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Corey Feldman

Real name: Corey Scott Feldman
Birthdate: June 16, 1971
Status: Married
Partner: Susie Sprague

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Feldman, the second of five children, was born in Chatsworth, California to Bob Feldman, a rock producer and musician and Sheila (née Goldstein), a cocktail waitress. Feldman is Jewish and has two brothers, Eden and Devin, as well as two sisters, Mindy and Brittnie. Mindy Feldman started her career at age six, as the youngest member of the new Mickey Mouse Club in the '70s.

After a public battle with drugs, Feldman fought to re-establish his life and career by working with teens, starring in several lesser-known films, and branching out with an album. His first musical release, in 1993, was titled Love Left and featured a the moderately successful single "Honesty". He returned to the big screen with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III where he again did the voice of Donatello, re-teamed with Corey Haim in Blown Away, and starred in the Richard Donner/Robert Zemeckis/Joel Silver film Bordello of Blood, opposite Dennis Miller.

In 2002, Feldman released a solo album, Former Child Actor, and promoted it with a US tour. In 2002, he appeared in the first celebrity-driven reality series The Surreal Life on the VH1. On the show, he publicly married Susie Sprague. The next year, he made a cameo appearance in the movie Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star starring David Spade.

In 2005, Feldman had his stage debut in the positively reviewed off-Broadway play Fatal Attraction, a Greek Tragedy, a parody of the seminal 1987 film Fatal Attraction directed by Timothy Haskell. Feldman played the lead character named "Michael Douglas" (as opposed to the "Dan Gallagher", the name of the character played by Douglas in the original film). Feldman recently appeared in the theatrical release My Date with Drew and is currently the voice of "Sparx-77" in the Toon Disney / ABC Family series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!.

In 2007, Feldman and Corey Haim have a scripted reality TV show lined up entitled, "The Two Coreys", on the A&E Network. Portraying fictional versions of themselves, Haim and Feldman began taping on December 4, 2006. The show's premiere is scheduled for July 29, 2007, at 10:00 p. m. (PT/ET)

In the Winter of 2007, Corey's new film "Terror Inside" will be his first to be released since the premiere of his A&E show. It was filmed in the Greater Orlando area by Minott Lenders, an independent film company based in Florida. The offbeat horror film also stars Tanya Memme (A&E's "Sell This House"), Susie Feldman, Chad Jamian Williams, and other new names. Terror Inside Official Trailer

Feldman was once a friend of Michael Jackson until a visit to Manhattan, where Feldman claimed that Jackson abandoned him while he and his kids left the city. During the 2005 Jackson molestation trial, Feldman alleged in a 20/20 interview that Jackson had shown him nude photos. Corey was subpoenaed as a witness and placed under a gag order. He is quoted saying the following in reference to what occurred between him and Jackson:

On August 6, 1988 he married Vanessa Marcil. They divorced in 1993. He later married Susie Sprague on October 30, 2002, on the final episode of The Surreal Life. The ceremony was officiated by M.C. Hammer, an ordained minister. Hammer and Mötley Crüe bandmember Vince Neil, both fellow Surreal Life castmembers, performed at the reception. They have one son, Zen Scott Feldman, born on August 7, 2004.


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