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Audrey Tautou

Real name: Audrey Tautou
Birthdate: August 9, 1978
Status: N/A
Partner: N/A

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Audrey Tautou (IPA: ; , born August 9, 1978) is a French film actress, known to worldwide audiences for playing the title character in the award-winning French film Amélie (2001, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain) and also Sophie Neveu in The Da Vinci Code (2006).

Tautou has said that Meryl Streep, Paul Newman, Juliette Lewis, Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore are her acting idols. In 1998, Tautou participated in a Star Search-like competition sponsored by Canal+ called "Jeunes Premiers" (The Young Debut) and won Best Young Actress at the 9th Béziers Festival of Young Actors. Then, she came to the attention of Tonie Marshall, who gave her a role in the César-winning Venus Beauty Institute (1999, aka Vénus beauté (institut)). In 2000 , she won the Prix Suzanne Bianchetti as her country's most promising young film actress.

Already well-known in France for her work in Venus Beauty Institute, in 2001 Tautou rose to international fame for her performance as the eccentric Amélie in the romantic French comedy Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain. In June 2004 she was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). She accepted the invitation and is still a member as of September 1, 2006.

Her favourite authors are Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and Paul Auster, and her favourite poets are Charles Baudelaire and Tristan Tzara. Tautou's favourite music composers are Ravel, Mozart and Frédéric Chopin.

Tautou takes pictures of each reporter who interviews her and keeps them in a scrapbook. Tautou has said that "Everyone thinks I have an ethnic origin", though she is actually "100-percent French". In France, many consider her as the "typical Occitan Auvergnate". She was brought up attending church, though she has now stated that she is "not officially" a Catholic.


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