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  1. In Sydney, Finding Room to Grow
  2. A town house in Glasgow
  3. In the Athens Area, a Tropical Maisonette With a Shared Pool
  4. In Switzerland, Minimalism and Industrialism
  5. Katie Couric's Hamptons house
  6. A midcentury-modern home in Sonoma County
  7. In Venice, a Palazzo Penthouse on a Canal
  8. A home in Mexico
  9. Would you or Do You Own a House on a Corner Lot?
  10. Ellen Degeneres & Portia DeRossi's House For Sale
  11. A two-bedroom cabin in Folsom, Louisiana
  12. An Attic Apartment in Helsinki
  13. In Buenos Aires, a Trilevel Penthouse in a Former Factory
  14. A Mini-Castle That Dates to 1400, Filled With Contemporary Décor
  15. In Amsterdam, a Loft on a Canal
  16. A five-bedroom home in San Diego
  17. In England, a Former Factory to Call Home
  18. So Sad ... Robin Abandoned Her Nest At My Back Door
  19. Suggestions welcome - Kitchen decor thread
  20. New Santa Monica house is a cubist flight in steel and glass
  21. A Townhouse in Belgium
  22. A colourful and simple Tribeca loft
  23. An apartment in Paris
  24. Keri Russell at Home
  25. A 'Floating Bungalow'
  26. A luxury fortress high above the Sunset Strip
  27. Yellow Brick House - Vilnius, Lithuania
  28. A Rustic Residence
  29. In Prague, a Triplex
  30. In Belize, a Beachfront Duplex
  31. Moby's castle in the Hollywood hills
  32. A Modern Farmhouse From Scottish Ruins
  33. Home Alone mansion on sale for $2.4m
  34. Would you guys mind sharing photos of nice bathrooms?
  35. Jennifer Aniston Buys $5.9 Million Manhattan Penthouse
  36. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne put Malibu beach house up for sale for $10m
  37. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott put family home on the market for $3m
