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Bryan White

Real name: Bryan White
Birthdate: February 17, 1974
Status: Dating
Partner: Erika Page


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Bryan White - The Way You Look at Me Listen Send to Phone

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White was born on 17 February 1974 in Lawton, Oklahoma. White is married to former soap opera actress Erika Page of One Life to Live and is the father of Justin, born in October of 2003 and Jackson, born in July of 2005.

White won the Country Music Association "Horizon" award for the most promising artist of the year and earned several "Best Male Vocalist" nominations. His immense success inspired most of Nashville's record labels to sign up multiple young men in their early twenties with "pretty boy" looks and singing sugary love songs to attract the young audiences that made White a star. Only a few of these were briefly successful and soon country music radio rebelled, wiping them off the charts and damaging White's own career in the process. After having two platinum albums, his popularity faltered a bit with his third album going gold, and his fourth album not even making it that far.

In 2000 he sang several of the songs featured in the animation Quest for Camelot including "I Stand Alone" and the duet "Looking Through Your Eyes".

Being so young and then thrust into stardom so fast ended up taking its toll on White. As Bryan has stated, "My identity was formed by the music industry...", and his career and success began defining who he was to himself. With his fourth album being less than successful, he started doubting himself and his talent which landed him in a deep depression, forcing him to take some time off until 2005, when he began work on another album.

He released a Christmas EP of five songs in November 2006. A new album, Out of the Storm, has been slated for release, but to this date, only a five-song EP has been released, containing five of the twelve songs from that album.


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