sued by LA Comedian -- It Gave Me 1000 Gallstones
  66. Fans slam Madonna's 'swollen' appearance
  67. Rihanna named Complex’s '#1 Hottest Woman Right Now'
  68. Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer
  69. Star: ‘Arrogant’ Anne Hathaway ‘openly compares herself to Grace Kelly’
  70. Zac Hanson & Wife Expecting Baby No. 3
  71. Jean "Edith Bunker" Stapleton dies at 90
  72. Taylor Swift is pissing off her new RI neighbors, better watch her back
  73. Lou Reed has life-saving liver transplant
  74. Dannielynn Birkhead may be entitled to some of J.Howard Marshall's fortune
  75. Philip Seymour Hoffman Completes Detox for Narcotic Abuse
  76. Lyssa Chapman recounts harrowing childhood
  77. Gwyneth Paltrow ‘has gone from pretentious to unbearable’, people hate her
  78. Woman sues MAC for giving her herpes at Rihanna concert
  79. Courtney Love Hasn’t Seen Frances Bean Cobain For 3 Years, Says They’re ‘Really Good'
  80. Celebrities' Weird Dining Requests
  81. Justin Bieber hit with ANOTHER paternity claim, shows "fresh face" for Adidas shoot
  82. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth call it quits
  83. Gisele Bundchen: Photoshop Hides What Makes Women Unique & Beautiful
  84. Blake Shelton lets Miranda Lambert snoop his phone: ‘There are no secrets’
  85. James Lipton was a Pimp
  86. Myleene Klass: "Family and friends drank my breast milk"
  87. Cynthia Nixon found aspects of Sex and the City 'devastating'
  88. Kelly Osbourne: ‘I do want babies, but I don’t want a great big vagina’
  89. Barbara Eden Still Rocks her "Jeannie" costume...
  90. Roman Polanski says fight for female equality is 'a great pity'
  91. Charlie Sheen Changes Name Back to Carlos Estevez
  92. April Macie: "Lance Armstrong Asked Me to Eat His Ass Out"
  93. Michelle Rodriguez on Fast & Furious 6: "I Didn't Want to Play a Slut"
  94. Gwyneth Paltrow’s body odor was ‘pretty pungent’ at the Met Gala
  95. Stephen King: ‘Most people would like to see some rational controls on guns’
  96. Frances Bean Cobain pulls the Twitter claws out on Kendall Jenner
  97. Tim Curry recovering after major stroke
  98. Julianne Moore: “Men aren't asked about age & children!”
  99. Eva Longoria Graduates with a Master's Degree from CSU
  100. Brad Pitt thinks he has prosopagnosia or face blindness
  101. Helen Mirren grants sick child's wish to meet royalty
  102. José Canseco named as suspect in Las Vegas sexual assault
  103. January Jones on her style critics: ‘Those people don’t have degrees in fashion’
  104. Olivia Munn: ‘it’s a very antiquated idea to think you can’t be pretty, smart & funny
  105. Winona Ryder on Plastic Surgery: 'Proud Of Traffic On Forehead'
  106. Jon Bon Jovi: Daughter's heroin overdose was 'my worst moment as a father'
  107. Melissa McCarthy Reportedly Fires Extra On Set Of 'Tammy'
  108. Burt Bacharach opens up on daughter's suicide
  109. Melissa Gilbert to Sara Gilbert: I Always 'Kinda Knew' You Were Gay
  110. Zach Galifinakis Brings Lady he Saved from Homelessness to Premier of his Movie
  111. Ray Manzarek, Founding Member Of The Doors, Dies at 74
  112. Sinbad files bankruptcy...again!
  113. Justin Bieber booed at Billboard Music Awards; whines he should be taken seriously
  114. The Bling Ring Movie Brought Paris Hilton To Tears
  115. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Break Up – for Now: Source
  116. Justin Bieber Owes Germany Thousands For Monkey Day Care
  117. Princess Charlene of Monaco might have a side piece
  118. George Michael airlifted to the hospital after car accident
  119. Morena Baccarin Is Pregnant
  120. "Allure Magazine" Ignites Controversy By Revealing Zoe Saldana's Weight
  121. Now NSFW!! Bea Arthur topless painting sells for nearly $2M
  122. Kirstie Alley on TV's Plus-Size Actresses
  123. Angelina Jolie reveals she had double mastectomy
  124. Jaden Smith, 14, Wants To Be Emancipated From Parents Will & Jada and live alone
  125. Gwyneth Paltrow latest addition to her Goop Store: a $950 shot glass
  126. Michael Douglas Talks Liberace, Cancer and Cameron
  127. Barbara Walters to retire from US TV - but she's not going just yet
  128. Dr. Joyce Brothers dies at 85
  129. O.J. Simpson Wants a New Trial...Claims He was Misrepresented *eye roll*
  130. Jennifer Aniston's hairdresser was high when he gave her 'The Rachel' haircut
  131. Ireland Baldwin: “I want people to look at me and say, ‘Wow, she looks healthy’”
  132. Princess Charlene of Monaco on her pregnancy plans: ‘If it happens, it happens’
  133. Heather Graham: ‘I’d rather be happily single than unhappily married’
  134. Kristen Stewart is ‘the least trusted movie star in America,’ says Readers Digest
  135. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong calls Psy "the herpes of music". Psy approves.
