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Axl Rose

Real name: William Bruce Rose
Birthdate: February 6, 1962
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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W. Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose, Jr. on February 6, 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana), frequently called Axl Rose, is an American musician, best known as the frontman of Guns N' Roses.

Axl Rose was born as William Bruce Rose Jr. in Lafayette, Indiana, to parents Sharon E. and William Rose. The family were of Scots-Irish and German descent. His father left the family when Rose was two years old. As an adult, after recovering repressed memories in therapy, Axl publicly stated that he was sexually abused by his biological father.

My particular church was filled with self-righteous hypocrites who were child abusers and child molesters. These were people who'd been damaged in their own childhoods and in their lives. These were people who were finding God but still living with their damage and inflicting it upon their children. I had to go to church anywhere from three to eight times a week. l even taught Bible school while l was being beaten and my sister was being molested.—Axl Rose on his religious upbringing, 

Once in Los Angeles, Rose began performing with various local bands, including Rapidfire, Rose, L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose. While struggling to make an impact on the Hollywood music scene, Rose held down a variety of survival jobs, including the position of night manager at the Tower Records location on Sunset Boulevard. In an attempt to earn money, he and Stradlin even smoked cigarettes for a scientific study at UCLA for the reported wages of $8/hour.

On August 31, 2006, Rose presented The Killers at the MTV Video Music Awards by coming out onto the stage and screaming his trademark, "Do you know where the fuck you are?!" In an interview backstage, Rose revealed that the official Chinese Democracy tour will begin "around October 24th," and that the album will be out this year.

Unlike the other members of Guns N' Roses, Rose was never known for excessive drug use. He did not disavow the use of illicit substances, stating in a 1989 interview, "I have a different physical constitution and different mindset about drugs than anybody I've known in Hollywood, because I don't abstain from doing drugs, but I won't allow myself to have a fuckin' habit. I won't allow it." After Guns N' Roses rose to success, Rose noted that he had stopped using any sort of hard drugs.

In many instances, Rose's actions have seemed to be based in concern for the safety of the band and audience members. At the 1988 Monsters of Rock concert at Castle Donington, England during which two fans were crushed, Rose stopped the show several times when the audience rushed the stage. The final report into the Donington tragedy noted that Rose had immediately cooperated with venue security when advised of the dangerous crowd conditions, and had attempted to calm the crowd. In a more recent incident, during a concert in 2006 in Birmingham, Rose stopped the show and had a security guard ejected for assaulting a fan in the audience.

After the breakup, Rose allegedly continued to try to contact Everly for more than a year, sending her flowers, letters, and even caged birds. In 1994, Everly filed a civil lawsuit against Rose, alleging various incidents of physical and emotional domestic violence had occurred before and during the marriage; the suit was eventually settled out of court.


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