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Carrie Fisher

Real name: Carrie Fisher
Birthdate: October 21, 1956
Status: N/A
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Carrie Frances Fisher (born October 21, 1956) is an American actress, screenwriter and novelist. She is most famous for her portrayal of Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy, although her comedic novels also have won praise.

Fisher was born in Beverly Hills, California, the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds; her paternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Russia. Her younger brother is Todd Fisher and her half-sisters are actresses Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher, whose mother is actress Connie Stevens.

The huge success of Star Wars made her internationally famous. The character of Princess Leia became a merchandising triumph; there were small plastic action figures of the Princess in toy stores across the United States. She appeared as Princess Leia in the 1978 made-for-TV movie, The Star Wars Holiday Special. Fisher hosted the Saturday Night Live episode that included the first performance by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as their popular Blues Brothers characters.

Fisher later appeared in The Blues Brothers movie in a cameo role as Joliet Jake's vengeful ex-lover, listed in the credits as "Mystery Woman." She appeared on Broadway in Censored Scenes From King Kong in 1980. That year, she appeared again as Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. She made her third and final appearance in the series in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia wearing her metal slave bikini. (1983)

Besides acting and writing original works, Fisher is one of the best-known script doctors in Hollywood, working on the screenplays of other writers. She has done uncredited polishes on movies starting with Steven Spielberg's Hook and continuing today. Her expertise in this area is why she was interviewed for the screenwriting documentary Dreams on Spec in 2007.

Fisher also plays Peter Griffin's boss on the animated sitcom Family Guy and appeared in a book of photographs titled Hollywood Moms (2001) for which she wrote the introduction.

Fisher published a Suzanne Vale sequel novel, The Best Awful There Is in 2004. Since Postcards from the Edge, Vale has married, become a parent, and divorced. She also is undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder but is not entirely comfortable with her "normal" self.

Fisher wrote and performed in her one-woman play "Wishful Drinking" at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles from November 7, 2006, to January 14, 2007. She is a full-time judge on FOX's filmmaking-competition reality TV series On the Lot.

Currently Fisher joins Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne on Saturday evenings for The Essentials with informative and entertaining conversation on Hollywoods best films.

Fisher was married to musician Paul Simon (1983–84, during which time she had a miscarriage), and was in a relationship with him for several years afterward. Subsequently, she had a relationship with CAA principal and agent Bryan Lourd. They had one child together, Billie Catherine Lourd (born July 17, 1992). The couple's relationship ended when Lourd left her for a man. She was tied for a time to Senator Christopher Dodd, and for a brief time was engaged to Dan Aykroyd.

Fisher has described herself as an "enthusiastic agnostic who would be happy to be shown that there is a God."


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