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  1. Stars Posing with Sea Creatures for Charity
  2. Dustin 'Screech' Diamond Talks About His Sex Tape Debacle
  3. George Clooney Says He Hasn't Met Love of His Life Yet
  4. Morrissey Is No Fan of 'Thankskilling'
  5. Charlie Sheen is Dating Porn Actress Brett Rossi
  6. Sharon Osbourne's Plastic Surgery Confession: I Had My Vagina Tightened
  7. Paul Walker from "The Fast & the Furious" dead at 40 in car crash
  8. Roseanne Barr's Epic Twitter Rant, Wages War on Hollywood, NBC and Anderson Cooper
  9. Jane Kean, who played Trixie in "Honeymooners" TV revival, dead at 90
  10. British actor Lewis Collins of cult 70's show The Professionals has died age 67
  11. Evan Rachel Wood Slams MPAA Over Deleted Sex Scene
  12. Is Mila Kunis pregnant?
  13. New Barbara Stanwyck Bio Details Sexual Abuse, Abortion at Age 12...
  14. Nigella Lawson Had A 10 Year Cocaine Habit
  15. Miley Cyrus Made GQ's Least Influential Celebrities Of 2013 List
  16. Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I don’t like women slaughtering women. All of us are so mean’
  17. Tom Cruise 'on cloud nine' after date with fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon
  18. Keri Russell: ‘I don’t even like the word nanny, so I call them babysitters’
  19. Alec Baldwin reportedly fired from MSNBC
  20. Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon Watch Us Get Married Live on Pay-Per-View
  21. Beyonce Banned from the Pyramids
  22. Angelina Jolie buys Brad Pitt a heart-shaped island for his birthday
  23. Malin Akerman & Roberto Zincone Split
  24. Tori Spelling Secretly Hospitalized After Fall-Out From Trashing Katie Holmes
  25. Clint Eastwood's Daughter Marries Jonah Hill's Bro In Vegas
  26. Morrissey Slams "Airhead" Kate Middleton & "Thickwit" Pippa Middleton
  27. Charlie Sheen Sex Tape Linked to Missing Witness
  28. Crap Notes From a Dude: Axl Rose's Manic, Douchey Breakup Letters
  29. Kendall Jenner Nipple Shoot: Bruce Jenner 'Proud of Teenage Daughter'
  30. Famous fraud, er, psychic Sylvia Browne dead at 77
  31. Elsa Pataky expecting second baby with Chris Hemsworth
  32. Kelly Clarkson is pregnant with her first child with husband, Brandon Blackstock
  33. Daniel Day Lewis has a rapping son and he's just as horrible as you'd expect
  34. Inside Will & Jada Smith's Scientology School
  35. Inside Will & Jada Pinkett Smith’s Mysterious School
  36. We Are Not Getting Divorced – Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
  37. Out Boxer Orlando Cruz marries his partner
  38. Speidi is BACK! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt get a TV special
  39. Thomas Howard, recently cut Falcons linebacker, dies in 100mph crash; kills one other
  40. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back on?!
  41. Taylor Swift: I Don't Write Songs About Every Guy I Date
  42. Carrot Top On Plastic Surgery Rumors: 'I'm Sorry That I Look Good'
  43. The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan Reveals Childhood Sexual Abuse
  44. Steve McQueen 'admitted' he was a chauvinist pig
  45. It's not easy being Olivia Newton-John's daughter
  46. Idris Elba: Expecting Baby with Girlfriend Naiyana Garth
  47. Sly stallone hurls n word at paparazzi
  48. Bobbie Brown reveals the moment she bedded a 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio
  49. 'I don't read or write' Courtney Stodden reveals why she won't pen tell-all book
  50. Andy Cohen steps down as Bravo Executive
  51. Barbara Walters being Barbara Walters at "Hunger Games" Premiere
  52. Jake Gyllenhaal hospitalized after flipping out on movie set
  53. Kate Hudson on designer clothes: I can’t afford to buy that stuff, it’s so expensive
  54. Adam Levine To Be Named People Magazine “Sexiest Man Alive” For 2013
  55. Is Andy Kaufman still alive? His brother, Michael, says it's possible
  56. Kendrick Lamar tells GQ that Tupac Shakur came to him in a ‘vision’ at the age of 21
  57. Oscar-winning 'The Artist' star Jean Dujardin announces divorce
  58. REVEALED: Hollywood star Joaquin Phoenix, 39, dating teenage DJ Allie Teilz, 19
  59. Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Dracula Salary Held Due to Past Substance Abuse