  38. A home on the Noosa River, Queensland
  39. A home in Vancouver
  40. A three-bedroom house in Orient, N.Y.
  41. In Bermuda, a (very pink) Manor Home
  42. A converted church in Newport, Rhode Island
  43. A pink house in California
  44. Living in a decommissioned firehouse
  45. In Nova Scotia, a 19th-Century House on the Bay
  46. Family-Friendly Minimalism in London
  47. A home in Byron Bay, Australia
  48. In Budapest, a Loft on the Danube
  49. Greenery, Inside and Out
  50. A Graphic Designer’s Palm Springs Pad
  51. Woman Rents 90-Square-Foot Apartment in New York
  52. In Paris, a Restored Apartment
  53. Welsh 'Hitler House' causes Internet stir
  54. An artist's abode in Pacific Palisades
  55. Not a Bird or a Plane, but Home
  56. An Apartment in Hong Kong
  57. Contemporary Hollywood Hills space
  58. A Townhouse in London
  59. New York's most expensive house on sale for $90million
  60. In Iceland, a Snowy Retreat
  61. Sowden House in Los Feliz
  62. Christina Aguilera's Beverly Hills Mansion for sale priced $13.5 million
  63. The Razor House in La Jolla, California
  64. A two-bedroom house in Houston
  65. An apartment in Shanghai
  66. In Ecuador, With Mountain Views
  67. Norwegian Cabin in Kvitfjell
  68. TINI founder Alexis Hadjopulos' eclectic house
  69. A Home on the Yucatán
  70. A Park Avenue Penthouse
  71. A renovated barn
  72. A renovated farmhouse in the french countryside
  73. Pirate ship bedroom
  74. An Apartment in Central Berlin
  75. In Berlin, a Penthouse’s Rainbow of Colors
  76. A Five-Bedroom Town House in the French Alps
  77. Inside Britney Spears' tacky $20m mansion
  78. A House Inspired by Art
  79. A Tudor Reborn
  80. A home in Paris
  81. A medieval-meets-modern house in the hills outside L.A.
  82. Face-lift turns doctor's office into a couple's modern retreat
  83. Room after room with a view
  84. A former fire station in Piermont, NY
  85. 'Floating' house gives visitors the jitters
  86. Jennifer Aniston 'splashes $15million on New York penthouse'
  87. Billy Joel's ex-wife sells New York townhouse for $11.65m
  88. Justin Bieber's $1.7m luxury condo in the heart of LA
  89. A pattern-packed Moroccan home
  90. In Ibiza, a House on Stilts
  91. See Tiger Woods's Extravagant New Estate
  92. Padma Lakshmi interested in $10m NYC apartment
  93. Ashton Kutcher puts his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad up for sale
  94. A colourful/unique/hideous one-bedroom condo in New Orleans
  95. In Peru, Two Houses and a Pool
  96. Tiny Apartment Is Made With 25,000 Ping-Pong Balls
  97. Inside a Modern Scottish Country House
  98. In South Africa, a Villa With an Ocean View
  99. A one-bedroom duplex condo in chicago
  100. A two-bedroom midcentury modern house in Dallas
  101. In a Chelsea Apartment, Space-Saving Design
  102. In Austria, an Artist's Home in a Police Station
  103. River Views in Lisbon, Portugual
  104. A town house in San Francisco
  105. Kitchen renovation - counter tops
  106. Il Girasole: A House Near Verona
  107. Have you ever regretted a furniture or furnishing purchase? Why?
  108. An Attic Studio in Stockholm
  109. A three-bedroom home in Arizona
  110. Expanding Vertically in Berlin
  111. A stately labor of love in Altadena
  112. Artists piece together a colorful look with mosaics in their L.A. bungalow
  113. A Manhattan apartment renovation
  114. A Pattern-Packed Pied-à-Terre
  115. Before & after: Kitchen
  116. Brooklyn home of J.Crew director Jenna Lyons
  117. Ferris Bueller house up for sale‎
  118. A two-bedroom apartment in Sydney, Australia
  119. A three-bedroom house in Woodstock, NY
  120. A four-bedroom house in Cody, Wyoming
  121. An Escape From the Bustle of Marrakesh
  122. In Phuket, Thailand, a Villa With Ocean Views
  123. Wallpaper artist Alix Soubiran's L.A. home
  124. Midcentury Modern meets Hollywood Hills
  125. Drew Barrymore buys $7m mansion
  126. A one-bedroom split-level condo in Miami
  127. A three-bedroom house in Glorieta, New Mexico
  128. In Canada, a Log Cabin With Mountain Views
  129. In Mumbai, a Place to Showcase an Art Collection
  130. Steven Seagal's new $3.5m home
  131. Bristol Palin's new home in Arizona
  132. A weekend house in Mexico
  133. The Wisnu Residence, Jakarta
  134. A one-bedroom apartment in a former school
  135. A four-bedroom house in Arkansas
  136. Open Air in Costa Rica
  137. A Houseboat in Egypt, With Decor From All Over
  138. An interior designer's home in Sweden
  139. George Michael buys property in Australia
  140. A two-bedroom house in LA
  141. In London, a Mews House
  142. A Mansion on Staten Island
  143. A Townhouse in London
  144. Pharrell Williams at home in Miami