  136. Ioan Gruffudd & Alice Evans Expecting Second Child
  137. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Split Up
  138. Paula Deen - headed for divorce?
  139. Nick Lachey: Playing "Grab Ass" With Joe Simpson Was No Fun
  140. Gwyneth Paltrow: 'I'm Never Going' to the Met Ball Again
  141. Macaulay Culkin moves in with Pete Doherty in Paris
  142. Baby Got Back turns 21; so yes, you're old
  143. Wade Robson: "Michael Jackson molested me."
  144. Rachael Leigh Cook is pregnant
  145. Shanna Moakler: breastfeeding is "incestual & gross"
  146. Patrick Schwarenegger throws ice cubes at DJ, kicked out of club
  147. "Weeeeee!" Sings Alleged Coke Bag as It Soars Out of Cara Delevingne's Purse
  148. Justin Bieber attacked on stage by crazed fan
  149. Break Out the Sketti Because Mama June Is Getting Married Today
  150. Miley Cyrus: Number One on Maxim's Hot 100 List
  151. Keira Knightley gets married!
  152. She's Baaaack - Paris Hilton's in love and wants to marry and have kids!
  153. Jaime King Expecting First Child
  154. Taylor Swift, 23, moves into $17m beachfront Rhode Island mansion
  155. Brooke Mueller's Twins With Charlie Sheen Taken Away by Child and Family Services
  156. Antoine Dodson renounces the ghey for Jesus
  157. Deanna Durbin, the girl who saved Universal, dies aged 91
  158. DR. DREW PINSKY pulls plug on Celebrity Rehab
  159. Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies aged 49 after complications from spider bite
  160. Katy Perry’s dad asks people to pray for his ‘devil child’ who needs ‘healing’
  161. Mila Kunis Named FHM's 'Sexiest Woman in the World'
  162. Leonardo DiCaprio to take a breather from acting
  163. Robert Kardashian Jnr sued for Robbery & Assault
  164. Chris Kelly of Kris Kross dead
  165. Coronation Street actor Bill Roache to face rape charges
  166. Ryan Seacrest and Gwyneth Paltrow Teaming Up With AOL for New Web Series
  167. Kristen Stewart named Glamour's Best Dressed Woman for second year in a row
  168. Baby on the Way for Alfonso Ribeiro
  169. David Tutera, My Fair Wedding Host, Divorcing Husband
  170. Here Is Martha Stewart's New Match.com Profile
  171. Gwyneth Paltrow’s relationship advice: Don’t argue with your husband, give him head
  172. Pink: I'm a Reformed Slut
  173. Rob Kardashian's sock range selling very badly, adding insult to disappearing penis
  174. Eva Herzigová gives birth to third son Edward
  175. Donatella Versace: 'I'm not like this genetically, I use tonnes of cream!'
  176. ASHTON KUTCHER In Violent Confrontation/Shoving Match
  177. Marc Anthony dumps Top Shop heiress
  178. Reese Witherspoon admits losing her memory after birth of third child
  179. Jude Law asks WTO to uphold EU ban on seal fur
  180. Molly Sims on Turning 40: "I Kind of Want to Vomit in My Mouth"
  181. Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Slammed For 'Destroying California Coastline'