  60. Britney Spears' backing singer denies she supplies Britney's vocals
  61. Nicolas Cage sex photos stolen
  62. Justin Timberlake whines about his acting critics: ‘None of your opinions count’
  63. Emma Thompson no longer angry about Kenneth Branagh & Helena Bonham Carter’s affair
  64. Charlie Sheen wants to "make amends" with Chuck Lorre
  65. Spike Lee being sued by couple after he tweeted their address as George Zimmerman's
  66. Richard Dreyfuss Opens Up About His Battle with Bipolar Disorder
  67. Lady Gaga Admits Having an Addiction to Marijuana
  68. GMA reporter, Amy Robach, diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to on-air mammogram
  69. George Clooney lays into Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe
  70. British Royal Family - Remembrance Day Round up - Afghanistan/India/UK
  71. The Daily Fail thinks that it'll be SIR David Beckham come 2014...
  72. Poppy Girl Megan's Dad's surprise visit after Royal Albert Hall performance
  73. James Hewitt, Princess Diana's ex lover, is broke and lives with his mother
  74. Gore Vidal, Iconic American Author, Had Way More Sex Than You
  75. Duchess Camilla threatened to ‘walk out’ on Prince Charles if he abdicates…?
  76. Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child Joseph Baena is a chip off the old block
  77. Tom Cruise admits not seeing Suri for months, thinks phone calls are enough
  78. Is Will Smith having an affair with Margot Robbie?
  79. Elizabeth Vargas in Rehab: ABC 20/20 Co-Anchor Checked in For Alcohol Abuse Weeks Ago
  80. Kristen Bell Worried She Wouldn’t Like Her Baby As Much As Her Dogs
  81. Jennifer Lopez: 'I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact'
  82. Courtney Love admits to a facelift at age 35
  83. Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ Album Potential Biohazard Threat To Australia Not just your ears
  84. Abigail Breslin, 17, 'dating Holly Madison's rocker ex Jack Barakat, 25'
  85. David Arquette - I'm having another kid!
  86. Kanye West: The Confederate flag is ‘my flag now’
  87. Drew Barrymore pregnant with second baby
  88. Josh Brolin Late Night Rage At Cab Driver In Del Taco Drive-Thru
  89. Justin Bieber still has heart: buys $850k home for dad, half-brother & sister
  90. Racist Skank Paris Hilton still popular............ but only in Russia!
  91. Justin Bieber busted sneaking out of brothel
  92. Emile Hirsch Welcomes Baby Boy Valor
  93. Does Britney Spears Secretly Hate Her Gay Fans? Caught Promoting Homophobic Pastor
  94. P!nk is Pissed Over Criticisms of Carey Hart Riding With Willow
  95. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Finalize Divorce
  96. Michael Fassbender: I’m being sexually harassed when you talk about my d–k
  97. Barbra Streisand & James Brolin $390 Million divorce?
  98. Pamela Anderson Reveals Chic Pixie Cut, Is Nearly Unrecognizable
  99. Golden Age of the movies captured in stunning new book
  100. Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler expecting baby #2
  101. Guy Fieri Brawls with His Crying Hairdresser While the Paps Look On
  102. Kerry Washington Expecting First Child?
  103. Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott had their sex tape stolen
