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Courtney Love

Real name: Courtney Michelle Harrison
Birthdate: July 9, 1965
Status: Dating
Partner: Jim Barber

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Courtney Love Cobain (born Courtney Michelle Harrison on July 9, 1964) is an American rock musician and Golden Globe-nominated actress. Love is best known as lead singer for the now-defunct alternative rock band Hole, and for her two-year marriage to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

The band was struck by disaster again when bassist Kristen Pfaff died of an apparent heroin overdose on June 16, 1994, just two months after Cobain's death and the new album's release. A few months later, Love told MTV's Kurt Loder, "you know...people go back to work. This is what I do. I gotta make a living." Hole recruited 22-year-old bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur (on Corgan's recommendation) to fill in for Pfaff, and took Hole on the road, appearing at the Reading Festival in England. The band's performance was written up by broadcaster John Peel in The Guardian:“Courtney's first appearance backstage certainly caught the attention. Swaying wildly and with lipstick smeared on her face, hands and, I think, her back, as well as on the collar of her dress, the singer would have drawn whistles of astonishment in Bedlam. After a brief word with supporters at the foot of the stage, she reeled away, knocking over a wastebin, and disappeared. Minutes later she was onstage giving a performance which verged on the heroic...Love steered her band through a set which dared you to pity either her recent history or that of the band...the band teetered on the edge of chaos, generating a tension which I cannot remember having felt before from any stage."”

Love received considerable acclaim for her role as Larry Flynt's wife, Althea, in Miloš Forman's 1996 film The People vs. Larry Flynt, opposite Woody Harrelson as Flynt. She received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Drama. During this time she met and began dating Edward Norton, a relationship which would become her longest yet. The two were engaged, but ultimately broke up.

In January 2005, Love regained the custody of her daughter that she had lost in October 2003, after completing a state-enforced rehabilitation program and enduring a probational period. Child welfare authorities alluded to drug addiction when responding to the press on the matter, though they didn't comment directly.

Love's mother Linda Carroll was adopted by an Italian-American couple at birth, retaining no contact with her birth father or her birth mother, whom she later discovered was the well-known children's writer Paula Fox (herself also adopted). Carroll penned an autobiography titled Her Mother's Daughter, released in 2006, about her relationship with both adoptive mother and elder daughter.

Studio albums: We Care a Lot | Introduce Yourself | The Real Thing | Angel Dust | King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime | Album of the Year


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