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Chris O'Donnell

Real name: Christopher Eugene O'Donnell
Birthdate: June 26, 1970
Status: Married
Partner: Caroline Fentress

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O'Donnell, the youngest of seven children (with four sisters and two brothers), was born in Winnetka, Illinois to Julie, a realtor, and William O'Donnell, Sr., a radio manager. O'Donnell's parents are Irish American and Catholic, and he attended Catholic schools, including Loyola Academy in Willmette, Illinois for high school, graduating in 1988. O'Donnell attended Boston College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in marketing. He subsequently attended law school at UCLA but did not graduate.

From the ages of thirteen to sixteen, O'Donnell began modeling, and was featured in several commercials.

O'Donnell followed that film with an appearance in the 1996 film The Chamber, based on the John Grisham novel, which was a good success at the box office. He subsequently appeared in the Batman sequel, Batman & Robin, in 1997. Critically panned, the movie turned out to be one of the largest box office failures in history. He was considered for the lead role in Spider-Man, when the project was in development with James Cameron directing in 1996. Tobey Maguire was ultimately cast.

O'Donnell did not appear in another movie for two years. He was the producers' original choice for the role of James Edwards in Men in Black (1997), but, after he turned it down, the role went to Will Smith .His next appearance was in the Robert Altman film Cookie's Fortune, as part of the ensemble. His more mainstream comeback films The Bachelor (1999) and Vertical Limit (2000) were only moderately successful. Following Vertical Limit, a four-year hiatus led many to believe he had met the same career fate of his Batman & Robin co-star Alicia Silverstone. However, in 2004, he appeared in the widely praised Kinsey.

O'Donnell took a lead role in the Fox Network television series Head Cases in 2005. The show was the first show of the fall 2005 season to be cancelled, and only two episodes were aired. He was subsequently cast as veterinarian Finn Dandridge on the popular ABC drama Grey's Anatomy. O'Donnell appeared in the last six episodes of the 2005-2006 season, and has made additional appearances in the 2006-2007 season.

In 1996, O’Donnell proposed to his girlfriend Caroline Fentress. He met her while in college; they married in 1997.

The couple have four children, Lilly (b.1998), Christopher (b.1999), Charles (b.2001) and Finley (b.2006). On August 1, 2007, O'Donnell, while promoting his new mini series The Company on NBC's Today Show, announced the couple are expecting their fifth child.

O'Donnell is an avid golfer. He participated in a golf outing to help raise money for the Motion Picture and Television Fund for which they raised $500,000 in the year 2000.


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