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  1. Extremely Comfy Man-Chairs That Aren't Uglay?
  2. Built-ins for pets
  3. Downtown Apartment In Zagreb
  4. Trading Wasted Space
  5. An Apartment in New York's East Village
  6. A four-bedroom modern in Key Biscayne
  7. Getting the Walls Out of the Way
  8. A Three-Bedroom House in an Old Sugar Mill on Nevis
  9. Near Cape Town, a 300-Year-Old Farm
  10. Gerard Depardieu Is Unloading His $65 Million Paris Mansion
  11. A colourful home in Paris
  12. A home in Helsinki
  13. Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia's Modern Castle
  14. Johnny Depp buys $17.5 million Nashville home
  15. Ex-Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning "downsizes" to a $4.5 Million house
  16. Ballachurry House on the Isle of Man
  17. In San Francisco, Design as Conceptual Artwork
  18. In Pomerania, a Modern-Day Manor
  19. A Regency Retreat Near Bath
  20. A Slice of a House in Poland
  21. A renovated vicarage in sweden
  22. Engineer transforms retired passenger jet into dream home
  23. On Prince Edward Island, a Waterfront Farmhouse
  24. Near Ajaccio, a Hilltop Retreat
  25. In San Francisco, Another Angle on Family Life
  26. In Belgium, a Converted 19th-Century Mill
  27. Gérard Tremolet's Normandy Home
  28. Fashion Editor Kim Hersov's London Home
  29. Frank Muytjens of J. Crew at Home
  30. Ivanka Trump's New York Apartment
  31. Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne buy a £6 million mansion in Herefordshire, England
  32. Elvis Presley's Beverly Hills estate for sale
  33. A High-Rise Condo on Philly's Avenue of the Arts
  34. Collection of Halloween Craft Ideas for the Home
  35. Renovated apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel
  36. Tony (Monk) Shalhoub’s Cottage on Martha’s Vineyard
  37. Highclere Castle, the real Downton Abbey
  38. The house from Practical Magic (film)
  39. A Georgian Manor House in County Laois, Ireland
  40. An Aspen house hides in plain sight
  41. Actor B. D. Wong’s home
  42. Four-Bedroom Villa Near a Forest Outside Copenhagen
  43. Carolina Herrera Baez's Madrid Home
  44. An updated cottage in Los Angeles
  45. A country home in the Dordogne, France
  46. A converted barn in France
  47. Johnny Depp Just Bought A $4.4 Million Hollywood Home For His Ex
  48. Stainless Steel Appliances Are No Longer the Trend
  49. Apartment for tourists in Tel Aviv, Israel
  50. Is this the ugliest mansion in America?
  51. Lake Windermere Boathouse - A Snip at £2million!
  52. A holiday home on Tinos, Greece
  53. Male Model Josh Wald's Williamsburg Townhouse
  54. Jennifer Love Hewitt's Toluca Lake Home For Sale
  55. Rob Lowe sells ocean side home in Santa Barbara for $5.9 million
  56. Tate & Lyle Mansion goes on sale for a staggering £100m
  57. Designer Steven Volpe's Marin County Home
  58. A beachside apartment in Malibu
  59. In Yucatán, a Home for Two Travel Writers
  60. In Gibraltar, a Restored 19th-Century Cottage
  61. Laundry styles around the world
  62. Poetryworld House
  63. In Germany, a Modern Bavarian House in the Foothills of the Alps
  64. A Colorful Getaway
  65. In Bogotá, Colombia a Corner House With a Courtyard
  66. A Green Home in Winter Haven, Florida
  67. A home on Mercer Island, Washington
  68. Crochet Tutorials
  69. Making mudroom storage from an IKEA hack
  70. Bruno Mars splashes out $3.3m on LA mansion‎
  71. In the Bahamas, a Beachfront Retreat
  72. A glass house in Dublin
  73. A Beach House in a Rain Forest in Eastern Australia
  74. A house in Southampton, New York
  75. Reese Witherspoon's home in Ojai, LA
  76. A 1.5 floors apartment in Jerusalem, Israel
  77. Already posted
  78. A Minimalist Contemporary on the Black Sea
  79. A Duplex in Central Kiev
  80. On Vancouver Island, a Tree-Hugging House
  81. Ochre barn in Norfolk, England
  82. Sandra Lee's Home
  83. Ralph Pucci’s Beach House
  84. Jensen Ackles lists Brentwood house at 3.495 million
  85. In Buenos Aires, a triplex with an industrial heritage
  86. North of Rome, a Stone Villa on a Hill
  87. A town house in Chelsea, New York
  88. Château de Burnand in Burgundy
  89. A House Facing a Canal in the Dutch Capital
  90. A renovated Spanish home
  91. A beach bungalow in Cape Town, South Africa
  92. How to build cheap raised beds for the garden
  93. Outside aircon cover made from an old pallet
  94. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin buy L.A. Equestrian Estate
