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Chuck Norris

Real name: Carlos Ray Norris
Birthdate: March 10, 1940
Status: Married
Partner: Gena O'Kelley


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Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an American martial artist, action star, and Hollywood actor who is known for playing Cordell Walker on Walker, Texas Ranger and his iconically tough image.

On October 17, 2005, CBS premiered the Sunday night "Movie of the Week" Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire. The production was a continuation of the series, and not scripted to be a reunion movie. Norris reprised his role as Cordell Walker for the movie. He has stated that future Walker, Texas Ranger "Movie of the Week" projects are expected, however, this was severely impaired by CBS' 2006–2007 season decision to no longer regularly schedule MOWs on Sunday night.

In 1963, his first child with Holechek, a son named Mike, was born. A daughter, Dina, was born in 1964, and a second son, Eric, followed in 1965. After 30 years of marriage, Norris and Holechek divorced in 1988. He married again in 1998, this time to former model Gena O'Kelley, and she delivered twins in 2001: Dakota Alan Norris, a boy, and Danilee Kelly Norris, a girl. Norris has always been a very loving family man; it was noted in People that his adult sons still hug and kiss him goodbye. "It's great my boys aren't afraid to show love," Norris said, "nothing can buy that". Norris's son, Mike, said of his father: "Dad never had a lot of love growing up, but he has given me and my brother all that he should have had in multiples". Both of Norris's sons are married and he has 6 grandchildren including American actress Gabby Di Ciolli.

Norris serves on the board of directors of the NCBCPS, an organization promoting the use of the Bible in public schools, and also speaks on behalf of organizations advocating prayer in public schools.Norris anchoring on Fox News Channel Hannity & Colmes

On September 22, 2004 Norris told Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart that his daughter Dina, born in 1964 was the result of an extra-marital affair. He did not meet her until she was 26 although she learned that he was her father at the age of 16. She sent him a letter to his home informing him that she was his daughter, after meeting her he acknowledged that he knew she was his upon seeing her.

In 2004, Late Night with Conan O'Brien began a recurring sketch in which O'Brien would pull a Walker Texas Ranger Lever next to his desk, which would cause a brief, out-of-context clip from Walker: Texas Ranger to play. This became one of the more popular segments on O'Brien's show and led to a guest appearance by Norris himself, who pulled his own "Conan O'Brien Lever" to play a clip of Norris beating up O'Brien. This segment has been credited as jump-starting the Norris craze and leading to enough interest to produce a Walker, Texas Ranger TV movie.

Norris starred in his own Atari 2600 videogame, Chuck Norris Superkicks. Norris also appears in Maddox (real name George Ouzounian)'s book: Alphabet of Manliness under the letter N; where he is described as "the greatest American ever to live". In the video game magazine Nintendo Power, Volume 203's Pulse section featured many references to Chuck Norris. He has since become a regular reference, along with Mr. T.


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