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  1. Outdoor Showers
  2. Los Angeles house Marilyn Monroe died in goes up for sale for $3.6m
  3. A little cottage
  4. A two-story condo in Ohio
  5. A Loft in Munich
  6. A Rural Oasis in the City
  7. A beach house on Long Island’s south shore
  8. From a stone farm home to a country villa
  9. Fun Decorated Bathrooms
  10. A One-Bedroom in Gastown
  11. Former hunting retreat in Claremont
  12. Pasadena craftsman
  13. How to hide your stash: Sneaky furniture and accessories
  14. Texas Bunkhouse
  15. A rectangular home near Salt Lake City
  16. A skinny home in London
  17. Shelter Island Retreat
  18. A Renovation and Relocation in Cambodia
  19. A summer house in the heart of Paris
  20. A Fashion Designer’s Roman Retreat
  21. A prominent perch on Santa Catalina
  22. Santa Monica apartment building transformed into modern family house
  23. Lady Gaga's $25,000 a month mansion
  24. Korean Tradition, Italian Style
  25. An Apartment in Kuala Lumpur
  26. A house in Brentwood, LA
  27. Minimalist by design in Costa Mesa
  28. A white summer house
  29. A home in Denmark
  30. Architectual Digest Revisits Cher’s Homes
  31. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw sell their Hollywood mansion for $9.5 million