  95. Anyone have 75 mil for a B.C island?
  96. A home in Falmouth, England
  97. An apartment in Brooklyn
  98. A glass house by Koko Architecture
  99. Mansion where Gianni Versace was killed hits market for $125m
  100. Is this the Middletons' new house?
  101. An apartment in a midtown Manhattan skyscraper
  102. A house with a sea view in Tangier, Morocco
  103. A home in a former cigarette warehouse
  104. A villa in Cyprus
  105. A 15th-century Renaissance palazzo in Florence, Italy
  106. A Hillside Perch With Caribbean Views
  107. In Bali, a Beach Town Compound
  108. Amy Winehouse's last house in Camden is up for sale
  109. Chloe Sevigny puts her one bedroom New York apartment on the market for $1.7million
  110. My House, Advice Needed
  111. Inside Bethenny Frankel and husband's lavishly renovated New York apartment
  112. Adriana Lima's husband Marko Jaric lists his Beverly Hills home for $1.9m
  113. Nest House in Onomichi-city, Hiroshima, Japan
  114. A one bedroom house in Volcano, Hawaii
  115. A Modernist House in Los Angeles
  116. A Penthouse in the Heart of Malmo
  117. Floating Farmhouse
  118. A Floating Condo on a Cruise Ship
  119. Heather Mills pays £1.5m for two-bed flat in a converted Austrian castle
  120. A Home in The Farmhouse Style in Malta
  121. A three-bedroom home on Mercer Island
  122. An Island Villa in a Gated Compound
  123. In Seoul, Two Hanoks Make a Modern Home
  124. A holiday home in Canada
  125. A home in the lombardy region, Italy
  126. A house for two in Uruguay
  127. DIY: A chair & foot-stool transformation
  128. DIY: Painted Chevron Striped Wall With Detailed Tutorial
  129. DIY: Build your own Office nook
  130. A 1960 apartment in Haifa, Israel
  131. Sylvester Stallone's La Quinta home is for sale
  132. Jennifer Aniston takes a hit on her New York apartments
  133. An egg-shaped treehouse
  134. A farmhouse in Monfumo, Italy
  135. A Collector of ’50s Décor Finds an Apartment to Match
  136. A Riverfront Home in Quebec
  137. Living In A Bubble
  138. A beach house in Bahia, Brazil
  139. A home near Lisbon, Portugal
  140. TV Above Fireplace?
  141. How to make a Tufted Headboard
  142. Toni Collette puts her Los Angeles home on the market for $1.3 million
  143. A Three-Bedroom Contemporary In Mexico City
  144. A Historic Country Manor With 95 Rooms
  145. In Manhattan, Bright and Modern
  146. A home in Madrid
  147. A home on the island of Panarea, Italy
  148. Pantry Heaven
  149. Madonna is selling Beverly Hills home for $28 million
  150. Victoria and David Beckham are selling 'Beckingham Palace'
  151. Vin Diesel's gold, two-storey $1.1million trailer
  152. Courtney Love's Manhattan apartment
  153. A light-filled 1950s house
  154. A five-bedroom villa in Portugal
  155. An apartment in Paris
  156. I have returned to being a makeup whore and need a vanity table ...
  157. Michael Jackson's last rented mansion reduced for sale
  158. Juanita Jordan's Chicago Penthouse
  159. A Mid-Rise Luxury Condo in Downtown Philly
  160. A Harlem Townhouse
  161. A Three-Bedroom Apartment in a Historic Macau Neighborhood
  162. A home in Marrakech, Morocco
  163. A cottage in Denmark
  164. A two-bedroom house in Venice, California
  165. A Five-Bedroom Mountainside Estate Overlooking San José
  166. An apartment in Barcelona
  167. Two-story contemporary in the Hollywood Hills
  168. A house in Adelaide, Australia
  169. A ‘shipping container home’ within a home
  170. A flat in Bratislava
  171. A High-Rise Apartment in Moscow
  172. A Connecticut Country House in a New Light
