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Christopher Jones

Real name: William Frank Jones
Birthdate: August 18, 1941
Status: Married
Partner: Susan Strasberg

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Christopher Jones, or Chris Jones, is the name of:
- Christopher Jones (sailor) (c.1570-1622), English sailor, master of the Mayflower

In the arts:
- Christopher Jones (actor) (b. 1941), American actor
- Christopher Paul Jones (1958-2005), American musician who recorded with Sara K.

A software developer:
- Chris Jones (Access Software), co-creator of the Tex Murphy detective adventure game series
- Chris Jones (Obsidian Entertainment), founder of Obsidian Entertainment, a computer game company
- Chris Jones (AGS), creator of the freeware adventure game creation tool AGS

- Christopher Jones (Esq), Web Developer (Sydney)
- Christopher Jones (WNYW), television reporter on WNYW
- Chris Jones (sports journalist), Australian sports journalist with the Nine Network
- Christopher Jones (bishop), Roman Catholic Bishop of Elphin, Ireland
- Chris Jones (professor), former Professor of Social Work at the University of Liverpool
- Chris Jones, CEO and Founder of Inspirational Experiences
- Christopher Jones (climatologist),


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