  104. Camille Grammer Claims She Was Assaulted by Ex-Boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos
  105. Top Designers Don Blackface For Milan Halloween Party
  106. Britney Spears' songs are used to scare off Somalian pirates
  107. Jason Aldean's Tour Bus Kills Pedestrian
  108. Christina Ricci Marries Fiance James Heerdegen
  109. Kelly Osbourne tells Lady Gaga to "Eat My Sh*t"
  110. Doutzen Kroes: 'I feel guilty I make certain girls insecure'
  111. Fleetwood Mac's John McVie Diagnosed with Cancer; Band Cancels Tour
  112. Star: Lily Collins is a brat with an 'out of control ego'
  113. Velvet Underground's Lou Reed dead at 71
  114. Chris Brown - Arrested for Felony Assault
  115. Naomi Campbell breaks down as she discusses her anger issues and drug addiction
  116. Marcia Wallace, voice of 'The Simpsons' teacher Edna Krabappel, dies
  117. Julianne Hough apologizes for her painting her face black for Halloween
  118. Retired NY Radio Personality Dave Herman arrested for soliciting sex with a child
  119. Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Splitsville
  120. Nicolas Cage ‘takes great umbrage’ with Hollywood’s lack of roles for Asian actors
  121. Who the F*&k Gives a Shit About Kate Bosworth
  122. Source: A-list actress used to make rounds of Hollywood secret sex parties
  123. Courtney Love: Miley Cyrus ‘has a crap stylist,” Katy Perry is ‘damaged goods,’ ‘sad’
  124. Gossip columnists, Rush & Malloy are answering questions on Gawker right now...
  125. Mitch Winehouse protects Amy Winehouse's memory
  126. Farrah Fawcett's Secret Love Life Exposed in Lawsuit over Andy Warhol Painting
  127. Taylor Swift Dating Alexander Skarsgard?
  128. Here's Jenna Jameson's Messy, Slurred Good Day New York Segment
  129. Katharine McPhee Dating "Smash" director Michael Morris, Both Married to Other People
  130. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West divorce countdown
  131. Angelina Jolie set for $50m book deal
  132. Rihanna kicked out of mosque in Abu Dhabi
  133. Rashida Jones to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna: Stop Acting Like Whores
  134. All the President's Women: More tales of John F. Kennedy
  135. FBI investigating P Diddy for allegedly having underage sex with boys
  136. Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry Plans To Eat Her Placenta
  137. Broke ass Octomom goes into business with rehab owner
  138. Real Housewives of Orange County Kid charged with Grand Theft Auto
  139. Katy Perry, John Mayer Rumoured to be Engaged
  140. Ke$ha believes a Ghost was Haunting her Vagina
  141. Accused Creep Terry Richardson Shot the Kardashian/Sears Clothing Ads
  142. Ed Lauter Dead: Veteran Character Actor Dies At 74
  143. Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant, Expecting Second Baby With Husband Hank Baskett!
  144. Director Michael Bay attacked on 'Transformers' set
  145. Rock'n'Roll Is Officially Dead
  146. Heidi Montag Reveals She and Spencer Pratt Are Trying to Conceive an "Aura Baby"
  147. Multiple Sources Confirm: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Dating
  148. Corey Feldman details abuse, Corey Haim's bisexuality in 'Coreyography' memoir
  149. Kenan Thompson Blames SNL's Diversity Issue on Lack of Talented Black Comediennes
  150. Britney Got a Digital Slimdown to Look Skinny in 'Work Bitch' Video
  151. Ivanka Trump Welcomes Baby Boy
  152. Breaking America: an extract from Piers Morgan's Shooting Straight
  153. Cameron Russell, the renegade model
  154. Kate Winslet: ‘I know the true meaning of getting by the skin of my teeth, I do’
  155. Keith Richards was target of Irish American’s CT bomb plot
  156. Lauren Conrad Engaged to William Tell
  157. Madonna banned from Alamo Drafthouse (NYC Film Festival) for texting
  158. Dan Aykroyd Calls SBS Minder A ‘F***ing Hosebag’
  159. Joan Collins writes another autobiography
  160. Pippa Middleton goes on a jolly pheasant shoot
  161. Adrian Peterson's Son Dies From Injuries
  162. Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Attacked, Kicked in Groin For Filming Woman Throwing Up
  163. Glenn Danzig Tells Crowd To Punch "F*$#ing Asshole" Filming With Phone
  164. Camille Grammer recovering following radical hysterectomy to treat endometrial cancer
  165. Prince George’s Christening: Who's In and Who's Out
  166. Demi Moore concerned that Mila Kunis might be Single White Female-ing her
  167. 'X-Men' Producer John Palermo Goes on Racist Rant on Facebook
  168. James Woods slams Obama: 'I Don't Expect to Work Again' in Hollywood
  169. The Jonas Brothers Canceled Their Tour Because They Hate Each Other
  170. Marilyn Manson poses without make-up on set
  171. Alan Thicke thinks Robin Thicke, Paula Patton Could Be the "Next Brangelina"
  172. Owen Wilson to be a daddy again
  173. Kenny Rogers addresses Dolly Parton affair rumors
  174. Suzanne Somers Reveals She Has Sex Twice a Day With Husband Alan Hamel
  175. Michelle Duggar is attempting to get pregnant with 20th child
  176. The Night Johnny Carson Found Out His Wife Was Banging Frank Gifford