  173. A home in Sweden
  174. Former Britney Spears' home for sale
  175. Pink mansion of late cosmetics queen Mary Kay Ash goes on sale for $3.3m
  176. Adam Levine’s Hollywood Hills Home
  177. Brooke Shields' Townhouse
  178. A renovated farmhouse in Parma, Italy
  179. An apartment in Chicago
  180. Richard McGeehan's Wisconsin Home
  181. A 57m² apartment in Tel Aviv
  182. An Industrial Strength House in Pittsburgh
  183. After a Fire, a San Francisco Home Gets a Do-Over
  184. A secluded six-bedroom oceanfront estate in Nicaragua
  185. A home in the 19th-century farmhouse style in Aruba
  186. A five-bedroom mountainside home near Frankfurt
  187. A town house in Brooklyn
  188. An apartment in Rome
  189. An apartment in Calcutta
  190. A converted San Antonio factory
  191. An apartment in Greenwich Village
  192. A two-bedroom co-op in Washington DC
  193. A Miami Mashup
  194. A house in Morocco
  195. A pavilion-style estate in Bel-Air
  196. Near Toulouse, a Restored House Hides in Plain Sight
  197. A townhouse in Rotterdam
  198. A Stone Farmhouse With Cottages in the Welsh Countryside
  199. Jenny Craig Sells $6 Million Mansion To Daughter
  200. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's LA Mansion Almost Done‎
  201. Breakfast at Tiffany's house up for sale for $6 million
  202. A two-bedroom midcentury modern
  203. A Penthouse Gets a Second Life in Singapore
  204. A seven-bedroom house on the island of Buyukada
  205. A house surrounded by olive trees
  206. Supermodel Agyness Deyn's NYC apartment for sale
  207. A Sustainable Home in Scotland
  208. A seven-bedroom mansion in Uruguay
  209. Lisa Ling's new Santa Monica house
  210. Mini Modern: New 495-square-foot L.A. house
  211. L House - Buenos Aires
  212. Inverted Warehouse Townhouse - New York
  213. Itiquira House - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  214. Post a picture of your fugly xmas tree
  215. Jennifer Hudson's new home in Illinois
  216. A Cabin on the beach in Hawaii
  217. A three-bedroom penthouse overlooking Boston Harbor
  218. In Tasmania, Nature on Display
  219. A two-bedroom, two-bath condo in Atlanta
  220. A Penthouse in Houston
  221. A Restored 18th Century Farmhouse in Tuscany
  222. A Former Factory in Amsterdam
  223. A home in Marrakech
  224. An apartment in Hamburg
  225. A cottage in Småland, Sweden
  226. America's Doomed Mansions
  227. Tamara Ecclestone's new closet features handbags on a conveyor rack
  228. A Stone House in a Majorca Wine-Making Village
  229. In a Finnish Forest, a House Blends In
  230. A Miami Beach House
  231. Hilary Swank's Manhattan Retreat
  232. David Schwimmer puts his $10.7m mansion up for sale
  233. A Three-Bedroom Town House With Skylights in Southwest London
  234. A Showpiece of Communal Living in Berlin
  235. Joshua Tree shack turned into a weekend retreat
  236. California Midcentury meets Latin American modern
  237. A Historic Home in the Center of Bruges
  238. A Manhattan apartment
  239. An Eclectic Mix (Mess?) in Manhattan
  240. Barcode House
  241. Le Corbusier Loft
  242. A Chelsea Loft
  243. Help me with my foyer
  244. A painted whorehouse in Brandon VT
  245. Kirstie Alley selling sugar-overloaded confection in Maine
  246. A five-bedroom Carpenter Gothic house in Bath, Me., 45 mins from Portland
  247. An arts and crafts house in Kansas City
  248. A four-bedroom house in Indian Hills, Colorado
  249. A studio apartment in Bordeaux
  250. A 10,800-square-foot house in the Andalusian village of Casares