  32. A Tiny Victorian Cottage
  33. A Midcentury Tree House
  34. A town house in New Jersey
  35. A one bedroom condo
  36. A Brighter Beach House
  37. Decorating ideas for my bedroom ....
  38. A Villa on the Lake
  39. A Row House in Istanbul
  40. A house near Taos, New Mexico
  41. Sheryl Crow's New York loft
  42. Charlize Theron rents out her Malibu home for $50,000 a month
  43. Table lamp dilemma: which to choose?
  44. A retro-modern octopus house
  45. A hotel made of stacked-up homes in the Netherlands
  46. An all-concrete house with bonus death stair
  47. A house near Philadelphia
  48. In Israel, From Storeroom to Two-Bedroom Loft
  49. An 1810 Stone House in Killyleagh, Northern Ireland
  50. Falling Water, revisited: Modern green pool-cooled home
  51. A 3 foot wide garden home
  52. A Tropical Modernist House in Puerto Rico
  53. An unusual shaped house in Latvia
  54. Villa in Ibiza
  55. Rue McClanahan's Co-op For Sale
  56. Rundown garages on sale for £1.25m
  57. Nautical meets Japanese at a beach house in Laguna
  58. Celine Dion's backyard will go on...and on, has her own water park
  59. Before & after: Circus room
  60. A three-bedroom home in Atlanta
  61. In Romania, Creating a Bohemian Attic
  62. A six-bedroom house in Provence
  63. A modern home in Orange County
  64. A Country Home Goes Modern
  65. Need help finding a CORRECT answer to a housing question
  66. Inside Jesse James's Nearly $7 Million Home for Sale
  67. Daniel Craig buys $1.9m penthouse apartment
  68. Your House
  69. 'Biggest house in America' up for sale
  70. A Collection of Amazing Chair Designs
  71. A three-bedroomed house in California
  72. A Viennese Attic Apartment
  73. A house in Mexico
  74. Amityville Horror house goes on sale for £800,000/$1.15 Million
  75. Spanish Revival villa in Los Feliz
  76. An 18th century colonial
  77. A House in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  78. Sting & Trudie Styler's town house in London
  79. F%^*ing half whiskey barrels!
  80. Meg Ryan’s Island Home
  81. A condo in Chicago
  82. An Austrian Vacation Home
  83. A Modern Touch to a Rural Cottage
  84. A Family Compound in the Rocky Mountains
  85. Old England meets modern L.A.
  86. Renovation of a 100 year old limestone in brooklyn
  87. Bathroom throne and other regal fittings at Australian couple's home
  88. Truman Capote's former house most expensive in Brooklyn
  89. Sister Aimee's castle in Lake Elsinore
  90. Rick Owens also designs furniture
  91. Country Living in Seville, Spain
  92. In Costa Rica, a Home Without Walls
  93. A peek at Candy Spelling's colossal 17,000-square-foot attic
  94. An apartment in Budapest
  95. A Barn Rescued and Reborn
  96. New Life for a Penthouse
  97. A brownstone in Brooklyn
  98. A bungalow in the Netherlands
  99. A grey house in Sydney
  100. On a Hillside in Macao
  101. Anti-Zombie Night Table
  102. From garage to home
  103. An apartment in Dallas
  104. Actress Ellen Pompeo at Home
  105. A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms
  106. When a man is an Island aka Grimm in 30 years
  107. Santa Monica Canyon contemporary
  108. Laguna Beach House
  109. A Venice addition made of three living walls
  110. An antebellum carriage house
  111. A house on the banks of the Colorado River
  112. A former firehouse
  113. Laundry to Home in Berlin
  114. A Concrete-and-Glass Town House in Barcelona
  115. A 19th-Century Landmark in Newfoundland
  116. A Canal Home in Bruges
  117. Inside Kerry Katona's new home
  118. Can anyone identify this shrub?
  119. Open Showers
  120. A London Townhouse
  121. Larchmont house is disguised as an office
  122. A Hollywood Hills remodel
  123. For sale: The world's smallest house
  124. Before & after: school street renovation
  125. Before and after kitchen
  126. A home in San Francisco
  127. Home of photographer Rion Nakaya
  128. A country home in Clinton Corners, New York
  129. A small flat in Paris
  130. Casa Son Vida - Mallorca, Spain
  131. One bedroom flat in Jackson Heights
  132. Olle Lundberg's Cabin (do you like the pool?)
  133. Underground House in Seoul
  134. A tacky home in Beverly Hills
  135. 'Organic modern' in the hills of Glendale
  136. A Polo Star’s Family Home
  137. A Post-and-Beam Home
  138. A modern house in Santa Monica
  139. A Westwood Penthouse
  140. Walt Disney Launches a Wallpaper Collection
  141. A church converted into a castle
  142. A good way to store toilet paper?
  143. A Terrace Home in Paddington, Australia
  144. Would you want dried moss on your walls?
  145. A former schoolhouse in Poland
  146. Before and after kitchen
  147. House on Little Balboa Island
  148. Loft in SoHo
  149. Rudyard Kipling's home in Vermont
  150. Please help me decorate my family room!
  151. A three-bedroom home in Mississippi
  152. A midcentury modern house
  153. A Home in Sinai
  154. A Home on a Tropical Island
  155. A summer house in Cadaqués, Spain
  156. Flat smaller than a snooker table is worth £200,000
  157. Contemporary serenity in Bel-Air
  158. A mega-remodel reveals a clean slate
  159. A small beachfront home
  160. A Home in the desert
  161. Just Bought A House!
  162. A Brooklyn Apartment
  163. A New York City Home With a Paris Accent
  164. A Paris Apartment Packed with Color
  165. “Kucica” Croatian cottage
  166. Variations on a Theme
  167. Joshua Tree Home
  168. Lara Spencer trades traditional Greenwich for California modern
  169. Rush Limbaugh's Tacky NYC Penthouse
  170. A Design Duo in Andes, N.Y.
  171. Before & after: A bedroom and living room
  172. A house that keeps watch over Hermosa Beach
  173. A house in Bali
  174. Victorian with an edge
  175. White house
  176. Small apartment in Göteborg
  177. Stockholm apartment
  178. Former Palm Springs home of 'Dragnet' star Jack Webb
  179. Delfin & Postigo house in Madrid
  180. Before and after kitchen
  181. Thomas Andrae's house
  182. Pastoral manner
  183. Bringing it all back home
  184. Surfer's turf
  185. A lot to love
  186. An Italian summer house
  187. A ski home in Mammoth Lakes, California
  188. Todd Oldham's tree house
  189. Mid-century home on Mulholland Drive
  190. A modern LA home
  191. Donna Karan's Central Park West apartment
  192. Wayne Coyne's (Flaming Lips) psychedelic home
  193. A brownstone in New York
  194. Industrial living
  195. Alvar Aalto's La Maison Carré
  196. Warehouse in Sydney
  197. 14th century mansion in Italy
  198. Château Couronne
  199. Rio interior
  200. Water House Tower by Erin Martin in Napa
  201. Classical epiphany
  202. For the fun of it
  203. A Manhattan loft with Latin style
  204. Attic becomes a suite retreat upstairs
  205. The Swiss underground
  206. Flat in Stockholm
  207. Unhappy Hipsters
  208. Before and after: Living/dining room
  209. Before and after kitchen
  210. Before & after: Office
  211. Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills home
  212. Creative types
  213. The Bellwether of Belvedere
  214. A renovated fisherman’s cottage
  215. A minimalist makeover
  216. Marc Canadell sells his Hollywood Hills home for $14 million
  217. On high ground in Montecito
  218. A bit of the Old South in Newport
  219. The Message Bean and other fun gifts
  220. Interior designer Jacques Grange’s portuguese retreat
  221. Before & after: San Francisco loft makeover
  222. Courtyard house by Rowan Opat
  223. Farm fresh
  224. An atypical tree house
  225. Loo & improved
  226. Campbells' coup
  227. An abandoned milk depot becomes a home
  228. A Moorish castle in Grenada
  229. Mod Men
  230. Bedroom addition in Seattle
  231. Wilton colonial
  232. A New York house near the beach
  233. Inside Joan Rivers's home
  234. Before & after: Dining room
  235. Before & after: Office
  236. Fashion designer Malene Birger’s Copenhagen home
  237. A stylist’s small-space design solutions
  238. A barter for a lease in Lebanon
  239. Feng Shui in Austria
  240. A well-curated space
  241. Opdahl remastered
  242. Best in snow
  243. Designer Gilles Mendel’s home
  244. Beverly Hills midcentury modern is a study in light and geometry
  245. The $967 kitchen revamp
  246. A three-bedroom contemporary home
  247. A four-bedroom Colonial
  248. Open space in Paris
  249. A living room/dining room makeover
  250. Before and after bathroom