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  1. Moonstruck house sells for $4 million
  2. Director Roland Emmerich's "Political Humour" townhouse
  3. Pete Wentz's house for sale
  4. Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn's home is on the market
  5. Shopping and interior design gayness within
  6. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner buy $16 million house
  7. No More Love it or Hate It/Do You Like threads
  8. Green cleaning parties - with recipes included!
  9. New approaches to cottaging
  10. Cher selling Malibu mansion for $45 million
  11. Christina Aguilera's home on the market
  12. Richard Gere's home
  13. Paul Michael "Starsky" Glaser's home for sale
  14. Danielle Steel's beach getaway
  15. Willem Dafoe's rubber house
  16. Hurricane Katrina house makeover
  17. An energy-efficient home
  18. Do you like this San Francisco ex-brothel rowhouse?
  19. Toronto's little house
  20. Country Living's 2008 Home of the Year
  21. Gwen Stefani's old digs
  22. Klein Bottle House
  23. Designer spotlight: Greg Natale Design
  24. Coveted crib: A converted church in London
  25. IKEA debuts bike trailers
  26. Couple use children's drawings as wallpaper
  27. Qoffee stool by Rainer Spehl...what do you think?
  28. Isola Greca fruit bowl by Enzo Mari...what do you think?
  29. My landlord is the spawn of hell
  30. Advice on getting a new mattress?
  31. Need some advice about my house situation
  32. Floating cities each with enough room for 50,000 inhabitants
  33. Would you buy an Aerogarden?
  34. SMEG's energy-efficient refrigerator
  35. A home with an outdoor home theatre
  36. Carrie's (Sex and the City) closet
  37. Composting toilets make cottage sense
  38. 'Mr Darcy' portrait is to be sold
  39. Deluxe apartments in the sky
  40. The interior of stately home saved by Prince Charles
  41. Photos from Chelsea Flower Show
  42. Slugs & mosquitoes... they must die or go elsewhere!
  43. Bad bed!
  44. Help my 'yard'
  45. White-fruited Mulberry tree/bush
  47. Grr Pottery Barn grrrr
  48. Can we have one thread for the "Do you like' things?
  49. Mourning gardens
  50. Beautiful Japanese gardens... enjoy the pics
  51. Advice needed: Dog-resistant flooring options
  52. Wooden LED alarm clock...what do you think?
  53. McJag's weekly home organization assignment
  54. Eco-house in Cotswold sells for a world record 7.2m
  55. Help the next GR poster decorate
  56. Cleaning products
  57. If you had two bare rooms in your house...
  58. Do you like the Marcel Wanders chandelier showerhead?
  59. The Zerohouse
  60. My orchid quit me!!!!
  61. Weapons furniture
  62. Octodog frankfurter converter
  63. Magic wish beans
  64. Magic mirror
  65. Rocking horse toilet
  66. Klem coatrack/hanger set... like it?
  67. Cowboy boot chair
  68. Before & After gardens
  69. Crime scene bath towel
  70. First harvest!
  71. Garbage truck house
  72. House made of newspapers
  73. Sexy bedsheets & towels
  74. For the architecture buffs: Herzog & De Meuron in China
  75. Tree tent
  76. Patent leather cube
  77. Swimming...er bathing with the fishes: Moody Acquario Bathtub
  78. Gas mask shower head
  79. Hyper colour toilet seat
  80. Sheep Chair? I think it's baaaaaad
  81. Eleganza cocktail table
  82. Fragranced tassels
  83. Manhole mats
  84. Cabbage chair
  85. Bathroom tiles that change colour!
  86. A bookshelf and a bench
  87. The $10,000 planter
  88. Would you buy this $3000 tipi?
  89. Ukrainian businesswoman buys world's most expensive home in London for 80m
  90. Is it wrong if I fake orgasms with Garden Gnomes?
  91. Magic Box
  92. 1890s outside, loftlike inside
  93. Neighborhood Civic Club
  94. What are you going to plant this Spring?
  95. Ten weird furniture designs
  96. Paint problem...any ideas?
  97. Livingstones: over-sized pebbles acting as cushions
  98. How messy is your house?
  99. Your house smells!
  100. A bad design bites client in the butt
  101. How to make Valentine's Day even more awkward: a cold, pink, plastic chair
  102. Ricky Martin leavin' La Vida Florida
  103. How-To: fold a towel like an elephant
  104. The old lady who lived in a shoe
  105. Need centerpiece ideas!
  106. The $200,000 bath
  107. Why is it so hard to sublet my condo?
  108. Slowly evolving home
  109. The Billion dollar behemoth
  110. First flat-pack home is unveiled
  111. What do you wish you had space for?
  112. Bath or shower?
  113. What piece of furniture would you most like to replace?
  114. Do men do their fair share around the house?
  115. What is your most hated household chore?
  116. Where is your designated Messy Zone?
  117. Steal of the day: Anthropologie Crystalline Bathmat
  118. Look inside Pete Sampras' $25 million home
  119. Modern and Contemporary
  120. Describe your bedroom when you were a kid
  121. Do you like IKEA?
  122. The ultimate bathroom
  123. Favourite room in your house?
  124. Shower heads
  125. Artificial indoor plants..yay or nay?
  126. Thanks Svz!!!!!
  127. Hardwood or laminate?
  128. Love It or Hate It?
  129. Our fixer upper
  130. Favorite architecture for places of worship
  131. Xmas outdoor decorating: When do you do it?
  132. Cleaning and organizing
  133. BRRRR! What time of year do you start turning on the heater?
  134. Yard sales!!!
  135. What is a bidet used for?
  136. Paint color ideas
  137. Furniture advice
  138. I'M MOVING! Need advice quick!
  139. Everyone else I know is getting a bigger house...pity party
  140. Clutter and organizing
  141. How do you feel about your neighbors?
  142. On the street where you live - tell us!
  143. How much does it cost to build a house?
  144. Noisy neighbor, part deux
  145. Recycling/going green
  146. What's so great about Dyson vacuums?
  147. How I lost my home, 3 stories
  148. Cleaning suede - need help
  149. What temperature is your thermostat/AC set at?
  150. Cool house
  151. Vacuum cleaners
  152. What does your house/flat/apartment/maisonette/cardboard box look like?
  153. The plants/gardening thread!
  154. Portable fireplaces
  155. What product(s) do you use to clean your kitchen/bath?
  156. What is a reputable home security system company, and ones to avoid?
  157. The Real Estate thread
  158. Anyone ever live in a trailer?
  159. Own or rent?
  160. The best way to heat your house?
  161. Question for you with a green thumb!
  162. Extraordinary kids playhouses
  163. McMansion on wheels
  164. Speaking of real estate...
  165. Any real estate agents? Or someone who knows about selling houses..
  166. The McMansions have arrived
  167. Cowboy builders bodged my kitchen floor