  145. A Brazilian beach house
  146. Integral House, Toronto
  147. A penthouse apartment in Long Island City, Queens
  148. A mountain home in Idaho
  149. In Germany, A Water Tower to Call Home
  150. In New Zealand, a Cedar House on a Hill
  151. 'The Godfather' Home for Sale for $2.9 Million
  152. Lisa Marie Presley sells Los Angeles ranch for $5m
  153. Harrison Ford Lists His NYC Apartment
  154. Heidi Klum and Seal's new $13.4m home
  155. The White House decorates for the holidays
  156. In Tangier, a Traditional Riad
  157. A one-bedroom condo in Minneapolis
  158. A three-bedroom house in Duanesberg, NY
  159. In Tel Aviv, Living in the Public Eye
  160. I need some advice on picking types/brands of paint
  161. A three-bedroom house in Darlington, Australia
  162. In an Old Hay Loft in Stockholm, a New Life
  163. A Villa With Caribbean Views
  164. A Butter Warehouse Turned Tribeca Loft
  165. Miranda Kerr's NYC Apartment
  166. Mixing Old and New in a Lebanese House
  167. Contemporary in Luxembourg
  168. 2 old bungalows made into 1 modern house
  169. Newport's historic seaside mansions speak of the days when "summer" was a verb
  170. Near Madrid, a House of Concrete I-Beams and Steel Girders
  171. In Uruguay, a House of Stone
  172. A second act for Frank Gehry's Schnabel House
  173. The Moody Cottages
  174. Living in the shade of a giant sequoia
  175. Bridle Road Residence - Cape Town
  176. A Nightclubber’s Quiet Retreat
  177. A three-bedroom house in Savannah
  178. In Shanghai, Creating a Loft
  179. In the Seychelles, Open Air and Ocean Views
  180. Drag queen Jackie Beat's Highland Park home
  181. A house with wide-open views and few intrusions
  182. Life inside the Smith Tower penthouse pyramid
  183. In Paris, a Threadbare Home From the 1800s
  184. A Traditional-Style House on Ibiza
  185. A two-bedroom condo in San Francisco
  186. A Hacienda in Honduras
  187. A 1920s home revived for a new century
  188. An 18th-century New York house
  189. An 11,500-square-foot Mansion
  190. The House of Color
  191. Willy Wonka House - Tribeca, New York
  192. In Brazil, a 1940s Home
  193. Cosmetics star Jeanine Lobell and actor Anthony Edwards' family home
  194. Brazilian fashion designer Carlos Miele's home
  195. Star hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai's Manhattan duplex
  196. Sharp lines and soaring walls of glass
  197. House on the island of Tinos, Greece
  198. A two-bedroom condo in Santa Fe
  199. A three-bedroom house in Des Moines
  200. A Brick 1840s ‘Eyesore’ Brought Back to Life
  201. Michael Bay's Miami beach house
  202. Sears Homes Across the Midwest
  203. A Hamptons Home with a French Accent
  204. A Star Stylist’s Private Retreat in the Sky
  205. A one-bedroom condo in Boston
  206. A four-bedroom contemporary house
  207. A London Home Makes the Most of an Odd-Shaped Plot
  208. 'CSI: Miami' actor Jonathan Togo's house
  209. Christian Audigier's house on the market for $8.2 million
  210. A Town House in Antwerp
  211. A Santa Fe House Built to the Greenest Standard
  212. A bright house on Shelter Island
  213. Before & after: Kitchen floor
  214. A 1935 house in Ridgefield
  215. Must Home Sellers Disclose Paranormal Activity?
  216. Perched on the Amalfi Coast
  217. A Home in a Converted Brewery in Berlin
  218. A Singapore beach house
  219. Katy Perry and Russell Brand's $2.7m NYC love nest
  220. Ralph Lauren reinvigorates his Manhattan apartment
  221. 1969 Fiberglass Boomerang desk sold for $481,000
  222. An apartment in Kiev
  223. In Berlin, Space for a Collection
  224. A three-bedroom condo in Chicago
  225. Open air in Bali
  226. The Woodman's Cottage
  227. British brothers sell Monaco penthouse for £200m
  228. Renovating a French Farmhouse
  229. A Stockholm Apartment
  230. A seven-bedroom Tudor house in Kansas
  231. A Villa in Corfu
  232. A one-bedroom loft style condo
  233. A three bedroom house in Nashville
  234. A hand-crafted Santa Monica home
  235. Designer John Derian's Cape Cod Dump errr Home
  236. A Home in the Alps With Forward-Thinking Design
  237. A very chic urinal
  238. A Penthouse in Medellín, Colombia
  239. In the Shadow of a Palace
  240. Vessel Sinks....yes or no?
  241. A house near Marseille, France
  242. A two-bedroom house made from natural and recycled materials
  243. A one-bedroom apartment in Portland
  244. A two-bedroom house in Lenox, Massachusetts
  245. A Glass House Fit for a Family
  246. A Z-Haus in Oregon
  247. Living in a mini house
  248. A 1,500-square-foot bungalow in California
  249. A 2000-square-foot condo loft
  250. From empty steel shipping container to playhouse, garden retreat and guesthouse