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Carly Simon

Real name: Carly Elisabeth Simon
Birthdate: N/A
Status: Single

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Elektra (1971–1979)Warner Bros. (1980–1984)Epic (1985–1986)Arista (1987–2001)Rhino (2002–2004)Columbia (2005–)Website

Simon married James Hart, a writer, poet, and businessman, in December 23, 1987. The couple divorced in 2007.

Her solo music career began in 1971 with the self-titled Carly Simon for Elektra Records. The album contained her breakthrough top-ten hit — the haunting, bleak suburban melodrama "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" — and was followed quickly by a second album, Anticipation, the title cut from which also received significant airplay.

She followed No Secrets with the well-received albums Hotcakes (1974) and Playing Possum (1975). In 1974 Simon also performed on Tom Rush's album Ladies Love Outlaws, co-singing with Rush on "No Regrets" and as backup on "Claim On Me". In 1975 Elektra also released her first greatest-hits album The Best of Carly Simon. Another Passenger was released in 1976.

On May 8, 1976, Simon made her only appearance on Saturday Night Live. It was a taped, not live, appearance during which she sang two songs: "Half A Chance" and "You're So Vain". 1976 also saw Simon contribute backup vocals on the song "Peter" on Peter Ivers's album Peter Ivers. In 1977 Simon co-produced Libby Titus's album Libby Titus and sang backup on two songs, "Can This Be Our Love Affair?" and "Darkness 'Til Dawn".

During this time Simon successfully contributed to several film scores, including the songs "If It Wasn't Love" for Nothing In Common (1986), "Two Looking At One" for The Karate Kid, Part II (1986), "Coming Around Again" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for Heartburn (1987), and "Let the River Run" for Working Girl (for which she won the Academy Award for Best Song in 1988). The Working Girl soundtrack came out in 1989. In 1987 Simon signed with Arista Records. Her first album for them, Coming Around Again (1987), was a comeback album exemplified by the hit songs, "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of", "Give Me All Night", "All I Want Is You" and the title track, "Coming Around Again" which wove in and out of the children's song "Itsy Bitsy Spider". The album was her first platinum release in nine years. These and older songs were featured in a picturesque HBO special set on Martha's Vineyard. Most of these songs were compiled for her 1988 album — Greatest Hits Live, her second greatest hits album. This album continued her comeback and was also certified platinum by the RIAA in 1996. She also wrote the theme songs to several movies, including "Something More" for the 1982 movie Love Child, "Someone Waits For You" for the 1984 movie Swing Shift, "All The Love In The World" for the 1985 TV movie Torchlight as well as "It's Hard To Be Tender" for the 1986 TV miniseries Sins and "Love Of My Life" for 1992's This Is My Life. In 1987, Simon sang "The Turn Of The Tide" for a Marlo Thomas TV special called "Free to Be . . . A Family". The song was later included on the 1988 album Free To Be . . . A Family. In 1989 Simon's first of several children's books, "Amy the Dancing Bear" was published.

One of the downsides of the Internet is that misinformation stays up there forever. Whenever I do a search on "Carly Simon", I inevitably get a link to a story about you and Chrissie Hynde getting into a fight at a concert. So I'm wondering what really happened between you & Chrissie Hynde at the Fez several years ago when Joni Mitchell played there?


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