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Colleen Haskell

Real name: Colleen Marie Haskell
Birthdate: December 6, 1976
Status: Single
Partner: N/A

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Colleen Marie Haskell (born December 6, 1976) was a contestant on the first season of the American reality show Survivor. She was born in Bethesda, Maryland to John and Patricia Haskell. Colleen attended Walter Johnson High School and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

Haskell's most notable role is likely her role as a contestant on the original season of Survivor. She was a castaway on the Pagong tribe, a tribe composed primarily of young adults, especially when compared to the Tagi tribe. Early on, Colleen was linked with contestant Greg Buis, and fellow Pagong member Jenna Lewis speculated that the friendship had become a romance. Both Greg and Colleen adamantly denied there was a romance, with Colleen ultimately joking that "it was all about the sex." At the merge, Pagong was surprised by Tagi's strategy of picking them off, and each member was consecutively voted out. Colleen was well-liked even by those who were eliminating Pagong members, so much so that she was the last remaining original Pagong member. Colleen was very popular with the American public, and Bryant Gumbel tagged her as "America's Sweetheart" due to her fair play, witty observations and girl next door appearance. In a moment not featured on the airing of Survivor, Colleen won an individual challenge that involved guessing how much weight she had lost since the show had begun. She won a chocolate bar, which she broke apart and shared with the other members of the merged tribe.

After being voted out, Colleen told the remaining castaways, "Be nice, play fair." She said this just before her torch was snuffed. Once she was gone, Richard Hatch commented that she was "a wonderful person."

Some expected Colleen to reappear on Survivor during the All-Stars edition in 2004. Producer Mark Burnett later confirmed that Haskell was indeed offered a spot on the show but turned down the offer, saying that she "moved on with her life and just genuinely didn't want to go through that again."

In 2001 she starred in the comedic film The Animal, playing Rob Schneider's love interest. Schneider said in the DVD version of the film that working with Colleen was one of the more entertaining elements of making the movie. She later went on to work as an assistant producer on The Michael Essany Show in 2003.


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