  182. Will Smith Talks Parenting: We Don't Do Punishment
  183. Vince Vaughn: Expecting Second Child with Kyla Weber
  184. Jessica Alba Wore Double Corset To Lose Baby Weight
  185. NE Special Investigation: John Travolta’s Dirty Divorce Explodes!
  186. George Jones dead at 81
  187. Natalie Maines Doesn't Regret Slamming George W. Bush, Never Liked Country Music
  188. Dina Eastwood checks into rehab with 'anxiety and depression'
  189. Justin Bieber Drugs Bust on Tour Bus
  190. Kylie Bisutti Quit Modelling Because She "Felt Like a Piece of Meat"
  191. Shakira on Motherhood: "Nobody Told Me It Would Be This Hard"
  192. Gwyneth Paltrow's String Bikinis For Little Girls, ‘Sexualizes Young' says expert
  193. Gloria Allred Dumps Shaquille O’Neal’s Mistress As Client, Citing Fraud
  194. Gwyneth Paltrow Has Been Named People Magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman" of 2013
  195. Janice Dickinson Reportedly Declares Bankruptcy
  196. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans arrested for heroin
  197. Gwyneth Paltrow's New Job as Beyonce's BFF and Publicist
  198. M*A*S*H Actor, Allan Arbus Dies at 95
  199. Ben Affleck to live on $1.50 a day
  200. Beyonce Really, Really Doesn't Want You To See Busted Pictures Of Her
  201. Woodstock Legend, Richie Havens Dies
  202. Tara Reid Flips Out in Store Because They Won't Give Her A Discount
  203. Divinyls lead singer Chrissy Amphlett dead at 53
  204. 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell arrested for Vehicular Homicide by Intoxication
  205. Sportscaster Al Michaels busted for DUI
  206. Reese Witherspoon and Agent Husband Arrested in DUI Incident
  207. Rihanna Pregnant? Rumours Circulate Singer Is Expecting Chris Brown's Baby
  208. Ryan Lochte makes news anchors cry
  209. American Pie Z-Lister attacked by one night stand
  210. Maya Rudolph Expecting Fourth Child
  211. Jason Segel Heads To Alcoholics Anonymous After Split From Michelle Williams
  212. Legendary Sportscaster Pat Summerall, Dead at 82
  213. Jada Pinkett Smith Clarifies Open Marriage Comment
  214. Frank Bank (Lumpy Rutherford on "Leave It To Beaver") Died
  215. Deftones bassist Chi Cheng dies aged 42
  216. Deranged fan arrested for throwing pubes at Hugh Jackman
  217. Justin Bieber slammed for bizarre Anne Frank tribute
  218. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne liviing apart
  219. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne 'living separate lives' as split rumours circulate
  220. Jane Seymour, Fourth Husband James Keach to Divorce After 20 Years
  221. Gabrielle Reece: Women should be "submissive" to their husbands
  222. Bethenny Frankel on Divorce: It's The Most Difficult Thing You Could Ever Go Through
  223. Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘I won’t do Botox again, I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!’
  224. American prima ballerina Maria Tallchief dies at 88
  225. This Bitch: Tyrese Goes In On Fat People
  226. Jonathan Winters dies at 87
  227. Kim Kardashian's Weight Gain A Ploy To Bag Diet Plan Deal?
  228. Anne Heche blogs about public temper tantrums
  229. Russell Crowe, Alleged Mean Jerk, Once Told Rebel Wilson to 'F*%k Off'
  230. Hayden Panettiere to marry Wladimir Klitschko
  231. Kate Bush awarded CBE by the Queen at Windsor Castle
  232. Secret Tape: McConnell Weighed Using Judd's Mental Health and Religion as Ammo
  233. Miranda Kerr is Out as a Victoria's Secret Angel: "She's Not a Big Seller"
  234. Ivanka Trump works 16 hour days: ‘I think it makes me a better mom when I’m home’
  235. Magic Johnson on supporting his gay son ‘I love EJ so much, that’s my main man’
  236. Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks Brunettes Have More Fun
  237. Jane Fonda: Afraid of Letting People Know She had Adopted Black Daughter
  238. Sara Gilbert Engaged to Girlfriend Linda Perry
  239. Annette Funicello, Original Mousketeer and Actress, Dies at 70
  240. Jenna Jameson Arrested For Battery
  241. Jaime Pressly Accuses Estella Warren Of Stealing Handbag!
  242. Snoop Dogg Thinks The Rap World Is Too Masculine To Accept A Gay Rapper
  243. Shakira: My Ex Ain't Getting $100 Million from Me
  244. Kelly Rutherford stages another pap moment with her child to "prove her point"
  245. President of Malawi Joyce Banda calls out Madonna on her "assistance"
  246. Is James Franco hard for Ryan Gosling?
  247. Kris Jenner & Kardashian sisters suing stepmom Ellen Pearson
  248. Michael Jackson's girl Paris 'spends 15th birthday with estranged mother Debbie Rowe'
  249. Halle Berry is pregnant with Olivier Martinez's baby
  250. Beyonce, Jay-Z In Cuba: Couple Spends Fifth Anniversary In Havana