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Status: Single


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Cascada - Bad Boy Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - Endless Summer Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - Every Time We Touch Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - Everytime We Touch Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - I Miss You Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - I will believe it Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - Magic Summer Night Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - Miracle Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - Peice of Heaven Listen Send to Phone
Cascada - Reason Listen Send to Phone

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Cascada (pronounced: /kæˈskādə/) is a German Trance act most famous for their hit single "Everytime We Touch". While colloquially "Cascada" is sometimes used to refer to Natalie Horler, the lead singer, Cascada is actually a group of three musicians, Natalie Horler, DJ Manian, and Yann Pfeiffer. Several of the Cascada members have launched side projects such as Siria, Manyou, Tune Up!, Scarf!, Akira, Diamond, and United Beats. Cascada has become one of the best known European dance groups in the world.

Cascada experienced mainstream success in the United Kingdom and the United States almost a year after releasing their second American single, "Everytime We Touch". Soon after the popularity of the single skyrocketed, an album was quickly recorded and released (in a matter of weeks), and a music video for "Everytime We Touch" was also distributed for promotion. For these reasons, the debut album maintains a very similar formula throughout, to the extent of near-identical tempo and beats. Four singles have been released in the United Kingdom; "Everytime We Touch", "Truly Madly Deeply" (originally by Savage Garden), "Miracle" and "A Neverending Dream" all of which gained top 10 status apart from "A Neverending Dream" which charted at #46. Their album "Everytime We Touch" has experienced success in the UK Album chart where it moved up in the charts for 6 weeks since it was released in the beginning of March, peaking at #2. The album experienced success on the U.S. charts as well.

The first single to be released from the second album in the UK will be Endless Summer which also got released in the late 2004 by Siria one of Natalie and Manian's side projects which was a part of Marian Records compilation Max Dance 07 Vol.1. The song was previewed on the July edition of The Clubland FM podcast. Another comfirmed track from the new album is called "Tell Me Why" a completely new track.

Released: March 5, 2007 (UK)
- Peak positions:
- #1 (Ireland)
- #2 (United Kingdom)
- #10 (Netherlands)
- #10 (Sweden)
- #11 (France)
- #14 (Norway)
- #31 (Austria)
- #33 (Untited World Charting)
- #48 (Switzerland)
- #50 (Germany)
- #67 (United States)
- Worldwide Sales: 3,500,000+The Remix Album
- Release: November 11, 2006 (as of October 23, 2006) (Germany)
- Peak Positions:—
- Worldwide Sales:—Cascada's Second Studio Album
- Release: Late 2007 (Worldwide)
- Confirmed Singles: Endless Summer

The Music Videos Cascada has made so far are:
- Everytime We Touch
- Everytime We Touch (Original Version)
- Miracle
- Truly Madly Deeply
- A Never Ending Dream

Singles: Miracle · Bad Boy · Everytime We Touch · How Do You Do! · A Neverending Dream · Ready For Love · Truly Madly Deeply · Wouldn't It Be Good · Endless Summer


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