  177. Former 'Grey's' star T.R. Knight weds boyfriend
  178. Alicia Keys Believes In Aliens
  179. Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison: Dating
  180. Annie Lennox 'disturbed and dismayed' by 'overtly sexualised' pop performances
  181. Chris Brown: I Lost My Virginity at Eight
  182. James Nesbitt and wife of 19 years split
  183. Fiona Apple Breaks Down on Stage After Heckler Calls Her 'Unhealthy'
  184. Emma Thompson talks feminism, infidelity: ‘I do think that monogamy is an odd state’
  185. Madonna: I was raped at knifepoint
  186. Jennifer Lawrence: ‘If anybody whispers the word diet, you can go f*** yourself’
  187. Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Getting Treated For Prescription Pill Problem
  188. Paul McCartney Responds to Lost Fan Letter, 50 Years Later
  189. Miley Cyrus on Britney Spears: 'Dad feared she'd turn me into stripper'
  190. Emile Hirsch (actor) impregnated a Florida woman, ‘not dating’ but ‘it’s fine’
  191. Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Are Separated, Claims Kris' Sister
  192. Helena Bonham Carter's long-term partner Tim Burton pictured 'kissing' mystery blonde
  193. Sinead O'Connor to Miley Cyrus: Don't let the music business make you a prostitute
  194. Janet Jackson "Looking Into" Adopting a Child From Jordan or Syria With Husband
  195. Michelle Rodriguez says she is bisexual
  196. Report: Author Tom Clancy has died at age 66
  197. Jackson Rathbone (Twilight) Marries Sheila Hafsadi
  198. George Clooney Hooking Up With "Croatian Sensation" Ex Monika Jakisic
  199. Miranda Kerr denied access to Louis Vuitton Show
  200. Mia Farrow: it's possible Frank Sinatra is Ronan's father, not Woody Allen
  201. Anna Kournikova ready to 'move on' from Enrique Iglesias
  202. Anastacia undergoes surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time
  203. Casey Kasem Family Feud - Cops Called
  204. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Unveil Their Conjugal Coat of Arms
  205. Jennifer Saunders: Cancer Survivors Wear It Like A Badge
  206. Justin Theroux’s friends ‘joke’ & wager money on how he’ll never marry Jen Aniston
  207. Kanye West goes after Jimmy Kimmel in Twitter rant
  208. Melissa Gorga 'supports marital rape' in her book
  209. Is Robert Pattinson Dating Sean Penn's Daughter Dylan Penn?
  210. Kaley Cuoco Engaged to Ryan Sweeting after 3 Months of Dating
  211. Justin Bieber finally gets smacked!
  212. Melissa Joan Hart reveals her secret history with drugs in new tell-all memoir
  213. Daryl Hannah Opens Up About Having Autism
  214. Halle Berry’s Anti-Paparazzi Law Passes
  215. Brooke Mueller caught buying meth on video
  216. Richard Gere, Carey Lowell Split After 11 Years Of Marriage
  217. Ellen Pompeo: ‘I didn’t see any diversity in the Emmys at all, they felt so dated’
  218. Jada Pinkett Smith drug addiction, eating disorder
  219. Miley Cyrus on Justin Bieber: 'I don't want him to f**k it up'
  220. Andy Samberg, Joanna Newsom wed
  221. Mick Jagger To Become A Great Grandfather At The Age Of 70
  222. Gennifer Flowers says Bill Clinton was love of her life, Hillary is bisexual
  223. Oprah confirms nervous breakdown
  224. Chris Brown on Racism: "I Identify With Trayvon 100%"
  225. Bruce Jenner Had Skin Cancer Surgery
  226. Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton end 7 year engagement
  227. Beyonce and Jay-Z top Forbes' list of world's highest paid couples
  228. RHONY LuAnn De Lesseps Splits From David Schwimmer look-a-like Boyfriend
  229. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi “On The Rocks” Over Jealousy, Real Estate?
  230. Why was the RAF so quick to destroy dogs that guarded Prince William?
  231. Gwyneth Paltrow's diva demands at the gyn
  232. Kanye West asked BBC staff to iron his dressing room
  233. Ken Norton Dead: Former Muhammad Ali Rival, Heavyweight Boxing Champion Dies At 70
  234. Jennifer Garner Completely Loses it on Paparazzi After He Messes With Her Kids (PHOTO
  235. Michael Fassbender on slavery: ‘Religion and pain go hand in hand sometimes’
  236. Paris Hilton on if she’s ever cleaned a toilet in her entire life: ‘Hell, no’
  237. Alicia Keys + Swiss Beatz party in wrong house in Hamptons
  238. Dead bodyguard of Beyonce, Jay Z, fired for being pervy
  239. Singer Sky Ferreira and model boyfriend arrested for possession of heroin and ecstasy
  240. 'It's a pain in my ass being Jennifer Aniston's brother'
  241. Madonna shares she had a dream about Brad Pitt, owns a a penis shaped bong
  242. Jay Z = Total Tool at Made in America Festival
  243. Zac Efron Rehab For Big Coke Problem
  244. Stevie Nicks opens up on man she blames for ruining her chances of having a family
  245. Scott Eastwood follows in his father's footsteps
  246. Comedian/Actor Billy Connally Diagnosed with Parkinsons
  247. Gwyneth Paltrow gets giggles as Chelsea Handler says Gwyneth is addicted to sex
  248. Sandra Bullock on Jesse James : "Nobody Can Be Prepared for Anything"
  249. Britney Haynes' (Big Brother 12/14 contestant) Infant Baby Diagnosed With Cancer
  250. Jessa Duggar Is Being Courted by a Boy Named Ben