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Chrissie Hynde

Real name: Chrissie Hynde
Birthdate: September 7, 1951
Status: Married
Partner: Lucho Brieva

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Chrissie Hynde (born Christine Ellen Hynde, 7 September 1951, Akron, Ohio) is an American rock musician, best known as the leader of the band The Pretenders. She is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, and has been the only constant member of the band throughout its history because of Martin Chambers (drums / vocals / percussion) departure for a few years before returning.

Daughter of a part-time secretary and a Yellow Pages Manager, Hynde graduated from Firestone High School, admitting "I was never too interested in high school. I mean, I never went to a dance, I never went out on a date, I never went steady. It became pretty awful for me. Except, of course, I could go see bands, and that was the kick. I used to go to Cleveland just to see any band. So I was in love a lot of the time, but mostly with guys in bands that I had never met. For me, knowing that Brian Jones was out there, and later that Iggy Pop was out there, made it kind of hard for me to get too interested in the guys that were around me. I had, uh, bigger things in mind."

Hynde experimented with hippie counterculture, psychotropic drugs, eastern mysticism, and vegetarianism. Hynde joined a band called Sat. Sun. Mat. (which included Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo) while attending Kent State University's Art School for three years. Hynde was on the campus during the infamous "Kent State shootings".

Chrissie Hynde appered at Wembley Stadium on the 7th July 1984 providing back up vocals on the encores of Bob Dylans sell out concert. Also appearing in the encores of that show ere Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Carlos Santana.

The Pretenders lineup would change over the years as a result of numerous deaths and internal conflicts. However, Hynde endured, a solid anchor who became the band's eventual leader although Chambers later returned. Her guitar of choice is a Fender Telecaster.

Hynde sang a duet with INXS on their album Full Moon, Dirty Hearts in 1993. Hynde appears on the title track of the album.

Hynde sang the vocals on the track "State of Independence Part II" on a Moodswings album named Moodfood, which was played during the closing credits on the soundtrack of Single White Female.

Chrissie Hynde has been in the news in recent years as a high-profile animal rights activist. She is a supporter of PETA

Hynde recorded a duet with Frank Sinatra on Sinatra's 1994 album Duets II. They performed the song "Luck Be a Lady".

In 1997, Hynde battled Rush Limbaugh over his use of her song "My City Was Gone", coming to an accommodation in 1999. Apparently, Rush decided to use the song as his theme song after Hynde told her concertgoers that Americans, "...deserved to get bombed". She also told them, "I hope the Muslims win".

Hynde also recorded a song called "Cry (If You Don't Mind)" with the Spanish band Jarabe de Palo for their album "Un metro cuadrado - 1m²".

She supplied the voice for the clouded leopard in the movie Rugrats Go Wild (2003) in which she sang a duet with Bruce Willis

She was also the vocalist on Tube & Berger's 2004 #1 Dance Top 40 track "Straight Ahead". The track gave Hynde her first US #1 track on the Billboard charts.

Likewise in 2005, Hynde duetted with Ringo Starr on a song entitled "Don't Hang Up" which can be heard on Starr's most recent album Choose Love.


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