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Christian Bale

Real name: Christian Morgan Bale
Birthdate: January 30, 1974
Status: Married
Partner: Sibi Blazic

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Christian Charles Philip Bale (also known professionally as Christian Morgan Bale; born 30 January 1974) is a British method actor who is known for his roles in the films American Psycho, Shaft, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Batman Begins and The Prestige, among others. Bale is also known for his versatility as an actor, including mimicking nearly any English-language-based accent, harsh regimens of shedding and gaining weight (particularly for The Machinist, Batman Begins and, most recently, Rescue Dawn), and generally inhabiting the characters he plays. Before he found success in playing Batman, he was heavily involved in independent films.

Bale had initial concerns about playing Batman, as he felt more ridiculous than intimidating in the Batman costume. He dealt with this by depicting Batman as a savage beast in his portrayal. To attain a deeper understanding of the character, Bale read various Batman comic books. He explained his interpretation of the Dark Knight: “Batman is his hidden, demonic rage-filled side. The Batman creature creates is an absolutely sincere creature and one that he has to control but does so in a very haphazard way. He's capable of enacting violence — and to kill — so he's constantly having to rein himself in.” For Bale, the most grueling part about playing Batman was the costume. “You stick it on, you get hot, you sweat and you get a headache in the cowl,” he said. “But I'm not going to bitch about it because I get to play Batman.” When promoting the film in interviews and public events, Bale retained Bruce Wayne’s American accent to avoid confusion with Batman being a Briton.

Since the rebooting of the Batman franchise and the revival of the Superman movie franchise with Superman Returns, fans have speculated as to the future production of a Justice League movie. Bale was asked about the subject of reprising his role as Batman for a possible Justice League movie:

"No, there’s been no talk with me about ‘Justice League’; it’s only who mention this to me."

Like his father, David, Bale is known as a conservationist and an animal lover, and is a supporter of conservation and animal welfare groups like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund. The famous feminist activist, Gloria Steinem, became a first-time bride at age 66 and Bale's stepmother when she married David on September 3, 2000, before the elder Bale's death in 2003.


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